Where is the Flashlight on your LG phone?. How to turn the flashlight on and off on your phone?

How to turn on the flashlight on your LG phone?

To turn on the flashlight, simply pull down the top of the screen (or pull once with two fingers) to bring up the quick settings menu. You should see the Flashlight record. Tap to turn on the LED flash instantly.

How to turn on the flashlight on a Galaxy with Android 5

  • Tap and hold your finger on a vacant area of the desktop.
  • Release your finger and tap Widgets.
  • Find the Flashlight widget
  • Hold your finger on the widget and drag it to an empty spot.
  • Tap on the widget to turn the flashlight on or off.

Where I have the flashlight?

The vast majority of today’s smartphones have a separate button for turning the light on and off, and it’s located in the barrier which you can access by sliding your finger from the top frame to the bottom.

Fortunately, all modern Android phones have a built-in flashlight. To activate the flashlight, simply pull down the top of the screen (or drag once with two fingers) to open the quick settings menu. You should see the Flashlight record. Press to instantly turn on the LED flash.


The article provides instructions for Android 9.0, but the algorithm of actions is universal for any version of the operating system starting from Android 4. Let’s understand how and where to find the flashlight on Android.

The standard way

By default, the developers have placed the function in the notification panel. To get into it, you need to pull the curtain, at the top of the screen down. A panel will appear with quick access to some features, among which is the flashlight. Activate it by clicking once on the icon.

If it is not among the presented elements, drag your finger from top to bottom again. This will expand the work panel, click on the desired icon.

Adding to Curtain

The default settings and location of features on your smartphone may sometimes be altered. To add a light to the curtain, you need to swipe down twice from the top of the screen, then the expanded panel will open. Tap on the icon with a pencil.

Change window will appear. Go down and find the flashlight icon, drag it up by holding your finger on the picture. It will appear in the quick access.

Where is the flashlight in the Samsung phone?

Tap and hold your finger on a free area of the desktop. Release your finger and press Widgets. Locate the Flashlight widget. To do this, flip the screen right/left.

LEDs are known for their low power consumption, so it’s not likely to drain your phone even if you forget to turn it on all night. They boast their shock resistance. If you drop your smartphone on hard surfaces, you’re more likely to crack the glass or chip the case than fail the flashlight.

How to turn on the flashlight on Nomi phone?

In some models, the flashlight is turned on with a separate button, but in Nomi i177 it is turned on with a long press of the “0” key. The final section is Settings, where you’ll be able to change all your phone settings.

Possible application failure. In other words, the flash can work, which is easy to check by opening the camera and turning on flash mode. Since it works, try installing a third-party flashlight app in the store (appstore / google play) and check if it works. Check your operating system updates.

How to put the flashlight on the lock screen?

Open the Settings Security and Lock and check Enable widgets. To add widgets to your lock screen: Swipe from left to right across the lock screen to reveal a large plus icon. Tap the plus icon.May 14, 2014.

How to turn on the flashlight on Samsung smartphones?

  • The notification panel will appear, find the “Flashlight” icon in it and tap on it.
  • The icon has changed color, the flashlight is on, as indicated by the notification.
  • If you don’t see the “Flashlight” icon here, swipe the screen from right to left
  • Find the Flashlight widget.
  • Tap on it and hold your finger and bring it to the desktop.

Turn it on on Android 4 and 5

With the latest models of smartphones are solved, now let’s see how to turn on the flashlight on a Samsung device with Android 5. There is no appropriate icon in the quick settings, you can find it in the widget list.

Tap a free space on your desktop with your finger. 2. Wait for the additional menu to appear. Select “Widgets.”. 3. Find the “Flashlight” by scrolling the screen both ways. 4. Grab the widget with a long press on the screen and drag it to the desktop.

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On Android 4, a similar method works. Different names of items to select in the interface.

flashlight, your, phone, turn

Hold your finger down on a free space on the desktop. 2. Release your finger when the additional menu appears. Go to “Apps & Widgets”. 3. Go to the “Widgets” tab. 4. Find “Flashlight” by scrolling left/right. 5. Grab the widget with a long press and move it to the desktop.

The flashlight turns on and off by tapping the icon on the desktop. There are no additional settings like brightness level on older Android models, so you have to rely on those default beam settings.

Why the flashlight does not turn on

Android smartphones use the flash located in the camera module to work the flashlight. It may stop working due to a system failure or mechanical damage. Possible causes and solutions:

  • On some smartphones the flashlight does not work because the battery charge is too low (usually 10%). To turn it on and in power saving mode you must obtain root rights (superuser).
  • If the flashlight stops working after reflashing or installing drivers, the failure may be systemic in nature. In this case you could try doing a factory reset.

If the flash or flashlight stopped working after you dropped it or any other mechanical effect, you will need to contact a service center to have it repaired.