Why the computer works and the monitor does not turn on

computer, works, monitor, does, turn

When the computer is turned on, the monitor is not turned on: 6 solutions from the bearded man

Hello! Today we will consider another problem when the monitor does not turn on when starting a computer. In fact, the problem is very multifaceted, so for starters we need to decide on the initial symptoms. Our further actions will depend on this.

  • When the computer is turned on, it generally starts, the coolers are buzzing? Or he stands dead? If he does not react at all, then we look at this instruction.
  • If the BIOS load is ongoing when turning on, or maybe even Windows begins to load, but then the monitor goes out or hangs, then the problem is in the operating system. We read about Windows load restoration here.

But if you turn on the computer, but nothing happens on the screen, then we already read the article below. For convenience, I broke all the recommendations in steps from the very beginning to the end. Thus, you can understand what exactly is wrong with your PC, and you can even solve some problems at home. If something does not work out, or you will have additional questions, then feel free to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

What to do?

First of all, it is necessary to find out whether in the monitor is the matter. How to do it?

  • Earlier, when everything was in order, there was one short squeak when the computer is turned on? Is there now? No. You need to look for a problem in PC.
  • Previously, when downloading Windows, a welcome melody played? Is it playing now? No. A problem with a computer.
  • A good option is to connect the monitor to another computer (if you have a laptop or netbook, then it is almost guaranteed to an exit for the monitor). Or another monitor to this computer. In extreme cases, if you do not have other computers, taking into account the fact that the monitors are not very bulky now. Contact your neighbor, try connecting to his computer.
  • If there is a short squeak, the sound of Windows loading is also working on another computer, you should look at the computer connectors on the back side and, if there is a connector for connecting the monitor on the motherboard (built.In video card), try to connect it there. If everything works in this configuration, look for a problem in the video card.

In general, these simple actions are enough, in order to find out if you really do not turn on the monitor. If it turned out that the breakdown is not at all in it, then you can contact the PC repair master or, if you are not afraid and have some experience to insert and remove boards from the computer, you can try to correct the problem yourself, which can be read in a separate instructions : What to do if the computer does not turn on.

Hello. Tell me what could be the matter, transporting the computer to a new place, I launch, it gives out 2 short and 6 long sounds. The monitor does not turn on. I did not find in the internet what this mistake means. I don’t know the BIOS version

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Hello. Different values ​​are. Re-check that the monitor is well connected to the desired output (if there are outputs of an integrated video card and discrete), and also try to turn off the keyboard and mouse (these sounds can be due to problems with them or with their connection).

Thanks for the answer. In general, the problem was in the culer on the video card. He spun poorly, and sometimes he began to spin only from the push. I tried to lubricate YouTube rollers, but he came to an end) in general I decided to buy a new one

Hello. I have an old computer. After the voltage outbreak, he stopped working, took the service to the service. It turned on the day worked normally the next day turned on, but the black screen and asks to install or download the damaged wines 32 kr.Dll something like that. And in addition, the drive for some reason does not work. How to understand all this I will be grateful for your advice

Hello what exactly is written on the black screen? In general, according to the description, most of all, it is similar to the result of your actions, and not some kind of breakdown. And about the disco: how exactly does not work? It opens at least?

How to Fix Computer No Display or No Signal on Monitor

If possible, then do the following: take off the HDD, insert it into another computer as a second disk, put a jumper from behind on SLAVE, download the computer (main) as usual, if there is then from the installation disk (for your Windows, or from NTE), download the required file and copy it in a folder required by Windows, put the jumper in place, as you initially stood, put the railway in your computer, try to load (but carefully look from what contacts on the train you turned it off, for example, if you put it on the last settlecock, then then Do not boot, I don’t know why but by experience it is checked.

Hello, please tell me, if it turns on PC everything works only there is no signal and melody of views. What could it be?

According to the description, it seems that it does not turn on just: t.E. The fact that he makes noise fans and light bulbs burn does not mean that he turned on. Read more here: https: // Remontka.Pro/Computer-ne-Vklyuchaetsya/

Hello, I faced such a problem by Disk Boot Failure. INSERT SISTEM DISK. I threw BIOS through the battery and now the monitor has stopped to tear down. Please tell me how to solve these two problems

Hello. And if you connect the monitor to the integrated video output? (if there is such an opportunity).

Hello. The problem is what. When the PC is launched, the monitor sometimes turns on (the standard launch of PC occurs). And sometimes it does not turn on. But the system unit is safely launched with all the signals of the bios. I should pull out the network fork of the monitor from the outlet and immediately turn on how the monitor begins to work, showing the desktop. T.To. The systematic manner had already started by this time. (probably something with the GTX 650 video card ? Maybe there are any assumptions)

Hello. If you have Windows 10, 8.1 or 8 for starters, try turning off the quick start and check if the problem will be preserved. Disconnects like this: https: // remontka.Pro/Fast-Startup-Windows-10/

computer, works, monitor, does, turn

Hello, I turn on the PC all the fans spin and there is no sound boot sound and the monitor writes that there is no signal. What could be the problem?

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Check the voltage on the BIOS battery for starters, 3 volts should be

Hello! Such a problem. The monitor does not turn on. The story is: changed thermal grease, after which the monitor stopped working. I took off the processor and saw that a couple of drops of thermal paste got on the process. Deleted it, put it again and everything worked. Worked until the first shutdown. After which the monitor stopped turning on again. Again did not shoot the process, t.To. Already worked with him. I tried to connect to a built.In video card. It works. How to fix the problem.

Hello. But nothing more was done inside the case? Power cables did not turn off?

Not. When replacing, thermal paste took off only the cooler and that’s it.

The processor is noisy, the indicators are burning, the drive opens, but the monitor does not react in any way. Perhaps the problem is in the processor? What to do?

Hello! After pressing the power key, the PC begins to rustle slightly as usual, but the monitor does not turn on. Pressing the key off./VCL (power) on the monitor, on the monitor writes that there is no signal. At the same time, pressing on the system key and rebooting is without useful, zero reaction. You can disable PC only from the network.

It is possible not only from the network, but also a long retention of the power button (provided that everything is correctly connected there). 2. See the article: https: // remontka.Pro/Computer-ne-Vklyuchaetsya/

I installed Windows 10 and the computer stopped turning on 1-2raz turned on and stopped showing the image at all, but the sound and the LEDs work. The monitor works 100%.

Dust cleaning is required.

The computer turns on, but there is no image on the monitor in 90% of cases precisely because it urgently needs to clean the computer from dust. Also, at the same time, I advise you to change thermal grease and grease the fans, if necessary. The RAM is primarily ceased to work, and with it the whole PC. Sometimes a computer can even turn off or hang due to overheating, because dust clogs into a radiator and prevents the central processor from cooling normally. It naturally begins to overheat and as soon as the temperature reaches the maximum processor gives the command to immediately disconnect.

When cleaning the computer from dust, you should pull out all the PC components from your slots and blow them well. For this procedure, a span with compressed air is perfect. (you can buy in any computer store)

Manipulations with CMOS battery

CMOS battery is used as a small power source on the motherboard. Therefore, it retains the parameters. Date and time, loading properties, the order of receipt of the video signal and much more.

There are times when this element is discharged and does not charge, and the computer does not start because of this. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to extract it and try to turn on the computer. If it starts, the battery needs to replace and subsequently restore BIOS settings.

Problems with a video card

Conditionally, this problem can be divided into two parts at once on discrete video cards and integrated. In this case, the approach to diagnosis and resolution of a malfunction, as a rule, is always the same.

On the fact of operating the video card built into the motherboard, you should switch to the use of discrete memory as a test. If this is not possible, it is necessary to find a suitable replacement for your motherboard, guided by the relevant instruction.

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In the case of a laptop, when breaking up built.In memory, you cannot independently switch to the use of a discrete video card.

If you have difficulties with connecting the monitor to a discrete graphic processor, then you should disassemble the system unit and carefully inspect the connector of the video card connection connector. Inspection and cleaning of the connecting contacts of the card, as well as its correct installation, can help solve difficulties with the screen.

This can be completed with this section of the article, since while maintaining problems the only solution will be the complete replacement of the video card.

Do not try to repair a faulty device yourself. This can provoke failure of other PC components.

Schleif moved away from the hard disk

Carefully examine the train coming from the hard drive to the motherboard chipset. The ends of the train should hold tightly in the slots, without any hesitation. If you have several slots (and there are several on modern maternity boards), it is worth rearranging the cable to other slots, both the system board and the hard drive (this often helps).

Also, the problem can be in the train itself. Insert another (it is not expensive) and check whether the computer booted normally or not?


The next reason why the image may not be displayed on the monitor is to violate the reliability of contacts.

Pc is on but no monitor signal fix!

Even inexperienced users probably know that a number of components, including RAM, sound and video card, are in special slots on the motherboard.

And here sometimes this situation occurs. The system unit was versed, something was extracted, cleaned, changed. Now the computer turns on seems normal, but the monitor does not show anything. Most likely, one of the components was not tight enough in its place.

Poor contact is a fairly common reason why the monitor does not want to turn on.

computer, works, monitor, does, turn

Checking this fact is not difficult. But for this you have to turn off the power from PC, remove all the cables, unscrew the side cover, unscrewing several screws, and get to the insides of the system unit. Carefully look at how the RAM planks, video cards and other connectors are installed. Although in the case of an Accent monitor, it is made precisely on the RAM and the video card. The strips should be installed tightly, evenly, have no distortions. Also check if the side latch closes.

Swolled capacitors on the motherboard is one of the possible causes of problems with the monitor turning off

computer, works, monitor, does, turn

Make sure more that the video card is recorded using the screw to the chassis of the system unit body itself. Even if the contact has left very little, it can still appear in the form of a non.Working display. The problem is banal, but frequent. And many simply lose sight of it, sending the monitor to diagnostics. And this is a paid service.

How to change or reduce screen resolution

Reducing the screen resolution is another way to combat a sudden black screen. This must be done through safe mode. If the computer is loaded. Change the resolution to the usual. If the problem is saved, it is worth diagnosing a power supply and the video card itself.