Where is the i icon on the Apple Watch

  • The iWatch app is standard on all iPhones starting with version six.
  • If you’ve figured out how to download the app, open the iWatch on your iPhone.
  • Inside, open a search or select the “Selection” section.
  • Find WhatsApp and tap on it to download.

To turn on the Apple Watch, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo is displayed. Hold your iPhone up to the Apple Watch, wait for the pairing screen to appear with the Apple Watch on the iPhone, then tap “Continue”. You can also open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and tap “Pair with other watches.

Break the pairing between the Apple Watch and the old iPhone, then pair with the new iPhone. When prompted, restore the Apple Watch from the backup. Make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch devices are up to date, or the backup may not show up.

To turn on the Apple Watch, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo is displayed. Bring your iPhone to the Apple Watch, wait for the Apple Watch pairing screen to appear on the iPhone, then tap “Continue. You can also open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and tap “Pair with other watches”.

Why Isn’t My Apple Watch Pairing? (2022)

  • Erase the data from the Apple Watch.
  • Set up the new iPhone and sign in to iCloud.
  • Open the Apple Watch app on the new iPhone and pair the watch with the new iPhone.
  • Attempt to restore from backup.
  • Turn on and put on the Apple Watch.
  • Hold the Apple Watch up to your iPhone.
  • Position the iPhone over the animation
  • Set up the watch as new or restore its data from a backup
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Select settings
  • Create a password
  • Select features and apps

Basic Definitions

What’s the Apple Watch everyone’s talking about?

The Apple Watch is essentially a small computer, they can also be called a “smart watch” that you naturally need to wear on your arm. It has a huge number of functions, among which. display the time and date, the ability to monitor your health (steps taken, calories, heart rate), data synchronization with iPhone (contacts, SMS, notes, mail), make payments (not in our country: remote control and much more.

By the way, they are sometimes mistakenly called the iWatch. This name is unofficial and fictitious.

icon, apple, watch

So, the Apple Watch is the same iPhone. only smaller and worn on your hand?

In principle we can say so, but the most important thing is that the clock is primarily an add-on for the iPhone. They are designed to make using the phone even more convenient.

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Apple Watch runs a variant of iOS called WatchOS. This operating system is specially adapted (both in terms of power consumption and ergonomics) for wearable devices. It has a unique menu navigation system, recognizes the degree of pressure on the screen, also has a replacement watch faces, heartbeat sensor, NFC sensor for Apple Pay (not relevant for Russia) and much more.

Do you need an iPhone to use the Apple Watch?

Yes, you will need an iPhone version 5 or higher. The operating system also has certain requirements. it must be iOS 8.2 or later version. If the phone version is older, you won’t be able to “pair” with your iPhone and use most of the features.

Can I use my iPad or iPod with the Apple Watch??

Unfortunately no, you won’t be able to pair your watch with any generation iPad or iPod. At least it can not do so at the moment.

When you can buy the Apple Watch?

It will go on sale April 24 in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Britain, the United States. As can be rightly noted, Russia is not among these countries. So for those who are eager to own a novelty on the first day of sales, there are two ways to go:

At the time of writing there is no clear information about when the Apple Watch will go on official sale in the About the release date there are several different data from many sources, most agree that the official shipments should wait for 2-3 months after the start of sales.

What is the price of the Apple Watch in the United States and Russia?

At this point, only the in the U.S. and Europe are known with certainty. The pricing itself depends on what version of the watch, its size and what strap is used.

Since this time the company from Cupertino not so much diversified the model range, it makes no sense to list absolutely all the configurations. They can always be viewed. I will note only that the most inexpensive version will cost 349. For fans of more expensive. the maximum price of 17 000.

If you translate it into rubles, then we should expect the Apple Watch in Russia at a price of 22,000 to 900,000 (this is not a typo!) rubles.

In the end, that’s how it turned out, the for the Apple Watch in Russia start at 21,000 thousand.

Will the watch, bought in Europe or the US, work in Russia?

Of course, yes. There are no restrictions. You can quite easily buy an Apple Watch anywhere and use it anywhere in the world, including in the Russian Federation.

What’s included in the package?

In addition to the watch itself, the Apple Watch comes with:

Modifications and types of Apple Watch

The watch comes in three different collections based on case and display materials:

  • Apple Watch Sport (Silver aluminum 7000 series with ion-x glass, composite back).
  • Apple Watch (316L stainless steel sapphire crystal, ceramic glass back).
  • Apple Watch Edition (18K rose gold sapphire crystal, ceramic glass back).

For each edition, different strap variations are possible.

Are there any differences between the models because of what they are made of?

No! All technical specifications are the same and the functionality is identical. It does not matter, for 359 or for 17 000 The only difference is in the materials of manufacture.

Size and weight

There are two display sizes for each of the modifications. 38mm and 42mm. The remaining dimensions are as follows:

Weight varies depending on the material of the case and strap, the minimum is 25 g. Maximum (gold). 69g.

Is there Russian in the Apple Watch menu?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no support for the Russian language in the watch. Although there is an opportunity for a quick response to the message is in the “great and mighty.

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With the arrival of the new firmware, everything has changed. Full Russian language support is now claimed. If your watch has an older version of the OS, it makes sense to upgrade as soon as possible. Recall that software updates are performed using (from the menu) a companion device (iPhone).

Is it water resistant??

The head of the company, Tim Cook, stated that he regularly takes showers with the Apple Watch. However, at the same time noted that he would not recommend diving or submerging them in water for long periods of time.

The watch is officially water resistant to ipx7. This means that you can work out with it in the gym and even take a shower. But it’s worth refraining from diving to 1 meter for more than 30 minutes.

What sensors are available on the Apple Watch?

Every gadget, regardless of the collection, is equipped with the following sensors:

  • Heart rate (to measure heart rate).
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope (counts the number of steps, and even what floor you went up).
  • Ambient light sensor (to save battery. screen goes out when needed).


All models are equipped with Retina display. The screen of the Sport collection (the most inexpensive) covers ion-x glass. Watch and Edition have sapphire coating of the display. Although Apple doesn’t confirm it, most agree that the display is OLED (which gives you deeper blacks and lower power consumption).

What processor is on the Apple Watch?

The watch is powered by the Apple C1 processor. There is no exact information about it yet, but it is rumored to be somewhere between Apple’s A4 and A5 (iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S) in terms of performance.

Wireless connections

We didn’t do without them, which is logical: high-tech gadget. high-tech!

  • Bluetooth 4 connectivity.0 low power (LE) for detection and pairing.
  • Wi-Fi version 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz for fast data exchange.
  • NFC for Apple PAY.

Apple Watch internal memory capacity

Reaches 8GB. And all memory is divided into parts and a limited amount of space is available for each type of information.

  • 2 gigabytes for music.
  • 75 megabytes for photos and pictures.
  • The rest is allotted for the Watch OS and apps (which you will install).

Battery life

Apple indicates that the battery will last an average of 18 hours. On the official page, there are more detailed information. So, the Apple Watch’s operating time depending on conditions:

  • 18 hours in mixed mode.
  • 3 hours of talk time.
  • 6,5 ч. audio playback.
  • When used solely as a watch, you can see the time in 48 hours.
  • Power reserve of 72 hours.
  • Up to 80%. 1.5 hours.
  • Up to 100%. 2.5 hours.

How is the charging process?

Apple Watch comes with a special magnetic cable. It clips onto the back of the gadget. This way, there are no ports. Which is quite convenient and has a positive effect on water resistance.

Connecting the Apple Watch to your iPhone

First, check to see if Bluetooth is turned on. Plug the watch in to charge it. Turn on the Apple Watch (press and hold the side button under the Digital Crown wheel until the Apple logo appears). Choose the language of the Apple Watch

To pair the watch with your phone:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on ;
  • Tap “Start Pairing.”
  • Aim the phone camera at the watch until the Apple Watch display is in the yellow outline that appears on theiPhone screen;
  • The watch will connect to the iPhone and you will continue to either set up the watch as new (or restore a copy from backup if you’ve used the watch before and backed it up);
  • Choose which wrist you will wear the watch on;
  • Agree to the terms of use of iTunes;
  • Specify your Apple ID;
  • Press “OK” on the next 3 pages with information about location services, ” ” and diagnostics;
  • Set password. The password must be specified on the Apple Watch;
  • Specify whether you want the watch to unlock at the same time as your iPhone;
  • Choose how to install apps. If the apps on your iPhone have a version for the watch, they can all be installed automatically, or you can install only the apps you want yourself later;
  • Wait for the devices to sync.
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Icons for active apps

Run icon

The icon is usually visible if you use the walkie-talkie app on your watch. However, if you see the icon even when you’re not using it, consider restarting your Apple Watch.

Walkie-Talkie icon

Your watch is using the Walkie-Talkie app on your watch. This allows you to contact your friends remotely.

icon, apple, watch

Turn right icon

This icon appears only when your Apple Watch uses a third-party navigation app. It should disappear automatically shortly after you finish navigating.

Microphone icon

The icon is usually visible when you are listening to one or the other function. The list of features includes talking to Siri, recording, handwashing or walkie-talkie.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chinese smart watches compared to the original Apple Watch

Some very questionable pluses include:

  • Inexpensive cost of the gadget.
  • Ability to insert a SIM card and make calls directly from the smart watch.
  • No need to care about the safety of the gadget. it’s not a shame to break or lose it.

There are undoubtedly more disadvantages of such analogues:

  • The body is cheap plastic.
  • Replica is much heavier than the original.
  • Chinese watch straps are made of leatherette unlike the real iWatch.
  • Plastic or silumin clasp. fails quickly.
  • No protection against moisture and dust penetration.
  • The screen simply shows no signs of life, completely ignoring the user’s touch.
  • The lifetime of a blatant fake rarely exceeds 10-12 months.

Apple Watch is the leader in the smartwatch market, as each gadget features a premium level of quality. So even an unsophisticated user can distinguish the fake from the genuine iWatch. When choosing such an accessory, you should not compromise in favor of low cost, because a Chinese replica will bring one disappointment.

Tactile sign pictogram SP11 direction of movement

The icon is not intended to control the gadget and does not act as a physical button. The red dot appears when the watch is first turned on and informs you that you need to turn on your smartphone and pair (connect). The “i” icon is in the upper right part of the display and shifts to the lower corner during pairing.

The devices are synchronized automatically, but if there’s a failure, you can pair them manually. That’s what this icon is for. It is also involved in disconnecting the connection if the device is near the smartphone.

  • Wipe data from the Apple Watch.
  • Set up your new iPhone and log in to iCloud.
  • Open the Apple Watch app on the new iPhone and pair the watch with the new iPhone.
  • Try to restore from a backup.

In the absence of an iPhone and the ability to unpair, you can erase content and settings on the Apple Watch as follows:

  • On the Apple Watch, select Settings, Basic, Reset, and Erase Content and Settings.
  • For GPS Cellular models, you can save or delete your cellular data plan.