Why Face ID does not work on iPhone

How to fix the problem with Face ID on iPhone X

Some iPhone X users are faced with a problem in Face ID. Suddenly, the sensor stops functioning, and the message is displayed on the screen: “There was a problem with the Truedepth camera. Face ID function is disabled “.

This can happen both after immersing the smartphone into water or falling, and without visible reasons. Internal diagnosis fixes the problem with the Truedepth module and disconnects the Face ID function to protect user data. With the exception of unlocking with the help of the Code-Parol, otherwise the problem does not affect the IPhone X performance.

Reload the iPhone

As I said, some of these solutions may seem stupid, and this is perhaps the simplest of them. Reloading iPhone is the first thing you should try, regardless of what glitch or problem you have encountered.

Iphone X and newer iPhone do not have a “home” button, so the process of turning off the smartphone has become a little different. Now you need to hold the button on the right side and any of the volume control buttons on the left until the menu with the choice of shutdown of the mobile device appears.

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After your iPhone is completely turned off, press and hold the button on the right side until the Apple logo appears. In more than 50% of cases when Face ID does not work, a simple reboot of the smartphone helps to solve the problem.

Fixed: iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max Face ID stopped working after a new update

Many people will not believe that many problems can be easily solved with a simple restart. It happens that sometimes many applications that perform so many background tasks can be opened. Because of this, even the fastest phone on the planet is slightly behind. Even iPhone is no exception. Thus, restart can eliminate this problem.

  • Hold the volume reduction button, as well as the side button.
  • Now a slider should appear on the screen.
  • Shift it to the right and wait for the device to restart the device.
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How To FIX Face ID Not Working On ANY iPhone! (2021)

After restarting, try using Face ID. Now he should work.

Check the Face ID settings.

The second step. Check Face ID settings. In fact, there are many options in the Face ID settings. Therefore, you must make sure that they are correct.

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Go to the Face ID section and password.
  • Now check if the Face ID is configured and whether all the functions that you are trying to use are included.

If you turn on them, Face ID should earn again without any problems.

Delete and reset Face ID

If the Face ID does not work on your iPhone 13 device, you can just drop the Face ID and configure it again. Now to do it,

Confirm the action and reset Face ID. Now you need to configure Face id again. To do this, just click “Configure Face ID” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Add an alternative look

Actually, you can configure yourself an alternative appearance. This will help your iPhone identify you in a different form. For example, tell me if you are without glasses.

  • Go to the “Face ID” settings and enter the password.
  • Now, if he requests a password, enter it.
  • Click on the configuration of an alternative appearance.
  • Follow the screen instructions to configure an alternative appearance for Face ID.

As soon as this is done, try to unlock the phone using Face ID.

Clean the area of ​​the camera

Perhaps this is not even a problem caused by the update. Only a few could get this problem on their phone. But in most cases, the problem can be in the phone itself. Since the iPhone uses the True Depth camera in the recess on your display, any dust or blockage on it will prevent the correct operation of Face ID.

  • Clean the recess / camera on the phone and try using Face ID.
  • Check if there are any physical damage next to the True Depth camera.
  • If they are, Face ID can work incorrectly.

Wipe and reboot the phone

If nothing works and there is no physical damage in the area of ​​your phone’s camera, then the only solution that you can make yourself for clean wiping the phone, and check if this is solved by the problem.

Note. Cleaning the phone will lead to the removal of all your data. Therefore, make sure you have created the necessary backups before continuing.

  • Open the “Settings” application and scroll down to “general”.
  • At the same time, open the “transfer” or reboot the iPhone.
  • Now click to erase all the contents and settings.
  • Just follow the instructions on the screen.

In the end, everything on your phone will be completely deleted, including settings and personal files. Now check if there are updates and check if Face ID works.

Consider this pros

If nothing helps, then the only solution. Get telephone services. I hope the phone will still be under warranty. However, this is a new model, and you can correct it without any problems. Contact Support Apple and solve the problem using their support methods.

What to do if Face ID does not work?

If the Face ID does not work, and the iPhone issues a system message about the discovery of the problem with the Face ID, most likely that the reasons for this lie in the hardware fault of the Truedepth camera or sensors responsible for recognizing the face of the user.

The causes of hardware malfunction, in turn, may be damaged by sensors or chambers when falling or other mechanical exposure, or due to moisture from the phone.

What is wrong with Face ID

In general, Face ID was not initially loved by many fans of apple smartphones. It is not surprising, because the system, as practice has shown, turned out to be insufficiently fast and difficult: to unlock the user, the user had to touch the screen, and then wait for the “opening of the virtual lock” and brush the lock screen. That is, users now instead of a simple press on the Home key need to take two actions. In addition to the speed of work, the system caused disputes in terms of convenience of payment using Apple Pay. To do this, you must definitely look at the smartphone, which is also not always convenient. But are all disadvantages associated with ergonomics and sensations from use?

Of course not: for some owners a dozen Face ID refused to start initially or stopped working during operation. There are two main reasons why the system failed: a banal factory marriage or an insufficiently carefully tested iOS update. In one of the cases, the face recognition is simply not carried out, the other option shows on the screen a notification about the impossibility of launching a Face ID on this iPhone. There is, of course, the third reason: the destroyed True Depth sensors and the front camera, as a result of physical impact. If so, then you can solve the current situation only by contacting the service center and replacing important sensors. But what if the malfunction arose spontaneously?

What to do if Face ID does not work on iPhone 10

If the Face iPhone X stopped working, then try to create a second face. Go to the settings and find the Face ID section, where you need to select a tab that allows you to renew the previously added face or add the second. It is recommended to set up in a bright room, without dark glasses, loose hair on the face, strong makeup, headdress. This will provide the best functioning of the technology.

The second method, thanks to which you can eliminate the problem. Turn off the function “recognition of attention”. The service in question includes several useful phone protection parameters.

Iphone 13 Pro Max/Mini: Face ID Not Working on iOS 15? [Fixed]

For example, it contains a setting, when using which you need to directly look at the camera without looking up. If the user does not direct his eyes to the sensors and does not evenly bring the camera, then the smartphone will not be unlocked. To turn off this parameter, you need to go to the Face IDI Face settings on the iPhone and deactivate the item “Demand attention”.

Eliminate the problem with Face ID can help updating the iOS system. If you have not set new IOS versions for a long time, then most likely the reason for the malfunction of the recognition program lies precisely in this. Especially, this criterion concerns the tenth iPhone, where users have problems using a function on the 11th version of iOS. Update the system to the 12th version of the operating room and most bugs will no longer disturb.

The next solution is to reset the phone. The option will bring the desired result if the malfunction was associated with the failure of the system parameters. At the same time, recovery from a copy will not give a guarantee for the disappearance of errors. It is recommended to carry out full reset and independent configuration of the device from scratch. Go to the phone parameters and in the corresponding section click the reset button.

If the problem is associated with damage to the details, which could happen after an unsuccessful drop in the smartphone. Sensors and sensors built.In for the work of Face Aidi are quite fragile and, at the slightest blow, may stop functioning. In this case, you should contact the service for repairing mobile devices, where specialists will replace the necessary parts.

Possible reasons

Before you understand what to do, let’s find out the likely reasons for the failure:

  • Mechanical damage to the iPhone, in which IR-frame, IR emitter, point projector or rear chamber module suffered. It is these components that use True Depth system, which forms a 3D model of your face;
  • If the Face ID on the iPhone X stopped working, maybe the software operations.
  • If you recently updated iOS, there is a risk that the firmware was installed “crooked”.

Here, perhaps, is all. The three main reasons that most likely will answer your question why Face ID does not work on iPhone. Let’s find out how these problems are solved.

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Make sure you look at the Truedepth camera

On the iPhone, the Face ID function works only when the device is in vertical (book) orientation and you look at the Truedepth camera. On the iPad, the Face ID function can be used in any orientation.

The Truedepth camera has the same viewing range as when shooting a selfie or a Facetime call. Regardless of whether the iPhone or iPad lies on any surface or do you hold it as usual, make sure that the iPhone or iPad is located at an extended arm or closer (25-50 cm) from your face.