Why is there no update on iPhone 13

Rebooting your iOS device

You will not believe how many problems with the iPhone a simple reset solves. It can also help with the gray icons. For starters, use a simple turn off and on of your device. After the operating system has booted, the update process should start.

If this does not happen, do a Hard Reset and when you reboot the device everything should work. For a hard restart, hold down the “Power” and “Home” keys, hold them that way until the branded apple lights up on the display. Wait for desktop and iOS system to fully launch, then try apps update again.

iPhone 5s on iOS 13: supported or not

The iPhone 5s is still one of Apple’s most popular smartphones in Russia. Yes, and around the world, there are still many users of the already legendary 4-inch smartphone. Does the iPhone 5s support the new iOS 13 operating system, which was officially unveiled at the WWDC 2019 conference?

iPhone 13 owners complain en masse about pink screen, slowdowns and reboots

A large number of online users have complained about the problem with the iPhone 13’s pink screen. On the evening of January 20, the #iPhone 13Pink Screen# topic topped searches on Weibo, attracting much attention from online users.

The incident is reportedly mostly caused by an official Weibo report by @Black Cat Complaint. Many of the users complained about the appearance of a pink screen in the Black Cat iPhone. In addition, it is reported that restoring settings as well as updating the system is not able to fix the pink screen.

Also, many people on Weibo are complaining about their iPhone 13 series cell phones showing a pink screen, which is also accompanied by varying degrees of slowness, retrospective frames, as well as automatic rebooting and some other problems.

The so-called “pink screen” reportedly means that iPhone 13 users find that a large number of blocks of pink appear inexplicably on their cell phone’s screen, and even the entire screen turns pink.

According to initial feedback from online users, only the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max would have similar problems, but as the problem was revealed, more and more online users sent feedback, and it was confirmed that the iPhone 12 would also have a similar problem.

An iPhone 12 user told me that his cell phone also occasionally shows a similar “pink screen” effect, and most of them appear when opening an album or taking a photo.

Judging by various sources of information, in this incident with the pink screen, many users had problems with the software. Users who encounter such problems are recommended to contact the service or the Apple Store.

Upgrading from iPhone 6 to iOS 13

Like everything in life, to be able to meet a great update, you’ll need to follow a series of strict steps to get a good Apple account. However, if you have a problem at the time of the release of the new product, you should contact a specialist.

Steps for upgrading your iPhone 6 to iOS 13

  • You should enter the configuration: When you see that your computer is slowing down, you need to go into the settings part of your phone to check what’s going on.
  • Available updates: The truest thing about the slowdown problem mentioned above is that your device is looking for ways to make it run fast. So you should enter the area: “About the phone” where you can see if you need to make any changes to the Operating System.
  • Appearance of the new system: If you see the iOS 13 operating system, you should immediately select the option. Otherwise, your device will not work and you will not see the positives that are available on the site.
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You should keep in mind that do not use Apple hardware while you are upgrading. For good results, you need to have activities done automatically and, above all, securely.

How to update your iPhone 7 and above to iOS 13

Now it’s time to download iOS 13 to your gadget that can handle the firmware requirements. As stated above, the iPhone 6S and 7 are the oldest Apple phones that support the new version of the software.

there, update, iphone

How to Update to Latest iOS (Software Update): iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro/ iPhone 13 Pro Max/13 Mini

Important! Before proceeding with the update, it is better to create a backup of the device. This protects the user from crashes during installation or simply allows you to go back to the old firmware if the new version is not to your liking.

  • Go to the settings of the gadget.
  • Go to the first section.
  • Choose iCloud.
  • Click on “Backup”.
  • Activate all the sliders and wait a few minutes while the system archives the data.
there, update, iphone

In order not to lose your data in case the update fails, it is better to use the backup

  • Connect your iPhone 7 to your PC.
  • Open the program and wait for synchronization.
  • Click on the icon of the connected gadget (above).
  • Click on “Make copies automatically” section next
  • Choose “This computer”.
  • Tap “Backup Now”.
  • Wait for the process to finish.

Now you can safely update without worrying about a bad outcome.

Backup through iTunes can be saved in PC files

To install iOS 13 on the iPhone 7, you need:

  • Go to “Settings” menu.
  • Click on “Basic”.
  • Next in the “Software update”.
  • Wait until the system scans the device and the “Download” button appears. Click.
  • In the window that will pop up, select “Install”. At this point, the system will prompt you to install later or overnight. It is better to choose the second option, because the update usually takes about an hour.
there, update, iphone

Pay attention! Availability of Internet when updating is strictly obligatory.

If installation was postponed for the night, then you only need to charge the phone before going to sleep. In the morning it will be updated to the latest version.

To find out if a new OS version is available, please refer to the “Software update” section

You can also update iOS to version 13 through your computer. But it is important to note that only a PC from Apple is suitable for this. Instructions are the following:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes (if Catalina OS is installed, then launch Finder).
  • Connect iPhone to PC via USB.
  • Run the utility and select the connected gadget.
  • Download the iOS 13 package from the official site.
  • In iTunes or Finder, click on the gadget icon and go to “Browse” in the menu on the left.
  • After that press the “Update” button and press the “Options” button (aka “Shift”) and select the file described above in the window that pops up.
  • Confirm the intention to update and wait for the end of the procedure.

During the procedure, the iPhone will reboot and turn on automatically when finished. It remains only to disconnect from the PC and use.

Finder can be found in the quick access bar

How to solve Safari not working on iPhone 12/11 / XS / XR / X / 8/7

When Safari on your iPhone stops working to load pages or stops responding to requests, do not neglect the iOS system problem, especially after updating the latest version of iOS 15. Use the iOS diagnostics tool to scan and fix your iOS system error and freely update or upgrade your iOS.

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“My Safari server stopped responding on my iPhone 6, why did this happen?”

“My Safari doesn’t load web pages on the iPhone 8 Plus.”.

iPhone 13. What Went Wrong?

“Why my Safari doesn’t work with cellular data?”

Safari, as the built-in browser on the iPhone, has been widely used by most iPhone users.

While some of you benefit from the quick and easy browser on your iPhone, others are also greatly affected, especially after the iOS update (14/13/12/11).

Initial neglect will not solve the problem, and you will still struggle with growing problems caused by Safari.

Regardless of the reasons why Safari doesn’t work, you can follow a step-by-step guide to fix Safari not working on iPhone 12, 11, XS, XR, X, 8, 7, 6, 5, iPad, etc. Д., Running on iOS 15/14/13/12/11.

How to install an app from the App Store that requires a new version of iOS?

Hi all! Apple releases new versions of iOS all the time and frankly, thanks a lot for that. Why? Because, thereby, it does not give me bored constantly something happens. But never mind, back to the subject of the article. So, Apple tries and produces, and game and app developers, in turn, in a timely and very quickly remake their programs to be fully compatible with the new firmware.

And as a result, you may receive such a situation when you are trying to download an application from the App Store, and your iPhone or iPad tells you that you need to update your gadget to a new version of iOS and nothing will be installed and downloaded until then. Here’s such an unexpected ultimatum from the “apple” company and its services. Checkmate! Or not?

It looks like this ugly mess:

This content (app) requires iOS 7.0 (this can be any version) and newer. To download and use this app, upgrade by installing iOS 7.0 (or an older version of the software).

And it would seem, what’s the problem? Update and download! But:

  • There is not always a need for a new version of the firmware, someone wants to leave his device on an old and tested version of the software. Look at how many “cracks” iOS 10 has! Not everyone will want to upgrade.
  • Many people just can not install new firmware here is an article on the subject, note the number of Комментарии и мнения владельцев.
  • At this point, people still have a lot of gadgets like the iPhone 4. And as we know, for him the latest version of iOS is 7.1.2. That’s it, it can no longer be updated, and many applications and games when downloading from the App Store require iOS 8 and no less! And in the future it will continue to be the next in line iPhone 4S, and there and “five” is not far away.

What to do in this case? Leave the gadget without programs and games? Of course not! After all, there is a way to download those applications to your iPhone that require a newer version of iOS than the one currently installed.

Updated! Apple surprised everyone by removing the App Store from new versions of iTunes. So before you start following the instructions, it’s worth checking whether you have access to the game and app store from your computer? No? Here’s an article on how you can get the App Store back into iTunes. It’s “ok.”? Continue to

But one smartphone is not enough for this, you also need a computer.

  • Download and install iTunes on your computer. Launch. You don’t need to connect your iPhone or iPad.
  • In iTunes, open the App Store and select the app you didn’t have downloaded on your device because of an older version of iOS.
  • Click “Download” and enter your Apple ID (the ID must be the same as the one you used to register your iPhone or iPad).
  • That’s it, we don’t need iTunes anymore. Take your iPhone or iPad in your hands, open the App Store already there and go to the “Shopping” section. Find the app that you downloaded earlier to your computer and click on the “Cloud with arrow” icon.
  • We get a warning that an older version of the application will be installed, click “OK” and wait for the download.
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How iOS 15.4 JUST FIXED the iPhone 13 Pro! (120hz FIX )

That’s it, we were able to install a program that previously required a newer version of iOS on your iPhone and iPad. And we didn’t even touch the firmware, we didn’t need to update it!

The only thing, as you have already understood, this way install old versions of applications and games (specifically for that iOS, which is installed on your device at the moment). So there might not be any new features (implemented in later editions of the program).

But the main thing is that the application will work and you will be able to use it! And this is much better than a bare device without any games and programs.

Not updating iPhone. What to do

Perhaps there is nothing more permanent than an Apple update. Not only does the company release roughly the same number of updates for each operating system, but it also updates even devices that are no longer frankly new. In fact this is good, because this way users can be sure that they get a device that will serve them for many years. But sometimes it turns against Apple because an already released update can’t be installed for some reason. Let’s find out what these reasons are and how to circumvent them.

iPhone doesn’t update? There could be many reasons, but they are all solvable

The main reason for not installing updates is the lack of memory. The fact is that to properly install an update. especially if it is a second-order or first-order update. you need about 2-3 times more space than its weight. So an update weighing 500 MB may need about a gigabyte of free space, and you as a user need to provide this space.

The lack of noise cancellation on the new iPhone 13 is not a bug, it’s a feature. Apple has confirmed that this is the way it should be

The issue of the lack of noise cancellation in the iPhone 13 line, which has been in all Apple smartphones for years, appeared almost immediately after the announcement. However, it was previously thought to be a problem with iOS, and Apple would later bring it back.

It turns out that it won’t. Simply because the smartphones of the iPhone 13 line simply do not support such a feature. This was stated directly to one user in Apple’s tech support.

What is interesting, this same user for several months communicated with the technical support of the Cupertino giant, where he was originally advised to wait for software updates. Whether something has really changed in the company’s plans, or it’s just the incompetence of some employees, it is not clear, but, apparently, we should not wait for the appearance of the stipulated function in current smartphones. Will it be back in the iPhone 14 and why it was removed in the iPhone 13, we can only guess.