Where to find iPhone. How to remotely monitor your iPhone?

How to view all the files on your iPhone?

Files stored locally are in the “On [device]” folder in the Places screen. To save files directly to your iPad, simply drag and drop them into the “On iPad” folder. To save a file locally on your iPhone or iPod touch, follow these steps.

Open the Photos app. On the menu bar, select “View” “Show hidden photo album. In the sidebar, select “Hidden.”. Choose the photo or video you want to display.

How to Find Your iPhone Through Locator?

On your iPhone, open “Settings” [your name] “Locator. When prompted to sign in to your account, enter your Apple ID. If you don’t have an Apple ID, tap “No Apple ID or forgot it?” and follow the instructions. Tap “Find iPhone,” then turn on the “Find iPhone” option.

To find your device, sign in to the iCloud page.com/find. You can also use the Locator app on another Apple device you own. If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch does not appear in the device list, it means that Locator has not been enabled on it.

How to locate a person by his phone number without his consent?

This is Beacon service, which is available on children’s tariffs (Ring-Ding, Smeshariki etc.). п.). Dial on your cell phone the command 141 # and add the child’s cell phone number. You’ll be able to find out its location without consent at any time.

  • Go to the iCloud site from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.com.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Tap on Find iPhone application.
  • In the lower right corner, select the Hybrid option, in case the Apple maps in your area are not yet detailed.
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How to know if NFC works on iPhone?

After you’ve finished tethering the card, check NFC. To do this, go to the iPhone settings. Go to the wireless network settings. Find Near Field Communication in the list and make sure the technology is turned on.

Tutorial: How to make an NFC tag bank card for iOS commands

  • Opening the Commands app on the iPhone
  • Go to the Automation section (it’s at the bottom)
  • Create New Automation. Create an automation for yourself
  • At the bottom of the list that opens, click on NFC.
  • Click on the Scan button in front of Tag NFC.

Which browser is better for Android TV?

Choosing the most convenient and stylish browser for Android-based set-top box (Android TV box)

  • Google Chrome. The above browser can be safely called the most popular mobile browser in the world
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Yandex.
  • Opera
  • UC Browser
  • Dolphin
  • Puffin
  • Ghostery Browser.

How to view files on your iPhone saved via Bluetooth

It all depends on what type of file was received and where. When data is transferred from another device via AirDrop, the user can choose what to do with it: if it is an unknown format for iOS (stock software does not work with it), download the desired application in the AppStore, or open it in the “View” in the “Files.


In the latter case, the iPhone will immediately offer to decide which folder to put the received document in. Find the place and memorize it, otherwise you will have to use the search later.

If the document is familiar to the system (photo, video, text), it will appear in your media library or in the appropriate program: e.g., Pages, Keynote.

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Music transferred via AirDrop is not automatically saved in the program with the same name. The system will offer to open it in a third-party archiver, media player, cloud storage, messenger or in the same “Files.

Adding any track to the Apple Music library

✏️ We are told:

I have been using iPhone for only a few years, all this time I am subscribed to Apple Music. Some albums and tracks I need are not there, how can I add them myself??- Valery

There are several ways to add new songs to the iPhone music player. It can be any music, not just tracks that aren’t in Apple Music.

How do I add music to Apple?

The Cupertinians suggest interacting with the Music app on your iPhone via iTunes on your computer.

Run the iTunes app on a Mac or Windows.

Go to the General tab in the system settings and turn on the iCloud Media Library option.

Now go to File-Add to Media Library and specify the tracks you want from your computer.

On the iTunes side menu, look for Newly Added, highlight the track you want, and choose Add to iCloud Media Library in the context menu.

Synchronization will occur in a few minutes and the song will appear in the iCloud library and will be available on all devices with this account.

On iTunes, you can group your tracks into playlists, edit the title, cover art, or add lyrics to a song.

What other options you have for adding music

The above method has several limitations. Adding music through iTunes is long, requires a media library connection, tracks will not go to one connected device, but to all at once.

There is an alternative way to add tracks to Apple Music. The developers of third-party applications have learned how to download tracks from your computer to your iPhone, bypassing iTunes.

The easiest and most convenient solution is WALTR or the second version of WALTR2 utility.

The app is not cheap but has a free trial period.

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That way your tracks will instantly get from your computer to your iPhone without media libraries, iCloud, or syncing.

Choose the right way and use.

Where to see if the iPhone is disconnected from the owner


After examining your iPhone for hardware failures and deciding “you have to take it”, MUST ask the owner to do a few simple things:

  • Open Settings. iTunes Store and log out of your account.
  • Open Settings. App Store and log out of your account.
  • To do the same in Settings. iCloud.
  • In the same menu, ask to turn off Find iPhone.
  • Ask to perform a full reset of your smartphone.

Bring your smartphone with you to the meeting with a stable internet connection. It will help determine if the iPhone is tethered to a specific owner.

A few years ago it wasn’t so easy to check your tethering, but now Apple has launched its own verification service.

Open this page (iCloud site.com, at the bottom of the page check activation lock status).

Enter the serial number and IMEI of your device (it is indicated on the box, on the case of the smartphone, in the Settings. Basic. About device. it must match everywhere) in the appropriate fields and click Check.


Once you’ve inspected your iPhone for hardware damage and decided “you need to take it,” MUST ask the owner to perform a few simple steps: Open Settings. iTunes Store and log out of your account. Open Settings. App Store and log out of your account. Do the same at Settings. iCloud. In the same menu, ask to turn off Find iPhone.