Wireless headphones broke down what to do. The main reasons for the absence of a signal

All modern multimedia products allow work not only with speakers, but also with headphones. These devices are used when listening to any content so as not to interfere with others, and in mobile communications. As a result of constant operation, sound emitters often break. You can buy a new product, but easier to fix the headphones with your own hands. There are many models, each of which has its own design features. In addition to wired devices, many use wireless structures that provide additional amenities in operation.

Most often, small.sized models used in mobile communication devices come out of the system. These are miniature capsules connected to a smartphone with a thin wire. The sound device includes the following elements:

You can fix the headphones for the phone at home. The most common defect is a break in the connecting wires. They are very thin and have weak isolation. In order to determine the end point of the cliff, you need to connect the headphones to the sound device, turn on the musical fragment and with your hands sequentially “crush” the entire connecting wire. At the site of the cliff, the sound will appear and disappear. Most often, the wire break occurs in the places of connection of the wire with structural elements. This is the entrance of the wire into the plug body, the entrance and output of the volume control, the connection point to the left and the right capsule and the branch of the wire into two channels. In addition to cliffs at points of connection, the wire can damage pets.

To repair headphones it is not necessary to change the wire entirely. It is necessary to localize the place of violation of the contact, disassemble a specific node and restore the integrity of the connection by soldering. How to fix the headphones if the contact of the plug is violated.

The connector (plug) may have a linear or “g”-shaped shape. In any case, the plastic cap will not be possible to save, since it is not collapsible. It should be carefully cut off with a sharp blade. Typically, contact violation is at the plug itself. Before removing the wire, you need to remember the colors of the conductors stolen on the contacts of the plug. The wire is cut, isolation is removed from it, and individual conductors are cleaned for soldering. The veins in the veins are very thin and are a bunch of wires along with threads of synthetic material. Each copper wire is varnished. It is difficult to remove the insulating coating with a sharp cutting tool without a skill, so the varnish is easier to burn in a lighter flame.

Then the cleaned ends of the wire must be tied. For this, rosin, alcohol solution of rosin or pasty flux are used. A small amount of solder on a flux treated wire is applied to a warmed soldier. Residues of factory soldering are removed from the plug.in. Before soldering on the wire, a small segment of the tube-mustard tube is put on. It will replace the cut plot of the plug. Prepared and tinned wires are soldered to the corresponding contacts of the connector. A heat.shrink tube is put on the plug and heated by a household hairdryer or a lighter.So you can repair the headphones at home.

What to do if the headphones broke in a sound capsule. To eliminate the defect, you need to open the body. Miniature sound emitters consist of two parts that are connected by glue, since the manufacturer does not imply disassembling devices. A scalpel or office knife is used to separate the case. If the wire broke off at the capsule itself, then the torn end is enough to clean, tilted and solder in place. Sometimes you have to cut a plastic case to find a cliff site. Similarly, cliffs are eliminated at the volume and the branch regulator. You can fix the headphones when the wire broke in the middle. The cut section is cut out, and the conductors are cleaned, twisted and connected by soldering. The main thing is not to confuse colors, but put on the twisting of insulating tubes. A heat.shrink tube is put on the place of fractions of the wire, which then heats up and tightly wraves the junction of the connection.

If the wire is damaged along the entire length, then it can be replaced, but easier to purchase new devices.

How to restore headphones

To eliminate the malfunction of headphones, you need to determine and localize the defect. In addition to a wire break, a volume control can refuse a small.sized devices. In some models, this is a variable resistor with a gear disc, the rotation of which the volume level changes. Most often, when the regulator is rotated, a crack appears. It is caused by the contamination of the conductive plate or its abrasion due to a long time of operation.

In addition to the volume control in a small block, there is a miniature microphone and a button to turn it on. The crack in the volume control is eliminated by applying a variable resistor of graphite lubrication or petroleum jelly on conductive strips. First you need to try to rinse the track with alcohol. This can be done with a syringe. The use of lubrication is a temporary measure, so the potentiometer will have to be replaced. In some models of headphones, in the volume control, instead of a potentiometer, there are two buttons “” and “-”, and the sound level is regulated by an electronic chip. DIY headset repair is possible only with some defects. For example, a microphone and a sound radiant capsule are not repaired and require a replacement.

DIY wireless headphones repair

Wireless structures do not have a connecting wire and are connected to the basic sound production device in two ways:

The first option is used for mobile devices. It implies a short distance between the base and the subscriber.Music lovers use radio channel systems. They provide a signal broadcast in the VHF range (FM) for several tens of meters. For sound devices operating on the radio channel, brick and concrete walls are not an obstacle.If the headphones working with the Bluetooth module are broken, then the malfunctions can be as follows:

The absence of a sound signal is most often associated with the power source. This is a bad contact in the battery compartment or a complete category of source. A thin oxide film can form on the contacts of the battery or battery, which prevents the normal operation of the device. Contacts should be cleaned and, if necessary, bend. Weak sound and its loss is associated with a large distance between the reception and basic device. The technical description for the device always indicates the maximum distance at which the work will be correct. How to fix wireless headphones, if the battery is charged, the distance is small, and the sound is weak and with distortions.Sometimes a complete reboot of the mobile device helps. If this did not affect the quality of the broadcast, you need to reinstall the drivers.

Is it possible to fix wireless headphones

Devices operating on the radio channel are not related to software. A transmitter working at one or two frequencies is connected to the output of any sound reproducing device. The housing contains a receiving device. Some models provide a signal broadcast to a distance of up to 100 meters. What to do if the headphones broke. First of all, you need to check the power and replace the batteries in the reception and transmitting device.

It happens that the contact of the power switch is violated, or there are defects in the volume control.You can fix the headphones at home only with simple malfunctions. Repair of the receiving device is carried out only in the service center.

Replacing the plug

It’s quite difficult to fix the plug itself. It is much easier to replace it with new, exactly the same. This element is inexpensive, sold in any radio component store.

To replace the plug, you must follow the following instructions:

  • First of all, it is necessary to disconnect the old one, for this we simply cut it off the wire, retreating 15-20 mm. We remove the insulation from the remaining wire (it is enough to expose about 15 mm), we see three contacts: green on the left headphone, red. on the right, yellow. mass.
  • Prepare the contacts for the rations, we plug with rosin and tin.
  • We go to the plug itself, measure the length approximately equal to Jack itself and carefully disassemble it, the plastic part that shares the contacts should be visible.
  • Now you need to deal with the value of contacts. The longest is the mass, the second is the right channel, the third is the left channel. The inside of the plug is mirror.
  • We fix the plug and solder to its contacts of the wiring of headphones, observing their purpose. After you can check the performance of the device.
  • We prepare a heat shrink. Wide is useful for the plug, narrow. for the wire. First we put on the heat shrink on the wire so that it closes the bare part completely, then we pull on the wider on the plug. In the ideal version, the thermal power line should be seated with a hairdryer with the corresponding temperature, however, you can treat the tube with a lighter so that it is “sat down”.
  • The headphones are fixed.

Checking visually and multimeter

You must first make sure that the case is in the cord. Carefully inspect the cord, often the fracture places are visible by eye. At the gap site, as a rule, the cable braid is damaged and it is well felt. If you can’t visually set the breakdown site, the headphones must be “rang” using a multimeter.

We put on the device the “call” mode (the symbol of the triangle with the lines directed to the side, it is also the sign of the diode) and check the work of the multimeter by connecting directly the probes.

In the case of a good device, it must squeak, denoting zero resistance, t.e. Full contact.

Then we apply the probes to the ends of the wire, if the device “squeaks” constantly, perhaps a breakdown is not in the wire, but in the dynamics or plug.

Local cable repair

Sometimes a torn cable can be restored, that is, soldered, especially if the breakdown arose at the base of the headphones or at the plug itself. Follow the following sequence of actions:

  • First you need to remove the isolation section, this can be done using nippers.
  • In the damaged place, cut the wire, while the cut should be clear.
  • Put a soldering iron and twist the wires. Pay attention to the correspondence of contacts.
  • We apply a solder on the cleaned wiring and we solder two areas.
  • We put a heat.shrink tube into the place of the former breakdown on the bare area and heat it.

Complete replacement of the wire

If there are several gaps on the cable, it will have to be replaced. This is necessary:

  • Find a donor, for example, you can take old headphones with a serviceable cord. Remove the isolation, and then unscrew the connections.
  • We analyze the repaired headphones and repeat the same actions.
  • We carefully place the new cable in the case and solder the contacts on the plug and speakers.
  • After that, the connection places are closed with a heat shrink.

Possible problems

First we will discuss the most likely problems that can be solved on your own.

Bluetooth microns of Microns of Microflower Ear.ears clogging

In this case, the sound calms down, or disappears on one side. Pollution will be visible. Even if the reason is not this, it is never superfluous to clean the headphones:

  • Prepare hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine, needle, cotton sticks.
  • The sound hole of the monolithic case is carefully released from the dirt with a needle.
  • We wipe a cotton wool with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Removable nets and lids, outnights of inserts or plugs soak and wash with peroxide.
  • In full.size or overhead headphones, we change the foam filter.
  • Monolithic intra.channel ears can be soaked with a hole down, reliably fixing the position with clamps. So that the liquid does not get inside.
  • To process internal surfaces, board, contacts, you can use isopropyl or ordinary ethyl alcohol. The hit of other fluids will lead to a breakdown.
  • Before use, you need to dry the device on a cotton pad.

Incorrect placement of the nutrition element

If wireless headphones on batteries are not included, it is worth checking the polarity of the nutrition element. For ears in size 6 and 9 mm, the minus pole of the battery will be outside, and plus inside. But for the device 11 mm on the contrary. You can cheat with the instructions.

The battery can be sent for a short time for recharging. In some devices, indicators show the level of charge, and a warning signal sounds before the accumulation of the battery. It is worth checking the charger of headphones, perhaps it is not working. When turning on, you can also focus on the indication of headphones and charger.

Incorrect placement of the Bluetooth microns on the body

In some devices, turning on and disconnecting the headset automatically occurs. Therefore, it is important for work to fix the elements where they are provided to be. Usually the induction arc is dressed on the neck, less often on hand. Instructions or Internet will help here.

Incorrect connection of the Bluetooth microns of Bluetooth

If you are already convinced that the right device is activated in the source list, but wireless headphones are not included, then both devices should be reloaded and a new one should be conducive. At this time, try to keep the devices nearby until you see that the connection is completed, and the headphone icon appeared.

Also in the list of connected devices on the phone should be checked in the settings of our headphones, whether the parameter “Sound multimedia” is included. This allows you to play all the sounds of a smartphone.

If you know is reliable that both devices are working, charged and compatible, then it remains to think about some mistakes on. In this case, there are 3 options to get rid of software error:

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  • Smell smartphone to factory settings. Do not forget to save a backup copy of the necessary files, photos, videos, because everything will be deleted.
  • Reflash the phone, it is better in the service, but you can do it yourself, if you know what it is about.
  • Install a special application where you can easily control sound devices, for example, Soundabout.

Setting the wrong phone settings

Sometimes in the parameters of a smartphone the sound source is set by default through its own speaker. Then it is necessary to allow the transmission of the sound signal through the headphones:

In different phones, the names of sections may differ, look for a logical path to the desired parameter.

Make Any Headphones Wireless

Special operating modes of a smartphone or tablet. energy.saving, safe, in flight can also block the Bluetooth signal. Wireless headphones are not included, because there is no conjugation with the source.

Incorrect placement of a microns in the ear

If you use magnetic microns, then it is very important to place them on the eardrum. If this is not done, then there will be no sound, since such devices transmit not sound, but vibration, directly to the membrane. And other types of headphones can sound worse and quieter if they are installed incorrectly or do not correspond to size.

Assume all about microns for passing the exam perhaps one of the most curious types of wireless headphones is a micro.native for the exam. Such gadgets.

Other problems

If the described options are not suitable, and wireless headphones are not included, then various breakdowns that occur after certain circumstances are quite likely:

  • Internal breakdowns after falling from a height.It is enough to drop the device from the ear to a solid surface so that something falls off on the payment.
  • If the headphones were lying with the battery for a long time, then she could leak and lead to the oxidation of contacts.Therefore, storage cannot be removed with an element of power inside.
  • The liquid, getting into electrical appliances, leads to the closure and death of individual elements or the entire device.If there is no resistance to moisture, then even steam in the bathroom can kill your headphones.
  • When cleaning or other manipulations, you could sell a speaker.
  • Deformation of the hinge loop or battery is a breakdown, so wireless headphones are not included.
  • Bluetooth can refuse hot weather or in the cold.Sometimes minus 3-5 degrees enough for the ears to stop working.
  • The signal disappears with low charging the source, a large distance between the devices, in the presence of interference between them, in places where there are many other working electrical appliances, even next to the working microwave.

To accurately determine the breakdown and it will be possible to eliminate it only in the master-repairman. Therefore, you need to carry it to the service or buy new.

How to fix the headphones yourself: detailed instructions headphones is a useful gadget that almost everyone has. True, he can break at the most inopportune moment

Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what problems you have encountered when using wireless ears. How you corrected the situation?

How to identify a synchronization of headphones?

First of all, check that both ears are charged. It happens that one of the ears is simply discharged. leave it in the case for at least 15 minutes. In more rare cases, it happens when one of the plugs simply does not reach the contacts of the charger. make sure that you are correctly charging it. You can try to clean the contact of the headphone using a washing gum. this should remove the oxidation of the contact and the device will again be charged.

Next, try to synchronize them again and retake it. For synchronization, you usually need to simultaneously squeeze two buttons on both headphones. There is a more difficult problem when two earlings are displayed in the Bluetooth section separately. You can see two headphones with the same name, or with letters L and R.

You can try to drop the TWS headset to the factory configuration. this should help. First of all, delete the conjugation with both ears in the Bluetooth section in the “settings” of the phone.

  • Clound the button or touchscreen sensor for 5 seconds, until they both turn off.
  • We clamp the same buttons for about 12-15 seconds-at that moment they should turn on, but you do not need to remove your finger. You will hear two sound signals. Bulbs can also start flashing.
  • The ears will turn off. The finger can be released.
  • Place the headset back in the case.

Next, pull out the headphones and turn them on at the same time. Synchronization should occur immediately. In some models, you need to click on the functional keys for a few seconds. After that, connect them via Bluetooth.

NOTE! You may encounter a problem when after reset again you will see two green ear when connecting in the phone settings. If this happens, then again try to drop them to factory settings and try to connect again. I had to do this on some models 3 times before I managed to connect them again.

By synchronization, you can also read more detailed instructions from your headset. everyone has different models, so it’s better to look at the manual. You can also try to restart the smartphone itself. Try to connect the ears to another phone, if the problem disappears, you can try to drop the smartphone settings to factory.

If none of the above helped, then it may be a hardware problem. If you recently bought these headphones, feel free to carry them back to the store and demand a return. Also, the problem may appear due to falling or getting into the water, but then again you need to carry them for repair.

Reset and re.synchronization

In most cases, it is precisely because the headphones were not synchronized, only one ear in the headphones works. In a nutshell I will explain why this is happening. Almost all TWS headphone operates according to the following principle: the second headphone is connected to the main thing (it is installed by the manufacturer, or selected by the user). After which we connect the main headphone to the phone, laptop, etc. D. In most models, the main one can be the left and right ear. They can be used as a headset when only one ear works. When headphones for some reason cannot interconnect with each other, only one. You can fix this with a reset of settings and repeated synchronization.

Important! I have prepared a separate and very detailed instruction: how to reset and synchronize wireless headphones among themselves. I recommend opening it and implement this decision on it.

Universal Instruction:

  • We open the Bluetooth settings on which our headphones are connected and remove them (on the iPhone “Forget this device”). Remove them on all devices to which they were connected.
  • Make sure the headphones are charged. If you are not sure of this, then install them in a charging box for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the headphones from the case.
  • At the same time, click the button on each headphone for 5 seconds.
  • Again click the buttons at the same time and keep them for 20-50 seconds. At this moment, the settings should be reset to the factory. You can navigate indicators. True, on different models they can behave differently.
  • Release the buttons and put the headphones in the case.
  • Remove the headphones from the case and wait 10 seconds. At this moment, they should synchronize among themselves.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings on the phone or other device and connect the headphones.
  • Check, both headphones play, or only one works as before.
  • Sometimes you need to put the headphones in the case to reset the settings and squeeze the button on the case for 20-30 seconds.
  • On some models, discharge occurs only in the case. This means that on every headphone you need to clamp the button when they are in the case.
  • This does not always work the first time. Try to repeat several times.
  • If the indicator on one of the headphones does not at all respond to pressing or holding the button, then most likely it is broken or discharged.

1 method of reset wireless headphones.

The most common case when there are no buttons on the case. Then both headphones are taken out of the case. The clip of buttons on the headphones is made for about 60 seconds. In this case, the discharge process can be observed in flashing LEDs. Sunbathing, blinking, attenuation.

After the reset, the work of the headphones is checked, and if necessary, the procedure is repeated. You may need to repeat the action from 2 to 5 times. Also, in such cases, you can try to connect the headphones one at a time, check that they work on their own and after that make a discharge again.

One headphone was discharged

You need to make sure that both headphones have sufficient charge for work. To do this, open information about the charge of both headphones and check if one of them is discharged. If the Bluetooth headset has recently been charged, but one of the headphones shows the absence of a battery charge, the problem may be a battery malfunction. This problem can be identified and fixed only in the service center.

Sometimes dirt and small garbage can block the outgoing sound. It is necessary to check the non.working headphone and clean it with a dry cloth if it is contaminated from the outside. To check the purity of headphones inside, you need:

  • Remove the sulfur filter with a needle. Reaming the filter should occur as neatly as possible, otherwise you can damage the speaker.
  • Carefully clean the headphone inside without climbing too deep.
  • Put a new filter.

When contacting the headphone with water, you need to use microfiber fabric, which absorbs the entire liquid. If after that the headphone still does not work, perhaps the water damaged the speaker. This can only be fixed in the service center.

wireless, headphones, broke, down, main

How to determine the cause

The reason for the loss of sound in one of the headphones is easy to determine for yourself.

  • Conduct an external examination of the gadget. Use a magnifier if necessary. A device clogged with gray or dirt should be cleaned. It is necessary to comply with the basic rules of personal hygiene in order to prevent the frequent occurrence of the problem.
  • Wireless headphones are connected to the smartphone individually. This is for a person’s safety driving or when you need to talk on the phone and keep abreast of what is happening around you. If the Bluetooth devices are extracted from the case with a small time difference, the first headset, shot, without finding a couple, will go into mono mode, and the sound will be heard only on one ear. The problem can be solved by fulfilling the reset of settings, and then activating the headset at the same time.
  • Check the battery, it can be discharged or polarity may be wrong.
  • We ask you to carefully read the instructions for connecting the headset. Perhaps when the antenna is first connected, you have not taken into account the individual antenna parameters. For example, in headset with a capsule microphone, an induction loop is placed on the user’s neck.
  • If you connect a new headset, first delete information about the old headset from the phone; The heads’ names will be similar, and you can by mistake select the old device for connecting.
  • To receive musical compositions or user audio books from the headset, you must choose a headset speaker in the settings. If after this there is no sound, then the problem is different.

Attention! If the device is incorrectly located in the ear, turn it over and find the most convenient position for the best sound quality.

Connection or sound disappears

If one of your AirPods headphones does not work and after the examination you did not notice mechanical damage, there may be two reasons:

To recharge the battery, the problem dome is also placed in a charging cover for at least 15 minutes.

If one naughty drop is drained faster than the other, calibrate Airpods. Do this in the following order:

  • Maximum body load.
  • The headset is in the charging building.
  • As soon as they are 100%charged, leave them in the case for another 15 minutes.
  • The headset is extracted and connected to the device.
  • Start playing music to completely discharge the batteries (simultaneously charge the speaker again as much as possible).
  • After the battery capacity reaches 0%, wait another 5 minutes.
  • The headphones are again placed in a fully charged case, and as soon as the battery gains 100% capacity, you can consider AirPods calibrated.

Calibration can be made for all AirPods models, but it is not recommended to do this often to avoid failure of the battery.

wireless, headphones, broke, down, main

Check the volume

To control the volume balance of your AirPods:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Select BASIC, and then Universal Access;
  • Scroll down to the “Hearing” section;
  • In the red rectangle with the inscription “Setting the volume balance between the left and right channels”, the round slider should be exactly in the middle between the letters “L” and “P”.

If not so, set it in the correct position.

Incorrect placement of the nutrition element

If your wireless headphones with food from the battery are not turned on, it is worth checking the polarity of the battery. For headsets with a diameter of 6 and 9 mm, the negative pole of the battery will be located outside, and positive. inside. On the other hand, for a 11 mm device, the opposite is true. You can check the instructions.

You can send the battery for a short period of time. In some devices, the charge level is displayed by indicators, and a warning sound signal is heard before the battery discharge. It is also worth checking the charger for headphones, it may not work. When you turn it on, you can also be guided by indicators on headphones and charger.

Reset and re.synchronization

In most cases, it is because the headphones are not synchronized with each other, only one ear of headphones works. In a few words I will explain why this is happening. Almost all TWS headsets work as follows: the second headset is connected to the main headset (it is installed by the manufacturer or selected by the user). Then we connect the main headset to the phone, laptop, etc.D. In most models, the main ear can act as right or left. They can be used as a headset when only one ear works. When the headsets for some reason cannot connect with each other, only one. You can correct this by restarting and moving.

Important! I have prepared a separate and very detailed instruction: how to restart and synchronize wireless headphones with each other. I recommend that you open it and start this decision with him.

Universal instructions:

  • Open the Bluetooth settings device to which our headset is connected, and delete them (on the iPhone “Forget about this device”). Remove them on all devices to which they are connected.
  • Make sure the headphones are charged. If you are not sure, put them in a charger for about 5 minutes.
  • Take the headset from the cover.
  • Press the button on each headset simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  • Press the buttons at the same time and hold them for 20-50 seconds. At this moment, settings should be reset to factory values. You can contact indicators. However, on different models, they can behave differently.
  • Release the buttons and place the headset in the case.
  • Remove the headset from the case and wait 10 seconds. Now they should synchronize with each other.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings on the phone or other device and connect the headset.
  • Check if both headphones are reproduced or only one of them still works.
wireless, headphones, broke, down, main
  • Sometimes to reboot the headset you need to put it in the case and press the button on the case for 20-30 seconds.
  • On some models, rebooting is performed only in the case. This means that you should press the button on each headset while it is in the case.
  • This does not always work for the first time. Try to repeat several times.
  • If the indicator on one of the headphones does not respond at all to pressing or holding the button, it is most likely broken or dead.

What do different colors of the case indicator mean

In the case responsible for charging and connecting headphones to the device, there is a unique indicator that warns you about everything that happens to AirPods.

For example, in order to update the firmware, you must make sure that the charge is in the process of execution, and for this the user needs to know how the indicator signals this.

The dependence of the indicator signal on the state of the speaker and headphones is given in the table:

The first.generation AirPods indicator is located under the hull cover between the fastening zones, while the second.generation Airpods Pro indicator is on the front of the case.

Low battery charge

I figure out why wireless headphones stopped working, you should check the level of the smartphone and headset batteries, and, if necessary, charge batteries. Energy is required to connect via Bluetooth. its disadvantage often becomes the reason that the conjugation cannot occur, even if both devices are turned on and active.

The energy.saving functions of a smartphone or computer can also with insufficient battery charge without warning to stop the energy.intensive activity of the device. In this case, it is necessary to set the settings to the maximum, and once again check the connection.

On a note. Problems with the battery are often observed in cheap No-Name headphones. The battery quickly stops holding the charge, and even a serviceable headset cannot connect to the transmitting device.

Too much distance or interference in the coating area

If the user has moved from a smartphone or PC for several meters, then you should not be surprised why the JBL, Xiaomi or Airpods wireless headphones do not work. the Bluetooth coating area is a maximum of 10 meters in a straight line (no matter in the room or on the street). Walls, trees, or other obstacles to the signal path can also lead to a break in communication or interference.

For old or cheap models of wireless sets, even the owner of the owner can become an obstacle. In this case, you should try to transfer the smartphone to another (for example, from jeans to a shirt).

note! If the devices are nearby, and the noises are heard anyway, it is worth redesigning them and updating the software, as well as check the serviceability of the speakers, connecting them through the cable. Find out how to remove noise or crack in headphones and achieve the perfect sound

Reasons. why wireless headphones stopped working

First, let’s discuss the most likely problems that you can solve yourself.

Incorrect placement of the nutrition element

If your wireless headphones with food from the battery are not turned on, it is worth checking the polarity of the battery. For headsets with a diameter of 6 and 9 mm, the negative pole of the battery will be located outside, and positive. inside. On the other hand, for a 11 mm device, the opposite is true. You can check the instructions.

You can send the battery for a short period of time. In some devices, the charge level is displayed by indicators, and a warning sound signal is heard before the battery discharge. It is also worth checking the charger for headphones, it may not work. When you turn it on, you can also be guided by indicators on headphones and charger.

No sound

There are two main reasons for the lack of sound:

  • Check the level of charge. Build the battery if necessary.
  • Reload the headset and smartphone.
  • Test on several devices by connecting them to different phones, smartphones, PC or tablets.
  • Check the headset for mechanical damage.
  • Check the compatibility of Bluetooth versions.


Bluetooth does not work properly when the headset is too far from the smartphone. Typically, the coverage area is 10 meters or less, and there should not be any obstacles, such as walls, trees or partitions. With an increase in this distance, interference occurs.

In this case, it is necessary to restart both devices and, if necessary, update the software. If it is unclear what exactly is the cause of interference, we recommend checking the headset through the cable.

Bluetooth signal disappears

If the problem is not in a factory defect, then in the battery.

The reasons for the unexpected interruption of the Bluetooth signal are the following:

  • low charge;
  • Outdated version of the Bluetooth module;
  • There are obstacles (household appliances, other radio stations or Bluetooth modules) in the way of transmitting the signal;
  • the distance between the set and the device is more permissible;
  • playback malfunction;
  • External weather conditions: air temperature is too low or too high;
  • The speakers are contaminated with dust, moisture.

Bluetooth microns of Microns of Microflower Ear.ears clogging

In this case, the sound will disappear or disappear on one side. Pollution will be visible. Even if this is not a reason, it is never a bad idea to clean the headphones:

  • Prepare hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine, needle, cotton swabs.
  • Carefully free the sound hole of the monolithic case from dirt with a needle.
  • Clean a cotton ball of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Soak and rinse a removable grid and covers, pads or ears of ears with peroxide.
  • In full-sized headphones or headphones with supra-sues, change the foam filter.
  • The monolithic ears of the channels can be saturated with a hole facing down, and securely fixed using clamps. So that no liquid can get inside.
  • Isopropyl alcohol or standard ethyl alcohol can be used to process internal surfaces, boards and contacts. Other fluids can cause damage.
  • Before using the device, it is necessary to dry it on a cotton ball.

Wireless headphones blink white, blue, pink or burn in red. What does this mean?

Setting the wrong phone settings

Sometimes in the smartphone settings, the sound source is set by default through the speaker. In this case, it is necessary to allow the transfer of the audio signal through the headphones:

Different phones can have different sections, look for the logical path to the desired parameter.

In addition, special operating modes of a smartphone or tablet, such as energy conservation, safety and flight, can block the Bluetooth signal. The wireless headset does not turn on, since there is no conjugation with the source.

Rupture of pairs with headphones

  • Go to the “Settings” “Bluetooth”.
  • Find the device that you want to untie and press the “Details” button
  • Click “Forget about this device”.
  • Reload your iPhone.

Stop conjugation with a third.party device:

  • On a third.party manufacturer, go to the Bluetooth settings menu and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. For example, on the device with Android OS, go to “Settings” “Connected Devices” “Connection Settings” “Bluetooth”.
  • Stop conjugation with the set or “forget” about it.
  • Reload the device of a third.party manufacturer.

The signal on the Bluetooth lungs is interrupted

The periodic signal is quite easy to handle.

There is nothing more disappointing than a Bluetooth connection that disappears while listening to music. There may also be several factors in the game. Firstly, these are other devices again, but this time simply look for them on your smartphone. Perhaps your module is simply overloaded or incorrectly distributes the communication channels between, say, hours, headphones and speaker. Try to disconnect various gadgets alternately until you find a “criminal”. After that, remove it from the system and re.use.

Obstacles are another ordinary irritation. And in this case, the obstacle can be of course. Yes, do not be surprised, some not very new models of “ears” “penetrate” into the human body quite badly. So try to move the smartphone to another For example, from a of trousers into a breast

Each time you have to conjure the headphones again

Do not connect too many gadgets to the smartphone.

This problem is quite often found in those owners of devices that regularly connect new gadgets to their smartphone. For example, you connect to a working computer to transfer a pair of files or connect the phone to the Bluetooth dynamics to listen to music when you are on the street. Or you constantly mating watches, and also bought headphones with Bluetooth.

In this case, the only advice is to delete all devices that are currently not used. The Bluetooth module simply cannot store data from dozens of different gadgets for conjugation.

How to correctly charge wireless headphones

The general principle of recharging is approximately the same for any types of wireless devices. But all models may have certain nuances.

The general instruction is as follows:

  • Take the micro-USB wire for recharging (is in standard configuration).
  • Connect one end of the wire to the headset (the port connector can be different).
  • The second end of the wire to the port of the laptop.
  • It is not recommended to bring the device to complete discharge.

Attention! You can not remove the headset from charging or operate until a full charge. This negatively affects the battery.

  • The room temperature should be 5-30 degrees.
  • When recharging, the headphones are prohibited to include, it is also impossible to use the bluetooth mode.
  • If the device has not been operated for a long time, then at first the battery can quickly sit down, but after 2-3 recall, the operating time will increase.
  • If the device has not been used for a long time, the indicator may not light up while connecting the USB wire. In this case, do not disconnect the cable: wait a while on the indicator on the red light bulb starts to burn.
  • If the headset has not been used for a very long time, a complete recharge of the battery takes more time.
  • If the headphones are simply stored for a long time, the battery must be fully charged at least once every six months. If this is done, then the service life of the device will last.
  • Do not subject the headphones to significant temperature fluctuations, increased humidity or mechanical damage. Do not leave the headphones in the car that is in the sun.
  • If the battery time is greatly reduced, it must be changed. To do this, contact the nearest service center.
  • If when connecting to the headphones, the laptop goes into sleep mode, the procedure will not be completely completed.

Instead of a laptop, universal charging or adapter for recharging in the car is also used. But only if this is indicated in the instructions for the operation for a certain model of headphones. This is much more convenient than recharging from a laptop, but this will not affect the speed of recharging, which also needs to be not forgotten.

One wireless headphone does not work.

Sometimes a situation arises when one of the wireless headphones does not give sound. If you turn on the player and cannot understand why the headphone does not work, first you need to check the device itself. If it is regular, then the problem lies in the headphone.

Possible problems.

  • One headphone was discharged.Often headphones are discharged in different ways, because many models have one headphone leading, it is discharged first.
  • Flowing the speaker. Especially if water hit. Of course the sound will not disappear completely, but you can hear anything at low volume.
  • Improper location of the nutrition element.If your headphones in your headphones are a replacement of power, do not confuse polarity.
  • Incorrect location of the headset.Some models have a presence sensor in the ear. With an incorrect location, it may not work and there will be no sound.
  • Connection problems.Sometimes only 1 headphone is connected. You need to carry them together.
  • Sound source settings.Sometimes it’s not about headphones, but a sound source.

How to fix.

Depending on the complexity of the breakdown, it can be fixed in the service center or on its own. When clogging the speaker with garbage, gray, dust, they are neatly removed with a thin needle, a clip and a cotton swab. Cleaning should be done with smooth movements. Sudden movements will lead to breakdown of speakers.

Checking can be done in a few minutes. Whatever the speaker is clogged, it is worth periodically preventing, and to maintain better contact of the connector it is recommended to purchase a protective cover.

If the battery is incorrectly placed, check the plus and minus of the nutrition element. Plus batteries in size 11 millimeters should be located to the top. For smaller batteries, plus is located below. Easy noise after inserting the battery indicates proper repairs.

Incorrect connection of the headset may be associated with the overflow of phone memory. If you cannot understand why one headphone works, then try to rename the name of the device used in the phone.

What to do if the sound does not work on the iPhone writes headphones smartphones from Apple are known as one of the most reliable. However, even problems sometimes arise with them. Enough…

Many phones can transmit sound through the speaker, and not through headphones. To do this, you need to go into the settings, and make the right choice. If, after all the repair and preventive procedures, one headphone still does not work, it is recommended to contact the service center.

Useful tips.

That the new equipment would last as long as possible, try to adhere to the tips:

  • Keep clean the device connectors.
  • The headset should be stored in a neat state. This will avoid cable breakdown.
  • It is not recommended to use the device in minus weather.
  • Places subject to the break can be strengthened with a cambric or island.

It is important to remember that if one headphone does not work, the malfunction may be in a production marriage. Therefore, when buying, keep a check and a warranty ticket. Careful attitude with the set of set will allow it to use it for a long period of time. If you are not confident in your abilities, trying to repair the equipment malfunction, you should contact qualified specialists.