WhatsApp is not loaded video why. Bad Internet connection

The article understands the problems of sending media files in the system of instant messaging of messages called “WhatsApp”.

The reasons for the problem

The main sources of problems are:

  • Internet connection errors, lack of Internet on the phone
  • The date and time on the smartphone are set incorrectly
  • Not enough space on the phone
  • Lack of free space on the SD map:
  • The memory card works in the “Reading” mode “
  • The memory card is broken

Problems that arise with a memory card can cause an error for refusing to load media files only if the application is installed and uploads WhatsApp files to a USB flash drive.

Methods of solving error

Causes of error, as indicated above, can be different. Accordingly, there are also several ways to solve the above problem:

  • First of all, check the Internet connection on the phone. Modern smartphones, especially Chinese firms are subject to unauthorized shutdown of the Internet with an on and burning icon.
  • Reload the Internet by shutdown followed by turning on.
  • If the first item did not help, try to reboot the phone, the Internet may not work without rebooting due to failures in the system code of the device, or because of problems in the OS or iron.
  • Reinstall the WhatsApp application from the Play Market. Never put applications from pirate sites.
  • Install antivirus and check the gadget for the presence of viruses. The virus can break both the program and the system.
  • The memory card is filled to the limit. Free the SD drive for new information.
  • The flash card is in a state of “only for reading”. Download any other file not from Watsap to the memory card. If the document does not load, then the case may be in this paragraph. Contact the phone instructions to change the above point in the phone settings.
  • If the record on the card is allowed, as well as the free space there is enough, but the file recording is still impossible. most likely the flash card is broken. Contact the service center for repair services, or buy a new SD.
  • After testing the above methods for solving the problem of file downloading. In the case when the documents are freely loaded on the Internet from the Internet, but there is no WhatsApp. reinstall the last. When reinstalling, all your previous files will be deleted. In this regard, we recommend that you first copy the Media folder from the WhatsApp program to the computer, only after engaged in reinstalling.

Why fail to send a video to Watsapp

As a rule, the cause of the error is not in the messenger itself, but the following problems:

If there are problems with the transfer and acceptance of the file, first of all check the free volume of the storage in the smartphone. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to the section on the phone.
  • Open the substitution of the storage.
  • See how much free space is left.

If the free space is less than 1-2 GB, follow the following actions:

  • Open the conductor application.
  • Go to the internal storage of the smartphone.
  • Delete extra photos and video files in the DCIM folder.
  • Delete extra audio files in the Music folder.
  • Go to the storage section in the settings of the smartphone and slip by the peeler button.
  • Go to the application section and delete all applications that do not use.

Error SD card

If the transmitted file is on the flash card, perhaps the problem is in it. Try to send another file copy. If there is no one, remove the card, and then insert again and repeat the attempt.

WhatsApp messenger does not support the transmission of high.volume video files. Therefore, if the file is large, try to perform the following actions:

There, there seems to be a restriction of Vatsappa, I don’t remember how many minutes, or not to length, but the size of the sent file. In general, it is inconvenient in any case, when some restrictions are worth.

Setting a card SD

WhatsApp messenger can record incoming information on the SD card, thus freeing the internal memory of the phone. However, incorrect work of a memory card can prevent the reproduction of multimedia files. To exclude such probability, it is necessary:

  • Check that the card is not configured to the “Reading” mode “. Such an option does not allow recording new information. You can turn off the function through the mobile phone parameters menu.
  • Make sure that there is free space to save new files. If the volume of the memory card is filled, you need to clean the space by deleting unnecessary data.

If the recommended measures have not led to a positive result, an alternative method should be applied to free the memory of the phone from ballast:

  • Connect the phone with a USB input of a computer using a cord.
  • Find the WhatsApp Video folder inside the smartphone, mark and copy the contents to the PC desktop.
  • Delete the selected section from the memory of the mobile phone. All multimedia files will be saved on a computer.
  • Return to the message of the messenger and download the right video.

Unstable connection

One of the probable reasons causing failures when sending a video is the low quality of the Internet connection. To check the network connection, you follow:

If problems are found, it is recommended to take the following steps

  • Reloading the phone.
  • Turn off and re.run the router.
  • Try to connect through an alternative mobile network or Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the flight mode for a short period of time, then return to the normal regime.
  • Check the availability of funds to pay for the Internet.
  • Make sure of the activation of all the necessary Internet points.
  • Contact the service for the service providing the network connection services.

When sending files via WhatsApp, there is a limit in size. The limit is 16 MB, which corresponds to the clips lasting from one and a half to three minutes. Such limits do not lead to blocking the video show. Too big the video simply cannot be sent through the service.

Problems with the SD card (only for Android)

Difficulties in the work of a memory card can negatively affect the possibility of playing multimedia. What can be done?

First you need to make sure:

  • The mode “Reading” is not included. It is impossible to receive new data in this mode. therefore, the video in WhatsApp often does not open. You can turn off in the settings, follow the instructions of your smartphone;
  • There is enough free space on the map. if necessary, the space must be released! Just delete unnecessary files, then everything will work.

If the measures described above did not help, you need to resort to other actions.

  • Connect the smartphone with a cord to the computer and copy the WhatsApp messenger folder to the desktop;
  • Open the folder in the smartphone settings and remove it;
  • Now reboot the device and try to return to the dialogue. the history of the chats will remain, only the media will disappear. But you can see the video!

Release the place on your mobile phone

The common problem due to which WhatsApp cannot send a video is that the storage is filled. Go to the Android settings and click the storage.

Android storage settings

Check which files occupy the most memory, and delete them using a conductor. Some manufacturers include automatic cleaning tool.

Free the place on Android

When you managed to make room, try to send the video again through WhatsApp.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp

If the problem is related to the WhatsApp version that you use on your mobile phone, it is best to update it. In Malavida, we always offer you the latest version of your favorite applications. Just click on the link that we offer below and go to the download tab.

You will come to the review that we dedicated to WhatsApp Messenger, find a green button that gives access to the download section.

WhatsApp loading page

When you are on the load page, click on the corresponding button.

Download the WhatsApp APK file to Malavida

Launch APK, clicking open in the browser.

Open the loaded APK

Finally, install the update using the installation button.

Install the update

Options for solving the problem

First of all, I rebooted the smartphone, charged its battery, turned on synchronization and made sure that the Android version is supported.

On the phone

To fix the downloads with the download at WhatsApp, I first cleaned the application cache and checked the device for viruses. This can be done without the use of third.party utilities that will not benefit. Dispathers with antivirus and a tool for freeing memory are built into smartphones Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Realme, Meizu and others. After the cleaning was completed, I returned to WhatsApp and waited for the images to start loading.

On the phone you need to check the device for viruses.

Internet setting

First of all, I pressed the Wi-Fi buttons and the mobile network in the notifications curtain. After that, I opened the main page of WhatsApp in the browser and began to move closer to the router. When connecting to a mobile network, I activated forcibly 2G (Edge) mode, which in many cities works slowly but stable, and repeated the attempt. If the traffic package is not exhausted, I expect until all the media files are completely downloaded.

It should be borne in mind that on some smartphones it is impossible to forcefully enable the 2G or 4G mode. To solve the problem in this case, I have to move to where the signal of the cellular network is high.quality.

Memory problems

I checked the memory of the gadget when whatsApp writes that the file is missing. First of all, I reassigned the parameters of the internal storage, so that the default smartphone drive was used by default. After that, I took out a memory card, checked it on a PC and corrected errors using Chkdsk. Then she copied the WhatsApp folder in a reliable place, and from it in memory of the phone, which allowed not to lose the surviving photos and correspondence.

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You can check the gadget memory using chkdsk.

Then I bought a new memory card of high volume, t.to. The higher the capacity, the stronger the reliability and failure tolerance among the products of the same brand. Then I returned the previously set policeman policy of the smartphone.

Returning remote photos

Before restoring the media from a copy previously saved on a computer, I turned off the Internet and synchronization on a smartphone to avoid conflicts. Then I alternately copied the contents of WhatsApp Audio folders (Video, Images) in memory of the phone. This is the only way I was able to achieve restoration without errors. After the end of the operation, all photos were in their places and began to open in good quality.

On the computer

Sometimes all files in “WhatsApp” on PC may look blurry. This is not a clear failure. To establish a look, I pressed the first image that fall. It will load from the phone and display in the application window. In addition, I left the system and repeatedly entered, scanning the QR code. When a request for updating WhatsApp for Windows appears, I clicked on the link and waited for the application to restart.

The reasons why you could not complete the download and upload photos and videos on Android phone

Often the impossibility of video and photo exchange is caused by a small speed of the Internet connection. Under such conditions, only text messages are sent without problems. It is important that the date and time set on the smartphone coincide with the data from the Internet.

For uninterrupted operation of the application, its regular update is important.

If you use the outdated version of Whats App, you can encounter unstable work when sending messages of various types.

How to Fix WhatsApp Not Working Properly On iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max

In addition, you can try to update the application by moving for these purposes to the built.in shopping store

The reasons for the problems may be the following points:

  • malfunctions of a smartphone or SD card;
  • insufficient amount of memory necessary for the service;
  • incorrectly set time and date;
  • bad Internet connection;
  • incorrectly exhibited parameters of the messenger himself.

In addition to the above problems, it is important to use the Android operating room was no older than version 2.3.3.

Often, when loading the application of the Whats App app is required to radically clean the memory of a particular device. This can be done using special computer programs that clearly show the degree of workload of the device.

If errors continue to appear, then you should carefully check the amount of RAM on the smartphone. If necessary, you can also clean the Cash of all applications on the mobile device in the “Memory” section.

Having adopted the methods of diagnostics and methods of solving problems described above, each user will be able to cope with the task, continuing the operation of the messenger.

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VOTSAP does not upload a photo

Sometimes when communicating with another user to chat, you need to send a message with a picture or, conversely, download it to your smartphone for further viewing. If an error occurs when performing these operations, then try to perform the following actions:

  • Check the Internet connection. It often happens that the user simply forgets to turn on the Internet on his device, which is why part of the functions, including the transmission of media files, becomes inaccessible.
  • Tun the date and time. Oddly enough, but due to the downed date in the smartphone, many applications can work incorrectly, so just in case, check their fidelity.
  • Free up space on the device. If the error occurs when downloading the photo, then it is quite possible that there is not enough space on the phone. If so, free it through the settings.
  • SD card malfunction. If the application set the image loading parameter to the external drive, then it may be damaged by it. To check this, try to throw another image on it through the computer. If problems are observed, you can try to format the device.
  • Not enough right. Sometimes the smartphone does not incorporate the rights to recording, so using the computer, check the directory on the internal and external accumulator of the device.
  • Malfunctions in the work of the messenger. In this case, reinstallation of WhatsApp will help one hundred percent. To do this, remove it and re.install it through the Play Market.

Common reasons

The methods of solving the problem with sending images in WhatsApp were dismantled above, but there are much more reasons for its appearance:

  • Bad connection to the Internet.
  • Problems in the application of the application.
  • Not enough memory on the device.
  • Incorrectly specified application parameters.
  • No right to record.
  • Incorrectly specified time and date.

It is possible that the reasons were not listed, however, following the leadership to eliminate the problem that was described earlier, it will definitely get rid of it.

What to do if WhatsApp does not open in the photo

The WhatsApp application provides its users with a wide range of formats for communication. Addressers can exchange not only text messages, but also pictures, photos, videos, voice messages. However, sometimes users have difficulty loading files, loading error occurs. In this article we will tell you why the photo does not come off in WhatsApp and what to do with the load error.

WhatsApp messenger does not open

  • Open privacy settings on your device;
  • Choose “Photo”;
  • If, opposite the Vatsap icon, the switch is turned off, turn it on.

Loading error can happen for various reasons. Among the main factors that affect the loading