Why does not the Samsung Play Market download?

Causes of problems

We can distinguish two groups of failures, why the information does not download: hardware and software. In the first case, the data can not be downloaded due to memory corruption. The situation is applicable to external SD-cards, cheap models of which fail at the most inappropriate moment. If you specify the SD card folder as a destination in the browser. at the beginning of the download the program will give an error.

Не удалось скачать приложение в Play Market: РЕШЕНИЕ

  • Lack of free space on the internal storage is probably the most common problem on most smartphones. On low-cost devices, the memory fills up quickly and the browser is unable to replace the save location on the SD card by itself. To fix the problem, go to your Google Chrome settings, then “General”, then select the folder on your memory card. In Explorer, the external memory is usually labeled as SD Card 1.
  • Google Play error. a common problem on older phones. On Android devices older than version 4.0 apps and games were not downloading regularly, and Play Market showed “Error code 5”. To fix the problem, clear the cache of Google services and the store itself.
  • System message “com. Android. browser” stopped. Error in the Android system’s built-in web client.

In some cases the files do not even begin the download process, but usually a progress error is encountered at the end of the download.

Clearing data

A more complicated method, which nevertheless does not require much knowledge if you follow all the points step by step:

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  • Go to the settings of your Android device and find the “Applications” section.
  • Select “Google Play Market” and go to the desired menu.
  • Find the “Memory” section and click on this item.
  • See a new window, where we are interested in “Clear data” and “Clear cache” buttons. If your device has a version of Android lower than 6, press the “Clear cache” button.0, all the buttons will be collected in one window.
  • Reset data and clear cache one by one, confirming each action in pop-up windows.
  • Return to the main menu, find the “Delete updates” item and confirm the action.
  • Wait until the system deletes the update and restores the current version by itself.
  • Restart the service and check if the download of apps and programs works.
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Important! In order to clear the data and restore the appropriate version of Play Market, a stable Internet connection must be available on your device.

How To Fix Play Store Not Opening || Play Store Not Working On Android/Samsung [SOLUTION]

Remove Google Play Store updates

Try to uninstall the Google Play Market app updates, for which use the above steps:

  • Go to Settings. Apps or Settings. Apps and notifications. Show all apps.
  • Click on Google Play Market in the list.
  • Press “Disconnect” and confirm that the app is disconnected.
  • When prompted to install the original version of the app, tap “OK” to remove the updates.
  • After that, turn Play Market app back on and try to download apps again.

Before you can get your Play Market app working again, you’ll need to figure out what’s causing the error. There are several reasons for the malfunction:

Как скачать и установить Play Market на любой Андройд смартфон? Гугл Плей Маркет на Android Телефон!

  • settings/malfunctions in the Android operating system;
  • The time or date is not set correctly;
  • Problems in the settings that are responsible for continuous access to the Internet;
  • Problems with the Internet connection in the router itself;
  • The store is interfering with another app;
  • malfunctions in the store itself;
  • software malfunctions, for which Google is responsible.

If you have Freedom installed on your device, and you suspect that it is the cause of Play Market crashes, then this item will definitely be of interest to you.

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Go to the settings menu and under “App Manager”. Installed, select “Freedom”.

Click on the “Stop” button in the opened menu of the program, and then uninstall the application.

It is very important to follow all the recommendations. first stop and only then uninstall.

Reboot your device and check again if the Play Store is “working”. No change? Then go to the next point of advice.

Hosts and bugs

“Play Market won’t open? Startup error occurs again and again even after all the previously suggested tips? Then you have to go another way. This tip should be of interest to all users in contact with Freedom.

To have a chance to run Play Market, you will need to follow instructions of the following type:

  • Open the settings of your mobile device and go to “Application Manager”.
  • Select the section “Installed”.
  • Locate Freedom and click on the appropriate line.
  • Select the menu item “Stop”.
  • Delete an application by marking the corresponding operation in the context menu.

Important: You must first stop Freedom and then uninstall it. Otherwise the Play Market will not stop blocking. Every user should keep this in mind.

Do the previous steps “Settings”. “Applications”. Click on “Google Play Market” and then click on the 3 dots that are on the right in the top corner. Press “Delete updates”. When you turn on “Play Market” application again, it will update itself and the long wait for download should disappear.

Why won’t the Android app install?? The main reason is the lack of internal memory of the smartphone or tablet. Clean the internal memory. delete unnecessary files and unnecessary applications, erase cache and temporary files (read How to set the cache for a game on Android). Install the application on the microSD card.

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Why applications cannot be downloaded from Play Market on Android

Despite constant updates, Play Market was and still is far from being a perfect application, which is replete with a large number of bugs and bugs. Sometimes they are caused by users’ own mistakes, and sometimes by the joint efforts of Google developers and Chinese mobile device manufacturers. In any case, few people encounter a perfectly working Android device, and the need to treat the Play Market arises more often. Next we will analyze in detail why the applications and games can’t be downloaded at all or can’t be loaded completely.

If you can’t update your app, chances are your version of Android no longer supports the newer version of the YouTube app. To make sure you have access to the latest version of the YouTube app for Android, update your Android OS to the latest version.

The problem persists even if you turn off the Wi-Fi the most common cause is a combination of two problems: DNS and Google Play cache. Sometimes you can clear the cache and turn off the Wi-Fi, and the problem disappears instantly. However, when you do this, you are using valuable data.