Why is the Play Market on the tablet not launched


For some reason, Play Market does not open: solving the problem!

Smartphone users often face why the Play Market does not open, and what to do in such a situation. Below we consider the reasons and give a step.By.Step instructions for resolving the current problem.

There are several reasons why android does not open the Play Market or other failures arise in the application. We highlight the main points:

  • Lack of normal connection with a global network.
  • Access of the cache and data Play Market.
  • System failures in the operation of the device.
  • Insufficient memory.
  • Incorrect installation of a diabetes.
  • Accumulation of cache and data dispatcher or Google services.
  • Play Market update.
  • Lack of Android update.

These are the main explanations why Play Market is not launched. Given these factors, it is necessary to make a decision on further actions to eliminate the problem.

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Ways to solve the problem

When the failures appear, it is difficult to determine what led to the consequences. But there are a number of actions that help get rid of the problem. If suddenly does not go to Google Play, start with simple actions, and after moving to more serious steps.

Restore the phone

The first thing to start with is to make sure that there are no android OS failures. To do this, reboot the device. Do the following:

As an option, you can completely turn off and turn on the device. If you still don’t go to the Play Market, go to the next step.

Check the Internet connection

Make sure the phone is connected to Wi-Fi or high-speed mobile Internet. One of the reasons why you can’t go to the Play Market is the lack of connection to the network. To solve the problem, do the following:

play, market, tablet, launched
  • Enter the web conductor on the smartphone.
  • Make sure the connection (availability of the Wi-Fi icon, the 3G / 4G symbol).
  • Try connecting to any of the sites.

If other pages are loaded, but at the same time the phone does not enter the Play Market, the reason is with the program.

Set the correct dates / time parameters

Many complain, they say, I can’t go to Google Play, but they forget to check the correct setting of the date and time. These data can accidentally reset with an incorrect cycle of turning on / off the device or withdrawal of the battery. For configuration, do the following:

Move the toggle switch to the position automatically so that the system itself puts the right time on Android. If you did everything right, but still does not go to the Play Market, goes on to the next step.

Enter the profile

If suddenly the button is not pressed to enter the Google Play, the reason may be failures in the operation of the account. At the same time, the systems do not enter the applications. To correct the situation, go through the following steps:

  • Enter the settings. And then other accounts.
  • Go to Google profile.
  • Click on the delete account.
  • Restore the device.
  • Go to Play Market on Android.
  • Choose an existing item.
  • Enter account data.

Reset Play Market and Google Services

One of the explanations why it is impossible to go to the Play Market is the availability of extra data and the cache of the services of interest. Removing unnecessary files helps restore Android if for some reason does not go to Play Market.

After that, check the application of the application on Android. Enters the Play Market or not.

Delete Play Market update

One way to solve the problem is to remove the update of the problem application on Android. To return to a stable version, make the following:

  • Enter the settings.
  • Go to the application section.
  • Click on Play Market.
  • Select the item Delete the update.
  • Restore the phone.

Turn on the download dispatcher

One of the reasons why does not go to Play on Android Market is a disconnected bootloader. Take the following steps:

  • Enter the settings. And then in the application.
  • Go to the tab all.
  • Find and open the download dispatcher.
  • Click to turn on.

Turn off the VPN

One of the reasons, how much does it go to the Play Market on Android. On the phone on the phone. In this case, there may be difficulties with connecting. Try turning off the VPN and check the application of the application again.

play, market, tablet, launched

Delete Hosts file (need root)

If the phone is installed on the phone, and the phone on Android does not enter the Play market, try to delete the hosts file. Take the following steps:

  • Open the file manager, for example, ES conductor.
  • Go to the Root System Directory.
  • Find the Hosts file.
  • Remove it.
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To avoid problems, it is better to copy this document to the remote source, so that in case of failures, return everything to place. Do not delete other files.

Check the compatibility of the programs

One of the reasons why the Play does not go to the Android market is the incompatibility of some new program with the Google service. In this case, try turning off the latest applications. Do the following:

  • Enter the settings.
  • Go to the applications.
  • Click on the program after which there were malfunctions.
  • Click Stop or Delete.
  • Restore the device.

Reset to the factory

This is an extreme measure that needs to be resorted to if it suddenly does not enter the Play Market on the phone with Android. Keep in mind that in this case the device is returned to the initial parameters, and personal data are deleted. If possible, make a backup copy.

  • Enter the settings.
  • Go to the memory point and backup copies.
  • Select the reset point to the factory settings.
  • Click on the Restore button.
  • Wait for the completion of the restart.

Connection check

There is a great chance that the reason for the poor work of Google Play is a poor-quality Internet connection or its absence. Before starting to optimize the phone settings, it is better to first check the condition of the network. It is possible that the problem is actually not on your part, but on the side of the provider.

play, market, tablet, launched

It happens that cache data and data from the network may differ. In simple language, applications may not start or work badly due to the discrepancy of information. Actions that need to be performed to clean the cache on the device:

Why Play Market does not work. Damn dozen reasons

Users of gadgets on Android OS know that without Play Market. Nowhere. The value of the application lies not only that this is the most complete resource of books, films, games and useful programs for a smartphone, but also in the convenience of use. Based on this, you can understand the panic covering the user when the Play Market does not work. Let’s look at why this happens, and what to do with it.

  • The first possible reason is that the application is not installed or removed from your device.You can read about how to solve this problem in an article on installation and registration in Google services.
  • The second advice does not shine with originality, but, nevertheless, often a simple reloading of the device can help. If the Play Market does not work due to an uncritical failure in the system-turn off and turn on the device.
  • You can also try to reconfigure Google Play: 1) We go to “Settings”, 2) We look for “Applications” or “Applications” dispatcher, 3) select in the Google Play list, 4) we find the “Wipe the Data” button (in some models it is called “ Clear cache”).
  • If the cleaning of the cache did not help, try to get rid of the program updates. Where in the previous point: 1) we go into “Settings” again, 2) select “Applications Dispatcher”, 3) We look for Google Play, 4) click “ Delete updates “. Thus, the application is returned to the original state. If after that Play Market flies when starting, we go to the next step.
  • Reset Google Play Services settings. We do everything in the same way as in the 3rd Council, but instead of “Google Play”, select “Google Play services” and we already clean the cache there.
  • Another reason that the Play Market does not work is the inactivity of the “boot dispatcher”: 1) go to “Settings”, 2) Next in “Applications”, 3) we select “All”, 4) In the list we find “Dispatcher. Downloads “, 5) If the dispatcher is not turned on, we activate it. BUT! If turned on, we do not touch anything and look for another reason for our problem.
  • Sometimes the Play Market flies due to the fact that the Google Accounts application are disabled. To launch it, we go there as in the previous paragraph: 1) “Settings”, 2) We look for “Applications”, 3) Open the “All” tab, 4) select “Google accounts”, if the application is inactive. Include it. If everything works, we do not touch and go further. By the way, you can read more about managing your account on Google Play.
  • Often the cause of Google Play’s failures is the lack of an Internet connection. To check the connection, go to any browser and try to visit any site. If the site does not open, most likely you have Internet problems. Check the balance if you use mobile Internet, restart the router if your smartphone or tablet is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • If the Play Market does not open and writes “there is no connection”, but you are sure that everything is in order with the Internet, most likely, the case is in the incorrectly set time: 1) we find in the settings the column “date and time”, 2) put boxes Near the “Date and Time of the Network” and “The Tax Belt of the Network”.
  • Clean Master can help to solve the problem with an inconspicuous application. Install CCleaner, run, click “Clean”, wait for the end of the procedure. Ready.
  • A desperate but time.Tested method. Hard Reset, resetting all settings. After reset, the gadget returns to the factory settings. The minus is that the data and applications that you installed are lost. Plus. This really solves most system problems, after which the device works as it should. If you do not want to lose your data, make a backup copy of the system in the “Reserve Copy of Data” section. So, we dump the settings: 1) go to “Settings”, 2) Choose “Restoration and Reset”, 3) We look for “reset all the settings of the phone/tablet PC)”, 4) click “Wipe everything”. After that, the gadget will reboot and turn on as new. At the factory settings.About how to completely remove, and then restore the Play Market. Read here.
  • Do not forget that there are applications that block the normal work of Google Play. For example, the popular Freedom application, which allows you to make intra.Game purchases for free, often interferes with normal work of the Google application markete.
  • Residents of the AR Crimea can face problems in the use of Play Market due to sanctions against, which has joined the Google Corporation. But you will read about this here.
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We examined the 13 main reasons why the Play Market does not work. If after you have done all the steps, the problem is not solved, you should contact a specialist. Our directory for all Play Market mistakes can also help you.

What to do. Methods of correcting errors

So, they figured out the reasons. Naturally, there can be much more, we only selected the most common. However, the ways of “revitalizing” the Play of the market that we will analyze in most cases work.

Check the network connection

First of all, make sure your device is connected to the Internet and it really works. Check it is very simple. Start the browser and try downloading any page. If nothing happens, go to the settings and make sure that data transfer is enabled. If you use Wi. FI. Then, accordingly, check the connection.

Reboot the device, set the time

The easiest way that can be used and when the Play Market does not work, and when the smartphone freezes, and with many other problems. You can skeptical of this method, but in 50% of cases, rebooting really helps to solve the problem.

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If you are sure that everything is in order with connecting to the network, then it is worth checking the settings of time and date. It happens that the user simply incorrectly set a month or number, which led to an error of the type “There is no connection”. Carefully check the entered data.

Reset the settings and clean the cache

Also a very effective way that we recommend applying if the reloading of the device did not help. We will roll back the updates of the Play Market itself. Which may incorrectly establish. For this:

  • Go to the device settings (gear image).
  • Find the item “Applications” or “Application Manager”, which list all established programs.
  • Find Google Play with the corresponding icon. Here we are looking for the buttons “Clean the Cache”, “Wipe the Data” and “Delete updates”. Click on everything.
  • To consolidate the operation, we recommend restarting the device so that the system will see changes faster

In addition, such an operation can be done with another program. “Google Play services“. You can find it here.

After that, check if Play Market works. The problem is solved. Excellent, no. We proceed to the next action.

Turn on what we disabled

Often, users accidentally or intentionally turn off important service or program systems, and as a result, Play Market does not work. Make sure that the Google Accounts are actively by selecting the corresponding item from the list of programs. If disabled, just click the “Turn on” button. Also check whether the “Loading Dispatch” application is on, without which, by the way, many android services may not work.Device. Having completed actions, try to launch Play Market. It still does not work? Do not be discouraged, because we still examined only part of the ways.

Often, access problems in Play on Android proceed from the incorrect adjustment of the Google account. It is presented by an account that contains a login and password entered during registration (the very first entrance to Play Market). It is incomprehensible because of what, but it is precisely problems with the account that often becomes the cause of various mistakes, including with Play Market, especially on old versions of Android.

Before proceeding with the deletion of the Google account, it is necessary to maintain important data (perform synchronization), otherwise you can lose the necessary information.

  • We go to the settings.
  • We find a section of accounts, which list all services from which are stored in the memory of the device.
  • Choosing the item “Google”.
  • All accounts tied to Google services will appear in front of you.
  • Choose the one that you use by clicking on it.
  • A menu will appear in which possible actions are listed, select “synchronization”.
  • We note those points that need to be synchronized. As a rule, users create backup copies of contacts or personal data from the device memory. By the way, in the same menu, you can put a checkmark opposite the “car synchronization”. The most important information will definitely not be deleted.
  • Wait a bit while the process is completed
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Now you can calmly delete the account, without worrying that all the data will disappear. To delete, click on three points (menu) located in the upper right corner. From the list, select “Delete”. By confirming the action, your account will be deleted. Reload the device, and then try to run the Play Market. By introducing a login and password from an account. Usually this method helps with solving the problem.

We delete third.Party applications

I tried several ways, but Play does not work? Perhaps the reason for the problem was your actions that violated the performance of the system. The fact is that Android. Unlike iOS. Not so strict to unknown applications. Operating system, as well as the App Store store. Carefully check each program, avoiding the smartphone suspicious. On Android you can install anything. The same Play Market is full of incomprehensible programs.

Что делать если не работает Play Market? ЕСТЬ РЕШЕНИЕ!!

Very often, the Freedom application leads to the inoperability of the Play Market. Which is popular among users. It is used to bypass the license check, which Play Market produces just the same. Its users also use it to emulate purchases (make them free) in games. That is, it specifically intercepts applications to Google Play. Therefore, solving the problem with the non.Working Play Market. If installed by Freedom. Is either a shutdown, or even the removal of the program.

Problems can be associated with other programs. Think about what applications you installed before the Play Market stopped starting on a tablet or smartphone. Sweet a list of installed programs, deleting those that, it seems to you, can affect the application of the application. At the end, reload the device.

Check and clean the system

In the process of working in the operating system, various garbage can accumulate, which will interfere with the launch and operation of the Play of the Market on Android. Cleaning is very simple: install the Clean Master application (since we cannot run the Play Market. Then we download on the computer and throw it on a smartphone or tablet), start the check and wait for the end of the process. It will not be superfluous to check the system for the presence of viruses. To do this, download the antivirus from the official website of the antiviral software developer. Today many companies support mobile devices, such as DR. Web or Kaspersky.

Google servers problem

If Google Play does not work normally, then you need to check if other applications are downloaded. It is possible that the server with updates temporarily does not work or is simply overloaded. But the user will not be able to eliminate this problem. You will have to wait and repeat the attempt to download the program or update for it later.

The problem of uploading applications may be due to the outdated version of the Google Play Market

Why does Google Play work on

Almost any application of applications store is most often accompanied by a notification window that indicates the error number. The problem is that this code designation does not say absolutely anything to the ordinary user. And yet, you should not be upset. A solution, or rather, of its different options, have long been found.

In a special section of our site, you can find detailed guidelines to eliminate most license plates (with code designation) Play Market errors. Follow the link below and find there the material dedicated specifically to your problem. If there is no mistake that you encountered (for example, it has a different number or does not betray itself at all), get acquainted with the methods from this article. In most of them, we will refer to existing instructions.

Reset to factory settings

Radical way to solve the problem. Before carrying out this procedure, it is worth backup copying the necessary information. How to do this, you can read in the next article.

After maintaining our data, let’s go to the reset to factory settings. For this:

Many people believe that Google Market may be abyss due to the fact that the user accidentally removed the label of this application from the desktop or from the menu. However, at present, system applications cannot be deleted, so this option is not considered. The often considered situation is related to the settings of the Google Windle itself or the problem with the device is to blame for everything.