Which memory card is best for a Samsung smartphone

which, memory, card, best, samsung

These memory cards are the best for phones used for modern games. With the function of auto-save to an external drive and high speed interaction, they will allow the mobile always work fast, and the user to play soccer or shooters without hesitation.

Samsung Evo Plus microSDXC 64Gb. with new technology

The memory card features a high-speed bus for data transfer and a new file system from Microsoft, which is compatible with all operating systems of this brand.

Best Samsung Micro SD Card for Different Devices

Data saved on your phone is recognized through your card reader and LINUX as well as your MacBook. Most Android mobiles are free to “see” this file system.

  • comes with an adapter;
  • high-quality Korean case assembly;
  • interesting red and white design;
  • 10 speed class;
  • Read from the drive at a record-breaking 80MB/s;
  • Saving information in memory at 20MB/s.
  • high ;
  • doesn’t work with Windows XP via adapter;
  • when formatted in the system exFat is not detected by some devices, although it is a native format (may have to be corrected to Fat32, which has to be redone by the program itself).

Sony MicroSDXC 64GbUHS-I R90. speed record holder

The drive features a high data reading speed of 90 MB/s, which allows you to play HD quality movies without delays. This greatly saves time when transferring large video files from computer to mobile, or internal transfer from phone memory to an external device.

Such indicators make the card suitable for fans of watching movies on a smartphone with frequent downloading of new ones and deleting of old ones.

  • card reader included, so you can transfer large files to your phone in several ways;
  • assembly in Taiwan;
  • 64GB capacity for simultaneous storage of more than 60 HD quality movies
  • Reliable reputation of the manufacturer;
  • The matte surface of the card will not allow the card to slip out of your hands when removed from the phone;
  • 5 years warranty;
  • U1 speed class, which means 30 MB/sec while writing and 90 MB/sec while reading.
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TRANSCEND microSDXC 64Gb UHS-I U3. for 4K movies

The second name of the card is Ultimate, which implies that there are no similar products on the market of electronics due to the card’s ability to transfer data to the card reader with its standard speed multiplied by 633.

Installing the drive in your computer allows you to quickly transfer 4K movies downloaded by your phone at your leisure, so you can watch them on the big screen later.

  • Stylish black and gold design;
  • The file system, which is recognized by all modern devices;
  • The drive writes at 85 MB/s;
  • Read stored files at 95 MB/s;
  • UHS class 1 high-speed bus.

What do we look for when buying an SD or microSD card? Of course, the storage capacity. how much data the device can hold. But there are many more important characteristics: size, speed class, compatibility with your gadget.

Different devices only work with certain kinds of drives. Standard SD cards fit photo and video cameras, laptops, quadcopters. Smaller microSD cards are used most often in smartphones.

The capacity of modern drives is from 2 to 512 GB. The most powerful SDXC cards can hold 2 terabytes of data. When choosing your capacity rating, you should check in advance what the maximum your gadget can support.

Another important criteria is the speed class. It shows how fast the data will be captured:

  • The lowest speed class. the second (2 MB / sec).
  • For everyday use, a Class 4 or Class 6 is fine.
  • Class 10 cards can store 4K video or RAW photos.
  • Professional photographers and camera operators work with high-speed UHS-I and UHS-II cards.

The choice of memory card depends on the tasks it has to perform. If you are going to create a lot of high-resolution video and photos, go for the speed class. You need the drive to store your applications? Then choose a card with a high capacity from a reputable company.

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SanDisk Vs SamSung Memory Card | Which You Should Buy | What is Read / Write Speed | Unboxing

Choosing a memory card: Format

The first thing to know is what formats they are available in.

  • SD (Secure Digital) cards, size 24 x 32 mm, are used in laptops, cameras, camcorders, game consoles.
  • 11mm x 15mm microSD cards for smartphones, tablets, music players, e-books.

Almost all microSD cards come with an SD card adapter. It increases the size of the miniature memory card. Use an adapter to swap your smartphone card with your camera, for instance. The microSD card with an adapter is the most convenient and economical choice nowadays.

Which memory card is better SanDisk or Samsung?

The manufacturer of the drive is one of the considered criteria in choosing a memory card. Usually users prefer a trusted brand and it is difficult to choose between two reputable companies. In this article you’ll learn which memory card is better. SanDisk or Samsung, what the difference in the range of cards manufactured by SanDisk and how to choose the right drive.

Memory card from what company is better to choose? It’s better to buy memory cards from famous manufacturers: they are more reliable and faster than the Chinese no-name mass-produced cards. We would recommend products by SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Samsung, Sony.

SD card leader: the best tested memory cards

  • SanDisk SDXC Extreme PRO 512GB (SDSDXPA-512G-G46)
  • SanDisk SDXC Extreme PRO 256GB (SDSDXPA-256G-G46)
  • Kingston SDHC UHS-I U3 32GB (SDA3/32GB)
  • Samsung SDXC PRO 64GB (MB-SG64D)
  • Transcend SDHC Ultimate 32GB (TS32GSDU3X)
  • Kingston SDXC UHS-I U3 64GB (SDA3/64GB)

Ideally the microSD card for your cell phone should be a class 10 U1. You’ll need to get something with a video speed class if you plan to shoot high quality video. The letter V followed by a number usually indicates the video speed class of the microSD card. So the V30 card will support a minimum write speed of 30Mbps.

But did you know that you can safely use a 128GB card on your smartphone without any problems? In fact, 128GB cards also work seamlessly on all older Android devices that have a microSD card slot, such as the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, HTC Sensation XE, Desire Z and even the Nexus One.

Memory cards for cell phones: a basic introduction

Any modern digital technology is designed to use flash drives. When working on a desktop computer or laptop is most convenient to use a flash drive, which connects to the device via USB-connector. But when it comes to smaller equipment, it is advisable to use special memory cards (Memory Cards).

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Each of us is the owner of a cell phone. Someone has a latest generation smartphone, someone has an old and proven pushbutton. The memory card for your phone is not needed in very rare cases (for example, the amount of internal memory allows or the device is simply not calculated).

Many of us have a very limited understanding of flash drives for the phone. They’re only at first glance identical. In fact, there are a lot of options for memory cards on the phone.

The following article will help you understand their variety, characteristics and how to approach the purchase of this attribute.

which, memory, card, best, samsung

SanDisk Ultra 200GB

Our first recommendation is the SanDisk Ultra 200GB. A card with such a large amount of memory is certainly not exactly cheap, but you can store on it, for example, an impressive 10,000 songs in FLAC format. It reads at 90 MB/s and writes at 40 MB/s. Sufficient for recording 4K video, but not quite up to its price point.

Watch This Before you Buy MicroSD Cards. MicroSD Explained in Detail ������

Kingston SDCS2

The micro SD is suitable for use in Android phones and meets the A1 performance class. Capable of capturing high-resolution photos and recording FullHD video. Read speed up to 100 MB / s. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on its device, and with the significant volume of 128Gb it is suitable for storing a large amount of data. Comes with SD-adapter, which expands the scope of application.