Why the TV doesn’t connect to the Internet

How to fix: LG TV can’t connect to WI-FI network (5 easy ways)

While having a Smart TV and being able to stream your favorite apps is the best thing that has taken over traditional cable TV. There are a few things that can just go wrong. One of the biggest problems anyone with a Smart TV can encounter, for example, is not connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

At this point, you think to yourself about why you ever cut your cable TV connection. But not all is lost! If you have an LG Smart TV, here are a few ways to fix an LG TV not connecting to WI-FI.

Of course, we depend on the Internet for detached things. And if you have a lot of devices that need to be connected to Wi-Fi, you know how important it is for the device to work. So, what do you do when your TV can’t connect to Wi-Fi? Well, you can follow these troubleshooting steps and fixes that will help you connect your Smart TV back to Wi-Fi.

How to fix Samsung Smart TV not connecting to Wi-Fi [8 methods]

Smart TVs are all about giving you the best TV viewing experience. Whether you’re watching TV over a cable network or using the Internet to stream your favorite shows from various streaming services. Samsung has been in the Smart TV market for quite some time, and they have really good TV, as their displays are some of the best. While these are all good things, there can always be problems with TVs. One of the worst things that can happen to Smart TVs is when they can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network. Here’s how to fix a Samsung TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

This can be a headache, especially when you rely on the Wi-Fi network to stream or watch online content. It can also cause some inconvenience for people who use their Smart TVs as a wireless display to stream content from their cell phones or PCs. Fortunately, there are a few solutions you can use to reconnect your Samsung Smart TV to Wi-Fi. Read on to learn more about this.

How to connect your LG TV to the internet over a LAN cable

The functionality of modern LG TV sets allows you to use them not only to watch TV channels, but also as a multimedia entertainment center: watch movies and TV series, as well as listening to music on streaming services, download to your TV games and other applications. All this is possible thanks to the Smart TV function.

In order to enjoy all the functions of LG TV set to the fullest you have to connect it to the Internet. You can do it in several ways, either wirelessly, using Wi-Fi, or with a LAN cable. Recently, most TV owners prefer a wireless method, but sometimes due to various conditions it is not possible. In addition, connecting via LAN cable has an important advantage: the Internet signal will be more reliable and stable, the probability of interference is much lower than with a wireless connection.

Connecting your TV LG Smart TV To the Internet with a cable LANStep-by-step instruction

You can connect your LG TV with a network cable in two ways: with a router or directly. The first method is preferable. Here’s what you need to do:

  • A network cable is usually included with your TV or router.
  • Connect the cable to the appropriate connectors on the router and the LG TV (RJ-45). On LG televisions, this is located on the back and labeled with the acronym LAN.
  • Wait until the warning lights up on the TV screen “Connected to a wired network”, This means that your TV is connected to the internet, and you can use all its features without restriction.
  • For some LG TVs from before 2018, you may need to manually activate the connection. Press the Smart button on your TV remote control. In the menu that opens, select the Network section, find the Set up connection and activate Wired Network. Confirm the action by clicking on the Done button.

If you don’t have a router, you can also connect your LG Smart TV directly. Make sure your ISP uses Dynamic IP (DHCP), you can only connect if you have DHCP.

TV will not work with PPoE, L2TP or PPTP connections. In this case, you must use the option of connecting the TV to the Internet via a router.

Connection algorithm is the same: connect LAN cable to the TV socket, and, depending on the model, you have to wait until the connection is automatically activated, or activate it manually in the TV settings menu.

In rare cases, Internet service providers use a static IP. In this case connection to the Internet via LAN-cable is also possible, but you have to set IP and DNS addresses manually in the settings.

What to do if there is no Smart TV?

I often see questions related to connecting to the Internet TVs that do not have Smart TV. Is it possible to somehow use the Internet on such models? No, you can’t. I wrote above why.

But there is a solution. a Smart Box for your TV. It is a small device which connects to your TV through HDMI cable and just displays the picture on it. The set-top box itself runs on Android. Simply put, your TV turns into this big tablet. As a rule, manufacturers of Smart TV set-top boxes develop user-friendly control interface and optimize Android for the big screen.

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You can find a lot of these set-top boxes on sale now. Small and large, powerful and not so powerful, with or without 4k support. Their are not high. The most popular is Xiaomi Mi Box 3 (with 4K support). Really cool device. It might be better to buy a TV with bigger size for the same money, but without Smart TV and add the add-on separately, than to buy a TV with Smart functionality. Yes, it may not be as convenient to use, but most likely this set-top box will work more stable and faster than the built-in Smart TV. At least Android TV on my Philips is very slow, glitches and freezes.

You can also get the MAG 410, Dune HD Neo 4K, OzoneHD and others. The choice is very large. Buy a set-top box, connect it to the TV and connect to the Smart device via Wi-Fi, or with a network cable. Since there’s Android, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Consider the general wired and wireless connection schemes. They fit almost all versions of Smart TV. And allow you to quickly make the necessary settings.

Samsung Smart TV not connected to internet, fix

Wired connection

Cable connection of your TV to the Internet gives the most reliable signal. It’s much stronger than a Wi-Fi router connection. But with wires you will have to “fill” the room. precisely, run them along the wall or neatly hide them in the baseboards.

To connect, you will need a router that supplies internet, and the appropriate wire. The sequence of enabling and setting is as follows:

doesn, connect, internet
  • Plug the cable into the WAN connector on the router. Before that, the equipment must already be on the network. And a wire from your ISP must go to it, installed in the Internet socket.
  • Make the router settings. This often requires connecting to a PC via Ethernet wire or Wi-Fi. These settings are made by the operator who connects you to the internet. But if they forgot, or there is no technique at hand, you need to open any browser and in the search box enter the combination of the right numbers. For example, (or 0.1).
  • Check the router settings. To do this, you just need to connect to your home network via smartphone or laptop.
  • Get a second network cable or switch the used one to the LAN port of the TV. The other end must also be plugged into the same input on the router.
  • After connecting two-way patch cord, which has the same “tips”, appropriate indicators will light up on the router. They are located on the back panel near each input.
  • Once everything is plugged in, you start up the TV and start to configure it.
  • Take your TV remote control. Go to the main menu using the Menu or Keypad key.
  • Find the “Network” tab and its settings. There choose to connect via cable or LAN.
  • Save your changes. And check if the Internet is turned on on your TV. You can open any installed application on your Smart TV.

If you have a TV without the Smart option, this method of connecting to the Internet is not suitable. TV simply does not recognize the signal source and can not play the desired content. You need auxiliary equipment, like set-top boxes, for this kind of technology.

Wireless setup or Wi-Fi connection

Connecting Smart TV via Wi-Fi to the Internet also takes a little time. Before setting up you need to make sure the router is turned on and the home network is already configured. The following algorithm of actions:

  • Go to the TV settings. Find “Network Settings.
  • Choose a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Enter your home network information, including the password you set.
  • Save the data and check that the Internet is working properly.

This method of connecting Smart TV to the Internet has its advantages. This way, you won’t have to pull a cable through the apartment. And additionally, you can connect and use a smartphone instead of a remote control. To do this, all kinds of equipment should be connected to the same home network. And you should install the appropriate application on your smartphone.

The solution to the most popular problems on Samsung or LG televisions

Buyers more often pay attention to South Korean brands. Two South Korean companies are constantly fighting among themselves for the consumer. LG aims for an aggressive policy among young people. Samsung is the aristocratic leader of the Korean market.

The Smart TV functions of both companies are about the same, with similar problems. What to do if the TV doesn‘t show Smart TV?

Connecting your TV to the Internet

You should start with connecting your TV to the internet. Preferably a router connection. This is done as follows:

  • The WAN port of the router is inserted into the network cord connector of the provider;
  • The router itself is being set up;
  • The TV is connected via Wi-Fi connection or twisted-pair cable to the router directly.

People think you just plug in the cable from your ISP and it works. But it’s not. If your ISP provides a dynamic address or “white IP”, the equipment will really work. But some companies use other connection protocols. PPPoE, PPtP, L2TP. They require a password and login to the internet. In addition, the router is able to distribute the Internet to other devices, so it’s not worth giving it up even if your TV can show from the service provider’s cord.

Mandatory reboot

If Smart with wireless internet connection is not working it may help to reboot the equipment. Reboot steps:

doesn, connect, internet
  • Unplug your LG or Samsung TV from the Internet.
  • Turn off your router.
  • Unplug both devices for 10-15 minutes.
  • Connect the router to the network and wait for stable operation.
  • Unplug the TV and try to log into the network.

What to do if rebooting does not work? It is worth checking the receiver and clear the application cache. perhaps the memory is clogged with fragments of files and does not allow the swap file to work effectively. To do this, go to the “Menu” tab of the receiver and in the “Configuration” clear the application memory.

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Factory reset your TV

Russian users are not accustomed to reading instructions, so the setting of the devices are carried out by trial and error. If the “scientific method” did not help, it is worth to return the factory settings to their original state. For this there is a reset button.

Connect to the network manually

If the automatic connection methods for some reason did not work, try the manual connection. To do this you will have to dig in the documents and find the service contract with the service provider. In the document is prescribed data connection of your device to the Internet.

The information is entered into the “Static configuration” menu item. To get there in the following way: Open the menu tab “Configuration”, then. “Network configuration” and “Static IP address.

After entering the correct information we press the “Ok” button and try to turn on the Smart TV. If there is no connection, if the receiver repeatedly gives the error of no connection, you need to contact the support center of your provider. The expert will point out the errors, asking to specify the MAC-address of the device, or send a wizard to replace the equipment.

Updating the router firmware

If Smart TV doesn‘t work, the reason can be an outdated software of the router or TV. The TV requests to update automatically during operation, but the router does not do this. Old router software may conflict with TV receiver updates. Updating the firmware should result in loading the Internet.

Some models do not turn on Smart TV on a Samsung TV due to a mismatch between the MTU of the service provider and the equipment. MTU is the maximum data size that can pass without fragmentation. If the data block is bigger than the cluster size then the data is fragmented and can not be read. ISP support service knows about such cases and will definitely check the probability. Sometimes changing MTU can lead to acceptable results. It’s not recommended to perform firmware update by yourself. This is done by an expert.

Software problems

It happens that Smart refuses to turn on due to incompatibility with the latest changes in the provider’s server. How to download firmware update? The only way out is to look for a working computer, laptop with network connection and write the firmware on a flash drive. After that the software is installed on the TV set via USB port.

Router malfunction

Even if your TV is in perfect working order the router might be faulty. Therefore, if the other “poultices” did not help, you can find a router for a while, connecting it to the home cable. The easiest way is to borrow from friends or neighbors. If there was a problem with the faulty router. the network from the new device will set up automatically via Wi-Fi or cable. In this case, you will need to buy a new device.

Peculiarities of Wi-Fi connection on TVs

Connecting to a Samsung and LG Smart TV wireless network has some differences.

LG TV doesn‘t connect to Wi-Fi: the reasons why the TV doesn‘t see the router, loses network and has poor Wi-Fi reception

It usually takes almost no effort to connect your LG TV to your router, and can be done in less than a minute. But there are situations when the TV doesn‘t connect to the network, doesn‘t see Wi-Fi or is frequently disconnected.

Let’s look at cases when LG TVs don’t see Wi-Fi. The first thing to make sure is that this model of LG TV supports Smart TV and it has a built-in Wi-Fi module. You can check the TV model on the official LG website. Possible options:

  • The TV doesn‘t have Smart TV. In this case you can not connect the TV to the Internet neither with a router nor with a cable. Models without Smart TV have a LAN-port, but you need it to connect to the local network and to view content, for example from a computer.
  • TV with Smart TV, but no built-in Wi-Fi. LG TV is connected to the Internet either by cable or with an additional router (repeater). On the website, in the description of these LG TVs there is an icon next to the Wi-Fi item., No built-in adapter.
  • The TV supports Smart TV, but the Internet only works when using a proprietary Wi-Fi receiver that plugs into a USB port. These models have a Wi-Fi icon next to “Ready” or “Optional” in the description of the TV. This means that the connection is possible through an external LG adapter.
  • LG TV with Smart TV and built-in receiver. On the website, there will be a ∙ or the word Yes in front of the Wi-Fi item. At the moment almost all LG TVs with Smart TV already have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver.

After making sure the LG TV supports wireless connection, you should check that the TV is within range of the Wi-Fi network. And if the list of networks does not show a particular network, you need to find out whether the router works, whether the signal is good and whether this network is available on other devices. If you have internet, reset your Wi-Fi router and TV. At the same time, not only turn off the TV, but also disconnect it from the power supply. Switch off the router for at least 20 seconds to let it finish the previous session. When reconnecting to the Internet, the TV may ask for a Wi-Fi password, make sure there are no mistakes and the password is entered correctly. The password can be viewed on the router itself, it is usually indicated on the back of the router.

After the performed actions, the TV still does not catch Wi-Fi. The cause may be a broken router or outdated software. You will need to contact a service center to fix or replace it.

In case if TV does not see any network and writes that Wi-Fi is off and the switch is in Off and inactive, most likely the problem is in the Wi-Fi module of the TV. And you will need to contact the LG service center for advice on further action.

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In some cases, after selecting the network and entering a password, the following message appears: Failed to connect to the network. Try restarting the TV and the router with the shutdown for 20 seconds. If it has not worked and the TV has not seen the network, or LG TV has error 106 when you try to connect to the network, you need to check the correct DNS address:

  • Go to LG TV Settings
  • Next, select Network
  • Go to the Wi-Fi Network Connection menu
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • Click the Change button
  • Uncheck Automatically
  • Type 8 in the DNS line.8.8.8
  • Click on the Connect button

After these steps error 106 should disappear and Internet connection will be restored.

Sometimes the cause can be found in the settings of the router:

  • In the DHCP sub-section, make sure that the server icon is lit On; if not, you must turn this feature on, because it automatically assigns IP addresses to devices. Sometimes you may encounter a situation that the DHCP server is enabled but not working, then you can assign an IP address manually, the available local addresses are in the administrative panel of the router.
  • In the security box make sure that the MAC-address filter is disabled. And we recommend to add the MAC-address of your TV to the white list, devices from this list will not be automatically blocked when you try to connect. You can see the MAC-address of your TV in Settings, then select Support and Product Info.
  • Check the router settings for correctness. The security type should be WPA2-PSK (Personal). Your network name must be in English letters. Set the network mode to mixed b/g/n, or Only n. Channel Auto. Channel Width Auto. Try to change the router settings manually, changing the channel, its width and mode (for example: channel.Channel 11, bandwidth 20MHz, mode 802.11n).

Save the settings and reboot the router. You need to reboot after each change. Otherwise the router will revert to the old settings.

If LG TV often disconnects from the network or signal speed drops, but all other devices connected to Wi-Fi work correctly, then you should look for the cause in the TV:

  • Try to disable Wi-Fi Direct is a standard based on Wi-Fi, which allows devices to exchange data without using a Wi-Fi access point. This technology has a fairly large range, and can connect more than two devices simultaneously (TV, projector, mouse, keyboard, camera, etc.).д.).
  • You can also disable Miracast is a wireless video transmission technology. You can use it to display the screen image from your smartphone, tablet or laptop on your LG TV screen. You can turn off the Listening Mode in the Screen Share settings. This feature can affect network performance and stability, so by default it is always on, so smartphones and laptops can find your TV and connect to it to stream images at any time.
  • You can temporarily disable the auto update software, as it can reset the network when booting up.
  • Switch to 5GHz frequency for a more stable network. You need to contact LG technical support to find out if your LG TV supports the 802 standard.11ac. If your TV supports the 802 standard.11ac, and your router supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi network sharing (not just 2.4 GHz), you’ll need to manually change the channel. In the router’s settings, select the Wireless mode section and Wireless mode settings specifically for the 5 GHz band, in the Channel line you need to select one of the values: 36, 40, 44 or 48.
  • Supplement the hardware with a repeater to boost the signal. Because if the distance between the router and TV is too long, the signal will be weakened, and the streaming video will be interrupted under heavy load.
  • Connect your LG TV to the network with a cable to eliminate the Wi-Fi network congestion from the mass connection of different devices. It also helps to eliminate the interference from household appliances (for example, microwave ovens or refrigerators).

Another solution to the problem when the TV does not see the network, is to reset the Smart TV settings to factory defaults. Before resetting, take a picture or write down important settings; they will not be saved after resetting: sound, power saving, and picture. To carry out a reset of the settings, it is necessary:

  • Go to LG TV Settings.
  • Find General item in Advanced tab.
  • Activate Reset to defaults command.

Setting up the TV is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Almost all causes of incorrect operation Wi-Fi on LG TV sets can be corrected by your own without assistance of LG service center. And, more often than not, you can get stable operation back by simultaneously resetting your router and TV.

The Internet does not work on your Samsung Smart TV

It happens that the TV without any problems connects to a wireless, or cable network. But there is no access to the Internet. The Internet is not working in the browser, applications, some functions of the Smart TV. If you open “Network Status”, you can see about this picture:

Of course the first thing to do is to check if Internet via router works on other devices. If it works, power off the TV for 15 minutes. Restart your router and try to reconnect.

If the problem is not solved. try to register a static DNS-server in the network settings on the Samsung TV.

Set the “DNS Settings” to “Manual Setup. Enter the address below (this is Google’s public DNS) and hit Ok.

You can press the “Repeat” button. If Internet connection does not appear, restart your TV (turn off the power for a few minutes). Try doing a network reset following the instructions below. Check if the Internet will work when connected to another network.