Which iPhone x or XR is better

iPhone 11 or iPhone 12: what to choose in 2021?

Judging by the fact that at the beginning of the year, and perhaps even now, the best-selling smartphone in the world was iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 did not rise above the fifth place in these lists, it is elementary to choose the best of them. Characteristically, the iPhone 11 leads (or was leading) on this list against all odds: it does not support 5G, and its display was hopelessly outdated when the iPhone 11 was first shown to the public. And yet, there’s clearly something to this model. you don’t become world champions by accident. Just the reasons why the iPhone 11 sells better than the iPhone 12, to the answer to the question of what to choose? has nothing to do with.

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Each of them, both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice is complicated by the fact that in real life, both models handle flawlessly everything a smartphone should handle these days. If you’re looking for something cheaper, you’re more likely to go with the iPhone SE 2 or some reconditioned iPhone from previous generations.

If you’re looking for the most tricked out and perfect smartphone, and the price doesn’t really matter, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are definitely not for you. You want the iPhone 12 Pro or the iPhone 12 Pro Max. an expensive, prestigious, advanced and yet perfectly balanced smartphone. If you’ve realized that you want the iPhone 11 or 12, depending on your preferences and tastes, either the former or the latter will work for you. To understand which is which, let’s break down where they are the same, where they differ the most, and where there is a difference between them, but almost imperceptible.

In contrast to the photo taken with the iPhone X. And the photo processing looks better on the XR: the camera has removed unnecessary redness of the skin, adding a little healthy warmth to the face. If you consider this photo just as a picture, then of course the iPhone XR wins: more detail, no unnecessary colors.

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For example, it is the last Apple device with ips-matrix, so if your eyes are sensitive to shime, the choice is obvious in 2021 is the iPhone 11. It is still quite productive, Apple A13 Bionic, 4 gigabytes of RAM such a solution will be enough for many years to come.

Which model has a better camera??

Here, too, the winner is determined at a moment’s notice. And this is the iPhone XS with a 12 MP dual camera (wide-angle lens with f/1.8 telephoto lens with f/2.4). Photos are richer, better (well, they look brighter on the OLED display).

The XR has a single. But it’s very high-quality, with optical image stabilization and a wide-angle lens with f/1.8, and with a portrait mode previously only available on Apple smartphones with dual cameras. True, this mode is somewhat cut compared to the XS. the XR camera can only recognize people and has only three studio lighting effects compared to the five of the XS.

iPhone X vs XR! Which Should you buy in 2021?

Both XR and XS can shoot 4K video at 60fps. But the XR has only 3x digital zoom, while the XS has 6x digital and 2x optical.

As for the front cameras, they are exactly the same. 7 MP and support Face ID face recognition.

❷ iPhone 11 is 7.3 mm longer than iPhone X, 4.8 mm wider, 0.5 mm thicker and 20 g heavier. But it has a greater variety of colors. in addition to black and white, there are red, yellow, green and purple. ❸ iPhone 11 is up to 30% faster and up to 50% more battery life than iPhone X. It also has more RAM.

iPhone XR is significantly larger than iPhone 8. This is due to the fact that the new model has a larger LCD display with a diagonal of 6.1 inches. Despite the display being 1.4 inches bigger, iPhone XR is relatively compact with virtually no bezel.

How to choose the best reliable iPhone in 2021

Naturally, the best iPhone will be the most expensive current top model, however, when choosing the main personal device the buyer should be guided solely by their own needs and matching desires to financial capabilities. It is important to separate the wheat from the chaff and abstract from the functionality, which is likely to be unclaimed, because not everyone needs the power of the latest Apple A14 Bionic processor, and certainly not everyone can tell the difference between photos taken with and without the LiDAR sensor. But at the same time, the presence of additional features significantly affects the cost of the device.

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To make the choice easier, let’s divide all current iPhone models in 2021 into three groups: budget, mid-range and premium.

The difference between iPhone X and XR: a comparison of iPhone 10 and 10r models

Interested in the differences between the iPhone X and XR, because you are choosing a model to buy or just keep track of all the changes in the lineup? We hope that this article will help you to understand this issue and make an informed choice for purchase, especially in our service in Nizhny Novgorod you will find a full range of models at very affordable prices.


Last year’s XR settled for a single-camera main camera module. The 12MP camera has a wide-angle module and a light sensitivity of f/1.8. In addition, the iPhone XR has excellent optical stabilization, which helps a lot when recording videos in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

iPhone X vs iPhone XR. что выбрать?

In 2019, the younger iPhone got a dual-camera module, with each sensor having a resolution of 12 megapixels. The first has a wide-angle lens, the second. 120-degree ultra-wide-angle with an f/1 aperture.8 and f/2.4 respectively.The smartphone has an advanced night shooting mode. Both cameras can write video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. The front-facing camera now also has 12 megapixels and can shoot video in slo-mo.


In terms of performance, last year’s XR was just as good as its big brothers. The processor is a six-core Apple A12 Bionic based on 7nm process technology. A quad-core video gas pedal with support for Metal 2 technology was responsible for the graphics. In general, the power of this solution will suffice for a few years, so you will not feel the lags and lags, for example, in new games.

The processor of the junior iPhone is the Apple A13 Bionic. It focuses on machine learning and neural networks. A separate controller that will distribute computing power. As promised by the developers, energy efficiency has increased dramatically, with a 20% increase in performance. Well, of course, at the presentation again said that this is the most powerful mobile in the history of the company.

To date, last year’s “budget iPhone” in Russia is very expensive. The initial version with 64 GB (such a drive is very little now) is offered on the official website at a price of 49,999 thousand. rubles. 128GB is priced at 70k. rubles, and 256GB. 79 thousand. rubles. Not cheap, but if you look, you can find price tags for 5-10% lower.

In the U.S., the base version will go on sale from September 20 at a price of 699 (45.6 thousand rubles. rubles). In Russia, the base “junior” will cost already 59.9 thousand. RUB, 128GB. 64.9 thousand. rubles, and the maximum version will already cost 74 thousand. rubles.

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Comparison of iPhone XS and iPhone XR cameras

Here the difference is also noticeable. XS got a dual camera (one lens. wide-angle with f/1.8 and one f/2 TV.4).

XR. a single truth, it is the same wide-angle, as in the flagship. The XR will have a portrait mode, which previously appeared only on Apple smartphones with two cameras. Of course, it could not do without limitations. first of all, the module on the XR can only recognize people, and secondly, it only comes with three studio lighting effects (Daylight, Studio Light, Contour Light) against five for the XS (Daylight, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, Stage Light. mono).

Portrait mode with improved bokeh effect and the “Depth” function (the ability to adjust the degree of background blur) is present in both smartphones.

The front cameras of iPhone XR and iPhone XS are completely identical.

iPhone X vs iPhone XR. Which Should You Choose?

The iPhone XR is a few millimeters larger than the XS at 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm and 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm respectively. As for the screen, the XR model is equipped with a 6.1-inch Multi-Touch LCD display, which is wider and taller than the XS. Due to the larger display, this smartphone is 17 grams heavier.

The iPhone XS comes with a Full HD AMOLED matrix, while the iPhone 11 has an IPS panel with HD resolution. Higher pixel density, better color reproduction and, of course, the higher brightness of the iPhone XS display do the trick.