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Not for the first year, Samsung is the market leader and a direct competitor to Apple. Why? Smartphones of this brand are distinguished not only by quality and versatility, but also by a beautiful design and interesting features. In many ways, the South Koreans are known as trendsetters in smartphone design. Let’s take a look at the best Samsung smartphone models in different categories that the company offers us in 2021.

For example, now this company is actively experimenting with folding designs (Fold and Flip models), and its earlier findings have ensured the popularity of AMOLED screens. By the way, all the leading manufacturers in their top smartphones are display matrixes from Samsung. Does anyone have any doubts that the latter is depriving itself in this sense?

When you buy a Samsung smartphone, you are guaranteed to get long-lasting technical support and, almost always, a device that works properly out of the box. Unfortunately, just now the brand is experiencing difficult times, and the Russians may be deprived of the opportunity to officially buy its smartphones. Most of the range. The fact is that the Moscow arbitration court banned the importation and sale of models that support Samsung Pay. The reason was the claim of the right holder, who had previously patented the allegedly similar technology for online payments. At the time of this writing, the court decision has not yet entered into force, and Samsung has almost a month to appeal against it. I want to believe that a compromise acceptable to all parties will be found.

How to choose the right smartphone from Samsung. value for money

Choosing a smartphone is always a need to at least minimally understand the technical details, to determine what you need. People often think that the most difficult to choose a flagship or a model in the high price segment, but this is not true. For the flagship, the choice rests on the availability of a sufficient amount of money or convenient tools for purchase (subscription, installment payment). And there is no reason to think about what you get, in the flagship you are always sure and know that this is the most, the most technology, speed, photo quality. But with mid-range models everything is not so clear and simple, you need to weigh all the pros and cons, to understand what exactly you need from a smartphone.

Samsung’s line of smartphones is built on a very simple principle: the company has a series united by similar solutions in terms of design, body materials and features. You’ve probably heard about the A-series smartphones, they are considered to be the best in terms of price/quality ratio, at least that’s how they are perceived by buyers. But there is also the M-series, which often has even better characteristics, and they cost the same or even cheaper than similar A-series. Figuring out the intricacies of the models is easy, but not everyone wants to make the effort, so in this piece we will try to give you a look at the middle segment from Samsung, so you understand the difference between the devices and what is worth paying attention to, and what is secondary and not so important.

Very often you hear that the A-Series is an inexpensive model and only, a kind of budget proposal. It’s not! The A-series is precisely the line where technology and innovation make the masses. It may seem to be a figure of speech, but it is not. It’s because of the A-series that we saw the massive use of AMOLED screens, the spread of AlwaysOn Display and many other features. And the older models are a field for experimentation, there’s not only 5G, but also curious designs with flip out cameras and more.

What makes the M-Series different from the A-Series is the design of the models

We must begin with the difference between the A-series and models with the index M, as different explanations can be found on the Internet, they are often contradictory. The most mass-produced is the A-series, it’s the focus for everyone. the manufacturer, retailers and customers. Marketing is working to make the A-series models stellar and memorable. But the M-series is almost unheard of, the mass consumer is often poorly informed about these models, and the reason is the lack of prominent advertising, other sales channels. The whole M-series was originally created for online sales, when the price is important for the buyer, he has a rational approach to his purchase and is ready to choose between different models, compare them meticulously. For the target audience of the M-series, buying a smartphone is a responsible thing, the choice takes more than one day. It is a mistake to think that these buyers are chasing the lowest cost, this is not true! Rational buyers want to choose the best price/quality ratio, but are willing to give up features that are not critical for them.

For example, let’s look at the Samsung Galaxy M21, a typical representative of the M-series.

Formally, this model is very similar to the A-series, but there are a few differences, which some will not consider principal. So, the display has a front camera not under the glass, it is an O-shaped cutout at the top.

Look at how the camera is built into the Galaxy A31, it’s a neat peephole in the display itself.

Are these differences in front camera placement critical to the end user? I would venture to guess that it’s not that important to most. Clearly, the screen in the Galaxy A31 is more complex, this camera integration technology is newer. But in real life, both options are not particularly different, it’s a different design, and only.

The other difference is in the fingerprint sensor, in the M-series it is a hardware sensor located on the back. In the A-series the fingerprint sensor is hidden in the screen itself, this is also a new technology which attracts many people both by its location and its novelty.

Which is better? Everyone will answer this question in his own way, because it’s a question of habit and what was your previous device. For some it is critical that the fingerprint sensor is on the front panel, some see that the “right” place is on the back of the phone. And someone is ready to use a fingerprint sensor in both. The usability of any device is directly derived from your previous experience and what you expect from your new smartphone. Very often people forget about it, they miss their choice because of the rush. It is always worth choosing with your own standards, what is comfortable for you, and without looking at others. A dry comparison of features. a bad adviser in the choice, you need to be guided by your habits and what is important for you.

Each manufacturer draws an image of the potential client for a particular model and price group. For example, in the M-series, these are rational customers who demand a good price/quality ratio, are not critical about where to buy a smartphone, and respond little to advertising. And that’s why the M-Series. It is an online sale, the buyer can find the offer and choose it. You will not find the M-Series in a wide sale in retail chains, these are models for those who understand and have done the homework of searching for such devices.

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The design of the M-series is a little simpler than the A-series, no patterns on the plastic, we’ve already talked about the front camera and the differences, as well as the fingerprint. But at the same time, the battery in similar cost models is more in the M-series, the emphasis is on battery life. It would be wrong to say that the M-Series is always simpler than its A-Series counterparts, it is not. And the same battery proves it. It is interesting that the package is the same in these models, there is no saving for the M-series.

About the radio part. Wi-Fi and LTE

Knowledgeable people on the forums often argue that the M-Series is “worse in radio part”, this follows from “common sense” and the fact that the models are cheaper than the A-Series of similar level. This is a huge misconception that is easy to dispel. Samsung has no change in radio part depending on the model series, the division is based on cost. The divide is for the model, this price already includes modems of a slightly higher class (greater frequency range in LTE, as a result, more aggregation possibilities). But more frequencies are in no way a better connection, it’s a way to provide higher data rates on LTE networks. And then there is the question of the reasonableness of buying a particular smartphone. It is clear that by default everyone wants to get everything at once, and preferably even for free, but that only happens in fairy tales. In the real world, you need to understand what your needs are.

The vast majority of people will not see any difference in speed between a 16k model (fewer frequencies) and a 20k model (more frequencies and their aggregation options). Few users today download gigabytes of information on the phone, use them to transfer files to other devices when the smartphone is in modem mode. For viewing messengers, web pages, YouTube and other services the difference between models will be minimal, they will not differ. And to say that the voice communications could even potentially be somehow different, you don’t have to. So this question is far-fetched, and when choosing the same M-series or A-series, I would not look at the number of LTE frequencies.

Another thing is Wi-Fi and second-band support (802.11ac). It’s no secret that there are a lot of Wi-Fi routers in cities, in apartment buildings they often interfere with each other, and this affects the speed of the connection, its quality. Therefore, the use of dual-band routers is justified, which means that it is desirable that the smartphone has support for 5 GHz frequency for Wi-Fi. And this is something to pay attention to, because it will affect the speed of Wi-Fi, its quality in everyday life. The low numeric index models tend to have single-band Wi-Fi. On the other hand, most likely, you have an old router that does not have support for two bands, then do not think about it, you just need to take this parameter into account, but for you it will not be the main when choosing a smartphone.

The software is OneUI for all smartphones

Standardization is a great thing, and Samsung understands that. No matter what price you bought your smartphone for, inside you’ll find the same OneUI interface, the same features. Models close in cost will not differ in performance, speed, so the choice to stop at the software does not make sense. You’re guaranteed to get a comfortable device with the latest version of the interface.

The only difference I can think of is the Bixby scripts, they are absent in all M-series models, and in the A-series they only appear in the Galaxy A51 and the older models. Perhaps this is the only visible difference between the junior and mid-sized models. What are Bixby scenarios? Automatic scripts allow you to simplify routine tasks, you assemble what you need in the constructor, and then the smartphone automatically does it for you. For example, you come home, and immediately a copy of your photos is created or all the settings are changed, including the location of the keys on the screen. Depending on your location, the content protection option can change, such as unlocking becomes automatic when you’re home and you don’t have to put your finger or look at your smartphone.

All Galaxy devices are Google certified. This means they have Google-licensed apps, Android OS updates, stable Play Market apps and system functions, and secure data backups.

Which screen to choose? TFT or AMOLED?

The question is probably unfounded, since only the entry-level models in each line are equipped with TFT screens, and the older models come with AMOLED screens, as well as those in the flagships. Some people think that TFT is very good for old memory, but there are some important points to consider:

  • AMOLED screens have more natural colors, better color gamut;
  • AMOLED screens are better in power consumption and provide longer life, the difference reaches 30%;
  • TFT screens do not flicker, this is a feature of the technology, but AMOLED screens have PWM (in rare cases and when constantly viewing the screen at low brightness it can cause a headache).

Modern displays with the maximum capabilities can be considered exactly AMOLED, Samsung itself produces such screens, and therefore the company massively uses them even in affordable models, this is a competitive advantage for the manufacturer. But in addition to all these points, for me it becomes critical to have AlwaysOn Display, it is the ability to display pictures, clock and see notifications from applications in standby mode.

In the A-series price segment, this feature is somewhat unique, usually it is associated only with the flagships. And it is something that people get used to almost instantly and then can not give up this option. So it is worth choosing a model with an AMOLED screen, they are more expensive, but it is worth it. Especially since you are buying a machine for at least a few years.

The figures in model names. how to read them correctly?

There is often confusion about the range of models, how they are positioned in relation to one another and what the numbers mean. The answer to this question is very simple. Let’s look at the example of the A-series. A10, A31, A41, A51, A71 and so on. The first number denotes the price segment, that is, the A10 will be the most affordable model listed, the A71 is the most expensive. The price range is not fixed, but between A31 and A51 it is about 2,000 (assuming the same memory capacity). The second digit in the model name is the generation of the device, with one generation being on the market for one year. So, the Ax0 models came out last year, in 2020 the main models are Ax1. The key models are the odd models, for example, Galaxy A41. it is an analogue of A31 with a smaller screen diagonal, that is, the device is in a sense a niche. This does not make it superfluous and unnecessary, someone is looking for a model with a smaller screen, and this offer for them.

How much memory do you need. how to choose the right one??

In the A-series, the same model can be available with different amounts of memory, for example, the Galaxy A51 is available in 4/64GB and there are variants of 6/128GB. The first number indicates the amount of RAM, and it is important if you play heavy three-dimensional toys, leave dozens of tabs open in the browser, or work with some demanding software. So the principle here is simple: more RAM for better performance of heavy applications, if you have any. On the other hand if you have a possibility and wish to buy a variant with more memory it is always good. But most likely you will not see any difference in speed or application response in common tasks.

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Very often users complain about the speed of smartphones, in 90% of cases this is due to a feature of Android, which they either do not know or forget about. You can not fill up all the memory of your smartphone to the end, ideally you should have 3-4 GB of free memory (not RAM, but permanent). And it has to be phone memory, not memory cards.

In every smartphone from Samsung you can install a memory card, where you can and should store photos, videos, music. In short, the content that does not require a quick launch. Such a memory card can be up to 512 GB in size, and the cost of memory cards is quite low.

which, samsung, galaxy, smartphone, better, choose

When choosing, estimate how much memory is in your current machine, how much you’ve used it. Multiply by 1.5 amount of occupied space, this is your ideal size. And it’s possible that you won’t even need a memory card.

Many main camera modules. do you need or not?

Today’s smartphones have a large number of modules for taking pictures, and here it is important to understand what you need from your future machine. The higher the cost of the smartphone in the lineup, the better it shoots. In the M-series cameras are a little easier than in similar devices A-series, they do not have a number of additional shooting modes. When choosing your future smartphone, pay attention to what you usually shoot, how much you need additional modes (for example, a lens for macro photography, as in the Galaxy A31/A51).

The price/quality ratio of the A-series in terms of photography is excellent, so if you like taking pictures, then pay attention to these models. For the money, it’s a great deal. You want the best quality? Then you need to look at this season’s or last year’s flagships.

What is important to consider when choosing a smartphone

No need to spare your time when choosing a smartphone, to buy at random is also wrong. No one but you knows how you use your smartphone, what you expect from it and what you’ve used before. In today’s reality the smartphone is bought for a couple of years at least, and even more. So when choosing, you have to be guided by your idea of beauty. And when choosing a device, always try to look at a model of the same level as the one you had before, or a level higher. This ensures the absence of unpleasant moments when something will not work the way you imagined.

For example, I often recommend to look at the Galaxy A51 in the mid-range, it is a good model for the price / quality ratio.

Modern smartphones with proper care can work for several years without any flaws, reduced speed of the Internet and applications. These are reliable machines, which means that the most important thing is to choose the right assistant. On the world market the A-series from Samsung is the most popular range of smartphones. The reason is the great price/quality ratio, software updates and good performance. I hope that after reading this material, you understand what to look for and will be able to choose the model that best matches your needs, will please you every day. Good buy.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

This is Samsung’s most affordable flagship to date. It competes with the OnePlus 8T and for the most part surpasses it in terms of design and features. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is definitely one of the best Samsung smartphones for reasonable money.

  • Display: 6.5-inch Full HD.
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Built-in memory: 128GB.
  • Main camera: 12 megapixel 12 megapixel 8 megapixel.
  • Front camera: 32 megapixel.
  • Battery: 4500 mAh.
  • Operating system: Android 10.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 8/128GB

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is seriously different from the flagship S21 Ultra line. Yes, they look similar, although they are hardly confused. The processor is the same flagship Samsung Exynos 2100. However, the amount of memory, both internal and RAM, here is less, the back cover is not made of glass, the diagonal of an excellent screen of 6.2 inches, and the camera is taken from the Galaxy S20! But do not think that it shoots as well the quality of photography has increased due to new algorithms for processing photos.

As for the rest, this is a flagship model, which has received such not at all cheap features as wireless charging, water protection IP68, support for 120 Hz screen, excellent stereo speakers, etc.д.

Stylus support for this model is not declared. So far.

  • Screen diagonal / resolution: 6.2 inches / 24001080
  • Weight of the device: 171 g
  • Processor: Samsung Exynos 2100
  • RAM / built-in memory: 8GB / 128GB
  • Battery capacity: 4000 mAh
  • Resolution cameras front / rear: 10 MP / 64/12/12 MP

The Best Samsung Phones To Buy Right Now! (Late 2020) ALL Budgets

  • Card slot: no

Top 5 BEST Samsung Phones of [2021]

  • M. the so-called affordable series, however, sometimes it overlaps on ;
  • A. the middle segment, here the price tag can start from 10 thousand, but the highest, which is comparable to the cost of flagships of some companies;
  • S is a premium line, it includes all the best and most advanced that the company has;
  • Note. another expensive series, which differs from the S positioning as a business product.

As you can see the Korean company has four series with a clear positioning, but the problem is that this separation is more in words than in reality. So devices from M and A series in the available price tags very often overlap and it is not clear what is better to buy. Similarly, it’s not always clear which is better. S or A. On the one hand, S is a flagship, buying such a device will face the fact that it will not be something you want, but on the other hand the of S series are impressive, and not everyone can afford it. Meanwhile, the most affordable representative of the S series S10e on the price tag is not much different from the older models of the line A and what to choose in this case. A review of the best Samsung Galaxy 2019 models and user reviews of these devices will help you understand this.

Samsung Galaxy A10

The A series of smartphones is a mid-budget lineup, but as the price tag of the younger device shows, it’s not all that clear-cut. The 2019 A10 is the company’s most affordable fresh smartphone, and there are cheaper ones, but they were released in 2018 and earlier. For those who want a quality device from a name brand, the A10 will be it as the best on the market, although obviously even with its not the biggest price the Chinese have something more interesting to offer. The model has a large 6.2-inch screen with HD resolution, drop-cut and 19:9 sides. Covered display Gorilla Glass 3, which will keep the screen from scratches and bumps. Performance comes from Exynos 7884 branded processor with 2 efficient 1.6GHz cores and 6 energy efficient 1.35GHz cores. The chipset is helped by 2GB of RAM, and the internal capacity is 32GB. In the output the whole combination gives an excellent result. for everyday tasks is enough speed and multitasking, and the drive will store data. By today’s standards 32 GB is the minimum for comfortable use. It’s nice that the phone supports two SIM cards and memory card. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the NFC. For the asking price. it’s very cool. All this is seasoned with a 3400 mAh battery and protection for the face. The cameras are single. 13 and 8 MP. The front one has an artificial bokeh effect. In general, the result is worthy. The A10 is available in several colors, including red, which will please fans of bright devices. It should be noted that in 2019 among budget smartphones, the A10 has become one of the best-selling. and this says a lot.

Samsung Galaxy M20

M20. this is the company’s latest innovation, which came out recently and has already earned the title of the people’s smartphone. Plastic body, which does not look cheap and has a large diagonal of 6.3 inches. As a 2019 device, the screen has a 19.5:9 ratio with a teardrop-shaped cutout for the camera. IPS matrix. this provides natural color reproduction and wide angles. In addition, the model is energy efficient. 5000 mAh battery combined with the Exynos 7904 octa-core chipset give excellent energy efficiency. Regarding the processor, it should be noted that it has, contrary to tradition, not 4 and 4 cores, but 2 performance and 6 economy. Memory to choose from. 3/32GB or 4/64GB. At the same time, the older version has an NFC module. The manufacturer has not skimped on details and the phone supports two SIM cards and a separate slot for MicroSD. The good points don’t end there. the dual camera at the back is 135 MP, the auxiliary module is wide-angle. capturing 120 degrees. Front sensor. 8 megapixel. There is fast charging and Dolby Atmos support. the ability to listen to audio in the best quality possible in 2019. The model is one of the most affordable from Samsung, but in terms of parameters it is a very interesting and balanced device.

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The Best Samsung Phones To Buy Right Now! (Mid 2021) ALL Budgets

( From China. from China ).

Samsung Galaxy A50

Another smartphone that often attracts the attention of buyers and makes you wonder which is better. A50 or A70. The devices are in the same line and as close to each other as possible. The A50 is a bit simpler and cheaper, let’s see how much worse it is and if there is any point in overpaying. Like the whole line of A 2019 smartphone has a plastic body with a gradient shimmer, a huge diagonal of 6.4 inches with FHD screen and Amoled matrix, it is naturally covered with tempered glass and supports AlwaysOn Display. The model does very well with performance: Exynos 9610 chipset with a clock to 2.3 GHz and 4/64 or 6/128 GB of memory. Even the younger version is enough for any modern needs. The pluses do not end there. support for NFC, ANT, two bands of Wi-Fi, a slot for memory separate. The finger scan function is directly embedded in the screen, the front camera can also scan your face. Its resolution is 25 megapixels with Bokeh effect and AI technology. The main module is triple. 25 MP5 MP (wide angle) and 8 MP (depth and sharpness camera). Powered by a 4000 mAh battery.

( Russia 6/128, Moscow ).

Samsung Galaxy A70

For its money the previous model A50 has everything and even more than the average user needs. What does the A70 offer that makes users think about overpaying almost 5 thousand. First of all, we should understand that A70 is a real phablet. Its size 6.7 inches, which even with an elongated screen without frames will seem to many overkill. Before choosing this gadget is worth holding it in your hands, many reviews as a minus point out exactly the size. but it’s hard to understand, because usually the user is aware of what he acquires. The huge screen has an excellent resolution of FHD, made with Amoled, which gives excellent brightness and colorful colors. In addition, the screen supports AoD and energy efficient. By the way, the model has no problems with autonomy. 4500 mAh enough to power such a large diagonal and other hardware elements. Stuffing in the phone is also worthy. a fresh Snapdragon 675 processor and 6/128GB. Provides a separate slot for memory expansion. No complaints about the wireless intereses. ANT, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0. The gadget has a modern Type-C connector, has a jack 3.5, which is definitely a plus, and supports fast charging. In fact, the main difference from the A50 is a larger screen and a chipset from Qualcomm. If size matters to you, you should opt for the A70. In terms of cameras, the A70 offers a triple module in the back and a single one in the front. The main camera is 3258 megapixels. The purpose of each pupil is standard. the main module, width and depth. Frontal. 32 megapixel.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The line of top smartphones Galaxy S introduced three new devices. budget S10e and S10/S10. The last two have cosmetic differences. the diagonal and the battery capacity, but the S10e is simpler, so the price is more affordable. So, S10e. this is a 5.8-inch gadget with an Infinity-O screen, that is, the cutout for the camera he has right in the matrix. a neat window in the upper right corner. Thanks to this the amount of usable area reaches almost 100%. The display is Amoled, FHD, AlwaysOn. The processor is a Samsung Exynos 9820 (one of the most powerful in the company), 6/128 GB, the slot is combined. The device has a full set of wireless sensors, screen finger scanner and face reading, it has voice control, Bixby support, fast and wireless charging with reverse mechanism. that is, the phone is able to charge other devices. Battery. 3100 mAh. The camera. 1612 megapixel, dual module got a standard camera with a large aperture and a camera with a depth estimation. The main module. 10 megapixel. It’s water-resistant.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The S10 and S10 is the best the company has so far. The main unit of the S10 series has a 6.1-inch Amoled display. It traditionally got EDGE technology, that is curved, the camera is cut into a corner. The screen resolution is 30401440, this value corresponds to 2K displays. The figure is excellent, but in fact FHD is more than enough. The screen has received protection from scratches, and the entire body is not afraid of moisture. The model got a cool 161212 MP camera with two wide-angle lenses and optical stabilization, it was in the top 10 of 2019. The main module. 10 megapixel. The smartphone has a full set of wireless modules, including NFC, ANT. An important point. the novelty supports Wi-Fi ax. this is a new standard of wireless connection, the fastest at the moment. The downside is that not everyone will be able to appreciate it. the speeds allowed by the Wi-Fi protocol can offer not all providers. Powered by Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855, depending on the region. Both chipsets are among the top 5 fastest. Memory. 8/128GB. The battery is 3,400 mAh with fast, wireless and reverse charging. Finger scanner. in the screen, it’s a new ultrasonic development that understands even greasy or wet fingers and works in a fraction of a second. Additionally there is a 2D face scanner.

which, samsung, galaxy, smartphone, better, choose

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Note 10 is a device designed for businessmen. This means that it is not only expensive, but also makes it easier to perform various tasks. In particular, the phone has a stylus. with its help, data entry, doing tables and even handwriting will become much easier. The smartphone looks more strict. it has a rectangular body, not less convenient than the S10. The screen is 6.3 inches, AMOLED, FHD. The camera is similar to the S10. triple module with optical stabilizer. Front. 10 megapixel. The model is based on Exynos 9820, has 8/256 GB memory. The battery is 3500 mAh, there is fast and wireless charging. Protected against moisture. The included stylus understands degrees of pressure, which, among other things, will appeal to artists. the effect is similar to drawing on paper. Finger scanner embedded in the screen, face protection. Wireless Interests. the whole set.

Thank you for your attention! See you soon on the blog! Sincerely, Rostislav Kuzmin.

Rating of the best Samsung smartphones 2021-2022

Category Location Name
Good budget smartphones Samsung 5 Samsung Galaxy A12
4 Galaxy A22
3 Galaxy A12 Nacho
2 Galaxy M11
1 Galaxy A32
The best Samsung smartphones (price/quality) 5 Samsung Galaxy M52
4 Galaxy A52
3 Galaxy M62
2 Galaxy A72
1 Galaxy S20 FE
Samsung‘s best flagships 5 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
4 Galaxy Z Fold 3
3 Galaxy S20 Ultra
2 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
1 Galaxy S21 Ultra