Will 64GB be enough for iPhone 11

8GB is the sweet spot for most people

128GB is plenty for most people.

While cloud services are designed to make our lives easier, they are far from always convenient. With a 128GB smartphone, you don’t have to worry about data connectivity to access most important files.

If you take a lot of photos or videos, 128GB is a great capacity for those purposes. Once you appreciate the capabilities of the wide and extra wide lenses on iPhone 11, you are sure to take a lot of photos and need somewhere to store them. And while streaming music seems to be the trendiest thing lately, sometimes having your own music library available locally, without an Internet connection., It is necessary.

iPhone 11 Pro max

I’m going to buy a new ayfonTo tell me which memory is better 64 or 256My overall, mine is 16 is not enough of course, but enoughWhen the store said of course 256, well, they understandably profitableSay the photos weigh a lotIn the Internet, it says that they have the opposite weight compressed weighs not much and the quality is fineWhat is your opinion ? 64 or 256?

From the people become dumb on self-isolation. It is better to save money and take a Samsung for 8000 UAH. You have coronavirus of the brain, author. You want a lot.

My phone has 128GB, I’ve been using it since September, I’ve been taking photos and downloading videos and apps and I still haven’t even used half of it. I think that this is the best option for price and memory.

People are getting dumb on self-isolation. It is better to save money and take a Samsung for 8000 USD. You have a coronavirus of the brain, author. You want a lot of.

People are getting dumber on self-isolation. It is better to save money and take a Samsung for 8000 UAH. Coronavirus of the brain you have, the author. You want a lot.

Photos are loaded in any case, in the cloud, I would take 128, 64 is not enough for me, taking into account the applications.

What to envy? The price of which is made up of an advertisement and a name glued to the casing? I was using this crap for half a year and then I bought a normal Android, on which you can put everything and everything can be downloaded and not to blow your brains out. Now the iPhone is collecting dust in a drawer. it is from the series of pity to throw it away and no one in our family wants to use it. lying around as a backup in case someone loses and crashes his phone.You’re victims of advertising, you’re completely out of your minds.

It depends on. How much do you like to save on the phone) I have 28.000 photos. Most of it is garbage. You can take and 64, is enough

What’s to be jealous of?? which cost is composed of advertising and the name glued to the body? I’ve been using this crap for half a year, then I bought a normal Android, on which everything can be installed and everything can be downloaded and not to blow my brains out. Now my iPhone is gathering dust in my drawer. This is from the series of pity to throw away and no one in our family does not want to use it. lying around as a backup in case someone loses and crashes his phone.You victims of commercials are out of your fucking minds.

I’m just wondering what you can’t get on your iPhone ?)

The photos are uploaded to the cloud anyway, I would take 128, 64 is not enough for me considering the apps.

It depends. HOW much do you like to save on your phone) I have 28.000 photos. Most of it is garbage. I can get 64, it’s good enough

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iPhone 11: review and experience in a year and a half

Hi all. This is a review of the iPhone 11 cell phone from Apple, the world famous, popular and a bit categorical. I’ve been using this device for about 1.5 years and I want to share my observations.

64gb, enough, iphone


White, matte, pleasant to the touch, as with all Apple products. It should be noted that around the middle of 2021 the size has changed, the packaging has become thinner, as there have been changes in the package. Of course the smaller size is more convenient for transportation, but minuses rather more than pluses.


Previously delivered models, until the middle of 2021, the package included a charger (plug) with a standard USB input, wire to connect the phone to the charger and wired headphones in white. As for the models that come now, the charger (plug) and headphones are no longer. There is only wire, which has also changed, now the type of contact with the charger Type-c (USB-c), which means you need to buy a charger of this type separately. However, the normal plug is 5 watts, and with Type-c usually 20 watts, and the iPhone 11 has a fast charging feature and charging at 20 watts charging speed is very high, 3 times faster, so on the one hand it is an additional cost, but on the other fast charging.


Like all iPhones, it is monolithic, that is, nothing can be disassembled. Fasten the parts well, nothing squeaks or falls off. There are only 3 buttons and an insanely handy lever to switch to silent mode, all nicely pressed. Holding the iPhone 11 in your hand, it feels like a premium device. The front and rear glass, and the sides of aircraft-grade aluminum, which leaves no fingerprints and minor scratches. What can not be said about the rear glass, scratches of course not noticeable, but the prints will cover the entire area. Although I do not care, because I have my phone in a case.

According to the manufacturer, the iPhone resists water and can be submerged in water up to 2 meters and up to 30 minutes, but this does not mean actively moving under water. I have not checked it myself, but friends have experienced this situation, someone dropped it in water and it worked fine, and someone’s splashing on a boat ride completely destroyed the phone, perhaps before it was not weakly dropped and this has broken this function.

The size of the phone is quite comfortable to hold in your hand, but you can not reach any part of the screen, you have to change position a little.

The screen

Diagonal 6.I have a 1 inch, which for me personally is a very comfortable size.

This model has an IPS matrix which now, after more than two years of iPhone 11, is no longer considered a TOP and is placed even in the Chinese smartphones such as Xiaomi, which are understandably lower status. Nevertheless, the quality of IPS matrixes are different and the iPhone 11 is the best. Thanks to this you can see the beautiful white color, but not the best black, as the screen is backlit absolutely everywhere and black becomes more of a dark gray. Also in the IPS. matrix pixels are located further from the surface, so when you look at an angle the image distorts slightly. The brightness of this model is good, but not ideal, because in direct sunlight it will be quite difficult to use the device. However, in other cases, and even in quite bright light, but artificial, everything is very well visible.

Resolution of 1792×828 pixels, which gives 326 ppi, although this is not Full HD, but for everyday work is more than enough, even at close range. However, if you hold it right up to your eyes and deliberately try to find dots, you will find them. In comparison, the iPhone 12 has an OLed. a display with a higher resolution, but you can only see this at the same time looking at two devices. Can be attributed to the disadvantages and too thick frame on the frames almost 4 mm, but this is a picky and in real life, I’m not paying any attention to it all.

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Face ID

The degree of convenience exceeds all expectations. It might seem difficult to touch the fingerprint button, but when you open some app with a password, the same bank online, in just 1 second, without making any movement you are already in your personal account. The iPhone also realizes that you look at the screen when there is an incoming call and mutes it. It does not show the text of the message in the notifications until it is sure the owner is looking at it. Amazing that it recognizes you even if you’re wearing sunglasses. In short, the thing is safe and as convenient as possible.


iPhone 11 has three cameras and all 12 megapixel. One main camera with an aperture of 1.8, with a wide-angle 2 underneath.Four (it is worth noting immediately that the wide-angle night shooting is not and is very demanding to the light). The main camera has autofocus and optical image stabilization. The wide angle has no stabilization. The main camera always shoots well, both day and night, the picture is very nice.

There is a portrait mode with 6 modes and the photos are very cool, but not always.

The zoom is honestly weak, it’s 5x and digital, not optical, which means you lose quality.

The wide angle camera function is obvious, it shoots at a distance of 0.5, that is 2x zoom, not zoom. And yes you can do very cool things.

As for video, everything is awesome. You can shoot in 4K, frame rate of 24, 30 and 60 frames per second, there is a slow motion and accelerated shooting. Excellent and correct color reproduction. The picture is clear, stable and pleasing. And even the sound is very good. But the zoom here is only 3x and with a loss of quality.

Front camera is not the best on the market, but quite decent.

Of course, given the appearance of already iPhone 13, the iPhone11 does not have the coolest camera, but for normal use it is quite enough, given that social media often distorts the super-quality anyway. However, it is with the iPhone in the social networks are obtained high-quality posts and photos.

Not the TOP, the model is still not the last, but very good. Allows you to work with almost any purpose. Even heavy applications allow you to set the maximum settings, although probably not all and it is more relevant to the games, and I’m not particularly in them. But in everyday tasks, such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. it behaves perfectly, everything runs quickly and smoothly.

They say that support for the iPhone 11 will last until 2025, thanks to the processor, here is a 6-core 7-nanometer A13, before that was 7-nanometer just, then plus, and here Pro, and like it is very cool, but what is unclear. Frequency 2.65GHz, it can turn off any element on the chip when needed and then quickly turn it back on when needed which saves power. Heats up to 40 degrees according to observations, but still pulls heavy games.

RAM is not very large. 4GB, but it is enough, because it is the same 8 or even 12GB on Android. Holds applications very confident and does not constantly reload.


There are 64, 128 and 256 GB, it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to increase memory on the iPhone, so it is necessary to take seriously the choice. I use 128GB and it’s enough for me but I’m sure 64GB would not be enough.

Additional features

They say that there is an opportunity to use two SIM cards, but the second is electronic and in Russia as far as I know there is no such. It is clear that there is wi-fi, Bluetooth and modern NFC, which allows you to pay by card through Apple Pay, just bringing your phone to the terminal, works great by the way.


The battery here is 3110 mAh, which is certainly not TOP, given the consumption of the screen, but still enough. With very active use will have to charge twice a day, with moderate, well, for example, during the day periodically respond to messages and calls, a little hang out on YouTube and Instagram, and take a few photos and short videos, once will be enough. It is clear that there are related factors such as brightness, network signal strength, sound volume and application type. There is a handy power saving feature, when the charge is less than 20%, when you turn on power saving the phone can last quite a long time.

The manufacturer has installed two stereo speakers that give excellent sound, good volume without loss of quality, you can even feel a little bass.

iPhone 11 is not the flagship of Apple today and you can not say that it is a miracle of technology. But it’s an iPhone and it’s not very old, Apple tech is known for its performance, beauty, ease of use and even the iPhone 10 and 8 are still quite good. If you want a phone that has no problems performing all operations, never glitches and takes great pictures for a very reasonable price, then this is iPhone 11.

Of course the downside is that it is almost 2 times more expensive than an Android phone with the same features, but personally, after using the iPhone I don’t want to go back to Android. When I used them, it was always the same, after a year of use, the model becomes outdated and starts to glitch, memory problems occur, and social media for some reason distorts the quality. This is not the case with the iPhone, even after 2 years since its release it performs as well as it did at the beginning. Although the specs on paper are written less than the top Android models, for some unknown reason the iPhone still shows itself to be more successful.

How Much Phone Storage Do You Need?

How to save memory on iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max

Despite the abundance of rumors about support for Apple Pencil and reverse charging, the most significant change, which has undergone a new iPhone, was still related to their cameras. Novelties got not only an extra module with an ultra-wide viewing angle, but also a number of advanced features, justifying the use of the prefix Pro in the name of the devices. However, as you might expect, some of them turned out to be so resource-intensive that many users would probably prefer to just turn them off.

One of the most resource-intensive photo-related features of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max was the simultaneous shooting on multiple cameras, which Apple devoted a lot of time to at the presentation. It enables you to change the format of your finished photos or videos after the fact. That way you can see the details that didn’t make it into the original photo or clip, and crop them without losing quality.

The shape factor of the iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is simply disgusting in the hand. Every time I take it out of my jeans I wipe the screen with my tears. It took about two months after I bought the smartphone before I realized what was wrong. The deciding factor is the weight of the device. Because of the heavier weight, you lose the feeling that you are holding the best smartphone of the company. And together with the wide frame and the diagonal, you can safely call an eleven chubby. This can not be said about the older models, where by reducing the diagonal and a paltry 6 grams and get the feeling that you’re holding the best device on the market.

Every time I don’t want to pick up the phone.

Review: Apple iPhone 11 smartphone. A very decent smartphone

In fact, I am not a fan of Apple at all. I would just poke around in the phone settings, tweak something, I mean, as you know, I’m a fan of Android-phones. But my wife is just the opposite. She used to have an iPhone 5S, 6S, 8 Plus, but recently she switched to Android herself and until recently used a Samsung A50. But after all, she could not live with Android for long and in the end it was decided to replace the A50 on the iPhone.

My wife initially couldn’t decide which phone to buy: iPhone X, iPhone XR or iPhone 11. The first one is still pretty good and by the way, the price dropped significantly, but my wife wanted a phone with a slightly larger display. The second (XR), in fact, it was almost impossible to buy, but, literally, just before the purchase still decided to buy the 11. Still considered for purchase the iPhone XS max, but its price is still quite high.

So I bought a regular iPhone 11 with a minimum amount of memory (64gb) in black. Actually I wanted to buy a phone in purple, but there was only one. Black.

Probably no point in telling about the equipment of the phone. it is absolutely standard: the phone, power supply, wire, headphones and documentation. To be honest, I thought that the kit would include a more powerful power adapter, but no. the same good old 1 amp charger. It turns out that Apple does bundle a more powerful charger but only with the iPhone 11 Pro. But no problem, I have one from the iPad, which after all charges the phone much faster than the complete set.

As for the design, again, my wife originally wanted a phone in purple, but had to buy a boring black one. Although you’ll still end up wearing a protective case and, by and large, it doesn’t matter what color the phone is.

The large square camera unit seemed very strange at first, but you quickly get used to it and stop paying attention to it.

The glass back cover. The only thing I still pay attention to. It’s quite a big frame of the display. Even 2-3 years ago it would have looked quite in step with the times, but now it’s not so. My wife got used to it almost immediately, and I’m still surprised every time I pick up the phone.

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But the “bangs” don’t cause any negative emotions anymore. Apparently it has long been ridiculed and calmed down. Myself, I remember when Apple showed off its iPhone X. I was cursing terribly at its “bangs”. And now, for God’s sake, I don’t give a shit about it at all. I don’t even notice it.

The most important difference between the iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro. is the display. In the 11 Pro, the manufacturer has installed a cool Amoled matrix with higher resolution and much smaller bezels. However, things aren’t so bad with the iPhone 11 display really. Though here is a usual IPS-matrix, but it is of very high quality.

I did not find any glare. Brightness is enough for all conditions. The resolution of the display is quite weak by today’s standards, but I found absolutely no discomfort because of this. I did not see any terrible pixelation and rough “trees” on the image. So I can safely say that the display on the iPhone 11 is actually quite good. There is support for True Tone and Night Shift.

I also liked the full-fledged dark theme. Of course, it is more relevant for Amoled displays, but personally I am more used to using the phone in this dark design.

And as for performance, here, in my opinion, there is no difference between the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. The same processor, the same RAM. And that means that the iPhone 11. The device is very powerful and productive device that dials up some mind-blowing numbers in synthetic tests. I tell you even more: the iPhone 11 is in fact even a little “faster” than the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max because it has a display with a lower resolution. But in fact this difference is very small and it is not felt in practice. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that the iPhone 11. it’s one of the best performing phones at the time of its release.

Intease runs smoothly with no lags. Every app and game launches quickly and runs smoothly. That’s the main advantage of iOS. The company releases only a few devices a year so all applications and games are wonderfully optimized. This is not Android, where hundreds (if not thousands) of manufacturers rivet a variety of devices and therefore optimize the system for all of these devices is very, very problematic.

The predecessor of iPhone 11. iPhone XR. It was different in that it only had one main camera module. iPhone 11 already has 2 modules: a regular one and a wide-angle one.

Too bad there is no telephoto module. it went to the 11 Pro models. Portrait shots are much more interesting with this module, but you can live without it.

Now the iPhone 11 finally has night mode, so you can take pictures in the evening/nighttime and get pretty good shots. Here is an example of a photo with the night mode turned off:

And here is a similar photo taken with the activated night mode:

Tell the truth, the photo is now a lot of phones are getting better and sometimes even inexpensive units for 250-300 have a very good camera. And in terms of video, I think the iPhone is one of the best now. Without any effort the phone shows great pictures at 4K 60 fps with awesome stabilization.

Yes, this video “eats up” the memory of the phone just before your eyes, but it’s worth it.Wide angle module. This is a nice addition. My wife hardly ever uses it, but I personally love these modules. Sometimes you can take a very interesting picture.

All the iPhones that my wife had before were not known for their good battery life. But with iPhone 11, the situation has changed for the better. The wife for the first time started charging the phone every 2 days (not always, of course, but still). The scenario of using the phone is exactly the same as before. That is, in this respect, my wife is very happy with the new iPhone.

The phone also supports wireless charging, which works without problems even with this thick silicone case.

This is the wireless charger I have:

The phone charges on it without any problems. But, of course, significantly longer, even than the original charger.

of the new. Apple has decided to drop the 3D Touch feature. It seemed to be not very popular with users, so it was decided to remove it completely. The wife is not upset. She hasn’t used this feature much before. Therefore, I will not relegate this to the disadvantages of the phone.

I was very pleased with the sound from the external speakers. It’s stereo, pretty loud and high quality. Amazingly, I can clearly hear even some bass from the external speakers! I certainly have not had many phones in all my time, but the iPhone 11 is probably one of the best sound I’ve heard on a phone in principle.

As for FaceID, this feature works very quickly and with high quality. Face recognition is almost instantaneous. My wife thought that she would live without a fingerprint scanner in the phone. Face recognition, she thought it was nothing. But it turned out to be much more optimistic. Says that FaceID works like a Swiss watch. I watch it all the time myself and it really is. Never once yet have I noticed that the phone wouldn’t recognize my wife’s face for no reason.

On the phone part, no problems noted. The connection is stable. No wi-fi interruptions. 4G internet works without any problems. Navigation also works as it should. Also my wife has a Mi Band 4 bracelet which works fine with iPhone 11 without any glitches.

At the end I want to say that I really liked the phone. If before I was not very positive about Apple products for various reasons, then, by and large, the iPhone 11 does not give me much to complain about. There’s a great camera (especially in terms of video), awesome optimization and performance, great sound and pretty good battery life. Yes, even if it is not the coolest display, but nevertheless, it is very decent. The only thing, perhaps, is an obscenely large frame display. That’s what still catches my eye every time. For the rest of the phone showed itself only from the strong side.

The disadvantages could also include the price of the phone, but I won’t do that for a few reasons.First. The iPhone 11, as it were, is the most affordable of the company’s new phones. iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. that’s where the are really “cool. That said, the simple iPhone 11, in fact, is not much different from its older brethren. But the iPhone has never been a cheap phone. Never.Secondly, other manufacturers are not far behind in terms of pricing for their flagships. Look at Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Pixel.

With what amount of memory to buy an iPhone

Not everyone may have noticed, but something has changed in the iPhone 13 lineup: the base iPhone 13 now has 128GB of storage. It’s nice that the starting price of the device is the same as last year. This is due to the fact that the amount of content increases not by the day but by the hour, applications are becoming heavier because of the set of functions the time to cut off the 64 GB of storage from the current line of devices. A legitimate question has arisen: but with how much memory to buy the iPhone? And why 64 GB in the iPhone is no longer enough? How much memory an iPhone should have?

Figured out how much memory is better in the iPhone

How much memory is needed in the iPhone in 2020. Checked all the options

Five years ago, it was convenient to think that with the maximum amount of storage you would definitely not feel a problem.

But now it’s easy to get confused about how much you need. The step between options jumps from 5,000 ₽ to 18,000 ₽. And the 512 GB option seems excessive.

In recent years, 4K video, which will score any maximum, and system optimization tools that discreetly save space have also appeared.

Here’s a breakdown of the amount of different data: who will need how much storage, and whether it’s realistic to get by with a basic model, say, a 64GB iPhone 11, in 2020.

For convenience, under each item we will count the final volume.

Basic functionality takes an average of 20GB

No matter how much the developers have optimized the weight of the operating system, it requires at least as much on top.

People who have had storage bottlenecks at least once have noticed their device slows down relentlessly. This happens because the system doesn’t have enough space to store temporary files.

iOS 13 takes up an average of 7GB, and you should allocate between 10GB and 30GB for work. This includes the 10 percent free space required for the drive to operate as efficiently as possible. Let’s take the average number.

Popular apps weigh more than they seem

Applications like VK, Instagram and Telegram with WhatsApp by themselves take up about 100 MB of memory. That’s not much, even if you install a dozen of them.

But that’s not all: the more often you use them, the more temporary data accumulates. Space is taken up by files, voice messages, and videos you receive in chats.

Some programs delete their cache immediately, while others keep it until you erase it yourself.

For example, a couple of days ago, a friend came in with a problem: 64 GB were full, of which 40 GB was taken up by Telegram. Extreme case, but realistic.

Let’s say you have a set of 20 applications weighing from 100MB to 300MB. There will be messengers, social networks, banks, government services and store applications. You get about 4GB and add another 5GB for the cache.

Even if you’re not a photo enthusiast, the wrong settings will quickly clog up the space. See for yourself, a minute of video takes:

At maximum, one evening from your birthday party will turn into a nightmare for your 64GB iPhone. Ten minutes of excerpts will pile up to almost 4 GB, and we haven’t touched the photos yet.

Assuming you don’t have a need to shoot at this resolution, so we take 1080p to do the math.

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Depending on the format and compression method (JPEG or HEIF), one picture from the camera weighs from 1 MB to 7 MB. Let’s take an average of 3.5 MB.

When calculating media space, there will be the largest variation. If you take the number of files and look at their volume, everyone gets a different combination.

Someone only takes photos, another takes videos all the time, and a third temporarily stores memes and snapshots from TickTock, offloading everything else to the cloud. The latter need a maximum of 1 GB for the buffer.

Approximate to popular use data such as:

3,000 photos 70 Full HD videos at 0.5 minutes 400 media from the Internet

You get about 15 GB, but the volume varies because of the variables. Photos in darkness contain minimal data, and videos are of varying lengths.

↯ We will talk more about the types of situations at the end of this article.

Games are not of interest to everyone, but almost everyone has them

Another flexible article, which rests on the leisure of the particular user.

Ultra-popular games weigh both 180 MB like Subway Surfers and 2.4 GB like Call of Duty: Mobile, and many “one-offs” don’t make it to a hundred.

You are likely to have titles of all sorts. Since that’s the case, let’s take 5 heavy games like Forza Street with The Sims Mobile and 15 smaller ones, whether it’s BADLAND 2 or Plague Inc.

On average you will accumulate about 15 GB, which, like media, is highly dependent on your leisure time.

Other tasks will dramatically expand the requirements

Got that 59 GB is strictly enough for basic needs, and this number fits tightly with the basic iPhone models.

There may be a few scenarios where you need more space.

Photos and videos will ask for a significant chunk of memory from several categories of users.

If a person is active in social networks, has to shoot a lot of for work or just likes to document their life, their gallery is at risk of getting to hundreds of gigabytes.

Add processing and editing software to the files themselves. Many take about 200 MB, such as Adobe Lightroom or LumaFusion. But that’s not all: many times more will be spent on media copied to the workspace.

Active camera users need to add 30GB to 300GB.

Movies and TV shows take much more space than games. The same goes for everyone who saves videos to YouTube Premium or heavy content to

To save for later, it is advisable to have at least 30 GB to spare.

Music and audiobooks with podcasts are not as demanding as videos. Most are subscribed to streaming, there is VK music, so the time of 5,000 songs in the is over.

To keep the tracks you want on the go, 8GB will be enough for many.

Sound is worth a separate consideration. Garage Band alone takes 1.6 GB, and Simply Piano does video tutorials for keyboard training, asking for about 8 GB.

For music creation and mastering it is better to keep 10 GB.

Specialized apps on work smartphones probably won’t have to share space with the tasks described above. Basic iPhones will do.

64 GB will be right on the money. That’s enough if you’re constantly uploading photos, putting in a limited number of games and add-on programs. Suitable for all those who use a smartphone for communication and entertainment.

128GB is the best option for many. It will be able to store correspondence, games, self-development software and contain a large library of photos and video, but not in 4K.

256GB will not be needed under almost any circumstances. Can install apps, save shows and video tutorials at your fingertips. The exception is when you have accumulated media for 5 years. Then you’ll have to think about offloading.

512GB is too much in most cases. That’s good for people who have a massive 4K video archive, are actively working with it in real time, and have a movie and TV series collection for a year to come.

Backup will save a lot of space

As a result, we get that in most cases the basic iPhone is enough for basic needs, but there is no way to get around. No backup space for sure, you’ll constantly have to delete something for your growing media library.

You can save some money here. An extra 200GB in iCloud costs ₽149, or ₽1,800 per month. The same memory difference will cost you ₽14,000 when you buy a new iPhone SE.

Many things can happen to your phone, and backing up will do two things at once: unload the heaviest group of files and save your most precious memories.

Kingston Canvas Select Plus memory card review: SDXC format, 64GB and 128GB capacity | Reviews

Kingston positions the Canvas Select Plus series as an improved version of the Canvas Select line, which includes entry level memory cards for undemanding technology.

Technical characteristics

128GB Memory Card. SDS2/128GB

64GB memory card. SDS2/64GB

Speed Classes

Memory cards marking is interesting because the minimum speed is obligatory (in the form of speed class indication), but apart from that the manufacturer can indicate the maximum data transfer rate.

The speed class is an indication of the minimum write speed which is guaranteed in all scenarios of memory card use. Sustained speed avoids data loss and frame dropout during recording.

Maximum write speed is important for cameras when shooting bursts or recording large RAW files.

Maximum write speeds are the upper limit of the card performance, these values are not defined in the specifications and are not regulated by any speed classes.

The practical value of speed memory cards depends on the characteristics of the camera itself: file size, buffer size, shooting speed, image processor.


Both cards only have a maximum read speed of 100 MB/sec on the packaging. The manufacturer indicates the maximum write speed for 128GB and more on the official website, but for some reason this is not shown on the packaging.

The speed classes of the media in question are different.

The 64GB card fits into V10 class, aka UHS-I (U1). The minimum speed is 10 MB / s, which is enough to capture FullHD-video.

The 128GB card is rated V30. aka UHS-I (U3). which means the minimum write speed is 30MB/s, and the media is suitable for recording 4K Ultra HD video.

Interestingly, there’s no mention of 4K on the packaging, just a FullHD icon. Note this point.

Memory card capacity

The memory cards in question are SDXC standard and formatted in the exFAT file system.

Actual media capacity in binary units:


Memory cards were tested through a Transcend RDF5 card reader, which was connected to an Orient VL-3U2PE controller. Operating system was Windows 10 version 1909.

h3testw 1.4

The memory cards were completely overwritten with pseudo-random values three times. This not only makes it possible to measure the speed characteristics but also to prepare the storage media for the test under realistic conditions.

Program outputs the results in binary megabytes (MB).

The read speeds on both media were in the range of 80 MiB/s, the write speed of the 128 GB card was 77 MiB/s, the 64 GB card was 70 MiB/s.

CrystalDiskMark 7.0.0 x64

Memory cards were half full. Three repetitions for each test have been selected in the specifications. The program provides the results in decimal units.

Testing was done with random data samples of 32, 128, 1000 and 2000 MiB. There is no dependence of the speed on the test files size. the figures are almost identical, that’s why the material includes only the results for the volume of 1000 MB.

Linear data transfer rates are important for evaluating the speed performance of memory cards.

Sequential read performance was 96MB/s, line write performance was 90MB/s for the 128GB card, and 77MB/s for the 64GB card.

USB Flash Benchmark

The program measures sequential writes and reads of blocks from 1KB to 16MB. Blocks are conditionally divided into three groups and tested on files with corresponding volumes: 1, 10 or 100 MB. Each bit rate is measured three times, then the average value is displayed, and a speed graph is drawn.

High transfer rates achieved with 64KB to 16MB blocks.

The reading speed limit for both devices was 91 MB/s. Write speeds were 87MB/s for the 128GB card and 78MB/s for the 64GB card.


The above mentioned cards belong to Select Plus memory cards, i.e. manufacturer positions them as a logical continuation of Select line. entry level cards with slow recording speed for simple cameras.

With the Select Plus series the manufacturer promises “faster speeds. According to the test results obtained speed of reading up to 96 MB / s, and write speeds in the range of 90 and 77 MB / s for cards of 128 GB and 64 GB, respectively.

That is not just a little speed increase, but a big speed increase. So much so, that the speeds of “hobbyist” cards are equal to or better than those of the “professional” Go and React memory cards.

This arrangement affects most of all the PR-department of the manufacturer, which, on the one hand, demonstrates possibilities and high speeds in advertising materials, but, on the other hand, tries to keep the built up hierarchy of lines and convince the user that Select Plus memory cards are suitable only for digital “soapboxes”.

For this reason, it is also reluctant to be shown on packaging. there is no 4K support for V30 memory cards, and no indication of high write speeds.

Canvas Select Plus memory cards are fast SD media for any requirement. Their speed capabilities make it questionable to purchase higher-end Canvas Go and Canvas React memory cards.

The Select Plus memory cards are much more versatile than the digital “point-and-shoot” cards the manufacturer insists on. They can work effectively with multi-pixel and high-speed DSLR and mirrorless cameras, as well as record 4K video (when using cards with a capacity of 128 GB or more).