Why is the iPhone not charged from the original charging

What to do if the iPhone does not see exercises and does not charge?

You connected the iPhone (6, 7, 8, X) or iPad to charging, but he does not see it and does not charge it? A large number of Apple users are faced with this problem, and, as you might think, they easily solve it.

In this article, we will dispel several myths on the topic of charging problems and show you how to detect and eliminate the cause of problems with the battery charge on your iPhone.

Iphone ceased to charge from non.Original cable

The original iPhone cable has two significant drawbacks. It is very unreliable and very expensive. And, of course, no one wants to give 1590 (yes, that’s how much the charging wire made at Apple factories costs) for a cable that a priori will not last for a long time, and therefore many decide to buy non.Native charging.

And so saving pretty much (for non.Original cables start from 100!), a happy user returns home, but, badly. By connecting his iPhone to a new wire, he understands that the gadget is not charged and is not synchronized with iTunes, and a depressing inscription is indicated on its screen. “this cable or the accessory is not certified”. What to do in such a situation? Let’s understand!

The all.Seeing Eye Apple

What to say there. An ignorant user, such a state of affairs, to put it mildly, is discouraged. The dumb question is in his eyes. “Well, how did my smartphone find out that I did not buy exercises for him in the App Store?!””.

And, however, where? The opinions of specialists in this regard are diverge. Some argue that the reason in the tricide mechanism built into the iOS, which recognizes the original wire by certain “beacons”, others that a special chip signaling authenticity is built into charging itself. However, one way or another, the fact remains. Apple, properly, made sure that non.Original cables did not work with the iPhone.

Not all uninhabited cables are equally non.Original

However, here is a paradox, on the Internet there are a bunch of users who claim. “I bought a non.Native wire and everything works!””. In fact, no paradox, just according to the “law” of Apple I-devices, can be charged not only from cables made directly by the “apple” giant-that is, original, but also from those made by partner manufacturers-the “part” is unoriginal but has certification. On such charging wires there is a special marking. MFI (Made for iPhone).

The quality of the products marked by this honorary sign is personally controlled by Apple. And, by the way, from each manufacturer working under the MFI program, Apple receives, let’s say, “tax”. This fact leads to the fact that MFI charging is more expensive than those that do not have such labeling, but still not as expensive as original. Average

Where you can buy an MFI cable for iPhone? In general, in any good electronics store. Ask the consultant and they will help you.

What to do if the iPhone does not charge from the non.Original cable?

However, back to our problem, the wire has already been bought and refuses to charge our iPhone or synchronize it with PC. What to do? Good news! Users came up with a few “deceptions” for the all.Seeing eye Apple. We will tell you all about them.

iphone, charged, original, charging

By the way, as you know, the original Lightning is distinguished by the ability to work with a smartphone, which side do not insert it (this possibility is implemented according to the scheme. A special switch is installed in the cable chip), however, Lightning can be deprived of a non.Native one (Chinese simply forget to take into account the aforementioned switch), and therefore, in order to start charging, it may just need to be inserted by the other side.

“Close, close”

In some situations, in order for a non.Native cable, it is enough to charge the following actions enough:

1 Connect the iPhone to a charger or PC. Depends on the task. Charging or synchronization. 2 When a window appears about the impossibility of working with the cable, slip in it by “button”-“close”. 3 Now you need to unlock the device. The notification will appear again. Again tap “close” and turn off the wire from the iPhone (do not block!), and immediately connect again.

Amazing, but quite often this strange instruction helps. You are not among such lucky ones? Then we try the next method.

Turn off and turn on

This cunning IPhone method with non.Original cable is as follows:

  • Turn off the device.
  • We connect it to the outlet (if we want to synchronize with iTunes, connect to PC).
  • Turn on the smartphone and charging has gone!

By the way, if now you pull out the wire and insert it back, the charging/connection with the PC will stop to resume it, the iPhone will have to turn it off again.

Aviation mode

Some users, however, assure that there is no need to turn on and off the smartphone in vain, you can deceive it and simply by activating the air mode. And sometimes it is enough just to turn it on, connect the smartphone to charging and, when, as they say, the process will go, you can turn off, but more often. All the time charging you need to keep the air mode active.

What is the danger of iPhone work with non.Original cables?

Unfortunately, the fact that non.Native cables do not charge the iPhone or do not synchronize to iTunes is not the main danger that they hide in themselves. Hir.Ruble Chinese wires are not made according to standards, and therefore the proper balance of voltage and currents may not be observed, as a result of which at best. The iPhone will be charged longer and/or discharge faster, in the worst. The power controller will fail, which will entail it. Very expensive repairs. For the fifth iphone, such a repair will cost, for example, dollars of 100, and this is not the situation when you can fix the device yourself.

However, we will not advise buying an original wire for 1590. No need to give frantic money for the original, but also buying a gadget as an iphone, risking it with “health”, Chinese cable for 100. Just funny, agree. What do we recommend? Adhere to the middle ground and purchase a certified cable. An acceptable price and quality guarantee.

Why iPhone does not charge from the original cable

Well, finally, let’s consider another very interesting question. Sometimes discouraged users ask. “Why my iPhone refused to charge from the original wire, giving out the message“ this cable is not certified?””. The answer is actually simple. Sometimes this happens if the cable is damaged or its contacts are clogged.

? The adapter failed

The original adapter for the iPhone is an ancient and almost indestructible accessory. But even he can simply break. But in our age of digital technology, it is not a problem to find another adapter in the apartment, not necessarily branded. If only the voltage was 5V, and the current strength is from 1A.

Solution: take another adapter with the same characteristics

Iphone or iPad is not charged. Why and what to do?

Categorical hello to everyone! Imagine that you have connected a charger to your iPhone or iPad and found that for some reason there is no charge. What is the reason?! Adapter? Yes, hardly wire? A little hesed, but he is still good! In general, outwardly everything seems to be in order, but “the process does not come from the word at all”. It does not work to recharge the device.

A familiar moment? I hope that not, because this situation is able to plunge into a panic of every unprepared user. And almost any. Prepared. But you should not worry too much: after getting acquainted with this instructions, you will find out why the “apple” gadget suddenly stopped charging and what to do in such a situation.

iphone, charged, original, charging

And immediately move to the most important.

These are the main reasons why the iOS device cannot be charged from the network or computer:

  • Cable of charger cable. One of the most common options. Often they turned the cord “into a lump”? Kept it “how it got”? It is possible that the integrity of the compounds was violated. Make sure that the cable is really broken, you can connect it to another iPhone/iPad. If the cable does not show “signs of life” based on the results of one of the tests mentioned, you will have to buy a new cord or look for craftsmen who can fix the existing. The second option is less preferable, t.To. Cables restored in “artisanal conditions” usually serve extremely few.
  • Broken or contaminated connector for charging. If everything is in order with the charger, but the iPhone or the iPad does not respond to its connection in any way, the essence of the problem may be directly in the port. First, try to carefully clean the port at home, for example, with a toothpick. Important! Use metal objects for cleaning is strictly prohibited. Damage contacts. If the contacts are already damaged, then the only way to get out of this situation is to go to the service center in order to replace the broken element.
  • The use of non-original USB cables (although you can also be charged with their help). At first, non.Original cords are usually completely tolerantly cope with their duty (although far from always), however, the service life of the Chinese (or any other non.Original) cable will be much more modest compared to the original “colleague”. As practice shows, this kind of savings on components ultimately “comes out sideways”.
  • The power of the charger block is not enough. This is no longer about the wire, but about the block that connects to the outlet. They are also with different output power, the most common. 0.5 A, 1 A and 2 A. It is important to remember that for the iPhone the output power of the charger should be at least 1 ampere, for the iPad. At least 2 amperes. With any lower indicators, the devices will either refuse to charge, or the charging icon appear. But it will go very slowly. Which will negatively affect the battery resource (find out how much the charge should hold the new battery).
  • Problems when trying to charge iPhone or iPad from a computer. To begin with, we understand. Is there a connection to PC, if not, then we read here. Further in the case when your “apple friend” is normally charged from the network, and when connecting to the computer, charging goes extremely slowly or does not happen at all, then this is what you need to remember and know. On most PCs and laptops, the USB detachment gives out 0.5 amperes, which means the iPhone will be charged more slowly than usual, but the iPad will not be at all (in fact the charge will certainly go, but so slowly that in order to see the effect will have to wait long for a long time ). Well, we try to connect to various USB ports, perhaps the problem is in them.

Perhaps these are all the main points related to the malfunction of the iPhone or iPad.

There are also a couple of important points that must be taken into account with this problem.

Important ! In the case when the device continues to refuse to charge after all the above actions, and he has not yet expired, feel free to hand over the iPhone (iPad) under the warranty.

Let professionals understand the reasons for the lack of charge. Employees of the Apple official service center.

Important ! The malfunction can be in the battery itself. After all, its resource, of course, is not infinite. How to check the current battery capacity and find out the most correct data? This is easy to do even in “home”. This is a detailed instruction (with pictures)!

Or not? You have left or have questions? I would like to share personal experience or tell my story? Welcome in a comment. We will definitely discuss what is happening to your iPhone (iPad), and, of course, we will try to find a suitable solution!

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Do this if your iPhone is not charged

We examined the main reasons why the smartphone battery may stop taking the charge. But what to do if the iPhone does not charge? Next in order we will talk about ways to solve this problem.

Reload the device

Almost all malfunctions in the operation of the device are solved by rebooting. To get started, restart the smartphone in the usual way. If it does not help, do Hard Reset. For 30 seconds, click and hold the two devices buttons. Power and Home. The phone must go to the reboot, after which it has begun to work properly.

Check the charger

In case of careless use, the original charger (cable) fails. After that, many acquire a non.Original set, and after a short period of time they notice that the battery does not charge. Try to change both the block and the cable. To begin with, just arm yourself with a new original cable. Cliff of one conductive “veins” will cause the formation of the problem. About 70% of cases of telephone malfunctions are solved by replacing the charger cable.

Test a charger

Another way is to test the charger on another device. According to statistics, about 10% of cases account for a breakdown. Take another Apple production device (tablet, smartphone) and check the work of the charger. If the battery of the second device does not make up for the level of charge, then the cause of the malfunction is obvious.

We check the power source

As a rule, there are no problems with a “cigarette lighter” in a car or an outlet at home. Often users are faced with difficulties in trying to charge a smartphone from a computer. Когда не заряжается iPhone от ноутбука, компьютера, убедитесь, что на него подается ток с необходимой силой. New iPhone models are sensitive in relation to data exchange rate and power. They are charged by means of USB 2 ports.0, 3.0.

Clean the connector

What else can be done yourself? At least inspect and read the Lightning connector. Arm yourself with a toothpick and carefully clean the connector, extracting various garbage from it. It can be crumbs, dust and so on. It is also advisable to blow the connector. But for this task, use only a special pear with air. We do not recommend using cotton sticks moistened in alcohol.

We use Tenorshare Reiboot

If all these methods do not help you, and you still want to quickly decide what is not charged with iPhone, then we recommend using Tenorshare Reiboot. Tenorshare Reiboot.- One of the IOS recovery tools. It allows you to correct the system problems of iOS.Provides the processing of more than 150 system problems, such as Apple magazine, recovery mode, DFU mode, restarting the cycle and much more. Tenorshare Reiboot can also lower and update the iOS version without data loss. Of course, he can decide that the iPhone does not charge quickly and safely.

    Download Tenorshare Reiboot on your computer.

Run the program. The main screen of the utility will open before the user. Upon learning the iPhone, you must click the “Start” button. Then click “Start”.

Just click “Standard Repair”. Please find time to read the instructions on the screen before pressing “standard repair”.

Click “Download” to download the latest version of iOS or iPad for installation on your device.

After you uploaded the firmware file, click “Start the standard recovery” to continue. It will take a few minutes.

After that, your phone will restart and you can try whether your iPhone is charged. If your iPhone is not yet charged, you can choose “deep repair”.

iphone, charged, original, charging

Source of power

Quite banal advice, but sometimes they forget about it. It may be that you simply do not work at home or from a network filter, adapter. We recommend that you try to connect to another power source, as well as, if there are other devices, then connect them to the same outlet and see if the charge will go. If so, then the problem is not in the power source. But this option is not worth excluding, no matter how you are sure of the wiring of your home.

The iPhone has special charge controllers that determine whether it is necessary to charge your device or not, to supply current if the cable and many other processes are inserted with the flow of current. This is one of the common problems in the category of mechanical damage. Sometimes it can be a factory marriage, and sometimes a negligent attitude to the smartphone. Be that as it may. You will have to carry the phone to the service center in order to conduct full diagnostics, identify the problem and already decide whether it is worth making repairs or not. Replacing the charge controller will cost you about 2000-4000, depending on the service center. Just contact the proven organizations. It is advisable to watch reviews on the site, as well as a partnership with Apple.

Why the iPhone is not charged

Below we will consider the main reasons that may affect the lack of charging a phone. If you are faced with such a problem, do not rush to carry a smartphone to the service center. Often the solution may be extremely simple.


Apple smartphones are extremely moody to non.Original (or original, but damaged) charging devices. In this regard, if the iPhone does not respond to connecting charging, you should first blame the cable and the network adapter.

Actually, to solve the problem, try using another USB cable (of course, it should be original). As a rule, a USB network power adapter can be any, but it is desirable that the current strength is 1a.

Source of power

Change the power source. If this is a socket. Use any other (most importantly, working). If you connect to a computer, a smartphone can be connected to a USB port 2.0 or 3.0-the main thing, do not use connectors in the keyboard, USB hubs, etc. D.

If you use a docking station, try to charge the phone without it. Often accessories, unusualized Apple, can work with a smartphone incorrectly.

System failure

So, you are completely sure of the power source and connected accessories, but the iPhone still does not charge-then you should suspect a systemic failure.

If the smartphone still works, but the charge does not go, try to reload it. If the iPhone is no longer turned on, this step can be skipped.


Pay attention to the connector to which the charging is connected-over time, dust and dirt gets inside, due to which the iPhone cannot recognize the contacts of the charger.

Large garbage can be removed with a toothpick (most importantly, act extremely neatly). It is recommended to blow the accumulated dust with a spray with compressed air (you should not blow it with your mouth, since the Prolon falling into the connector can finally ruin the operation of the device).

Firmware failure

Again, this method is suitable only if the phone has not yet managed to discharge completely. Not so often, but still there is a failure in the operation of the installed firmware. You can eliminate such problems using the device restoration procedure.

A worn.Out battery

Modern lithium-ion batteries have a limited resource. A year later, you will notice how much the smartphone began to work less from one charge, and the further. The sadder.

If the problem is in the battery gradually failing, connect the charger to the phone and leave it on the charge for 30 minutes. It is possible that the charge indicator will not appear immediately, but only after a while. If the indicator is displayed (you can see it in the image above), as a rule, after about 5-10 minutes, the phone is automatically turned on and the operating system is loaded.

Problems with “iron”

Perhaps what every Apple user is most afraid of is the failure of certain components of the smartphone. Unfortunately, the breakdown of the internal components of the iPhone is quite common, and the phone may well be extremely operated, but on one day it simply ceases to respond to connecting the charger. However, more often a similar problem occurs due to the fall of a smartphone or a liquid hit, which slowly but surely “kills” the internal components.

Iphone Not Charging? How To Fix It! [2022]

In this case, if not one of the recommendations given above has brought a positive result, you should contact the service center for diagnostics. A connector, a train, an internal power controller or something more serious, for example, a motherboard could fail in the phone. In any case, without the proper IPhone repair skills, in no case do not try to make out the device yourself. Trust this task for specialists.

Falf of the charge controller

Controller of the charge. This is a microcircuit on the board responsible for the correct operation of iPhone power circuits. Most often, the incorrect operation of the controller can be caused by the use of non.High.Quality accessories used to charge the device, or the voltage jump in the network during charging. This problem can appear on any generation of iPhone, but most often problems with the charge controller are found on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

In such cases, complex repairs of the board at the component level are required: in most cases, this is decided by replacing the charge controller of the charge controller. Note that such operations can be performed qualitatively with specialized equipment, and the master should have vast experience in complex repairs of boards. Otherwise, there is a chance to make even worse. Cases are not rare when people who have already received unqualified service in another place turn to the specialists of our service center.

If your iPhone is not charged and you need to understand the reasons for the problem and eliminate them, you can always count on the specialists of our service center, who will quickly conduct technical diagnostics of the device and offer a qualitative solution. Contact. We will always be happy to help you.

My iPhone Won’t Charge! The Real Fix From A Former Apple Tech.