Windows can’t connect to iPhone

Why computer can’t see my iPhone

iTunes can’t see your iPhone? Judging by the number of requests, this is quite a common problem, and it has not lost its relevance to this day. During its existence, a lot of solutions have appeared on the web, which we decided to put together.

iTunes may not see your iPhone for a variety of reasons.

First of all, it makes sense to rule out a version of iTunes software failure by reinstalling the Apple media app. You can download the latest version of iTunes from the official website of the company-developer.

Next, pay attention to the USB cable you are using. It may be faulty. In this case, the solution is obvious. replace the connecting cord and try to reconnect your mobile device to your computer.

Also take a look at the iPhone charging jack. Maybe it’s clogged. You can remove the dirt at the service center or, at your own risk, at home with a brush or toothpick.

The problem is still there? It is possible that iTunes does not see your iPhone due to errors in the PC software.

My iPhone won’t connect to the computer: why?

There are many possible reasons why your computer doesn’t recognize your iPhone, including hardware problems and software glitches.

For starters, “iPhone will not connect to the computer” can be caused by damaged hardware. So when this happens to you, try checking all the hardware to see if anything goes wrong. Basically, your charging port or lightning cable is the biggest suspect. Make sure the cable is fully connected to your device and computer, and clean off any dust and debris if they look dirty. Also, try swapping them out with another iPhone cable or charging port one at a time, see if you can find the problem.

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Fix iPhone can’t connect to your computer. Check for hardware issues

If you find that all of your hardware works fine while your iPhone still won’t connect to your computer, you may have a software problem on your phone or computer, which would be more complicated. In this case, continue reading the next part and find all possible solutions to troubleshoot the problem so your iPhone won’t connect to your computer.

Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect

This helps solve many problems with regular Wi-Fi too. Go to the Wi-Fi menu on your computer and forget the iPhone hotspot network. Change the access point created by your iPhone, then try connecting again.

  • Open the Wi-Fi menu on your Windows PC.
  • Connect to your iPhone hotspot using a new password.

Update your Windows and iOS versions

You may have an issue with an outdated version of iOS or Windows.

On your iPhone, go to Settings Basic Software Update and install the update if it’s available.

On Windows PC also check if an update is available. If so, install it.

After the update, try connecting to the hotspot again.

Possible reasons why my iPhone does not connect to iTunes

There are many possible reasons why your iPhone / iPad / iPod is not connecting to iTunes. When this happens, it’s really annoying. And here we list the most common reasons for this frustrated state.

  • The connection may be broken
  • iTunes is not the latest vision
  • Your iOS device is not updated
  • The antivirus program refuses your iOS device
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When you find that your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is not connecting to iTunes and you are having trouble solving this problem, you can use the iPhone Transfer to take iTunes directly.

iPhone Transfer. The best iOS Transfer software for iOS file management. Not just an alternative to iTunes. Now you don’t have to rely on iTunes to transfer photos, music, contacts and voice memos from iPhone / iPad / iPod to your computer. When you switch iPhones, you won’t have to worry about how to transfer contacts, music and other data to your new iPhone.

Transfer files directly from your iPhone / iPad / iPod without opening iTunes.

It has two-way transfer: from iPhone to computer and from computer to iPhone.

You don’t have to erase iPhone data sync with this software.

One-click transfer of all iPhone data.

Change the device name.

Windows may have trouble getting the name of your iPhone? not seriously. Sometimes Windows cannot connect to a device with a name that uses characters other than ASCII. Changing the device name can help solve this problem. Go to “Settings” and click “About”.

Click “Name” and enter a new name, this time using only letters and numbers. Try reconnecting to a WI-FI hotspot.

Troubleshoot iTunes on Windows

If your Windows PC and iTunes can’t see your iPad, iPhone, or iPod when connected, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your PC and iPhone, then turn them back on and connect with a cable.
  • Make sure your iOS or iPadOS device is unlocked and displays the Home screen when connected to a PC.
  • Update iTunes for Windows to the latest version. To do this, open iTunes, select “Help”. “Check for updates.”.
  • When you connect your iPhone to your computer, pay attention to the notifications on your phone. Click “Trust this computer. You must unlock your smartphone to see the notification.
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If you see the question “Trust this computer?”You may not have iTunes installed at all. Download the latest version of iTunes for Windows from Apple’s official website and install it on your PC.

Note that you do not need to put your device into DFU recovery mode when performing any of these steps.

If the above does not help, you need to check the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.

Reset geo settings

Resetting geo settings may also help in some cases. To do this on your iPhone, go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset” and in the window that appears, select “Reset Geo Settings”.

This is what the seven basic ways of solving this problem look like. In fact, there are a few more, but the rest require some additional knowledge from the user. So if none of these methods helped you, it is better to contact the service center.