Where is the qr code on the phone

How to scan a QR code on Android

In case of using the outdated models of mobile devices, it is impossible to scan by standard means. However, third-party utilities that can be downloaded from Google Play will come to the rescue.

Just open the app store and enter “QR Scanner” in the search box. then among results to find the suitable program for barcode scanning. You can download QR reader based on the reviews of those who have used this software.

Scanner of QR and bar codes

This is a program for mobile devices that allows you to read barcodes and QR codes easily. In addition to decoding information, the option of creating a link in encrypted form is available in the application.

The QR code generator allows you to encrypt a URL, location, contact or other information. Depending on the type of code needed, the application will ask for permission to the camera, internal storage, geo-positioning.

code, phone

The program also saves the history of scans and supports filters.

In the process of appliance of the utility the user will need to launch the scanner and to read the code with the help of camera. After what an automatic recognition of QR will happen.

If there’s a link in the code, the user can get to the site using a special button. If there’s only text encoded, it appears on the screen immediately.

Free scanner of QR codes

The application that allows scanning barcodes and QR codes in seconds. It also performs the function of a flashlight, has a history of readings and a section of favorites.

The software is quite easy in use. it is enough to direct the lens to the scanned square and the code will be instantly scanned. In addition, the application allows you to scan QR from the gallery and create your own links, text or location coordinates encrypted as squares.

How to Read QR Codes with your Android Phone easily

QR Scanner

Third-party application designed to decode QR codes. To use the scanner, you need to run the downloaded program and start scanning by pointing the camera to a square.

Algorithm of actions to work with this application:

  • After installation, click on the “Start” button.
  • Grant permission by clicking on “Allow”.
  • Click on the “BrowseWebsite” to go to the decoded link. To copy. use the button “CopyLink”.

There is also a section with the history of the scanned codes in this addition. To view it, use the tab with the image of the clock.

Lightning QR Scanner Barcode

It is a free program that will not take much memory on your phone. The reading of codes with its help is performed quickly enough. In order to start using this application, you will need to find it by name in Play Market.

The order of work with the scanner includes the following steps:

  • Launch the downloaded program.
  • Give permission to access the camera, which will allow you to read QR codes.
  • Aim lens at encoded link.
  • Using the appeared buttons you can copy the link or go to the website.

QR Code Scanner, Reader and Generator

Another tool for fast scanning and generating quarry codes. The program can be downloaded for free by downloading the installation file. This software is compatible with Android and has an English-language interface.

To form a QR code different types of characters are suitable. links, contacts, images, text, phone number and geometric. The result can be saved in a gallery without Internet on Android, and you can view the history of scans.

To decode the information it is enough to bring the camera to show the encrypted content.

QR Droid Code Scanner

The following software is also designed for generation and recognition of codes. The tool with Russian language interface, worked out for Android, gives the possibility to read the information on any object, where the square with QR.

One of the benefits of the app is the ability to quickly scan stock and coupon barcodes, tabular data, media files. Not only the camera can be used for reading, but also the cipher image file.

In addition the user can encode useful information in the QR code format.

Neoreader QR barcode scanner

Free software for scanning one- and two-dimensional codes. Also allows you to generate your own QR to social networks, SMS or email.

The utility supports front and rear camera, saves the history of viewed links. It is not necessary to crop and align the image in order to recognize the information. It is enough to point the camera to the object and confirm your desire to visit the site indicated in it.

With Google Lens

In order to scan a QR code, it is necessary to click the corresponding icon in the interface of the Camera application. As the result a window with the image of scanner will appear. Then you should point the camera to the necessary code and a clickable link will appear.

However, the built-in scanning feature may be missing on Android. In this case the installed application Google Lens will help you to decode the code. After you click on the brand icon in the camera’s interface, you will be redirected to the specified link.

Android for Dummies What is a QR Code?

In reviews of Android applications.MR (and on many other similarly themed websites) you might have noticed a black and white two-dimensional barcode picture like the one below. This is called a QR code. And that’s what we’ll talk about in this article.


Firstly let’s remember what a barcode is, why it is needed and how exactly it appeared.

At first, several other marking options were tried, such as ultraviolet inked tags and others. But, for a variety of reasons, all of these ideas were not very viable. The idea for the barcode itself came to Joseph Woodland almost by accident. Sitting on the beach, he wrote a word in the sand, using Morse code, and then simply prolonged the dots and dashes downward, turning them into narrow and wide lines.

In 1951, Bernard Silver and Joseph Woodland showed their invention to IBM, but they felt that it would require too much sophisticated equipment to implement. At that time, it was really ahead of its time; laser scanners did not yet exist and reading barcodes was a challenge. In fact, Joseph and Silver’s idea was more than a decade ahead of its time.

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The bar codes were not first demonstrated to the public until 1971 (when they were not straight lines but circles), and the first commercial barcode format (UPC or Universal Product Code) was developed in 1972.

Despite the fact that since then the formats of linear barcodes have repeatedly changed and improved, they still have one major drawback. a small amount of stored information. It was to overcome this drawback and were developed two-dimensional bar codes. In particular the QR code.

The QR code was developed by the Denso-Wave company in 1994 in Japan. Their fate is very similar to the fate of the linear barcode. the idea was interesting, but all was limited by the scanning methods. It is possible that it was used almost at once somewhere in production, but it became widely known among common people much later.

In Japan QR codes have become widespread in the early 2000s. By this time, they could be found almost anywhere: on advertising posters, product packaging, handbooks, business cards and many other places. But in the rest of the world the QR codes boom happened much later. approximately at the time when there appeared modern smartphones on Android and iOS, allowing easily and simply search, download and install additional programs. Including barcode scanners. According to the survey conducted in Russia in 2012 by J’sonPartners Consulting company, one third of respondents knew what QR codes are and how to use them. I suspect that now there are twice as many of these people.

The name “QR Code” itself is an officially registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated. Nevertheless its usage is free of charge both for individuals and legal entities and doesn’t fall under any licenses.

Reading QR codes

The main advantage of any barcode is the maximum ease of use. The QR code is not an exception to this rule. All what is required from a user is to click on the icon of the scanning program and to point the smartphone camera to the image of the code. The smartphone will do the rest.

On some smartphones the scanner software is initially installed. Owners of other devices can easily find and download similar programs on Google Play. I will cite the Barcode Scanner application as an example.

A screenshot of the main application window is shown below. As soon as you point your smartphone camera to the image of the code, it will be automatically scanned and decoded. In most cases, it will be a link to a site or an internet resource. For example, Google Play store. In order not to enter it manually, you can simply click on the button “Open Browser” in the left bottom corner of the application screen. Thus, after you have read the review of the application for Android.MR, you will be able to install it on your smartphone literally in one click, just by scanning the QR code from the monitor.

Creating QR codes

To create a QR code by yourself is not much more difficult. The easiest variant is to do it with the help of the same application Barcode Scanner. To do this, you need to click on the “Share” button, which is located at the top of the screen. And then either enter the text that you want to encrypt, or press “Application”, “Bookmark”, “Contact” or “Clipboard” button, so you can use the installed application, browser bookmark, contact from your phonebook or a pre-copied text.

As a result at the display of your smartphone there will appear a QR code, which your interlocutor will be able to scan using his smartphone. This way you can quickly exchange the required data, which is much easier and more convenient than entering a long link or manually entering contact data into your smartphone.

over, it is possible to use for these purposes any of a great variety of web-sites, which allow generating QR codes. For instance. Qrcc.ru. It is possible to specify not only QR code type (link, business card, code for Wi-Fi connection, Google Maps coordinates, etc.), but also to show the whole range of symbols on it.), but also to choose its color, additional icon and size.

How to use a qr code on Android

What is a QR code, how to use it and what it is for? Surely every user of a modern smartphone or tablet has asked himself these questions, having seen incomprehensible symbols on a square image. Let’s start with what a QR code is. This is one of the varieties of coding, which can be compared with the more famous barcode. The difference and advantage of QR codes is that absolutely any information can be encoded with them. And it is possible to put an image of the code in any place it is perfectly readable both after printing it on any surface and from the monitor or TV screen. It can be said that Quick Response is the same barcode, but it is two-dimensional.

The practical application of 2D QR code is much wider and more diverse in comparison with a bar code. This technology allows you to encode in a small figure of a code image not only data about a product, but also information about an Internet resource, about artwork, cities, applications. You can create a QR code referring to your personal blog or an account in a social network.

What to do with the code? Everything is simple. Let’s imagine that you have got interested in some goods in a store. To get all the information about it, you just need to scan the code with your smartphone camera, running the appropriate program. As a result, you will automatically be redirected to the site of the manufacturer of this product, where you can study all the data about the product.

QR codes are widely used in the tourist sphere in order to get all the information on any object, whether it is an architectural monument or a work of art, it is enough to scan the code with your smartphone. It allows rejecting the services of guides and planning the route at own discretion and staying at interesting places as long as it is necessary.

Advertising agencies also appreciate the advantage of modern coding technology. Link in the form of code to the site to order the product in the promotional article allows the buyer to quickly and conveniently place an order. You can also redirect the reader to the site of a new game, gadget, etc.д., depending on what the review is about.

In order to scan and read the information from the QR code on the Android device, it is necessary to pre-install the appropriate application in its memory. Such programs do not require large volume of memory and work on the most low-powered devices. The principle of work of any application comes to scanning and decoding a code, displaying the received result on the screen of the gadget.

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In order to read (scan) a QR code, it is necessary:

To run the pre-installed on the device application;

Point the camera lens at the image of the code;

Depending on the application, scanning will occur automatically or after pressing the corresponding button activating the scanner;

code, phone

The data that has been encrypted in the code will appear on the screen of your device.

Asking the question how to use a QR code on your Android device, you may want to know how it can be performed yourself. We mentioned above that it is possible to encrypt your account, blog, photo and in general practically any information in a code. The received code can be put on any medium, business card, T-shirt, mug, etc.д. This will allow anyone to read it using their smartphone or tablet.

Note that creating a code is more complicated than reading it. You will need a code generator for this purpose. There are similar services on the Internet. The most common and popular qrcoder.ru. It is easy to use, you only need to follow a step-by-step instruction. In the end you will get a ready matrix image, which you can download, print or just leave a link to. This code can be scanned later with your smartphone or tablet and shared with other users.

Applications for reading QR codes

Let’s consider the most popular applications for reading QR codes, which you can download from the official marketplace for Android devices Google Play. There are many similar programs, and you can stop at any of them. We will review three of the most downloaded ones.

Fast QR code reader with almost instant response. Works with all Android devices (starts with Android 4 and up).0 and higher). No need for additional permissions, good for users who worry about the security of data stored on their device. The app only needs permission to use the smartphone’s camera module.

One of the best choices in this category. Accurate and fast scanning, sure to read the code from any surface. The app also lets you create codes and share them with friends and acquaintances.

Using the functionality of the program, you can get a QR code of your email address, any application, phone number or contact from your address book, a link to an interesting page on the Internet. Supported the possibility of transmitting the received image code via messenger WhatsApp or in social networks Gmail, etc.д. It is also possible to send a code by email or SMS.

After scanning the code, the app will open the website you need or show you the information you want. For sure many people will find it useful, as the program saves the history of scans and the created QR codes.

The application Barcode Scanner also has a functional, which is similar to the previous program reading codes with encoded data on goods, internet resource, contact information, etc.д.

The application works quickly, no additional settings are required. The functionality also allows you to create a QR code with any information and send it to your friends and acquaintances.

How to choose an inexpensive modern smartphone for scanning QR codes

If you have become interested in the possibility of creating and using QR codes, but have no budget to purchase a powerful smartphone from a famous manufacturer, you do not need to give up this idea. Nowadays at the market there are powerful and affordable devices from young and perspective brands. This allows you to make an excellent choice even if you have a limited budget to buy.

We recommend to pay attention to the line of smartphones from the British company Wileyfox. This brand appeared on the market in October 2015. The first models attracted the attention of buyers and experts. Today, each smartphone with a cute little fox face on the back (the company’s logo) is sure to find its user. High demand and trust are due to the advantages that all the company’s devices have. Powerful hardware, high quality build and attractive modern design is not all you get when you buy a gadget from Wileyfox. Each model supports dual SIM cards and 4G LTE networks. these are the features and capabilities that are most in demand among users today.

A short review of the smartphone Wileyfox Spark will be a vivid proof that today at the market there are powerful modern and affordable devices. High performance is provided by a powerful 4-core MediaTek processor. The device has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, the work with microSDXC memory cards up to 64 GB is supported.

The device is equipped with a high-quality 13-megapixel camera, which will provide not only a stable scanning of QR codes, but also will allow you to take excellent pictures, which you can later view on a 5-inch HD IPS screen. Thanks to 4G network support, you can send photos or videos to your friends or share them in social networks at any moment.


Now you know what a QR code is, how to use Android devices for scanning it and even how to create it by yourself. Besides you have got acquainted with the products of a young promising brand, whose smartphones are becoming more and more popular on the Russian market.

How to use QR code on Android and what it is?

In today’s world, a special barcode containing encoded information is becoming increasingly popular. This barcode is called QR code (quick response). This matrix or two-dimensional code was created by the Denso-Wave company (Japan) in 1994. if to bring a special scanner to such barcode, it will be possible to get a certain information, which will be displayed at the computer screen. For example, this way is used to encode Internet addresses, e-mail names, contact information and geo-coding, SMS and various texts, as well as phone numbers.

Devices based on the Android operating system can read information from such codes with the help of the programs “QR Droid” and “QR Barcode Scanner”.

With the help of simple example it is possible to show the way of reading a QR code on the smartphone ZTE V880H with Android 4 system.2.1 Jelly Bean using “QR Barcode Scanner” software.

In order to read a QR code by the mobile device it is necessary to perform a certain range of actions:

1) At first it is necessary to download on our website (in this case it is “QR Barcode Scanner”), install it on your mobile device and run it by going to “Menu” and finding there an icon with the corresponding name: “QR Barcode Scanner”.

2) After opening the item with the program name, it will be possible to get to its main menu in English.

3) After that it is necessary to click on the very first item called “Scan Barcode” and point the lens of the camera to the barcode itself.

4) After these actions at the display of the device will be available the information from the QR code, which will be possible to read in the language in which it was encoded.

So, the operation of barcode scanning is rather simple and necessary nowadays, t.к. many producers have started to use such QR codes for giving out additional information, which can be available only for the owners of special devices, in this case smartphones on the Android platform. How to use QR code on Android and what it is?

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Is there a built-in scanner in Android 7 and 8?

There are two ways of using the scanner functions in Android 7 or 8.

Google Screen Search is an underestimated function, you rarely use it and you should. To use it to read codes,

  • Point your camera at the qr image
  • Hold down the Home button and tap “What’s on my screen”
  • A link to the product encrypted in the code will appear.

Google Lens app

This utility works with Android 6.7 and higher. It only makes sense to install it separately until version 9, where Google Lens is already installed.

  • Download Google Lens and install it on your phone
  • Launch the app and scan the code.

Using third-party qr-scanners.

There are many third-party apps that allow you to read and process graphical code. Among them we would like to mention:

The process of QR code scanning on Android: a manual “for dummies

Let’s work out together how to scan a QR code and what tools are needed for this. A step-by-step instruction will help us in solving the question:

  • The device (tablet or smartphone) running Android must have access to the Internet. one of the conditions for working with software. You can use Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot for connection. Connection to the Internet is necessary for installing the application-scanner.
  • Then there are two options:
  • Download and install the scanner application on an unverified site, given by a search engine query. In this case there is a possibility of getting a “non-working” program or infect your device with a virus;
  • Install Play Market on your device (in the latest versions of Android OS the application is pre-installed initially) and safely download the necessary software from there.
  • Launch Play Market and type in the search box: “qr code scanner”. As it is seen at the top of the image, the search system gives out many different programs and applications by this request.
  • To install, select the application you like and press the “install” button. The program will be automatically downloaded to your mobile device and installed. For example, take Barcode Scanner.
  • So, the scanner is downloaded from Play Market and installed on your mobile device. Now click on the “icon” of the program (it will appear immediately after installation) and run it.
  • The “scanner” will ask for access to the camera. Click on “Allow”. Here we go. you can start “scanning”.
  • Now scan the QR code. To do this, aim the camera of your mobile device at the image so that it is in the center of a rectangular window of the program. It is necessary to fix the camera in this position literally for 2-5 seconds, so the application will be able to “scan” the code.
  • After the code is “scanned”, after some time (about 30 seconds) the program will decode and output the information that is encrypted in the picture, in the form of a text caption or an active link in the center of the screen. A characteristic sound signal will inform about the fact that the decoding is finished. “Beep”, if this function is not disabled in the settings of the application.

Additional information. It is also possible to scan and recognize a QR code from a file with an image of the code, which is stored in the mobile device. To do this in the menu of the application it is necessary to select the function: “decode from picture”. Having clicked on the menu item, you will get access to the gallery with picture files. There, choose an image with a QR code picture. The program scans and recognizes it from the picture. This function is useful when the picture with the code was sent from another device and it is necessary to read the information contained in it.

Advice: in order a QR code is recognized and the information in it is decoded, the image of a “square” must be clear, not blurred and be taken close-up.

What is a QR code and what have they invented it for

Such a phenomenon, as a QR code, has appeared in Japan for the first time. It was originally created for the needs of the automotive industry, but later found its application in other areas of human activity.

A QR code is a bar code that can contain various information, including a description of the product/service in the form of text, a link to the website, the coordinates of the store location, contact information, details for payment and much more.

Modern smartphones can easily read QR-code information with the help of device camera and special programs.

How to create and read QR-codes (barcodes) on Android (and how to pay by QR-code from your phone)

Good time!

I think many people have seen many black squares with a mosaic of black and white dots inside them (like the one on the left in my preview picture). Such things are called QR-codes (or in Russian: barcodes). #x1f440;

They allow to encode some information inside them, for example, the account details and the sum of money, which should be transferred to it (so often do banks and different financial organizations).

I should note that in principle there is nothing that prevents you from creating such barcodes yourself and encoding any information into them: links, messages, text, etc.

Imagine that instead of manually typing in a 20-digit invoice number, typing in the amount, remarks on the transfer (and so on), you will be able to use a QR code. information), you can bring your phone camera to the barcode and everything will be filled in automatically! Saving time on your face!

In general, in this article I will consider the most popular questions concerning QR codes, in particular their creation, reading and payment of bills. I think many users will find it very useful.

What is a QR code and how it works

“QR” code is a black square with various lines and squiggles inside. The principle of its work is quite simple. Any information is encrypted into a black square using special blocks.

To read a code it is enough just to point the camera to it, having previously installed a special application. It is important not to forget to turn on the Internet connection, otherwise nothing will happen. After that a link will appear on the screen and by clicking on it you will get access to the information encrypted in the square. Let’s take a look at 5 ways, how quickly and easily it is possible to recognize a QR code.