When opening the laptop cover, the screen does not turn on

What to do if the laptop screen does not light up when turning on: the causes of the malfunction

What to do: when turning on, the laptop screen does not light up or the screen is black?

The laptop turns on, but the screen does not light up or burned in dark color. Everyone can face such a problem. The most important thing is not to breed a panic, the problem can be solved independently, you just need to find the reason for the failure of the laptop and solve it in a timely manner.

In this article we will tell you what reasons exist and how to solve them quickly without contacting the service. All points are placed in order, based on the popularity of a particular problem.

How to reset the hardware settings

To perform hardware reset of settings, the following actions must be performed.

laptop, cover, screen, does, turn
  • Disconnect the laptop from the network or other power source. This includes the shutdown of the laptop from the charger, as well as the extraction of the battery.
  • You need to press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds

How To Fix Laptop Turning On When the Lid Opens

Why is it necessary? Everything is very simple. The laptop stores a residual charge of capacitors to save settings. When turning on a laptop without a power source, this charge disappears and all the settings flies.

If these actions did not give any result, go to the next point.

Reason 3. Overheating of the video card

When the laptop loads, but the black screen does not turn on, we can also sin for overheating and faults of the video card. In the laptops of the video card are implemented in two ways-built into the processor or into the southern bridge, or in the form of a discrete video card, which is connected to a separate Mini PCI-E slot. Most often, discrete video cards are out of order due to a decrease in the effectiveness of the cooling system, clogged with dust. Also, the cause may be a deterioration in the properties of the thermointease. Thermal conductive or thermal paste.

Diagnosis of such a malfunction in the service is usually carried out using a laptop POST card or a deliberately serviceable processor or video card. At home, you can only focus on the signals from BIOS if they are.

When you have a built.In video card to the southern bridge or in the processor, the malfunction can be determined by excessive heating. Rebolling of the southern bridge or chip built into the motherboard of the video card was previously a frequent phenomenon and just a disaster of Acer, MSI and even ASUS laptops. Currently, this problem by manufacturers is almost removed with the exception of defective batches of electronics.

We solve the problems that are related to BIOS

If we reset the settings in BIOS, then this action can help you if this discharge was carried out, the user in the bios performed certain actions.

  • Immediately after the laptop is loaded, you need to press the DEL button;
  • We will drop the settings of the F9 key;
  • The configuration is saved by the F10 button;
  • We have to restart our PC.

When you did not have time to click on one of these buttons and carry out these actions as quickly as possible, the BIOS settings may not change. And the computer screen because of this will remain black. In the loan cases, CMOS (a small battery on the system board) is removed, in which the BIOS settings are preserved, including when the PC is turned off.

Solution 2

So, if you read our article further, then the first solution did not help, and the laptop continues to work, but the screen does not turn on. In this case, you should make sure that the problem is not in the laptop screen.

Connect the laptop to an external monitor or TV via HDMI or VGA Port. Then you need to press F8 to synchronize the laptop with an external monitor. If nothing happens, try the F3, F10 or others keys, depending on the manufacturer of your laptop.

As a result, you should see the laptop screen on the external monitor. If this happened, then the problem is still in the screen, most likely in the inverter inverter. In this case, you should contact the service center to fix it.

Overheating of the laptop

If the screen goes out on the laptop during operation, then, most likely, you are faced with overheating equipment. First of all, you should check the temperature of the video card. Use the free SPECCY utility for this.

If you see that the video card has too high temperature (you can see the maximum permissible value in the specification on the manufacturer’s website), then the laptop cooling system should be checked. Sometimes it’s enough to simply clean the cooling system, but if the power of the installed coolers is not enough, then try to use a cooling stand or install more powerful fans.

Good time of the day, I have the next problem of the ASUS X55S laptop, the car is upholstered, the screen backlights light up. After making a LogoSkrin fast sound, the system is loaded, but the screen is still black just lights in the backlight. I opened it completely, I completely changed thermal grease lubricated all the coallers, I started turning on the problem, I did not leave, connected it to the external manner everything works. I changed the matrix laptop does not show with the new matrix either, only subside to the external manner. Maybe someone knows what I’m waiting for an answer.

Try to reset the BIOS settings, or try the 1st point:

Laptop screen stays black after opening the lid | Problem Solved 2021

Reset settings hardware reset of settings helps in most situations when the screen does not work. To perform it: turn off the charger from the laptop. Get the battery from the laptop. Remove the residual charge and drop the hardware settings by holding the power button for 20-25 seconds. Install the battery back into the portable computer and connect the charger. When a window appears with the choice of download mode after an incorrect shutdown of the device, select the usual Windows launch.

I have the same thing everything works except the monitor itself from the laptop

I have a similar problem today. I did not do anything, but simply took to my friend the repairman. It turned out to be the cause of the black screen was a suddenly dead SSD disk. Put there temporarily HDD, everything works, everything turns on.

Hello. And this happens) Thank you for sharing experience.

Guys, really thank you very much, I already thought that the monitor was covered.

Lenovo laptop turns on and immediately reboots itself and nothing more happens else! What to do?

At what stage of launch the reboot occurs? If after a full download of Windows, try to restart the laptop into safe mode. If everything is fine in it, open the system in the control panel system. Additional parameters of the system. The tab is additional. Loading and recovery. Button parameters. Remove the “Automatic reboot” flag and save the setting.

Now, together together, the computer will show the blue screen with white inscriptions (BSOD), among which there is a code and the name of the error. For example, 0x0000007b INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. According to these data, you can find information on the Internet about its causes and methods of elimination.

If the reboot occurs until Windows or in safe mode is completely launched, loading on the recovery environment: if you have Windows 7, press the F8 key immediately after turning on the laptop, select the Dop menu menu. Options for loading “Elimination of computer malfunctions”, reach the section “Restoration Parameters” and perform the recovery of the system to the control point (second item on top).

If you have Windows 8-10, to enter the recovery environment, you will have to load from the installation disk of your version of Windows. The entrance button. “system restoration” is located at the bottom of the “install” window.

If the restart occurs until the Windows logo appears, the problem is most likely hardware. In this case, you better contact the service.

Acer laptop. After clicking on the power button, the keyboard illumination lights up, fans are turned on, and a logo on a white background is displayed on the screen for a couple of seconds, after which it disappears and a black screen comes to the replacement. Please tell me what to do.

Acer laptops have different problems on the image of the image. Among them there are also typical ones, but so that you can assume something, it is desirable to indicate the full name of the model, and preferably the platform, if you know.

What you describe can be as a hardware problem associated for example, with the screen backlight, video and other demands, or maybe the Windows loading or the failure of the hard drive: the manufacturer’s screensaver has disappeared, the Windows logo should appear, and it should appear does not appear.

How to approximately determine where the problem is:

Live Disk (flash drive) is a carrier on which the operating system is recorded, which can not load from the hard drive. For example, Alkid, Hiren’s Boot, Ubuntu and T distributions. D.

There is no built.In graphics on your laptop, there is only discrete, and removable. If you succeed somewhere to get the mxm nvidia GeForce 8600M GT mobile video card, for example, temporarily remove the same laptop from another, you can throw it instead of your. If the image appears, the reason in the video card.

The rest that is written in the message above is also relevant. If you do not understand what we are talking about, it is better to contact the service right away.

Try to change the RAM, at least in another slot, I have helped on exactly the same laptop

A laptop. The dark screen caught fire and stood, tried everything and dropped BIOS. Windows 8.1 after many attempts and despair just put the modem, and here it was not expected to the screen caught fire and “Preparation of automatic restoration” appeared now waiting.

Contact problems

The working disk in some laptop models is not fixed hard on the sleds. The situation when the fan is noisy when turning on, and the drama table can mean the Winchester’s contacts. Access to it also opens after removing the cover at the bottom of the laptop.

Before any work, the laptop turns off the network, the battery is removed from it. After removing the lid, the hard drive is removed and inserted denser. If it is in the socks, you need to check the density of their fastening, if necessary, the disk is recovered for better contact with the connector.

To do this, connect a portable computer through a supported integration to the image output device.

For most, this is an outdated VGA port, although many modern devices are not equipped with them.

In this case, the general should be DVI or modern HDMI. There is no difference for the user, only plugs and wires differ.

If a picture appears on a TV/monitor, then the problem is your display. The backlight is faulty, the problem with the train.

In the latter case, it can be replaced independently, but it is not always just to find the right component, and even fewer people will be able to carefully and correctly promote the device, replace the old train and collect everything back. Yes, so as not to harm the laptop.

When connecting a PC to the TV, a picture appeared on the last. Bring the device to the service center.

Experts will find the problem and offer a solution. Sometimes it can cost expensive, such as replacing the screen matrix.


Often the device turns off automatically when the temperature of one of its components reaches the limit laid by the developer.

In such a situation, the culprit is most often a overheated central processor that prevents the computer from starting again.

The cooling system does not cope with the tasks assigned to it for a number of reasons:

Dust problem

Fan blades and radiator tubes with plates are covered with dust, which reduces the heat.Conductivity of the metal and the efficiency of the removal of warm air from heated power elements.

I will have to remove the lower cover of the device and get rid of dust with a spray can with compressed air, cotton sticks (just do not leave a pile) or a puree with a hairdryer.

If you are going to blow out, it is better to put the laptop on the street or balcony.

It is also recommended once every two years (each service center and manufacturer sets the deadlines on its own) replace the terpos, which is located on the contact platform between the central processor and cooler.

It is better not to replace the thermal conductive paste at home, if you do not have such an experience, it is fraught with consequences.

Windows problems or drivers

At the start of the PC, a boot screen appears in front of you (where it is written, with the help of which button you can call BIOS), then. The logo of the launched Windows operating system, and after loading it, only the cursor is displayed, but you can cause the task manager.

Try to run the conductor manually:

  • Open the task manager.
  • In the file menu, select the creation of a new task.
  • In the text line of the window that appears, we write Explorer and click Enter.
laptop, cover, screen, does, turn

Did not help? We will use the safe mode. To get into it, we reboot, and then click F8 for several seconds. When the screen appears with a list of launch options, select the appropriate.

If everything was possible, we are looking for an application or driver that caused a problem (remember that we installed or updated before it occurred).

Often, a rollback of the system’s state, resetting it (if it is Windows 10) or reinstallation helps here.

The last thing you can try to do is reset BIOS settings.

The option is more suitable for ordinary computers (the picture may be displayed on the second device, not the main monitor), not laptops, but it can still help someone.

  • After a couple of seconds, click F9 to drop the settings.
  • Click F10 to leave the configuration menu.
  • Click Enter to save settings.

If it does not help, then in the 4th step you need to press the cursor left or right to choose a positive answer version (in some models, the option “no” was selected by default).

Also make sure you click the correct BIOS call button. This will help the instructions for the operation of the device.