Wi-Fi does not work on Huawei phone

Connection to Wi-Fi

Everything is simple here. We open the notification curtain with a swipe from the upper edge of the screen down and find the corresponding icon. Click and hold on it until the Wi-Fi menu appears. Next, we activate the switch and a list of available networks will appear below. Choose the right one, enter the password (if any) and ready.

wi-fi, does, work, huawei, phone

Another way to get into this menu: Wi-Fi wireless networks settings. After the first connection, the network information will be saved in your smartphone and for repeated connection password is not required. It will be enough to open the notification curtain and activate the Wi-Fi icon. With a successful connection, you will see the icon in the upper left side of the screen:

wi-fi, does, work, huawei, phone

If the network’s password has changed, you can just remove it and connect it again with the new password. To remove the network, it is enough to press and hold your finger at its name. An additional menu will appear where we click on this network.

Elimination of the main malfunctions

Follow these basic checks to eliminate problems to solve the problem with the phone for which Wi-Fi does not work:

Reload the phone. Long.Term use can sometimes lead to the fact that the phones cease to work properly, which requires rebooting to return them to a normal state.

Install the network frequency of the router at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, depending on what is supported by your smartphone.

Note. Since many old Android phones cannot connect to networks with a frequency of 5 GHz and do not support WPA2, be sure to read the technical characteristics of the phone.

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Make sure the phone is within reach to get a good signal.

Mechanical damage to the Wi-Fi module

Nothing helps at all? There is a chance that the physical module of Wi-Fi was damaged. A smartphone or tablet should be taken to the repair workshop so that it is dismantled and checked by the performance of the module itself. In some cases, it can be restored, but most often you have to change to a new. The device for a warranty period will need to be attributed to the authorized service center. With a dead period. In any proven workshop. Do not disassemble the device with your own hands if you do not have special knowledge and skills.

When taking any steps to eliminate the reason why Wi-Fi does not connect to Android, remember that any incompetent intervention into the operation of the operating system can result in a wonderful transformation of an excellent gadget into a plastic “brick”. Restoration will cost decent money, and sometimes replacing your electronic assistant. Be careful.


Before solving any problem with the gadget, you need to get ahead of the type of breakdown. It is worth noting that a large number of failure options. Some of them are easy to eliminate on their own. The main reasons for the compound failure:

  • The smartphone defines Wi-Fi, but does not connect. In such a situation, check the correctness of the password. If at least one character is input, access is blocked. To view the combination, click on the “eyes” icon.
  • Gadget. Reboot the device and re.Connect the modem.
  • Problem with home router. Use another Internet source to connect. Perhaps the problem is a specific router.
  • Old firmware. The outdated version of the mobile leads to a variety of problems. One of the options is the lack of connection to the router.
  • The phone does not connect to the modem, but determines the necessary network. Find out the type of protection on the device. Most likely, there is no access to Android.

Authentication error

The reason for the error occurred during authentication in the incorrect entry of a password from Wi-Fi. Make sure that the input language is right, and you do not use Cyrillic instead of Latin. Check the accuracy of the registration of the letters.

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To eliminate the source of the problem, delete the wireless network (“Forget”) and reboot the router.

If the restart of the router and the new network search did not help, change the password again through the settings of the router.

  • Information for entering the web-intese look on the device case.
  • Entering the system, change the password using the Latin and numbers.
  • See the standard value-should be WPA2-PSK.

Or select the WPA, WPA2 mode, if it is not supported by a smartphone. Unfortunately, while in public transport or in a shopping center, you will not be able to change the “safety settings” of the router. Wait for arrival home.

Router settings

Depending on the situation, the reason why Wi-Fi works poorly on the phone, the wireless router settings may be. If the router is two.Band, use the frequency range of 5 GHz, since the frequency of 2.4 GHz in apartment buildings is often overloaded. Waves from different routers, laptops, routers and gadgets are jamming each other.

This includes the selection of the most free channel. Although his choice is better to provide the router’s software (in the settings to set the channel).

It happens that Wi-Fi works slowly on the phone. Why is that? If the access point was not created by you, but the network administrator, for example, at work or a neighbor, is likely that each network client is allocated a limited access channel so that there is enough speed for all. There is nothing to do here.

The simplest tips that will help to make speed “through the air” faster are described here:

What to do if mobile Internet does not work on a smartphone

If you find the Internet problems on the Honor phone, then first pay attention to active functions in the smartphone. Autonomy and mobile transmission. If everything is in order, try to activate the constant data transfer:

Additionally, the APN parameters reset so that they are installed automatically:

If you use Wi-Fi and at the same time there are interruptions in the connection, for example, long-term loading of web pages or the appearance of a notification of the connection break, then try to restart the router or modem itself.

Problems with receiving IP addresses

If you have a problem with obtaining an IP address, then your smartphone falls into an endless network connection cycle. That is why Wi-Fi does not work. To get started, reboot the home router. If the problem is not eliminated, do the reset to the factory attitudes.

If you think this is an unacceptable solution to the problem, then we can advise another option. Go to the Google Play Store app store and download Wi-Fi Fixer.

The application restores Wi-Fi system files and some services that are necessary for the normal functioning of the Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi Fixer application will ensure that the smartphone gets an IP address.