WhatsApp retired from the phone what to do. When removing the application

The WhatsApp mobile application is one of the most common and popular network calls and correspondence. Long.term history and many updates, unfortunately, do not save it from some problems that users face around the world. One of these problems. the WhatsApp icon on the Android screen disappeared. this sometimes happens, even when the application itself is still on the phone. In this material, we will try to find the reason and solution of this problem.

The main reasons for the missing icon are two: the user deleted the icon and the icon disappeared himself.

How the user could delete the icon? For example:

  • Wiping the screen with a napkin and making one awkward movement, brushed the icon from the desktop;
  • By accident, deleting a lot of applications, mechanically or missing, deleted whatsApp at the same time;
  • Having discharged the smartphone to factory settings;
  • Having made a flashing device.

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And how could the icon be a gap itself? Rarely, but aptly icon disappears after large updates. Sometimes it happens.

WhatsApp icon

The most unpleasant option is the loss of Watsap after 120 days of inaction (when the user did not enter the application). In this case, the account itself is removed.

However, even with this development of events, you can restore WhatsApp on Android by number. and all locally saved content will remain on the phone, will not disappear anywhere.

How to restore the icon

If you could not find the icon, then first reboot the phone. Spontaneously moving away, and after a smartphone that appears after rebooting, the icon, in this case, can be explained by glitches due to a crowded memory.

To correct and reduce such cases, it is recommended to clean the cache: the “settings” of the phone. “applications and notifications”. “information about applications”. “Google Play Market”. “storage”. “clean the cache”. ok.

If rebooting or cleaning did not help, then the application menu will help (let’s hope).

From the application menu

  • Open the menu on the phone with all programs;
  • We find whatsApp in it;
  • We hold the application icon until it moves freely;
  • We drag it to the desktop.

However, it is not always possible to resort to this simple method. For example, if the application was deinstalized and it is really absent on the device (and not just its icon). in this case, re.installation will be required.

Using a re.installation of a messenger

To fully restore WhatsApp on Android phone with all correspondence, you need a backup copy.

Local backups are saved on the phone automatically every day at 2 a.m. Cloud copies are preserved with the period given by the user.

Installation of the WhatsApp messenger

That is, local copying will work regardless of you, but cloud backup must be configured. How to do it:

  • In WhatsApp, click the “Other options” button (three points).
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • After the Chats.
  • Further in the “Reserve Copy of Chats”.
  • And finally in a “backup on Google Disk”.
  • Choose a copy frequency. any different from “never”.
  • Select Google Account for which copies will be recorded. Restoration will go from him.

Sometimes, if the WhatsApp account is not connected with Google’s error. In such cases, you should first add it through the “Add account” button. After you can continue.

When repeated installation of the application, we indicate the previous number and click “Restore” when we are asked.

Recovery from a local copy occurs in the same way. using the “Restore” button. The only difference is that local copies are stored on a particular device, so if we changed the smartphone, then the old Watsap data will be not available to us.

The convenience of a cloud copy is that you can restore WhatsApp from it even on an old phone, at least on a new.

How to restore WhatsApp if you lost or stole the phone (no number)?

In the case of the loss of a mobile device, first of all, the SIM card should be quickly limited. For this you need:

The restoration of the messenger from another phone is performed in two ways:

  • In the first case, you can restore the SIM card with an old number and activate the program with its help.
  • In the second option, you need to send a letter to WhatsApp e.mail with the heading “lost/stolen: deactivate my account”, and indicate the old phone number in the international format in the text. After that, you can activate the Watsapp account with new data.

If a reserve copy of the chats was saved on the Google disk for Android or iCloud, then it will be possible to restore these correspondence for a new account.

How to restore WhatsApp account after removing the account?

The restoration of the WhatsApp account after removal is impossible. This function irrevocably deleys all the saved data, including backups of chats from the Google disk or iCloud. In the case of removal, you cannot restore access to it.

To restore WhatsApp on a new phone with an old number, first of all you need to download the application via Play Market or Application store, depending on the device platform. Next, activate the program and restore chats through a backup from the Google disk or iCloud.

How to restore WhatsApp on Android after removal

WhatsApp messenger is a free program for communication and exchange of information. The number of users of the application has already exceeded 2 billion. WhatsApp is used for correspondence with friends, sending photos, videos and electronic documents. The files sent are stored in the folder on the smartphone. If the user deliberately or accidentally deleted WhatsApp, along with the application from the phone, all contents of the chats will disappear. By negligence, you can lose important documents or your favorite photos. Fortunately, most dialogs can be returned.

Loss of access to the WhatsApp account occurs under different circumstances. The main reasons for the removal of the messenger from the memory of the smartphone:

  • Erasing the program due to a random click on the button;
  • installation of a damaged or inappropriate version of the messenger;
  • incorrect updating of the smartphone operating system;
  • Replacing the old gadget with a new model.

If WhatsApp was removed by chance, you need to reinstall the messenger as soon as possible. The sooner the user return the program to the phone, the more chances to restore lost information.

Removal of WhatsApp from the phone

How to restore a remote messenger

After installing the messenger, the user must create an account, fill out a personal page, then you can start communication. In order to restore the application with the previous data after removal, three actions need to be performed:

There is no difficulties when installing the application. However, when registering and downloading copies of chats, problems may appear. How to successfully overcome all the stages of recovery, we will analyze further.

Restoration of the application icon

On the desktop of some smartphones with Android OS there are tabs. If the WhatsApp icon disappears from the usual place, you need to open the “Everything” tab with the labels of all installed applications. The following actions:

  • In the lining list, find the WhatsApp icon.
  • Tap the icon and do not let go of your finger for a few seconds.
  • Pull the icon to the side and transfer to the desired desktop.

If there is no general tab with labels and there was no WhatsApp icon on the desktop, then the application is deleted. For the label to appear, you need to install the messenger again.

Return of the application

The new version of the WhatsApp messenger for phones with Android OS can be downloaded from the Google Applications online store Market. To immediately go to the download page, from the list of programs on our site, select the suitable version of WhatsApp and click “Download”. After switching to the loading page to Google Market:

  • Click on the “Install” button.
  • If necessary, enter your login and password from the Google account.
  • Wait for the completion of the download and installation of the program.

If the installation was successful, the WhatsApp shortcut will immediately appear on the smartphone desktop.

Restoration of the account

At the first entrance to the WhatsApp application, the user must go through the registration procedure. The created account must be tied to the phone number. When removing the messenger from a smartphone, the subscriber’s personal page remains active. To restore access to the account:

  • Download and install WhatsApp.
  • Enter the application and start the registration procedure.
  • Enter the phone number that was indicated when registering last time.
  • Wait for the receipt of the response SMS with the access code.
  • Wait for automatic code loading into the registration form.
  • Complete the creation of the account, following the instructions on the display.

At the next entrance to the messenger, you will be in your old account. Whether correspondence will be preserved depends on backup settings. How to restore the remote WhatsApp on Android along with chats, is told in the next paragraph.

Attention! You can return the account and chats if the previous phone number was used during repeated registration. SIM card should be active. If the SIM card was lost or deactivated, the account will not work.

Data refund

In WhatsApp only its participants have access to the contents of the chat. The developers of the application of access to correspondence do not have, the messages are stored on WhatsApp servers only until the delivery.

Responsibility for long.term data storage is assigned to users themselves. Subscribers are offered 2 options:

If the phone is connected to the Internet, local copies are created daily. Automatic formation and preservation of the archive occurs at 1-2 in the morning in local time. Local copy shelf life. 1 week. On the 8th day, the archive is removed without the possibility of recovery.

The frequency of creating backup copies can be selected in the messenger settings. Procedure:

  • Click on the “Three Points” icon on the main page WhatsApp.
  • In the new menu, select “Settings” item.
  • Go to the “Chat” tab, then to the “Reserve copy of the chats” tab.
  • Set the backup and Settings parameters Google disk.

The user selects the duration of storage of files in the cloud service independently. The maximum shelf life is 100 years.

You can download a backup copy of dialogs only when reinstalling the application. Procedure:

  • Wait for the WhatsApp installation to complete and open the messenger.
  • Accept the rules for using the service.
  • Enter the previous phone number, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • When the messenger offers to find a backup, click on “Next”.
  • Select the proposed backup, click “Restore”.
  • After loading the archive, press “Next” and complete the account registration.

If the user did not change the smartphone and did not configure the backup, when the WhatsApp is repeated, the latest local copy will be loaded. If the local copies are not preserved, the WhatsApp on the phone will not work out in full at Android in full. The owner of the smartphone will be able to use the old account, but the tab with chats at the first launch of the messenger will be empty.

HitsApp account recovery by phone number

Free access recovery

A few years ago, whatsApp abolished all paid options. Now the installation of the application, the creation of an account and uploading backups. free services.

How to restore WhatsApp on a new smartphone with an old number

If the user wants to transfer the WhatsApp account and all the chats to the new smartphone, you need to perform the following:

  • Download and install WhatsApp on a new device.
  • At the first entrance to the application, indicate your old phone number.
  • Select and upload a backup from the Google disk repository.
  • Complete registration, following the display tips.

If there is no backup, on the phones with Android OS, you can carry out the transfer of local copies. Steps sequence:

When it can come in handy

Correspondence on messengers sometimes contain very important information. These can be the numbers of phones and bank cards, important documents or photos dear to the heart.

Such valuable information is sometimes lost. Why? The following situations may be the reason:

  • An accident or all chat is accidentally deleted;
  • phone breakdown;
  • Watsap removal;
  • formatting a memory carrier;
  • Data loss after calling the phone.

INFORMATION! In addition to the cases mentioned, the restoration of Watsap may be needed when buying a new mobile, and when you need to look at the message remote before reading it.

Restoration on Android

Restore WhatsApp on the phone with the Android operating system can be in three ways:

Through Google disk

For devices on Android WhatsApp, it saves copies of chats in a cloud storage on Google disk. Only one data duplicate is saved here. The creation of the archive can be performed automatically or manually.

To restore WhatsApp on the phone using the Google disk after removing the messenger, you need to take 9 steps: 1. Enter the Google Play Application store at https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.WhatsApphl = ru.

Accept the conditions for using the messenger and a privacy policy.

Enter the phone number, early registered on the service, and click “Next”.

Enter the resulting confirmation code.

Click “Continue” and give permission to the necessary requests of the system.

Give consent to restore the backup and, after the completion of the process, slip “further”.

MIUI11. How to Remove Dual Apps and their Data. Chrome, WhatsApp

Enter your name and conduct further settings.

As a result, not only text messages will be returned, but also the media files that were sent through the messenger.

IMPORTANT! To return WhatsApp with this method, you must use the Google account, which was used to create a backup copy.

Backup on the phone

WhatsApp messenger provides for automatic preservation of backup chats. Such archives are created daily about 2 a.m. They save data in the last 7 days. Files with correspondence stories are stored in the internal memory of the device. Namely, in the Databases folder, which is located in the “WhatsApp” section.

If copies on the Google disk have not previously been created, then data recovery will be made using archives saved on the phone. To return WhatsApp on the Samsung smartphone or another Android device in this way, you must first remove the messenger. Next, you need to do the same procedure as when restoring through Google disk.

There are times when it is necessary to return not the last, but the older archive of chats. To do this, it is necessary to do the following: 1. Enter the file manager on the phone.

Rename the necessary archive in MSGSTORE.DB.Crypt12 “.

ADVICE! If at the end of the name the archive there is another figure instead of “12”, then it should be left unchanged.

Next, you need to reinstall the messenger and restore data using a backup copy.

To restore WhatsApp, with the previously available correspondence, on the new smartphone or tablet, you must first transfer the file with the archive to the required device. To do this, from the “Databases” folder, a backup called “MSGSTORE” should be copied.DB.Crypt12 “and transfer it to a new gadget.

Now you can install WhatsApp on a new device. At the same time, the system will find a backup and offer its restoration. Agree with this and continue the installation.

Restoration through Google

If the phone is connected from the Google account and all the information was saved there, then after removing the contacts, the user will easily return all the names to the list. The information will be automatically added to the device when the account opens.

All the data that the system will transmit to the phone will be displayed in Vatsap. If the names from the list are not visible, the contacts are updated in the messenger.

The user can contact technical support. To do this, he must go to the official website WhatsApp. First you need to go through the check, after which the system will offer to enter the cipher. It will be directed by SMS.

In this case, the user will receive a free recommendation. It concerns the use of additional applications that will improve personal data protection.

Instructions for restoring contacts in WhatsApp

All contacts of friends are stored in the phone’s memory. WhatsApp automatically recognizes them, and then puts them on the list. But when using the messenger, the user data can be deleted. They cannot be restored using the settings and function functions. The only way to return the information is to make a backup copy.

Copying the list of telephone numbers is carried out as follows:

Backup function in WhatsApp.


In devices operating on the Android operating platform, there is an automatic transmission of information to the cloud storage. However, not all data can be saved. To solve this problem, users should be added manually.

Another way to add contact to the phone book is to send a message with a request to add to friends.


Initially, these devices are configured to save information in iCloud. If this function on the iPhone is disabled, the user must activate it.

Other ways to restore the list of contacts in the messenger is not provided for.

If the password from WhatsApp is forgotten

A two.step check in the messenger is very convenient in that all the correspondence data is well protected. But what to do if the password is impossible to remember? What actions need to be taken in such a situation?

First of all, it is worth opening WhatsApp and click on the “Forgot PIN” button ”.

Next, select “Restore the password using email”

Get a confirmation code to the specified mail

In the letter, follow the link to reset the old password and press the “Confirm” button

Open the WhatsApp application and click “Forgot PIN” and then drop the old password.

To restore the password without using email addresses, you should wait 7 days. This is due to the fact that the mail is either forgotten on this device or not indicated at all. 2. At the expiration of this period, password reset will be available.

Restoring correspondence and media files in WhatsApp

Usually, when changing the device or if you accidentally remove one or all chats, it is necessary to restore WhatsApp data. To make it simple and fast.

  • Using a computer, find the desired file in the internal accumulator of the phone and backup. Or manually find the necessary media files that are in the smartphone in the corresponding folders: photos- WhatsApp Images, video in WhatsApp Video.
  • It is known that the messenger automatically retains the history of dialogs for 7 days. Therefore, it is enough just reinstall the application to the device. However, this method can restore only those messages that were sent in the interval of the week, that is, the older dialogs will be lost.3. Data recovery using special. If it is possible to use third.party programs to extract or restore data, then do not neglect this.
  • Restoration using a backup with a Google disk for this will need to use the same number and email address to which the account is tied in the application. To restore the lost media files, it is worth reinstating the messenger. And he will automatically offer to perform “restoration”
  • Restoration of a local backup to perform this recovery, it is worth uploading a file messenger and go to SDCARD/WhatsApp/Databases, where you need to rename the file with MSGSTORE-MMM-DD.one.DB.Crypt12 in MSGSTORE.DB.Crypt12 or earlier version. Then you need to reinstall the application and restore files.

How to delete WhatsApp from the phone

On a mobile phone, it will temporarily get rid of Vatsapa in several ways.

Removing the shortcut from the desktop gadget.

Find the messenger icon on the screen. The slippers on the icon for 2-3 seconds activates the appearance on the screen of the Android panel with the basket icon or the button with the inscription “Delete”.

A cross appears on the IPhone desktop in the upper left corner of the messenger label.

Use the proposed tool. Confirm your intention.

From the Google Play Play or App Store app store, depending on the device used.

Open the application store. Go to the section “My applications and games”. In the list of installed programs, find the Vatsapa icon. Tap it to open the information and functional page of the product. Here use the “Delete” button.

Using system settings of the gadget.

On the work table of the Android Smartphone on the Sixpiece icon. In the “Settings” window opened to the “Appendix” tab, where go to the “Appendix” item. In the list of installed programs, find the WhatsApp icon, open the software settings window where use the functions of “delete”.

Similarly, by means of a tap, a gear label on the iPhone opens the setup screen. Here you need to switch to the “Basic” tab, open the section “IPhone Storage”. In the list of applications, find the messenger, open the page of its settings and complete the option “Delete the program”.

Note: Demolition of the application does not apply to profile data. In the future, after installing the software, you can restore this data from a backup copy.

If the use of a messenger is not expected to remove WhatsApp from the phone completely, before the application of the application, delete the account in the service. This action is irreversible, it will not work to restore the profile data.

The order of removal of the account is the same for android and iOS:

  • It is enough to open the “Settings” section in the messenger, slipping by the corresponding button: three vertical points in the upper right corner or gear in the lower right corner.
  • Go to the point “Account”/”Account”, and use the “Delete account”/”Delete account” button button.
  • The service will ask you to enter the contact number to which the profile is tied.
  • After entering the number to the phone will come to SMS confirmation code.
  • Confirm the removal of the resulting code combination.

How to remove WhatsApp from a computer

On PC synchronized with the mobile version of WhatsApp, like any other application, is removed using the system parameters of “Applications and Opportunities” (Windows 10), “Programs and Components” (Windows 7/8). Open the corresponding tool. In the list of programs, find WhatsApp and click on the “Delete” button.

Gone WhatsApp, what to do?

Sometimes there is a failure in the program or in the device and the WhatsApp icon may disappear. In such cases, the following actions can help. Firstly, you can restart the phone or turn off for 30 seconds, pull out and insert the battery and turn on again. If these actions do not help, you need to see if the program is installed on the gadget. In the absence of Watsapp in the list of installed applications, it should be reinstalled and restored from the backup of the backup.

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This requires the Internet, if not, then you can hack Wi-Fi in this free way and use the Internet for free!

Remote WhatsApp can be returned?

Yes, it is you can restore all messages from your correspondence on WhatsApp-E in a few minutes! We will not “stretch” the article, but we will write at once the essence of such a restoration and instructions.

First, we will restore WhatsApp

Everything is simple and clear here. we go to the official application store or for Android we download from here:

  • If you have Android, then we open GooglePlay (Play Market) and enter into the search WhatsApp, here is the link not to perform unnecessary actions:
  • If your gadget works on iOS (iPhone or iPad), then download with the AppStore (iTunes):

Downloaded, installed! Next, go through standard authorization in this Mesenger and the most interesting begins here.

Restoring correspondence and media files in WhatsApp

If everything is fine, after authorization, the application itself will propose to restore all your correspondence and media data. Just follow the prompts and do not forget to turn on the Internet on the device (or Wi-Fi).

Keep in mind that if you refuse to restore chats, files, then in the future it will no longer be done!

Subsequently-all messages of Watsap and pictures with videos and audio recordings, “GIF-ki”-will be restored! This very useful “feature” of the program will be very useful after installing a Watsap on a new smartphone or tablet.

How to configure chat backup

There are functions such as a reserve copy of the chats in the options of Votsap itself. This is a backup function, the program itself is tied to your account, so the restoration of all files in WhatsApp will be from your account (this is if everything and “all” or Smart. new) has removed on the smartphone)!

To find this backup in the program, you need:

The process of saving Backup on Google will be in the notification panel:

Now I definitely can’t say. as you have a default function by default, but I configured for daily copying all files on Google Disk (I have a smartphone on Android).

The same actions are similarly performed on the iPhone, and messages, it is SMS on Android, can be restored according to this instructions.

For today, tell your friends, let them store their correspondence of Watsap in a cloud storage, from which you can restore all your data at any time!

Will new messages sent while the messenger was deleted

If the WhatsApp application was deleted, which was then restored, then yes, the messages will come. And if the account itself was deleted, then, alas, no one will receive any messages. Friends will not even be able to send you a smiley, since your number will simply disappear from their list of contacts.

Unread messages in WhatsApp

While deleting the application, your interlocutors will be able to send messages to you, but only they will be displayed for “not read” until you reinstall the application. You, of course, will not bother these messages.

How to save correspondence so that they do not leave

To the question: whether the correspondence will remain when recovering if we delete the account in WhatsApp. we have already answered above. Now let’s try to figure out what ways you can try to save correspondence in this application.

One of the fairly simple ways is all the same “backup”. If it is configured, then all the necessary information will be available to you from reserves.

However, is it all that the application user can do, trying to maintain his correspondence? No, there are several more methods.

For example, you can engage in messages export. This is done a few steps:

  • Enter your chat and call the drop.down menu that contains such names as “View contact”, “Wallpaper”, etc.D. We are interested in the item “”
  • A continuation of the menu will appear. It will need to find a item called “Chat Export”
  • Select “without files” or “Add files”. The second will add to the export of the media files, which will increase the size of the exported chat. But in general, the choice of these two categories does not affect anything
  • Next, you will be invited to choose where to send the archive that appears. Choose here, based on your desires
  • Exports have been held, and now the chat will always be at your fingertips

What else? For example, you can ask friends to send you some important messages.

In addition, iPhone owners can take advantage of the IPhone Storage function. That is, when using it, you can delete the application, but at the same time all of its files will remain in the storage. Of course, you will not be able to get access to them, but when the Watsap is restored, you will receive absolutely all correspondence, photos and videos that were on it.

Use one of these methods, and you will never lose particularly important data.