Why do you need a video card in your computer?

Why do you need a video card in your computer?

In simple terms, the video card is responsible for everything you see on your PC and laptop screens. To put it more correctly, a video card is a device that converts the image that is in your computer’s memory into a video signal for the monitor.

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Using a virtual reality helmet in conjunction with a powerful computer for training purposes is sometimes cheaper: for example, imagine how much you need to train a pilot to fly the required number of hours.

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According to recent research by scientists, the use of special virtual reality spaces can combat some disorders of the brain and nervous system. such as senile dementia or vestibular problems.The computer, respectively, also needs to be powerful, and the video card in it should be good.

Why you need a video card in your computer

Every computer has a video card. It can be made as a separate device that connects to the motherboard, or be built into it, and be a small chip. If you want to know what kind of card you have, then read the article: “How to know what video card?”

As the name of this device implies, the graphics card is responsible for transferring the picture to your monitor. If you explain its work principle in simple terms, it is the following: the video card receives a digital signal, which it processes in your processor, and outputs it to the monitor. Depending on the parameters of the video card, it, at different speeds, processes the image. That’s why, for modern games, it is so important to have a powerful graphics card, which provides fast image processing.

Integrated video card copes with this task much slower, since, to process the digital signal, it uses the CPU and RAM, thus slowing down its work, in general. In contrast, the video card, made in the form of a separate card, has its own RAM and processor, and that is what it uses for its work. over, some modern graphics cards can provide their CPU, and part of the RAM, to process other signals from the computer, thus “helping” it.

If you have a problem changing your graphics card, then the article: “How to change graphics cards?”You will be helped.

Why and for what you need a good graphics card?

Its main task is to process graphic data. They include not only the placement, structure, but also the effects of all sorts of objects. Interestingly, it is not unreasonable to grease it sometimes with thermal paste. This is necessary because the processor is very hot video card.

In other words, thanks to it, the computer processes graphics at a cosmic speed. A gamer can easily understand why you need a video card in a computer. After all, its quality can have a significant impact on the game picture. In general, it is needed to accelerate the output to the monitor graphic information. Plus, the games it gives times faster FPS. And if you are engaged in video editing, then, here the graphics card will show good results.

So, the processor reports to the graphics card information about a certain image. It, in turn, decides how to display pixels, so that the screen will get an image. Then it sends the information to the monitor by cable. This last step is the display of the desired image.

The video card displays a 3D image in games

It is worth mentioning that during the creation of these images, the graphics card creates a framework of straight lines. Then, using simple geometric shapes, bitmaps, it produces an image. After that we add color, lighting and, of course, texture to everything. By the way, some games need all this to be repeated 60 times per second. It’s hard to imagine: in one second! What do you need a video card in a laptop or computer, so, first of all. Otherwise it becomes impossible to perform the above processes.

There are many different ways to clear your computer’s RAM. One of the options is to download a special program and perform the necessary actions. It is possible to buy additional memory cards and so optimize your PC.

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Many users often have problems with their memory card, which prevents them from accessing their saved files. In this article you can find information that deals with how to restore the memory card.

What are the differences between graphics cards

There are several kinds of graphics cards. They are divided into office, gaming and professional. The first. it’s a simple graphics video adapters, which are designed to display the image on the monitor. This happens while working with programs which are undemanding to resources. But what is the difference between professional and gaming graphics cards?

Simply put, in entertainment applications and games, the important thing is the image, the effects and the final picture of it all. Professional adapters provide high performance in specific tasks, such as modeling and working with engineering software. So the requirements that are put forward for graphics cards in the first case are related to the speed of texture creation and shader performance. For the latter, the geometric performance of the processor is important.

Everyone has probably heard the word or its analogues such as graphics gas pedal, graphics card, video adapter, 3D gas pedal, GPU and other similar terms many times. These are all different names for the same device, which is very important in a modern computer. Let’s find out why you need a video card in your computer, the basic characteristics influencing the choice of video card and ways to find out the parameters of the video card installed in your computer.

Since this article is intended mainly for beginners computer users, we will try to minimize a lot of technical information and various standards, highlighting the basic things that a simple PC user needs to know about the graphics card adapter.

So, speaking in simple terms, the graphics card serves to calculate (rendering) the image and display it on the monitor screen. In other words, the video adapter is responsible for shaping whatever you see on your monitor. These are its main functions, but apart from that there is a tendency now to use its great computing capabilities in tasks not directly related to the formation and display output.

All video cards can be divided into two large groups: integrated and discrete. Integrated or otherwise integrated graphics cards, as the name suggests, are an integral part of the motherboard or CPU, that is built into them. Commonly used expressions are: embedded video, integrated graphics, embedded graphics controller, video adapter integrated into the chipset and others. Having an integrated video reduces the cost and power consumption of the computer, but they have limited performance (often do not have their own video memory and use the RAM of the computer) and are used mainly in the lower and medium segments of the market of computer systems.

Discrete graphics card is a separate expansion card, installed in a special slot on the motherboard. It has everything you need to work properly. Because of this, it can have high performance, allowing it to use it in “heavy” 3D-games and serious graphics applications. The main disadvantages are high cost and power consumption, which is especially important for laptops.

In turn they can be divided into two classes, gaming and professional. The first are mostly used by ordinary people for games, and professional graphics cards are aimed at using in a variety of “heavy” graphics applications 3D-modeling, CAD and the like, where they can give a significant performance boost. Accordingly, the cost of high-performance models can be exorbitant.

What is a graphics gas pedal, we understand now find out what you need to pay attention to when choosing a graphics card.

All computers have a graphics card?

As stated earlier all computers have a graphics processor. However, not all computers have a dedicated graphics processor. A dedicated graphics processor is a second graphics processor installed on the motherboard. If you are talking about a PC, the integrated graphics processor will most likely be an Intel chip, and the dedicated graphics processor will either be an Nvidia or AMD chip.

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Usually there are two different types of graphics processors available: dedicated graphics card and integrated graphics card. Integrated graphics are built into the motherboard without using an additional card. Integrated graphics uses some of the computer’s system RAM instead of their own dedicated memory.

Choosing your video card

When buying a computer or laptop, be sure to pay your attention to its graphics card. Of course, computers with integrated video cost less, but the difference is not very significant.

But how do you know which graphics card you need?? To find out, you have to figure out what your computer will be used for.

In case your computer is only for viewing videos and photos, surfing the Internet, and performing simple office tasks, the integrated graphics card will be quite enough for you. It has no problem coping with these tasks, as they do not require specific video. over, the integrated video allows you to play casual, as well as, old games.

For the avid gamer, this choice is absolutely not suitable, because today’s games have stunning graphics and require a good graphics card. If you plan to process video or photos on your computer, as well as, to do 3D-modeling, you, too, need a powerful graphics card.

If you are not sure what you need, you are better off with a computer with an inexpensive graphics card. Also, do not forget that you can always replace the video card in a desktop PC with the one that suits your needs. For more information on how to choose a graphics card see this article: “How to Choose a Graphics Card?”