Why Play does not work on Samsung

What to do if the “Google Play” application has an error?

Sooner or later, almost every user of Android devices encounters errors of system applications. And one of the most common and difficult to ensure. A mistake in the application of Google Play Services. Most often, it occurs after any user’s actions, but sometimes spontaneously and unexpectedly, as if from nowhere.

Today we’ll talk about the reasons for the error of the application of Google Play services and what to do to eliminate it.

Ways to restore performance

Understand exactly why Play Market does not work through Wi-Fi, it is impossible without trying each of the options for recovery. We offer solutions for each problem.

In order for the application store to work, sometimes you need to reset Google Play settings. See the details in the following

OS failure

Unexpected problems in the work of programs. The main motto of the Android OS. They affect the functions of the operating system itself and individual applications or modules. The problem with the mobile application can be solved by trying to restart the phone yourself. This will eliminate frivolous and small problems in the operation of the operating system.

Problems could arise after flashing the smartphone to the updated version of the OS. So that Google Play does not freeze and start working with Wi-Fi, you need to return the operating system to the old version. The reason for the appearance of errors may be the incompatibility of a new firmware with your device.

Date and time

Sometimes the Play program does not work on Android due to the fact that when connecting Google checks the time and date with its servers. If there are deviations in a few minutes, then this will not play the roles in the work of the store. But the altered time for several days, months or even years leads to problems of the store.

The solution to this problem is the simplest. Go to the “Time and Date settings” and set the desired parameters.

Router settings

Play Market is not always able to go through Wi-Fi. The gadget can be connected to the router, but there will be no network.

  • First, study the lit light bulbs on the router and the presence of the Internet as a whole. Go from the gadget for any resources through the built.In browser. If they do not open, consult with the provider, since technical problems in the network are possible.
  • But what if there is a network? The answer is simple. Insufficient speed. The store requires a stable Internet connection and good speed. Therefore, very often, with a weak signal, in the store the error “Determining the connection is expired”. Provider will help to solve the problem.
  • Sometimes a router can prohibit Internet access for a particular connected gadget. You can correct the situation by finding instructions for the router by going into the settings and looking at the list. It contains addresses that are prohibited from Internet access. In the settings of the mobile device, find the section “On the phone”, look for your mas on the list and delete it in the parameters of the router. After rebooting network equipment.
  • The problem may occur if the password is incorrect when connecting to Wi-Fi. This can be solved by introducing a correct security code in the connection settings to a wireless network on a smartphone.
  • Sometimes a router system may not be updated. Therefore, you should download a new firmware from the official website of the manufacturer of network equipment. The problem will also solve the settings to factory.
  • Additional troubles can bring technical damage to the router: a broken antenna, torn wires, or the device simply turns off. If you notice such malfunctions, contact the service center for repair or diagnostics.
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Android settings

Another option to find out why the Play Market through Wi-Fi does not work, and this error can be eliminated by turning off the proxy server.

To begin with, in the “settings” of your gadget, select the wi-fi column. A list of available wireless networks will appear on the screen. View it, because there is a chance that the network of the router is the same, because of which the application does not turn on. If so, click on the column “Change the network”.

Near the line “extended parameters” or “additionally” a checkbox should appear, and the proxy server will turn off. If there is no inscription near the latter: “no”, you need to turn off the proxy server.

If the problem has not been solved, you need to install a static DNS on the wireless Internet menu. To do this, open the static setting of your IP. Finding fields for filling (DNS1 and DNS2), enter the following combinations in them. 8.Eight.Eight.8 and 8.Eight.4.4. Then click “Save”, retracts to the Internet on the gadget and try to enter the application again.

Violations of the store

If you can’t use the Play Market, since the application does not work through Wi-Fi, try updating the program itself. To do this, just find the desired store among other programs and click on three points at the top in the right corner. If there is a “update” item, click it.

Wireless network settings

The program may not open or work incorrectly due to the standard MTU-1500 standard parameter set in the router settings. You can find and fix this error. To do this, go to the Internet settings on the router.

play, does, work

From below the page will be the inscription “MTU SIZE” (or any similar). The column near it can be filled with 4 numbers. It can be a combination of 1420, 1460. To accurately find out the number, contact the provider. After installing the numbers, save the changes and reboot the router.

Other applications

Sometimes all kinds of programs that allow us to freely visit the sites for banned in the country can harm the Play Market store itself. You can restore its performance by turning off such an application. In the “settings” menu, find the column “All applications”, and only then. The program that gives access to closed resources. In the upper right corner of the application there will be the Count “Stop”, and we click it.

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Connection check

There is a great chance that the reason for the poor work of Google Play is a poor-quality Internet connection or its absence. Before starting to optimize the phone settings, it is better to first check the condition of the network. It is possible that the problem is actually not on your part, but on the side of the provider.

It happens that cache data and data from the network may differ. In simple language, applications may not start or work badly due to the discrepancy of information. Actions that need to be performed to clean the cache on the device:

Removing Play Market updates

If you don’t have a Play Market, even after removing all its settings, then you need to try to get rid of all the program updates, returning it to its original state. To do this, you need to get into the customer settings described above. In it you should click on the “Delete update” button.

After some time, the operating system will eliminate all the updates received by the Google Play client. As a result, it will become exactly the same as you launched it immediately after buying a smartphone when you only entered the data from your Google acute.

Correct the error “Appendix Google Play Services Stop

This error in the work of Google Play services most often occurs when trying to set up one of the standard applications or use its specific function. She talks about a technical failure caused by a loss of communication at one of the stages of data exchange between specific services and Google servers. This can happen for various reasons, but in general cases the process of eliminating the problem does not cause difficulties.

Date and time check

Properly given date and time, or rather, automatically defined by the network, is a necessary condition for the correct functioning of the entire Android OS and those components that turn to the servers, accept and send data. Google Play services from among those, and therefore the error in their work can be caused by an incorrectly installed hour belt and related values.

Note: the section “Date and Time” can be presented in the overall list of “settings”, it depends on the version of Android and the device used.

Try to perform the action at which the work of the Google Play service stopped. If it repeats, use the recommendations below

Cleafing the cache and data data

Each application, both standard and third, during its use is overgrown with unnecessary file garbage, which can cause malfunctions and errors in their work. Google Play services. No exception. Perhaps their work was suspended precisely for this reason, and therefore we must eliminate it. For this:

    Go to the “settings” and open the “Applications and Notifications” section, and from them go to the list of all installed applications.

Removing the latest updates

If the purification of Google Play Services from temporary data and the cache did not help, it is worth trying to roll back this application to its original version. This is done as follows:

    Repeat the steps.3 from the previous method, then return to the page “On the Appendix”.

Note: The “Delete Update” menu item can be presented as a separate button.

If the error “The Google Play Services Appendix” will continue to occur, you will have to move on to delete more important data than cache, temporary files and updates.

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How To Fix All Samsung Mobile Screen When It Is Not Working ( not lose data ) with prove

Google account deletion

The last thing you can do in the fight against the problem we are considering today is to remove the Google account, which is currently used on the mobile device as the main one, and then re-enter it. We repeatedly talked about how this is done in articles on the adjacent topic devoted to the elimination of problems in the work of the Google Play Market. Link to one of them is presented below. The main thing, before starting the implementation of the recommendations we proposed, make sure that you know your username and password from the account. Read more: Turning off and re-connection of the Google account how to enter the Google account on the Android devices

Why does Google Play work on

Almost any application of applications store is most often accompanied by a notification window that indicates the error number. The problem is that this code designation does not say absolutely anything to the ordinary user. And yet, you should not be upset. A solution, or rather, of its different options, have long been found.

In a special section of our site, you can find detailed guidelines to eliminate most license plates (with code designation) Play Market errors. Follow the link below and find there the material dedicated specifically to your problem. If there is no mistake that you encountered (for example, it has a different number or does not betray itself at all), get acquainted with the methods from this article. In most of them, we will refer to existing instructions.

Solution. Cleaning the cache and data

During use, any Android application is no exception to Google Play services, accumulates garbage in the form of unnecessary and temporary files. As a result, a failure may arise that the application was stopped. Many users are helped by data purification and cache.

    Find in the smartphone settings the section responsible for standard and third.Party programs. It can have the name “Applications and notifications”, “Program” and something similar.

Firmware damage and hardware failure

The most difficult case. An unleasable firmware failure or hardware malfunction of the device can be assumed in the following situations:

  • The problem arose after adverse effects on the device: unsuccessful updating of the firmware, fall, connection to a faulty charger, etc. P.
  • Together with the Play Market, other applications stopped working or the failure arises as if it is unsystematic: the program is working or not.
  • There are other symptoms of malfunctions. Hovering, spontaneous rebooting, shutdown, overheating, inadequate load on resources.
  • The above tips did not help to solve the problem. She remained even after resetting to factory settings (wipe).

Samsung galaxy s10, s20 play store not working

From this position there are only two exits. Reinstall the firmware on your own or entrust the diagnostics and repair of service specialists.