Why the sound button does not work on the iPhone

Buttons do not work on iPhone 6

Despite the fact that in modern gadgets the design provides a minimum number of mechanical buttons, on the iPhone 6 they have a tremendous load on them. Over time, they wear out and stop working. Sometimes this does not even require mechanical damage. They are simply clogged with dust. Because of this, the Home button (home) or volume buttons sometimes does not work or staggering. Replacing them with new ones will completely solve this problem.

If your iPhone 6 does not respond to buttons, it means it’s time to change them. You can purchase buttons and replace them yourself. However, if you are afraid to damage the device, it is better to contact the service center. Those who are ready to start repairing the device will come in handy below the instructions. If the button clicks on the iPhone 6 after replacing, it means that you installed it inaccurately.

Crystal goose. Iphone 12 Pro max⁠ ⁠

Kind. They often bring me a premium technique with the words: yes it fell there with 30 cm and now problems began, it cannot be the same, they talked about moisture protection and ceramic surfaces in advertising. Attributed to the officials, and they simply refused to guarantee and all. Guys, I have repeatedly talked about the dust supply of modern phones, and now I will say about impact. All modern premium phones. Very sensitive to falls even from small heights.This is not Nokia 3310, which, during the fall, shifts the Earth’s trajectory by 4cm, where the corps is experiencing hundreds of thousands of kilotons of warheads, where the Ahiles shield did not even stand in defense nearby, this is only the 12th IPhone series for 1k dolars)

This phone came after falling from a small height, where part of the main camera and a flashlight neatly refused.

O.5x wide.Angle drove away, but the TV will not work without it. In the settings with this breakdown, you can see this:

The first and most reasonable solution was the acquisition of the camera for verification, but the situation remained pre.So we must think that the matter is not in the cell and it will be possible to do everything beautifully and without error in the settings.I recently found out another type with such a malfunction. When pressing the upper part of the board, the new camera began to work, but the native no.

So I died, which means I coordinate more money a bit, because for the repair you will need to scatter a fee and somewhere to restore or rewell something somewhere.I scatter and do inspection

At first glance, everything is whole, which means I will carry out diagnostics with staggering 3 main microcircuits responsible for the full operation of cameras and outbreaks. Marked with red.

After I decided to test this method and if it helped, then just cutting down these 3 microcircuits. When turning on, the phone from the start wrote this:

And now you need to think and know one feature. The temperature sensor is in the outbreak controller, and it did not work and by thermal heating most likely finally failed. (Noted in one photo earlier a green circle)Nick. Replace, business for 15 minutes.

How To FIX iPhone Speaker Problems & NO SOUND ��[SOLVED!] [UPDATE!]

After the replacement, a TV and a wide.Angle appeared, and a flash also earned. Obviously, since all this is interconnected.Alas, the original camera has not earned and you need to check what is the matter.I measure the voltage drop on the connectors of both chambers.

Everything is fine, with the exception of one of the chamber nutrition. There was a strong understatement and the tester squeaked. This is less than 60om.Set the train of wide.Angles from the cable of the TV

Alas, the camera died. Only a replacement with an error remains.I make a frame of the frame and solder the halves

I check all the affected functions and finally collect this designer

Repair is completed

Apple prepares a revolutionary iPhone without a camera⁠ ⁠

In the iPhone 14 line, the revolutionary version of Feel will first appear, not equipped with the main camera on the rear panel. This follows from the new Apple patents and the leakage of internal documentation published by Apple Insider. It is already known that the iPhone 14 Feel will be the most expensive 14th generation iPhone.

According to the presentation draft, the American company will again make a “revolution in the world of mobile devices”. Experts came to the conclusion that to ensure a “truly impressive experience”, there should not be a camera module on the phone-this will help its owner “feel the world by Apple (Apple’s Way-with maximum full impressions”, as well as become a “special user”.

According to the plans of the sales department, the IPhone 14 Basic model will cost 799, the iPhone 14 Max. 899, the iPhone 14 Pro. 1099, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. 1199, and the “free.Cammer” iPhone 14 Feel. 1299. In addition to the absence of a camera module, this model will correspond to the rest of Pro Max.

Analysts indicate that Apple, it seems, seemed to know in advance in the PRC-a few hours after leakage in Chinese online stores, overlays began to appear on the rear panel of the iPhone 13, which completely close the optics and give the impression that the owner has a new progressive model Without a camera. Others believe that pre-orders are currently going on, and the accessory itself will be shipped only after 5-6 days.

Make sure not to bother off is turned off

It is true that the function of “not disturbing” is useful during meetings, sleep and other cases, but if you do not turn it off, this will lead to the fact that the volume of the iPhone 6 will not work, and the other iPhone will also not have problems with the sound.

sound, button, does, work, iphone

When the “Do not bother” mode is turned on, you can see the small icon of the moon on the top panel. Go to the “Settings” and select “Do not Break” to make sure that “manually” and “on the schedule” are completely disconnected. Later you can easily fix the iPhone without sound when calling.

sound, button, does, work, iphone

Instructions for replacing the volume button iPhone 7:

  • To begin with, we will prepare the necessary tools: polyurethane or metal shoulder blades, screwdrivers, tweezers, a special suction cup and a new button;
  • First of all, we unscrew the two lower screws;
  • Squeeze the display module from the housing with a spatula. You can also open the housing with suction cup;
  • We unscrew the four screws on the protective plate from the bottom and three on the upper;
  • Remove the metal protection and disconnect the display trains;
  • Remove the screws from the protection of the battery connector, remove the protection, turn off the train;
  • At this stage, you need to remove the battery. Do it carefully, do not rush anywhere, first warm up with a hairdryer so that a double.Sided tape leaves;
  • Unscrew the screws from the volume control cable and remove the protective plate;
  • Now it is necessary to disconnect the upper cable bracket from the device;
  • Find the contacts of the bracket and unscrew the screws on them;
  • Now you need to very carefully remove the contact holder;
  • Using the shoulder blade, raise the volume control cable connector;
  • Unscrew the screws on a long protective plate, which is attached to the body;
  • You can remove the button switching mechanism using thin tweezers. You can try to carefully clean the component, perhaps it does not work because of the blockage;
  • To replace the keys, remove the old element with tweezers, try not to damage the button membrane;
  • The analysis of the device is finished, you can directly replace the button;
  • After replacing, collect the smartphone in the reverse order.

Buy a new volume button with a module in specialized stores, do not take Chinese fakes or save in some other way-so you will provide a long and reliable operation of your phone.

Iphone 5 volume repairs to repair the main causes of malfunctions

Often the volume adjustment buttons on the iPhone 5 do not work due to such provoking factors:

  • The blow of the phone or its fall. A significant mechanical effect is quite capable of leading to the physical destruction of the key or one of the internal elements of the system;
  • Contact with moisture. Even with its short effect, it is possible to oxidize contacts on the lower train with its subsequent failure;
  • Volume key wear. Prolonged use of the device can lead to the natural wear of the control element;
  • Dust penetration. It enters the case and settles on the pressure mechanism. In this case, a stronger press on the key to change the sound level is required. Over time, she stops working and completely fails.

A variety of signs may indicate a malfunction of the module. The most common among them are the following:

  • When you press the button, there is no response;
  • The element sinks and does not function properly;
  • A decrease or increase in sound does not work the first time;
  • The reaction to the command differs from the action performed by the user.

Why are the volume buttons in the iPhone stopped working?

To the most common reasons why the regulatory buttons “refuse” to perform the main function are the following:

  • Cluster of dirt;
  • Poorly executed replacement of the loop of the system board;
  • Viral applications installed on the smartphone;
  • Mechanical damage (for example, if the device falls on a solid surface);
  • Moisture hit;
  • OS failure.

All reasons are mainly standard and for any other types of smartphone malfunctions. This is the following ways to solve these problems.

Falf of headphones

If the sound of speakers works correctly, but when connecting headphones you do not hear anything (or the sound is extremely low.Quality), most likely, in your case, there is a breakdown of the headset itself. It’s easy to check: just connect any other headphones to the phone, in the performance of which you are sure. If there is no sound with them, then you can already think about iPhone hardware malfunction.

The following types of breakdowns can be attributed to the hardware malfunction:

If the phone previously fell into snow or water, most likely the speakers will work very quietly or completely stop functioning. In this case, the device should dry well, after which the sound should earn.

In any case, if you suspect a hardware malfunction without proper skills in working with iPhone components, do not try to open the case yourself. Here you should contact the service center, where competent experts will perform full diagnostics and will be able to identify, as a result of which sound stopped working on the phone.

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Lack of sound on the iPhone is an unpleasant, but often solved problem. If you have previously encountered such a problem, tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how it was eliminated.