Which iPhone is better than the XR or the 11

iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR camera

With the Apple A13 Bionic and a single 12-megapixel camera with OIS support, the Apple iPhone SE 2020 is able to deliver truly outstanding photo results for a 399 device. Thanks to the Apple A13 chip, the iPhone SE can capture photos with great dynamics thanks to Smart HDR.

Another rather important difference is the ultra-wide-angle camera on the iPhone 11, which cannot be emulated on either the iPhone SE or the iPhone XR. Here’s a comparison showing how much more you can fit in a frame with the optional iPhone 11 camera.

Computational photography is the main strength of the iPhone SE, and because of this you can even shoot portraits despite a single camera. Nevertheless, expect artifacts with object separation. Despite this, portraits are generally good.

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However, when the lights go out, the iPhone SE can’t hold a candle to the iPhone 11, which has a special night mode. Low-light shots coming from the iPhone SE are okay, but there’s often noise and artifacts that don’t sit well compared to the Night 11 mastery of the iPhone 11.

In terms of selfies skills, all iPhones generally perform the same. You can expect pretty detailed selfies with decent colors and dynamic range. Good enough!

iPhone SE 2020 vs. iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR video recording

Despite its modest appearance, the iPhone SE is a very powerful video amplifier, especially in its price range. Video stabilization, dynamic range, detail, no 4K video capture time limits, fast and reliable autofocus, and, importantly, powerful iOS apps that allow you to shoot RAW video for true enthusiasts, make this tiny iPhone the best budget camera you can buy.

The same is true for iPhone 11. It supports all the gizmos on the iPhone SE and raises the bar with its ultra-wide-angle video recording capabilities, which make it a bit more versatile.

iPhone 12. The most balanced iPhone to date

Read our review of the iPhone 12

Last year’s more affordable iPhone 12 lineup was virtually indistinguishable from the flagship iPhone 12 Pro. So far, the gadgets are extremely close in terms of features, with the price differing significantly in favor of the regular twelve.

There’s nothing to scold the device for, we managed to find such flaws:

▷ there are none, even if you really pick on it.

But it packs a serious punch.

A new design with sharp edges.

▶ The A14 Bionic processor gives you all the power you need for even the most demanding games. You won’t want to think about upgrading for a long time.

▶ The 6.1″ display has Super Retina XDR technology. The iPhone 13 generation surpasses this screen in peak brightness alone.

▶ The cost is lower than the entire current lineup.

Who it’s right for: an ideal buy for newcomers to Apple’s ecosystem, as well as for anyone who owns the iPhone X/XR/11, or any old design.

What’s the best iPhone to buy in 2022?

The iPhone is considered the most popular smartphone in the world. The device runs on iOS, one of the most reliable operating systems. The device is controlled via a touch screen with touch and voice commands. Apple is very proud of its Retina XDR and Super Retina XDR screens. They make it possible to have incredible color accuracy, contrast, high brightness and an expanded color gamut like in the movies. The advanced color management system in these screens performs precise calibration, so the image comes out bright and natural. Black tones on the Retina XDR and Super Retina XDR are truly deep, whites are crisp and bright, and photos are wonderfully realistic.

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Like all smartphones, iPhone has a number of standard features: you can make and receive calls, send and receive SMS and messages, access the Internet, take notes, use voicemail, and view videos, listen to music, take pictures and video clips, use a variety of applications.

Like many devices, the iPhone has never been a perfect gadget. Every generation of these devices has had both pluses and minuses. Every year Apple releases a new “iPhone” model and updates iOS versions, adding new features and expanding the capabilities of the device. However, it is not always the case that the new model is superior to the previous one in every way. The Komsomolskaya Pravda editorial board examined information about all of the iPhone models currently on the market and compiled its own rating of these phones.

Between the iPhone SE for 40 thousand and iPhone XR for 49 thousand I have a choice

iPhone XR. But only if you compare head-to-head.

Everything about the new iPhone SE pleases. The arguments of the dissatisfied now reminds me of how they berated the first SE in 2016 right after the announcement. How it ended, we know: incomparable love of the people. So I’m sure this device has a successful, long life on the market.

But today I have a question that does not give peace for the fourth hour.

The iPhone XR is still on sale in Russia. The price difference with the new iPhone SE is not very big: 10 thousand. And compared to it, the XR has a lot of advantages, and substantial ones.

over, the XR itself is a modern standard iPhone, while the SE is a bit of the same seven, if not the iPhone 6

iPhone XR has Face ID: sounds like a definite plus to me. I haven’t wanted a button since I first picked up the iPhone X.

No unnecessary movements, presses. Just looked and unlocked the screen. Sensor, no wiping your fingers. Calls are muffled, notifications come more quietly, screen fades slower when you monitor notifications.

There’s so much more to Face ID in iOS, you don’t want to go back to Touch ID. I’m the only one?

iPhone XR has a display that almost covers the entire body: more area you see more information on the screen.

The cutout screen still bothers some people, but most are used to it. In landscape mode, you can reduce video so that the notch is invisible. And in portrait mode, it doesn’t get in the way because it fits in the status bar.

You can fool around with the notch in Face ID so it doesn’t get in the way, but the SE 2020 has no such options. Inactive areas at the bottom and top will remain a reminder of the design of smartphones from five years ago.

iPhone XR has a very cheerful battery: in all tests, it holds at least one and a half times that of the iPhone 8. And the iPhone SE 2020, according to Apple’s claims, works as well as the eight.

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The iPhone 8 has had a lot of complaints about battery life in its time, as has the iPhone 7. Many even took the Plus, just so the battery would last from morning to night.

I hope that the new SE’s runtime tests will show its superiority over the iPhone 8. Still, the processor and power savings are different, Apple might have changed something. But if not, then 9 hours of operation will be the limit of owners’ dreams, and it is not OK.

How analysts make their predictions

I’ve already said that modern presentations turned into something completely uninteresting and meaningless. The reason for this is our own curiosity on which the manufacturers began to leak information that we take for accidental leaks. An example would be Ming Chi Kuo, who is almost never wrong in his predictions. Isn’t that a little strange? Especially since we only check his words about the new models, but not the sales forecasts of the devices. This must be dealt with separately.

Remember the movie “Darkness Fields” where Brandon Cooper’s character swallowed a pill and suddenly became smarter? There was another character who dramatically “stepped up” and was always a few steps ahead. I don’t think some analysts who are never wrong have found these tablets. It’s more like they just get information about new devices. That said, absolutely not from the underground, but from people close to the top. And it doesn’t happen by accident, it’s planned.

It would all be nice if it weren’t so sad. In the end, those who don’t want spoilers just can’t hide from them. Why is it that those who want to know the details beforehand, when they start watching a new series, don’t climb right into the fifth season after the first? Life is also kind of a soap opera. And if a new iPhone is supposed to appear at the beginning of the ninth of the twelve episodes of each season, it’s just worth the wait.

iPhone XR vs iPhone 11. Which Should You Choose?

I digressed a little, and at the same time retold the essence of the article, which I wrote a little earlier. Now on to the main thing.


Last year’s XR settled for a single-camera main camera. The 12MP camera has a wide-angle module and f/1.8. In addition, the iPhone XR has excellent optical stabilization, which helps a lot when recording videos in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

In 2019, the younger iPhone got a dual-camera module, with each sensor having a resolution of 12 megapixels. The first has a wide-angle lens, the second. 120-degree ultra-wide-angle with f/1 aperture.8 and f/2.4 respectively.The smartphone has an advanced night shooting mode. Both cameras can write video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. The front-facing camera is now also 12MP and can shoot video in slo-mo.


In terms of performance, last year’s XR was not inferior to its “big brothers”. The model’s processor was the six-core Apple A12 Bionic, made according to the 7-nm process technology. For graphics were responsible quad-core graphics gas pedal with support for Metal 2. In general, the power of this solution will suffice for a few years, not to feel the lags and lags, for example, in new games.

The processor of the junior iPhone is the Apple A13 Bionic. It focuses on machine learning and neural networks. A separate controller that will distribute computing power. As the developers promise, the energy efficiency has increased dramatically, with a 20% increase in performance. Well, of course, at the presentation again said that this is the most powerful mobile in the history of the company.

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To date, last year’s “budget iPhone” in Russia is very expensive. The initial version with 64 GB (such a drive is very little now) is offered on the official website at a price of 49,999 thousand rubles. RUB. 128 GB is estimated at 70 thousand rubles. RUB, and 256GB. 79 thousand. rubles. Not cheap, but if you look, you can find price tags 5-10% lower.

In the U.S., the base version will go on sale from September 20 at a price of 699 (45.6 thousand. rubles). In Russia, the base “junior” will cost already 59.9 thousand. RUB, 128GB. 64.9 thousand. The iPhone XR and the full version will cost 74,000. rubles.

Comparison of iPhone XR and iPhone 11: which is better?

Why you need a detailed comparison of iPhone 11 and XR. easy to understand. This format helps you to accurately identify the benefits of each model, determine the extent to which the features presented suit your requirements, capabilities and lifestyle, and make a final decision about purchasing the new iPhone. By visiting our representative offices in Nizhny Novgorod you can make the task easier by seeing with your own eyes what a particular model looks like.

Comparison of iPhone XR and iPhone 11 cameras

Photo with Deep Fusion on the iPhone 11

Both pictures from this pair look quite high quality. Color reproduction, detail, contrast. all at a high level. Nevertheless, the superiority of iPhone 11 is visible even to the naked eye. You can especially see the Deep Fusion working when looking at the top of the building. The brickwork separation looks a lot clearer, and when you zoom in you can see the pattern on the decorative column in the middle even more clearly. In short, here iPhone 11 and software algorithms post-processing proved to be better than the iPhone XR.

The iPhone 11 was behind the iPhone XR in photo quality

The iPhone XR even without Deep Fusion captures better than iPhone 11

And on the second pair, taken without Deep Fusion, I liked the performance of the iPhone XR better. Looking at the grills in the picture taken with the iPhone 11 camera gives the impression of some noise, and if you shift your gaze to the floor tiles or the ceiling it seems that the iPhone 11 is not as detailed as the iPhone XR. It turns out that without artificial post-processing, the camera of the new model is not so perfect.

What’s the difference between iPhone 11 and iPhone XR

The second new product introduced at Apple’s fall presentation was the iPhone 11, which is a direct successor to the iPhone XR.

The models are indeed very similar and will exist on the market at the same time. Recall that the iPhone XS and XS Max are off the shelves of Apple, and will be sold off until the end of the remnants from resellers.

On Apple’s official website, the price difference between last year’s model and the new one is 10k. rubles. Now let’s break down what a buyer can get by paying that extra amount or doing an iPhone trade-in.