WhatsApp does not work without VPN. Update WhatsApp to the latest version

No longer can download WhatsApp for Windows and MacOS from the site of the messenger. The reason for the blocking is not established, but when changing the IP address C to foreign access to files, it again opens. Previously, the same thing happened with Windows OS distributions. they can no longer be downloaded from the Microsoft website, being lost the opportunity to download WhatsApp on their computers. They were closed access to distributors for Windows and MacOS, posted on the official service website.

The editors of CNews were convinced of the impossibility of getting WhatsApp distributing with PC running Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11 and MacOS. In other words, this does not depend on the operating system. There is also no connection with the browser. the attempt to download the file ends with a failure at least in Chrome, Vivaldi and Firefox.

At the same time, at the time of the release of the material, a link to download the Messenger APK-display for Android from the official site still worked. Also, the messenger was available in the Russian.speaking version of the Google Play Application store.

WhatsApp is the most popular in the world with more than 2 billion users (Statista data.COM for January 2022.). It is preferred by 64% of users (Statista.COM, March 2022.).

Mysterious lock

At 9:30 a.m. on June 29, 2022. according to representatives of WhatsApp did not comment on what is happening. According to the SECURITYLAB portal, the site from which the distributions are downloaded (FBCDN.NET), included in the “black list” by decision of the General Prosecutor’s Office of February 24, 2022 7-31-2020/ID2145-22.b. The editors of CNews were convinced that at the time of publication of the material there was no corresponding entry in the register of prohibited sites. This solution allows you to block social networks whole or individual pages in them, as well as entertainment web resources, online media and IT corporation sites.

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WhatsApp messenger has existed since 2009. And since 2014. belongs to META Corporation, previously known as at the end of March 2022. META was recognized in an extremist organization, and its social networks and Instagram fell under blocking throughout the country.

WhatsApp has avoided such restrictions, probably due to its popularity in the Meanimes of the Site, from where the distribution is being downloaded, there is an abbreviation FB, which, apparently, refers to to

[For Android] How to fix the temporary inaccessibility of WhatsApp?

Here are five different ways that you can try to solve the WhatsApp problem. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Change the name of the access point on the network

Your WhatsApp is temporarily unavailable? Then a change in the access point to the network would be the right idea. Follow the following actions to complete this process.

After that, click “Mobile Networks” and click “Access points”.

If this did not eliminate the error, try the second way.

Disconnect and turn on the flight mode on Android

In the next step, turn on and turn off the flight mode.

Clean WhatsApp cache

WhatsApp is temporarily unavailable; Please try again after 1 hour. If you get this error even after changing the access point to the network and turning off the flight mode, we recommend that you clean the cache. It is quite simple; To do this, follow the following actions.

  • Go to the home page of your device and select “Settings”. Click on the applications and scroll a little down to find your WhatsApp.
  • Open the application and find the storage option. You will find “Clean Kesh”.
  • Now clean the entire cache and reboot the device.

If WhatsApp still does not work, follow the fourth way.

Update your WhatsApp to the latest version

To update your WhatsApp, visit Play Store. From there, click “My applications and games”. After that, click the “Update” button. Your updates will be ready in a few seconds. After the process is completed, check if the problem with the inaccessibility of WhatsApp is solved.

Reinstall WhatsApp again

If the methods described above did not help you, but you still get an error message “Temporary inaccessibility of WhatsApp”, the last option. Reinstall your WhatsApp. And for this, first delete your old WhatsApp, and then visit the Play Store again. From there, download the WhatsApp application, fill out all the profile data and check if your problem is solved.

These were the methods that you can use to solve the WhatsApp problem on Android. However, if you want to solve this problem on your iPhone, the methods that you can try below are below.

[For iPhone] How to fix the temporary inaccessibility of WhatsApp?

Check if the cell data is working

You will see the “Mobile Data” option. Scroll a little down and press the system services.

If you get the same mistake in WhatsApp, try the 2nd method 2.

Disconnect and turn on Wi-Fi on your iPhone

You can easily turn off and turn on Wi-Fi in the settings. Below are the full steps that you can follow.

  • Click “Settings” and select “Wi-Fi”.
  • Disconnect the option, make sure the switch is not green.
  • To make sure that Wi-Fi is turned off, you will see a scythe that will show that you have disconnected it.
  • Now turn it on and restart the application to check whether it works or not.

Disconnect and turn on the flight mode on the iPhone

WhatsApp is temporarily unavailable within 5 minutes; what should I do? You can turn off and turn on the flight mode to solve this problem. Go to the settings and select the VCL option. Thus, the flight mode will be disconnected. If this method has not worked for you, do not worry, because we have two other ways for you.

Reset the network settings

Here’s how you can drop the network settings on your iPhone.

You will see the “Reset” option; Click on it.

Remove WhatsApp and reinstall

If you didn’t succeed, we recommend that you install the application again. And you can easily do it by visiting the App Store. After installing the application, try again and see if the error of temporary inaccessibility of WhatsApp has disappeared.

WhatsApp does not work. What to do?

First of all, you need to check the work of the servers of whatsApp itself, as they can “fall” and be inaccessible to date. If there is a malfunction of the servers, then you can not do anything, except how to wait, when you do not work. Follow the link to the Downloadetector website and see:

  • Downdetector
  • You will immediately see failures for the last 24 hours
  • By clicking on the map you will see in which countries failures.
  • Also, there are official tweets of this messenger.

Note: the more reports about the failures, the higher the probability of the mallets of the WhatsApp servers.

Clean WhatsApp cache

  • Open on the “Settings” “Applications” select “WhatsApp”.
  • Click “Stop”, then on “Memory”.
  • In a new window, click on “Clean the cache”.
  • Open WhatsApp and see if the problem is eliminated.

WhatsApp does not work on Wi-Fi? That’s why and how to fix it

Your call in WhatsApp does not work on Wi-Fi? There may be many reasons why your WhatsApp does not work on Wi-Fi. The widespread include a slow network, an old version of WhatsApp, problems with memory cache and much more. In this article we will discuss the common reasons why your WhatsApp does not work properly, and how you can solve this problem as soon as possible. Continue to read the blog to find out the details.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messages to exchange applications that you can use. It allows you to send text messages, call, send a video and much more. However, you have to deal with various problems because of some technical problems, such as WhatsApp calls that do not work on Wi-Fi. Below are the main reasons why your WhatsApp and Instagram do not work on Wi-Fi.

  • You are probably using the old version of WhatsApp.
  • You are faced with this because of the problem with the memory cache
  • Your phone operating system does not work properly
  • You uploaded damaged files

Here are some of the main reasons why your WhatsApp does not work through Wi-Fi. If you want to fix this, we mentioned all possible solutions below.

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How to fix that WhatsApp does not work on Wi-Fi?

Here are 6 different ways that you can try if WhatsApp does not work on Wi-Fi. Good news is that all these methods are simple, and anyone can follow them. Let’s discuss them one by one so that you can better understand.

Try changing Wi-Fi

The first thing you can do is check another network connection. Sometimes the problem with the connection can be associated with your own network, so turn it off and check other Wi-Fi access points. You can also connect to your mobile data and see if your WhatsApp works or not. If this has not worked for you, we suggest trying the way

Check if something went wrong with the Wi-Fi router, and reboot it

If WhatsApp does not work with Wi-Fi, but works with mobile data, this means that some problem arose with your Wi-Fi-marchrutizer. So, check your router by turning it off. As soon as it turns off, wait a few seconds and turn it on. Now open your WhatsApp application and see if it works on Wi-Fi or not. You can test your application by sending a message or checking the status of other users. If the problem still exists, check the method

Forced stop and re.reduction WhatsApp

According to various users, the best way to solve the error of a non.working WhatsApp is to forcefully stop it and restart the application again. Below are the steps that you can perform to do this.

  • IPhone and iPad users: if you use iPhone or iPad, then all you need to do is to press the “home” button twice and find the WhatsApp application. Once you get it, close the application and reboot your iPhone or iPad. Now check your application again and see if it works or not.
  • Android users: Open the settings, find the “Applications” option, select WhatsApp and click “Forced stop”. Wait a few seconds and restart the application again.

If WhatsApp is not connected to Wi-Fi, you can check the method

Check if your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version

Sometimes the use of an older version may be the reason that your WhatsApp does not work properly. Therefore, be sure to update your application from time to time so that you no longer have to face WhatsApp problems. If you use Android, you can update the application from the Google Play Store, and if you are an iPhone user, go to the application store, click “Updates” and update the WhatsApp application to the new version. Now open WhatsApp and see if it is connected to Wi-Fi or not.

Fix your phone operating system using reiboot

If you didn’t succeed, do not worry; You can fix all the problems with the phone by downloading a third.party Reiboot application. This tool works for both Android and iPhone. In addition, the good news is that iPhone and Android users can easily use it without encountering any problems. Here’s how you can fix the operating system of your phone using reiboot.

If WhatsApp on the iPhone does not work on Wi-Fi, you can correct this by downloading the Tenorshare Reiboot application.

All you need to do is download is the software, connect the iPhone and click “Standard Repair”.

The program will start loading the latest version of the IPSW automatically, or you can do it manually.

After the firmware package is successfully loaded, your iPhone will be repaired and just wait a while. When your iPhone is repaired, it will reboot in normal mode.

If you use android, then I recommend that you use Reiboot for Android to correct Android system.

Check if the WhatsApp server is working and seek help

If WhatsApp does not connect to Wi-Fi, we recommend contacting Support, because sometimes the application will not work properly if the server does not work. You can tell them about the problem, and they will provide you with all the necessary information about it.

Forced stop and cleaning Kesha

If WhatsApp still does not work, it can help forcibly stop and clean the smartphone cache. Forced stop in kills the Linux process for the application, and cleaning the cache eliminates the temporary files stored in the application.

If you want to plunge deeper into the processes of forced stopping and cleaning Kesh, we have a special post on this topic.

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Go to the applications.
  • Find the WhatsApp application in the “View all applications” section.
  • Click “Storage and Kesh”.
  • Click clean the cache.
  • You can also choose to clean the storage for clean launch.

Resolve all application permits

Many problems may arise due to the fact that WhatsApp has not provided the necessary permits to access important information. For example, WhatsApp may not get your contacts if you accidentally refuse to resolve your phone contacts. Perhaps you also turned off the background data.

How to change the settings of the application permits:

  • Open the application “Settings”.
  • Go to applications and notifications.
  • Find the WhatsApp application in the “All applications” section.
  • Select permits.
  • Be sure to allow access to everything.

Outdated version

Often problems during the work of VOTSAP are caused by the fact that the user neglected the timely update of the program. The correct functioning of the service is possible only when using new versions of the application.

To avoid failures, the user must periodically establish a new version of WhatsApp. This procedure, which does not require large intellectual stress, is performed using the Google Play or AppStore application marke. It is enough to dial the name of the messenger inside the search line, and then click the “update” command.

You should update not only the messenger, but also the operating system on which the device works. The outdated version of the operating room may prevent the correct functioning of the applications installed on the smartphone. Check the presence of updates you can. It is recommended to regularly perform such actions.

The conditions of the uninterrupted operation of the Messenger WhatsApp:

  • The presence of an Android 4 OS on the installed version.0.3 or more fresh. The phone can take incoming calls or messages during the procedure for confirming the number.
  • For the iPhone, the availability of an operating system is not lower than iOS 10.

Cache overflow

If, subject to the installation of fresh versions of software and a stable connection with the WhatsApp network, continues to work with failures, this usually indicates the overflow of cache memory. Inside the cache memory, information is stored that is not very necessary for the functioning of the application. Removing such data leads only to accelerating the work of the program.

Holders of gadgets working on the Android platform can clean the cache in accordance with the following algorithm:

  • Go into the parameters of a smartphone.
  • Go to the application block.
  • Find WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the icon “Storage” icon.
  • Clean cached memory.
  • Confirm the decision.

For any applications installed on a smartphone, cleaning the cache improves work and reduces the likelihood of malfunctions.

Elimination of a failure/malfunction when connecting Watsap to the iPhone in 2022

Most often, users cannot normally use the application due to the connection of the Internet connection.

To check the operation of the network, it is enough to perform a few simple actions:

  • Check the tariff plan and its Internet access limit, as well as the presence of a router to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Assess the quality of the network signal and connection to it.
  • Open a page in the phone browser and see if it is downloaded. If there are no problems with the display of information, then the gadget is connected to the network.
  • Reload the smartphone.

If problems are observed regularly, then you can try several different ways to eliminate problems.

  • update the application to the latest version;
  • Go to the “Settings” menu on the smartphone, and then turn on and turn off the “aircraft mode”;
  • open “settings”. “cellular communication”. “cell data”;
  • Select “Settings”, turn on and off the “Wi-Fi” parameter;
  • Reload the router;
  • update the firmware to the latest version;
  • make sure that proxy or VPN services are not used;
  • Disconnect roaming.

After the manipulations done, problems with the application of the application should not be observed. Many of them are solved by rebooting the device or updating WhatsApp to the latest version.

If the problem is not solved. why again writes “failure”

Sometimes the problem occurs when connecting through a mobile network. If other applications work without failures, then this may mean that the operator blocks access to certain instant messengers. To eliminate problems, you should contact the representative of the mobile operator and find out the Internet access point for certain applications. A Call Center employee will explain in detail all the steps and help you configure your iPhone. After that, the problems with access to the WhatsApp messenger should disappear.

whatsapp, does, work, update, latest, version

It happens that nothing helps. the messenger does not start. In this case, the only way to solve the problem lies through technical support or call center

Update is required

WhatsApp work failure today may mean the lack of necessary updates. sometimes using the old version of the messenger critically. We recommend that you put updates in a timely manner, this allows you to access the most new functions, enhances user safety and improves performance. Get rid of errors and unpleasant bugs!

You can see the availability of updates in the Google Play and Epstore program store. Open the section with installed applications or just find the messenger through the search line. If there is a “update” button next to the name, feel free to load a new version.

If a failure occurred in WhatsApp, we must not forget about the updates of the operating system. this is an important factor! Be sure to open the device settings and look in the corresponding section, is it time to download the new version of the operating room. We also recommend that you check the presence of an update in a timely manner.

  • The Android 4 operating system is installed on your phone.0.3 or more new version. In this case, the smartphone can take SMS or calls during the process confirmation process;
  • You have iPhone with iOS 10 or higher.

As you can see, it is really worth it to put an update!

It is necessary to clean the cache

WhatsApp does not work now, although you switched to another network and put a fresh update? It’s time to think about cleaning the cache. perhaps the data storage is overflow.

The instruction is relevant for the owners of the Android:

If your WhatsApp is working well today and always recently, be sure to clean the cache. With a huge degree of probability, this will help get rid of unpleasant mistakes, and you can use the messenger!

[for iPhone] How to fix the WhatsApp error is temporarily unavailable?(WhatsApp does not work)

Cellular data verification

You will see the option of the mobile device “Mobile Data”. Sweet a little down and tap the option of the system service.

whatsapp, does, work, update, latest, version

If you get a message about the same WhatsApp bug, try 2

Disconnecting and turning on Wi-Fi on iPhone

You can easily turn off and turn on Wi-Fi from the settings. The following is the completed guidance that will help you with this.

  • Touch the settings options and click on the “Wi-Fi” option.
  • Disconnect this option, make sure that the switch does not burn green.
  • In confirmation that Wi-Fi is disabled, you will see a slash-draw that will show you to turn it off.
  • Now turn on and reboot the application to check its work.

Disconnecting and turning on the “Airplane” mode on the iPhone

The WhatsApp program is temporarily inaccessible within 5 minutes; what should I do? You can enable and disable the “plane” mode to solve this problem. Go to the settings, and click on the option Turn on/off. In this case, the “airplane” mode will be turned off. If this method has not worked for you, do not worry, we still have two other methods for you.

Resetting the network settings

Here’s how you can “reset the network settings” on the iPhone.

You will see the “Reset” discharge option; Click on it.

Removal and reinstalling WhatsApp

If previous methods have not worked for you, we advise you to install your application again. And you can easily do this by visiting the App Store. After the application is installed, try again and see if the error of temporary inaccessibility of WhatsApp Temporaryly Unavalable has left or not.

Useful tips: how to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone?

If you have WhatsApp on Android and you want to transfer it to the iPhone, we recommend using Tenorshare icarefone Transfer. This amazing tool allows you to transfer data from one device to another. Plus, you can create a backup, restore and even transfer chats, media files, history, and much more. The program has a friendly integration for users and transfers data, without any restrictions. If you want to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone, follow the steps below.

Download the latest version of icarefone and install it on your computer. After starting, connect two devices with PC and start the process.

Note: If you use the device from Samsung, you must enable USB debugging, and for this, and for this you can use the instructions on the screen.

On the source device, create a backup of WhatsApp data, following the instructions. Perform all steps correctly if you want to save all files. At the end of the process, click on the continuation button “Continue.”

Now, you will be asked to verify your device, and for this you need to enter your mobile number. After indicating the details, click on the “Check” option.

You will see a falling message on the screen; Click on the continuation option to “continue” to confirm the process. Within a few seconds, you will receive a text message to the mobile, which you provided in step number 3.

The next step, you will see that the application restores data on the target device. To continue the process, make sure you are logged in.

After generating the restored data, you will see on the screen a message about the successful transfer “The transfer was successful!”.