Wireless headphones how to connect two. How synchronization works…

Connecting two Bluetooth nashery to PC is not so easy. However, you can configure the parameters of your PC to use one wired headset and one pair of Bluetooth headphones. If you insist on using two Bluetooth headphones, you need to use an audiomixer or Bluetooth adapter.

Android users need to go to the Bluetooth settings and alternately connect either headphones or Bluetooth speakers. After connecting, touch the three.point icon on the right and click “Additional settings”. Turn on the “double sound” option if not yet turned on. This should allow users to connect to two devices at the same time.

Can Windows 10 connect to two Bluetooth devices?

Windows. Turn on both Bluetooth speakers. To use two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously with Windows, you: I will need speakers that can be connected to each other. This usually means two speakers of the same model, but you can combine different models of the same brand into a couple.

Do you want your laptop to connect 2 headphones / Bluetooth dynamics via a wireless network so that you and your friend can watch a movie together? Here is the perfect solution, just connect this a lot of send the Bluetooth transmitter to the audio connector, turn it on and connect it with 1 or 2 Bluetooth audio receivers (headphones or speakers).

How to make 2 wireless headphones work?

There is a button or sensory region on each headphones. Click on it and hold for about 20 seconds the headphones will be forcibly rebooted wait a few seconds until both headphones connect to each other

The simultaneous connection of several Bluetooth devices (multi-point function) can simultaneously connect two Bluetooth devices to the headphones, but to listen to music or perform telephone calls at a certain point in time, only one device can be used.

Is it possible to connect a few Bluetooth headphones to the phone?

The simultaneous connection of several Bluetooth devices (multi-point function) can simultaneously connect two Bluetooth devices to the headphones, but to listen to music or perform telephone calls at a certain point in time, only one device can be used.

Connecting two headphones to a smartphone:

  • Remove both headphones from a charger and wait 2 seconds until they turn on.
  • After turning on, the left headphone automatically connects to the right, the indicator of which begins to flash white.

How to synchronize wireless headphones via Bluetooth?

Now, so that TWS headphones can again be mighty with a phone on Bluetooth not one at a time, and together, you will need to synchronize them again. To do this, we take them out of the case and turn on. again, both LEDs will blink (blue and red or white and red).

Here it is worth considering one important point. The fact is that on TWS headphones most often one is the main one, and the other driven. That is, the main one is connected to the smartphone, and the second is already through it. Therefore, the first to get from the case exactly the headphone that is the main. If you do the opposite, then the secondary can connect to the phone earlier than the main one, and then they can no longer be synchronized and they will be able to work only one in turn

In some models, activation is automatically. In others, you need to press a button or sensor on each of them once on each of them. After 5 seconds, on one of them, the double indication will go out and will only remain on the main thing, which will directly connect to the smartphone.

In the event that automatic synchronization on Bluetooth does not occur, we repeat all the actions to reset the settings from the very beginning again. It happens that this has to be done 2 and 3 times.

That’s all. now the wireless headphones are again fraught and ready to work. This instruction for very rare exception works equally for all models and types-both intra-channel and liners “a la Airpods”.

Keep in mind that if a wireless headset is not charged in a case, then the reset will not help. You need to look for another reason.

There are also more rare cases when headphones work one at a time and do not see each other. It is also due to the fact that at the first launch of such models, one of the modules must be appointed as the main. I got such in CG PODS from Caseguru. After turning on, after turning on a short slip by the sensor, the host is prescribed, after which they will interconnect with each other.

If you have any other experience, then share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

  • Delete wireless headphones from smartphone memory
  • Click on each of them on the button or sensor and detain for 5 seconds before red indicators and headphones turn off and turn off
  • Click on the button again and hold for 10-15 seconds before the LEDs start flashing and extinguished. In this case, two sound signals will sound from the speaker
  • Place both modules in the case
  • Take out and, if necessary, to turn on a briefly press on the functional key or touch panel
  • Wait for the synchronization of TWS headphones

Now you can use them in pairs, switch tracks with their help and adjust the volume of music.

How to synchronize wireless headphones

To synchronize wireless headphones among themselves, it is recommended to adhere to a certain sequence of steps:

  • Activate Bluetooth according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The activation button, depending on the model, can be located on each insert or on a charger.
  • After activating Bluetooth, the process of conjugating wireless inserts with the phone begins. After connected to the source of the sound signal, a sound will go through the “ears”.

Methods of fraud for headphones via Bluetooth

Important. With non.compliance with the recommendations of manufacturers, the headphones are not synchronized among themselves. In sound production, there is a substantial ramp or sound is absent in one of the liners.

When the liners do not get together, what to do to solve the problem?. The following steps are recommended:

  • Remove the Bluetooth failure to connect the “ears” on the smartphone.
  • Turn off the audio device as indicated in the instructions. Indicators must go out.
  • If necessary, recharge the liners in the case.
  • Use the “ears” settings to factory in accordance with the instructions for a specific model.
  • Turn on the device. The liners will go to the synchronization mode, determine each other and the time required for the data transfer cycle among themselves.
  • The indicator sits about the readiness for conjunction with the phone. So that two headphones simultaneously play the sound, you need to select them on a smartphone in the list of available Bluetooth. devices and make a connection by clicking on the corresponding button.

Features of connection on Android

When headphones do not work in conjugation with Android-a smartphone due to a connection of the connection, you need to break this connection (cancel the conjugation). To do this, you need to go to the phone settings, open the Bluetooth item or “connection”. An alternative option to quickly get into communication settings-find and click on the Blutuz icon on the status bar panel. You also need to prepare a headset for switching with Android for a new one, dropping its settings to factory.

The conjugation is performed in a standard order:

  • Turn on both headphones, wait for their readiness;
  • Make sure Bluetooth is activated on a smartphone;
  • Initiate a connection of an audio dawn by finding it in the list of discovered Bluetooth.devices.

Features of connection on iOS

To communicate to each other, wireless “ears” and iPhone on Bluetooth should adhere to the algorithm:

  • On the iPhone, turn on the Bluetooth through the “control point” (caused by a swipe on the screen from the bottom up) or “settings”;
  • According to the manufacturer’s instructions, put the headphones into a coordination mode;
  • Open “Settings” on the iPhone and go to the Bluetooth section;
  • Wait for the appearance in the list “Other devices” the name of the model of the wireless device connected;
  • To connect, slip in the name if you need to enter a PIN code (indicated on the packaging or in accompanying instructions to the device).

The liners will become as soon as the inscription “Connected” appears on the screen next to them.

Is it possible to connect two Bluetooth devices to the iPhone?

To connect two pairs of headphones to one Apple device, you need to make sure that the device is installed on the iOS 13 Beta 4 or newer. After joining your headphones, connect other people’s headphones to your mobile apparatus and connect to them as usual through the Bluetooth settings menu.

The answer is obvious. in no way. Simultaneously headphones, column or Smart bracelet can only work with one device. At the same time, in memory it can keep up to 5 previously synchronized devices.

What is Bluetooth bias?

It just transforms any device without Bluetooth or Bluetooth with an audio germinth 3.5 mm, Bluetooth transmitter. Bluetooth headphones are designed for 10 hours of autonomous work, which is more than enough in any situation. In addition, this audio recovery acts not only as a transmitter, but also as a receiver.

While your phone is connected to a smart clock, a Bluetooth card and a Bluetooth automobile kit at the same time, you can switch between the set and the automobile kit to decide which one you want to use to play music or make a call. x, you can connect it at the same time to no more than two Bluetooth audio devices.

Right or left headphone does not work. how to fix it?

It is worth touching the question if the wireless headphone really stopped working, and this is not due to their synchronization among themselves. What to do in this case and how to fix it?

First of all, make sure you charged him and turned it on. I came across such an error that the user thought that a broken headphone had come from the store, and in fact he forgot to peel off a protective film from the contact connectors.

The actual breakdown of the Bluetooth module or the dynamics due to moisture hit. Finally, no one excluded the factory marriage and.

Reset TWS headphones to factory settings

To understand that the headphones do not work in pairs:

  • Go to the “Settings”, select the Bluetooth tab;
  • In the list of devices available for connecting the devices will be displayed with the same name, but in different notes at the end: “l” and “r”.

Important! Only one headphone can work depending on the model in monk mono. When lighting, the second will not reproduce the sound.

We create a conjugation by rolling up the headset to the factory settings.

  • Place the liners in the case.
  • In the Bluetooth settings on a smartphone, player or computer, delete the connection to the headphones so that this does not lead to repeated blind.ron.
  • Open the case, at the same time take out the left and right headphones.
  • Squeeze control keys on both plugs, keep them from 5 to 15 seconds.
  • During this time, they should light up several times and extinguish the light indicator. When he stops blinking, the headphones should be returned to the case.

Attention! Some models of wireless sets are returned to factory settings with the rollback of the case, for which an additional key is displayed on it.

Activation of the simultaneous operation mode

To include the ability to work with 2 gadgets, it is necessary to install a mobile application on your phone, where this function is configured. In my case, this is Mi Buds M8.

Accordingly, we carry out the initial connection of headphones to the phone. this will be our first gadget. To do this, open the lid and without taking out the plugs from the case on the button on the case. the indicator blows white, which means that the headphones have moved to the mating mode

We launch Bluetooth on the Android or iPhone smartphone, looking for our ears and compounds

How to use TWO pairs of headphones at the same time on PC!

After that, we start a mobile application. On the main screen, squeeze the page down and activate the “Connection to 2 devices”

Now you can complete the second connection to the headphones. To do this, we turn on the Bluetooth on our second gadget and carry out the connection. in detail about how to connect the headset to a particular device, we talked in detail on the site, these are these instructions:

How headphones with two devices work simultaneously?

But you do not need to think that if you connected wireless headphones to two devices at once, then you can simultaneously start music or video on them, and the sound from both will go into speakers. No, they even with an active connection of the same smartphone and laptop will still work with them in turn. That is, if we run the video on the phone and then on the computer, then it will sound that it is played on the first.

If you pause on a smartphone, then the sound will go from the laptop. But at the same time, control through a mobile application with a phone with a sound permit of microphones and the noise reduction of Xiaomi does not disappear anywhere. You can still switch transparency modes and change the settings, and at the same time listen to audio or video on a laptop


If there are any malfunctions in the process of headphones, you can restore them by dropping the settings to factory. This will also help if the headphones are planned to be sold or presented to another user.

In order to return the factory settings to the Bluetooth hobby, the initially you need to remove them from the device on which they were used. So, you need to go to the phone menu and in the Bluetooth settings click on the “Forget the device” tab.

After that, you need to simultaneously squeeze the buttons on both headphones for about 5-6 seconds. In response, they must be signaling, showing red bulbs, and then completely turn off.

Next, you need to re.squeeze the buttons again for only 10-15 seconds. They turn on, making a characteristic sound. Buttons do not need to be released. It is recommended to wait for a double sound signal. We can assume that the reset of settings has occurred successfully.


After resetting the headphones, you can re.synchronize with any device. They are pretty simple, the main thing is to take into account some nuances.

In order for both “ears” to work in the right mode, the following actions must be performed:

  • On one of the headphones you need to click the power/off button. that the headphone turned on, you can judge by the emerging light indicator (it blows);
  • Then the same must be done with the second headphone;
  • Commit them with a double click among themselves. if everything is done correctly, then another light signal will appear, and then disappear.

(Fix) How to pair & Sync| f9-5 Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds | Connect the earbuds together!

We can assume that the headset is completely ready for use. The synchronization procedure is quite simple and will not take much time if everything is done right and without haste.