Why doesn’t the iPhone alarm go off

The latest ways to fix iPhone does not work (step by step)

By setting an alarm clock, you can remind yourself of important schedules, getting up or other activities. It’s hard to live without an alarm clock. The iPhone alarm not working problem is quite annoying. You may miss the deadline, oversleep, etc. Д. Sometimes the iPhone alarm goes off, but there is no sound. Anything if you want to get rid of the iPhone alarm does not sound wrong, you can do as shown in the following paragraphs.

The iPhone alarm did not go off

Lucky iPhone owners know that these devices had a problem with the alarm clock. It lies in the fact that the iPhone does not trigger the alarm in time and fails the owner.

There were several reasons for this and ways to solve them:

  • One is incorrectly set time zone. With his change it was possible to restore the phone’s ability to ring at the right time.
  • Also another problem was that the device itself in the standard app did not ring at the specified hour if you do not set the alarm clock repeating. Specifying this setting might have solved all the problems.
  • If the alarm on your iPhone did not go off, it’s worth making sure the sound is at least on some value other than the minimum. To do this, simply on the desktop try to press the up button on the side of the device. This is a problem for newbies, as they don’t always pay attention to this.
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Set the alarm clock for iPhone how to do it properly?

Most smartphone users prefer to use the built-in alarm clock rather than the old big clock. It is understandable, the phone is always at your fingertips, you can turn on multiple alarms, set any ringtone and adjust the volume. In this article we will describe how to adjust the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone.

Use the ringer switch

If you do not hear the alarm and you fall asleep it can be because you reduce the volume to the minimum before going to bed. Instead of using the volume keys to do this, use the ringer switch, which is located above the volume keys, to mute the ringer for the night. This will mute only incoming calls, but leave the alarm sound on.

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It also happens that the sound of the alarm clock is simply not heard, so it is skipped. In this situation you need to adjust its volume. In the menu of the alarm clock there is only an opportunity to change the ringtone (set the melody louder and sharper). But the volume can be changed in the “settings” menu.

It must be said at once that with the default settings the volume of the alarm does not depend on the volume of the sounds in the system. And the volume up/down keys don’t work either. And it’s convenient, because you can constantly forget about the set level. In addition, you can turn on and silent mode. In general, all notifications during your restful sleep will come either silently or silently. And the alarm clock will turn on properly.

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So, how to solve the problem: the volume of the alarm refers to the option “Ringing and Warnings”. Go into “Settings”, choose the “Sounds” tab There we set the desired volume level of the alarm clock (ringer and warnings).

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Why the non-existent alarm clock rings on your iPhone, and how to fix it?

Apple for many years of its existence has created a truly recognizable and almost perfect product iPhone. Every year the company lovingly presents it at its presentations, emphasizing that there’s no gadget in the world that can equal their main brainchild. But just like other manufacturers’ smartphones, iPhones can break, and their operating systems can fail. Overloaded with hidden iOS options can play a cruel joke on the user. For example, if a person accidentally activated some function and then happily forgot about it, it certainly will not forget about it, and will remind of itself at every opportunity. And the user will live and suffer from the fact that he simply can not turn it off on his own, without prompting.

Recently a reader wrote to us with a request to solve a problem. The essence of the problem: every day the user’s sleep is interrupted by the alarm clock signal, which does not exist. That is, a person did not set a timer for a given time. After searching some chats and forums, we found a few more sufferers who complain about not set alarms. So why does this happen?? What evil forces have disturbed the system owners of phones, and how to conduct the rite of exorcism we will deal today.

Why the iPhone can lose sound

Let’s break down each cause in detail and ways to fix it.

Go to the “Clock” app; Go to the “Alarm Clock” tab; Select one of the existing alarms or create a new one, click on it; Now in the “Sound” tab you can change the sound signal or select the “Music on the device” option. and set one of the files saved in the smartphone memory.

  • Open the Clock app and click the Alarm Clock tab.
  • Press “Change”.
  • Set the time, frequency, and label.
  • Open the “Sound” section. here you can select the melody.
  • In the “Songs” field, tap “Select Song”.
  • In the music library of your smartphone, select the desired song.
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How to ask Siri to set an alarm

Here are a few examples of what you can ask:

iPhone Not Ringing? Here’s Why & The Fix!