Where is email on your phone

  • Go to the Settings app of the iOS 7 operating system:
  • Go to Mail, Addresses, Calendars:
  • Select the “Add account” option:
  • Select one of the most popular email accounts provided by iOS developers:

How to find out the address? While on your page, click the “Edit Profile” link, which is usually under the photo. On the “Information” page, go to “Contact Information” by scrolling the page slider. Here you’ll see an email address in the @.com.

Log in to the Google Admin Console. Use an administrator account (it doesn’t end in @gmail.com). In the search box, enter the user’s name or email address. In the list that appears, select the desired account and click on it to go to the appropriate page.

If you used it to correspond on sites or forums, you can contact the administration, and they may be able to help you remember your address. The most obvious way to remember with whom you corresponded and ask him to send you the address by SMS in another way.

The easiest way to find the e-mail address of the person is to look at the website of the company he works for, in the contact information section. Even if the site does not contain the addresses of all employees, write a letter to the general email with a request to pass your message to the right person.

How to make an email on your Android phone?

How to check email on your phone

  • Open the settings of your mobile device and go to “Accounts”.
  • Press the “Add account” line.
  • In the list provided, select “Google”.
  • At this stage you can enter the existing e-mail or create a new account by pressing the appropriate button.

Not all users know why they need to create an account on their Android smartphones and tablets. So, an account is a user account. For example, a profile is a user’s account on a social network. Android smartphones and tablets use a Google account.

Select the Apple “System Preferences” menu, then click Apple ID. Go to Apple “System Preferences,” click “Internet Accounts,” and then select your iCloud account from the side menu. Open the App Store and select “Store” “View my account”.

Adding a Mail Account to Samsung Email

You can choose to configure automatically or configure your email account in the Samsung email client manually.

There is little difference between the two methods. However, if the system can’t detect your email settings automatically, it will prompt you to configure them manually.

Before we continue, please note that as an example we performed the setup on a Samsung Galaxy A50 device with a stable version of Android 10. However, on other models, the process won’t be much different.

So, how to set up email on your Samsung phone, or add an account to Samsung Email:

  • Find and open the Email app on your phone. You’ll see several email providers, but we’ll select the Other option.
    email, your, phone
  • In the Add Account window that opens, enter your email address and password. Then click Login at the very bottom.
  • You’ll see three account types to choose from in a pop-up window, including the most popular protocols for incoming POP3 and IMAP mail.

IMPORTANT: we recommend choosing an IMAP account if you plan to use e-mail on more than one device.

That’s it, you have successfully added a Samsung Email account.

Open the google site.Go to. In the upper right corner, click on “Mail”. You can also access this section by following these links: gmail.com or mail.Google.com. Your emails will be loaded.

Enter https://www.gmail.com in the browser address bar and press ↵ Enter.

  • Enter the email address or phone number of your Google account and click Next. If you do not have a Gmail account, create one.
  • Enter your password and click Next.
  • Click on the email to open and read it.

General recommendations on how to find your e-mail

Ask your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and all the people with whom you have been communicating via e-mail, to view messages from you in their mail profiles. In the letter, in the “From” line, you will find your e-mail address, i.e. the e-mail address of the sender.

If you used your lost e-mail for registration in social networks, sites and forums, open your account there (log in) and go to the panel with your personal data. As a rule, the address of the indicated box is displayed in the panel.

How to Find your Lost Phone Using Gmail account?

An example of how to do this on ok.ru: Change settings (link under your avatar) → tab “Main” → line “E-mail address” → “Keyword” → “Email”. mail” (this is where you can find the missing!. mailbox login)

Try to find out from search engines what your mail address is. Type your first and last name in the search box. Perhaps in the output will appear indexed page with this very e-mail on a social network or online service, which you used.

If you have the “Autocomplete” option enabled in your browser, place the cursor in the login field (in the authorization panel of the email service). There is a chance that the address will appear in the tooltip (drop-down list of snippets).

Open the “Saving passwords” setting in the browser. If it is enabled and the cache has not been cleared, the mail login will be displayed in the list of saved credentials.

Example for Google Chrome: Settings → Passwords and forms → Suggest to save passwords → Change (link in the same line)

How to enter the mail

How to log in to Mail Instructions for those who have @, @list in the address of mailbox.ru, @inbox.ru or @bk.Go to.

In the upper left box, in the Box Name line, type your login name before the @ sign. Click on the “Enter Password” button.

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For example, if ivan.ivanov35@, you must type ivan.ivanov35

If the address does not end with. then in the next field select your ending from the list.

Type your password for your box at the Password line. It will be typed in dots, as it should be. Then click on the Sign in button.

If all is typed correctly, the mail will open. It looks like this:

Next time you want to sign in to Mile.ru instead of a window for logging in will be another window:

This indicates that your box is already open. No need to type in your username and password. just click on Mail.

In case you do not want it to open itself every time, inside the box, in the upper right corner, click on exit. And the next time you enter your mailbox, uncheck the box Remember me.

How to log into e-mail Yandex. For those who have @yandex.ru, @yandex.by, @yandex.ua, @ yandex.kz, @yandex.com or @ya.ru.

In the upper right rectangle, click the “Sign in to mail” button.

The login window will load. In a line “Enter login, mail or phone” type your email and press “Login”.

Type the password from the box in the line “Enter password” and press “Enter”.

If you entered everything correctly, the mail will open. It looks like this:

The next time you go to the site Yandex (yandex.ru) in the right top corner will be already other window. You should just click on Mail and the box will open without a username and password.

If such automatic entrance does not suit you, then inside of a box, in the right top corner, press the login. And from the list, select Exit Yandex services.

Sign in to Google mail (Gmail). Instructions for those who have @gmail as the end of their box.com.

Often your inbox will open on its own right after this. But if not, a login window will appear. Google prompts you to enter your phone number or email address. The phone will only work if you have attached it to the box before. And so in this field you have to enter the address and click “Next”.

Sometimes the Gmail homepage opens instead of the Sign In window. If this happens, click “Sign in” in the upper right corner.

In the next window, type the password and click “Next”.

If everything is correct, the inbox will open.

Email on your cell phone

Few people use email using their cell phone these days. What does this have to do with? And with the fact that before you can use email, you need to enter the appropriate settings into your phone. And it all, as a rule, seems difficult and even impossible :).

And the use of mobile e-mail helps to save on phone costs! Besides, with mobile e-mail you have an opportunity to send a letter of a larger size (in kilobytes) than with MMS. You can hardly “cram” more than 100 Kbytes into one MMS.

There are really cool phones out now with multi-pixel cameras, with MP3 support. And all it wants to not only use itself, but also, for example, to send your friends photos, videos, and melodies. It’s in these situations that we come to the rescue no, not Chip and Dale, but e-mail.

So what can you do to be able to use mobile e-mail?? It’s that simple! First of all, you must activate the GPRS service at your operator. You can read more about this simple case here.

It is worth noting that many phone models allow you to configure the GPRS settings automatically, i.e. е. you do not need to go anywhere, you do not change anything, you just receive an SMS from the operator, turn your phone off and then on again. Well and if you have a cell phone, which cannot automatically set up the Internet (you will be told about this at the operator’s support service), you will have to suffer a little. Again, see the link above for more details.

So, GPRS is connected, good job! 🙂 Now, as for the mail itself. You can get email in two ways. The first one is the easiest. Some cellular phone plans provide a “Mobile Mail” service. If your tariff plan has such service, then feel free to call their free number and activate this service. Then you need to know which number to send an SMS to get access to the Internet service. It is possible to find out number, having taken advantage of the directory of the subscriber which you received at acquisition of a package of connection or simply to call in a help service.

Once you know the number, send two SMS messages to it. 1. “USR Username” is your username, consisting of Latin letters or numbers. For example, USR Mr. Bobo. 2. “PSW Password”. As you guessed it will be your password. For example PSW bobo12345.After you send these two messages you will receive a confirmation. Login and password are used to set up your mail in your phone. After you receive a letter to your email, you immediately receive a notification on your cell phone. And then you only need to contact the server to get your email on your phone.

The second way we use if our operator has no service “Mobile Mail” or you do not want to use the mailbox operator, and you want to configure your phone to collect mail from your “native” mail account (it can be on any server like. rambler.Your phone’s username and password are used to set up your phone’s email account.com and t.п.).

What we need in this case? You will not believe. computer. Not permanently, but temporarily, that is, you need Internet access. I hope you can find a computer at your disposal. relatives, friends or a computer club will help you with this task. Further we find in the Internet the servers which give free e-mail (the part I already listed above, there is also yandex.ru).

Then make yourself an email address (of course, if you already have one, then this point should be skipped). Go to? Perfect. Now it is necessary to enter the settings into phone.

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Open the menu and find the settings for e-mail (usually they are in the folder “Messages”, but sometimes in the general settings of the phone. the instruction will help you more).

So, settings are opened. there will be long and rather tedious for filling list with parameters. Since the first time I had a lot of time to “mess” with these settings, I want to show you all in detail on my example, so that it was easier for you. Well, let’s go. (By the way, I have myself a Motorola E398, but I give settings in general. so a little bit zaprabrazhivshee, they and for your model of phone will adapt).

This is the connection type. If it says CSD there, you should change it to GPRS.

Username: beeline,mts,megafon.

Enter one of the above, based on the name of your operator.

There you write the same thing you wrote in the Username line. If your operator does not require a name and password for GPRS, in this and previous items you can not enter anything at all.

If it is not POP3 but IMAP4, we have to change it to POP3.

Here we should enter the part of the e-mail address written before the @ sign. This part is implied by the login we talked about above, that is Mr.Bobo.

Here you should enter the password, in the example we have chosen bobo12345. When you enter your password, and you see that you enter asterisks instead of your password, you should know that it is correct.

Enter the name of the outgoing mail server of our operator. It is possible to learn it at support service of subscribers. For Bilain it is mail.beeline. It is also possible to specify the outgoing server of your e-mail. You can find it on the website of your email provider under “settings” or “support. For. For example, the server for outgoing messages will look like an smtp

If your mailbox is at. the server will have the following look. pop Settings for other mail boxes again look on a site of your mail.

Here you write your full address on the free email server. For example, Mr.Bobo@.

The sender’s name that the person who receives your email will see.

Enter a time interval here for the phone to check if there are new messages in your mailbox. Keep in mind that the phone downloads information from the Internet (and this costs money). Most of all people who use service “Mobile mail” are lucky as it is not necessary for them to establish any intervals for check. You will receive an SMS alert if there is a new email in your inbox.

And that’s all about setting up your mailbox. So use it on health, the more so, messages up to 5 Kbyte in many operators outside the tariff.

By the way, according to the forecast of analytical agency Strategy Analytics, by the beginning of 2009 e-mail on cell phones will be much more popular than the traditional exchange of SMS-messages. “After a staggering 100 percent year-over-year increase in profits from Internet messenger services, mobile email will be the next profitable service,” says study author Antoine Mathieu.

In conclusion I shall note, that there are many various programs for check of electronic mail in phones (for smartphones Symbian especially ProfiMail is allocated), but it already a subject for separate article. For now, let’s get your clients set up :). If you have any problems, write to us at Mobile Help.

I can’t set up my email on my Nokia N73

Problems with sending can be if the mail server SMTP requires authorization, and the phone (its mail client) does not support this function. In this case, the only thing left to do is to put the special. the mail program or search for the mail server without authorization (such now it is a little). By the way, to set up gmail will be more complicated. it uses all sorts of SSL and other stuff that the phone may not understand. You have to download a special gmail program for gmail.


and i have the same problem as the first guest. I can’t send it 🙁

Thank you so much, my SE K610 works great.

I configured a Nokia 6233 I can check the incoming mail I can not send why I double-checked the settings

Double-check it. Most likely something with the outgoing server and its settings.

Help me step on the email on Sony erikson w200i operator mts mailbox on rambler.PLEASE.

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Your fingers are crooked. In a hurry I adjusted everything in 5 minutes. Nokia 6120 thanks for the tutorial)

i agree )))) i set it up fast and also 6120 Nokia ))

Here you have to enter the part of the e-mail address written before the @ sign. This part is implied by the login we talked about above, i.e. Mr.Bobo.

3 The server of outgoing messages For. for example, the server for outgoing messages will look like smtp

If you have a box at. the server will look like this. pop Settings for other mailboxes again see your mail site.

Here you write your full address on the free email server. For example Mr.Bobo@.

This is the sender’s name that the person who received your message will see.

In general, turn your head, everything is written here, what you need to do P.s. up to 3 years

And here at me Nokia 6120, too I cannot adjust!! Help. My address is pautinich@inbox.ru How to tell the phone that there inbox?

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I have a nokia n73 phone and it worked the first time. Thank you so much the author.

I configured on Rambler all works with my Nokia6630

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I have a Nokia 6500 slide, all the settings entered correctly, checked several times, still nothing works, letters are not sent and not received, please advise, maybe someone has experienced such a trouble?

Change the port of outgoing messages: instead of number 25, put the number 587. I did it, the first time the mail worked on my Sony Ericsson K550i.

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Hi))) who knows what is the outgoing mail server ID ))))) and where to get it.

Hurrah! All night I can not adjust the sending of mail! Although everything was correct. and servers, and names and passwords! Thanks a guy that advised me to change the port number from 25 to 587. Although he has a Sony, and I have. Nokia6131. IT’S WORKING! It was so fast, I didn’t even blink an eye, literally. 🙂

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Help set up the mail on Nokia 6280. Thank you so much!

Help set up the mail on a Nokia 6280. Thank you so much!

Help set up mail on Nokia 6280. Answer send to the address: pahan29l@

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