Wi-Fi checking the network requirements and is not connected. Launch network commands inside PowerShell (Admin)

To get started, we go to the device manager (the right mouse button on the start button) and look at the “Network Adapters” branch.

Where will be “wireless”. this should be included without exclamation marks (does not work) and arrow (not turned on, as in this picture).

Solution of the problem. delete the device and reboot the computer.

After starting the system in the corner, the wai faya icon with an asterisk burns in the corner. There is no Internet. There is no connection to the router.

I shake the badge. I look at all networks, then everything is in order with iron, as well as with the drivers of the network card.

I try to connect. does not connect. I watch the parameters of the connection. everything is in order, since the last time there are no changes.

After dancing with tambourines, it appeared. The next day the problem was repeated. And repeats every day.

wi-fi, checking, network, requirements, connected, launch

After performing the diagnosis, he writes that he found and eliminated the error.

So not everything is so smooth with the new Windows 10 operating system. Otherwise, everything is in order. Cross.

Check the connection activity

We go to “All elements of the control panel \ network connections” and watch.

In the figure there is one active and two-off adapters of the network and the Wi-Fi adapter is turned off (wireless network). The right mouse button. turn on. That situation when it is difficult to guess what’s the matter. There are hot keys on laptops that swab and turn off the adapter in this place.

Solutions to the problem of connecting Win 10 to Wi-Fi resetting the network card settings

Resetting the parameters of the network card that is responsible for the Wi-Fi distribution.

We go to the control panel \ Network and Internet \ Center for Networks and General Access Management.

We go to “Change of adapter parameters” (control panel \ network and Internet \ network connections).

Properties of wireless connection (on the icon right mouse button).

How To Connect WiFi Network Using CMD[Command Prompt] in Windows 10

Turn on the computer and put all the checkmarks back.

That we have achieved this. Forced to reset all Wi-Fi connection settings that came to us “by inheritance” from the old system. In principle, the first method does exactly the same thing, only for some reason updated settings are lost after turning off the computer.

If the problem remains, then you can play other parameters. I wrote more in the article Wi-Fi sees not all networks sees. Pay attention to the section Dressed channels. It is relevant if there are several other routers in the radius of the router. competitors for the frequency of channels distributing Wi. FI.

Update the network adapter driver

You need to protect your home network? Try one of these wonderful firewall devices!

What to do if the laptop does not connect to the network: reconciliation from the phone

After all the settings performed, you need to check everything. If nothing changes, and the system does not want to connect the device to the network, then the check can help in this situation. The bottom line is that you need to pick up the phone and try to connect with the Wi-Fi network. If it turned out, then you should configure network detection on the laptop.

However, if the mobile device does not connect to Wi-Fay, then the problem is most likely in the provider or router. In this case, it is worth contacting a company providing services.

Why does Wi-Fi not connect on the Windows 10 laptop: Network detection

Sometimes it is enough to limit yourself to previous step.by.step guides. But in some cases, such methods cannot solve the problem. You have to change some more settings. If Windows 10 does not connect to the Wi-Fi network, then you should do the following:

How To Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet Access (Windows 10, 8, 7)

  • Open the parameters through the key combination “Win I”. Go to the network settings, Wi-Fi.
  • Sweep down, click on “Change of advanced general access parameters”.
  • Turn on the setting in the tree “All networks”. Then click “Apply” so that the parameters can change.

Network detection in Windows settings

If the option is disabled, then the system may limit the connection.

note! You need to make sure that the “plane” mode is disabled. Also, probably, the network administrator without the knowledge of the user changed the password, this also happens.

Solution of the problem: first steps

No matter how trite it sounds, but the first thing is to check the serviceability of the router (router) to the network network, as well as the adapter Wi-Fi to your PC (laptop). If all indicators burn with stable green light (power, the condition of the Internet signal), then try to restart the router, and then the computer. If the problem is not resolved, go on the following steps.

Checking “Network Key”

The next, relatively simple way, the solution will be verified the correctness of the input of the “network security key” (password), when trying to connect a wireless connection. Even if you are sure that the password is entered correctly, it should still be checked in the settings of the router. To do this, you need to take a number of steps:

The next instruction will be shown on the example of the Sagemcom brand, however, the settings in each router are the same, only the appearance of the setting windows, subcateurories and the name of individual points can differ.

  • Open any Internet browser and enter into the line IP address of your router (the factory sticker with information is usually located on the back of the router). Usually this address can be of two types: or 192.168.one.one. In the authorization window, enter the login and password (by default in both lines, it is necessary to introduce the word “admin”).

If you enter the wrong login/password, a page with the error “401 Unauthorized” appears

In the SSID settings field, you can also choose the necessary, from all existing ones, connection on your PC

Sometimes a technical failure of a router can occur, which leads to an incorrect preservation of the “network security key”, so the author of this article advises to enter the WPA/Wapi/PSK password, using it/saving it and then rebooting a router/computer.

Installation (update) of the driver of the wireless Wi-Fi adapter

Like any electronic device, a wireless Wi-Fi adapter needs constant updating the driver. Outdated version or in general its complete absence can lead to the problem of connecting to the Internet. Therefore, to solve, it is necessary to do the following:

wi-fi, checking, network, requirements, connected, launch

    Through the Start menu, open the settings “control panel”.

“Management Panel” on Windows 10 can be found along the path “Start”/“All applications”/“Office”

“Device Manager” can also be launched using Windows search line

Update the drivers by selecting the corresponding function in the context menu

For optimal operation of the Windows system, it is necessary to regularly update drivers, not only the wireless Wi-Fi adapter, but also other devices. Therefore, the author of this article recommends using special utilities (for example: “Driver Reviver”, “Dreverpack”, “Driver Booster” and others) to scan the OS for outdated drivers, with their subsequent automatic update. Thanks to such utilities, you will save your time.

wi-fi, checking, network, requirements, connected, launch

Setting a wireless connection

It happens that the cause is a wireless.compound settings failure. To restore settings, you need:

    Open the “control panel”, go to the settings “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”.

You can also open the Settlement Control Settings window with the Windows search line using the Windows search line

By clicking on the Network badge, you can get detailed information about Internet devices connected to the computer

If a red cross burns in front of a wireless connection, then there is a problem with its settings

The network with the internet protocol version 6 is more modern, however, all known providers use the version of Protocol 4

Even if both markers stand in the right places, still reconfigure again and reconfigure the parameters

Diagnosis and elimination of network problems

If the problem with Wi-Fi with the connection remains relevant, then it is worthwhile to automatically diagnose network problems, using the corresponding Windows tool.

    It is necessary to go again to the settings panel “Center for Control of Networks and General Access” (through the “control panel” of Windows), and select the “Elimination of problems”.

How to fix the test of network requirements for Wi-Fi errors

The computer stuck a large number of users, showing the message checking the network requirements when trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

This is a problem caused by some faulty or not updated network drivers installed on your PC. This damage can also occur after using Windows updating.

This can cause many problems, especially if you are trying to connect to the Internet network. Lack of access to your online data can create many problems, and it can be extremely unpleasant.

For these reasons, in this leadership, we will consider some of the best methods applicable to this situation. Please follow the instructions presented on this list to avoid other problems.

How to fix the message “Checking the requirements for the network”?

  • Press Win Key X on the keyboard. Select the device manager.
  • Expand the recording of network adapters. Find the network adapter.
  • Click the right mouse button. Select “Update the driver”. Click “Search” to update the driver’s software.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation of a new driver.
  • Depending on the settings of your personal security, the steps that you need to take for this method may differ.
  • You need to turn off the firewall and antivirus protection to avoid conflicts.
  • After you do it, try to see if you can normally connect to your network. If you still cannot do this, please follow the next method.

Other methods of correction

Here is another selection of possible ways to correct this error:

  • Turn off the antivirus. no matter how funny it is, but in rare cases it can block the connection to the network tightly. it will be completely impossible to connect. Dagnation methods are individual, look at your.
  • Update equipment configuration. Fast method can also help. The whole point. go to the device manager and press the same button:
  • Channel. Typically, Wi-Fi router himself chooses a normal channel, to which at least you can freely connect. But in some cases it puts the 13th channel, and Windows cannot connect to it. So from the recommendations. go into the router settings, check the channel, set it different from this. But easier. just reload it several times. once it will install the right.
  • Drivers. Only in case nothing worked initially, and the system is very ancient or there are simply suspicions of the driver. In practice, it does not happen often. If you want, update.

That’s all! We do not forget to write our experience in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. And on this I say goodbye to you. I hope that the article was really useful and you managed to connect to your network and the Internet. Your Botan.

Why is not possible to connect to this network and 9 solutions to Windows 10

As a rule, PC owners and other gadgets use Wi-Fi wireless networks and other gadget owners. Connection is carried out literally in a couple of clicks, and the user only needs to enter the password for authorization. But some people have an error with a message that it is not possible to connect to this network on the Windows 10 operating system. The problem arises for a number of reasons that need to be studied before eliminating problems.

First, we will figure out how to connect on a laptop or a stationary computer. The user must click on the “Network” icon in the taskbar, select the connection of interest, enter the password and press the “Connect” button. After that you can go to the Internet.

If a notification appears on the screen about the impossibility of configuring the connection, then the person deals with the problem, on the occurrence of which the following reasons could affect:

  • incorrect password;
  • incorrect wireless settings;
  • erroneous blocking with antivirus;
  • outdated equipment drivers;
  • System failure.

Important. The error also occurs due to the fact that the user device does not fall into the radius of the router. Therefore, before the implementation of decisive actions, it is recommended to place the computer in the immediate vicinity of the router.

Surely one of the factors indicated above and caused an error in your case. To solve the problem, an algorithm was developed, based on the recommendations of people who had previously encountered such problems.

What to do if “fails to connect to this network” in Windows 10

It can be very difficult to determine the exact cause of the problem, and therefore it makes sense to consider all the possible options for eliminating problems. Below is the optimal procedure that involves making certain changes to the computer settings and the wireless network.

Turning off antivirus

Antivirus programs are designed to protect the computer from malicious files, as well as hazardous networks. But sometimes they block completely safe connections like home wi-fi. Try to temporarily deactivate antivirus. This applies not only to third.party programs like Kaspersky Internet Security or Avast, but also built.in Windows (firewall). After disconnecting the defender, try to configure the connection again, and perhaps Wi-Fi will work.

Reloading a computer and router

System failures that periodically occur even on the most stable computers affect different functions, including the Internet. Therefore, it makes sense to restart Windows 10 and try to re-connect to Wi-Fi. It is also recommended to restart the router in one of two ways:

Practice shows that these simple measures are quite effective and help users who cannot configure the connection with the home network.

Channel Wi-Fi Channel Network

Modern routers work in two.channel mode, designed for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. In this case, the computer sees both ranges for connecting to a particular network. Try changing to check if access to the Internet will open after changing the parameters.

Turning on and disconnecting the “on the plane” mode

“On the plane” turns off all wireless joints, including Wi-Fi. Activation of this mode allows you to temporarily turn off your wireless network, and after deactivation of the “aircraft”, the connection again opens access to the Internet. Try to use this mode to solve the problem.

Removing a Wi-fi adapter for reinstalling

Users who have a problem after the next update of Windows 10 found their own solution. It consists in removing the Wi-Fi adapter from the list of devices. Its reinstallation allows you to easily connect to the inaccessible network when repeated operations:

After rebooting the computer, everything will return to its place, and you can connect to your wireless network.

IPV6 shutdown in the connection properties

The vast majority of providers use IP versions 4 to provide Internet access. If IPV6 is set in the settings, then problems may occur with the connection. Therefore, it is important to make some changes:

After preserving the changes, do not forget to restart the computer so that the new parameters enter into force.

Internet settings and reset cache DNS

Also, some experts say that network reset helps to solve the problem:

By analogy with previous options for eliminating problems, it is recommended to restart PC. After that, the problem should be exhausted.

Inclusion “Random hardware”

Sometimes connecting to an inaccessible network allows the activation of the “Random hardware addresses” function. It can be turned on through “parameters” in the section “Network and the Internet”. The corresponding switch is in the Wi-Fi tab.

Change the width of the channel in the properties of a Wi-fi adapter

Finally, you should try to change the width of the channel used. This can be done as follows:

  • In the “Additionally” tab, find the channel used (for example, 5 GHz).
  • Click on it LKM and try to change the value from the “car” to “20 MHz” or vice versa.

With a high degree of probability after changing the settings, the error when connecting will cease to be displayed. And if this does not help, then be sure to double.check the methods presented earlier in the material.

What does the error of testing authenticity mean on Android

Sometimes users are faced with a situation where, when checking authenticity on Android devices, a message pops up that it failed. Most often this suggests that the system could not compare the password entered by the user, and the access code laid down in the security system of the router. However, the reason is not always the reason for this.

The authenticity check consists in entering a password on the device corresponding to the safety parameters of the router

Causes of error

If a Wi-Fi authentication error on the Samsung Galaxy devices or some other devices occurs, this may indicate that the information coding system does not match. Also, the reason for the authentication check may be a weak router signal. This happens when trying to connect at a significant distance from the router.

note! Even the most modern routers are capable of transmitting data to a distance of not more than 300 m.

The reason for the error and how to fix it

The reason for the appearance of such an error when connecting Wi-Fi is that you have changed any settings of your network. Typically, a novice user encounters this when he sets up the router and changes the type of authentication and sets the password (or changes it), doing this through a wireless connection. The following shows how to fix this error in Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.

As a result, the settings of the network itself change, and the saved settings in Windows remain the same, because of this, an error appears.

To fix it, do the following in Windows 7:

  • Click on the wireless network icon;
  • In the list of networks, select the one to which you can’t connect and click on it with the right mouse button, select the “Properties”.
  • In the properties window, on the Safety tab, set the current network parameters.

The same can be done in one more way: click on the connection icon with the right mouse button in select the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”. In it, in the menu on the left, select “Management of Wireless Networks”.

Click with a right button named network, when connecting to which it writes that the parameters do not meet the requirements of the network and select “Delete the network”. After that, connect to the network in the usual way again, you will need to enter a password.

In Windows 8, you can just click on the wireless wireless icon, then with the right mouse button named the network and select in the “Forget this network” menu.

How to forget Wi-Fi network in Windows 10

If the error of the network parameters saved on this computer do not meet the requirements of this network on your laptop or computer with Windows 10, then, as in previous cases, you need to forget the Wi-Fi network, except in 10-ke this is done A little differently.

wi-fi, checking, network, requirements, connected, launch
  • Click on the connecting icon in the field of notifications and open the “network parameters” (or you can go into the start-parameters-network and Internet-Wi-Fi).
  • Under the list of Wi-Fi networks, click “Management of Wi-Fi network parameters”.
  • At the bottom of the next window, select a network, the connection to which occurs with an error, click on it and click the “Forget” button.

After you have done it, the saved network parameters will be removed from the computer. Connect again, you will be asked to enter a password and after the input everything will be connected as you should.