Wlan on the router flashes red. Red indicator “Internet”

Internet users are often lost and do not know what to do when a red light on the router burns such an error may indicate many problems. damage to the design of the device, errors in tuning, lack of money in the account, malfunctions in the electric network, etc. D. The user’s task is to diagnose a breakdown in time and immediately eliminate it.

The light indication of the router is provided to notify the client about errors in setting, failures or other problems. In normal mode, the main indicators glow or flashed green. If a red button burns on the router, this indicates a connection with the connection and the need to take urgent measures.

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Dog, Internet, Wan

When operating the router, an Internet button always shines, showing the status of a network connection. If a red dog burns on the router, this indicates difficulties with authorization or connection. The router does not connect to the VPN or PPPOE, which the device informs the person.

  • Temporary problems on the side of the company. Provider specialists from time to time carry out technical work to replace or optimize equipment. This leads to difficulties in connecting to the global network. To resolve the situation, you need to wait, and in the absence of improvements, dial the operator number.
  • Turning off the Ethernet cable. If a red light bulb is on the router, this may indicate the absence of a connection. Sometimes the wire is connected to the connector, but the signal is not supplied due to damage to the wire. Such a malfunction should be taken into account when clarifying the circumstances.
  • Settings errors. Sometimes the red bulb burns due to improper setting up the router by beginning users rarely look into parameters, and if they enter the system, often make rude mistakes. In order to avoid failures, it is important to correctly enter the provider’s data, configure the channel, set the Wi-Fi password and perform other tasks.
  • Payment debt. In a situation where a red light bulb is burning on the router, the reason may lie in the absence of money in the account. If a person has not paid for the service, its provision stops. It is necessary to recall when the last time the balance was replenished, and is there current debt.

When ignition of a red dog indicator, it is important to check the quality of the connection, make sure that the services are paid and the correct setup. But more on that below.

There are situations when a red power bulb burns on the router. In normal mode, it shines with green light. Changing the shade indicates problems with voltage supply or failures in the firmware of the router (software).

Not a rare situation when the Pon Red bulb burns on a router here here is only one reason. problems with connecting the Internet. To resolve the situation, take the following steps:

  • Check the cable that goes from the router to the socket for serviceability;
  • Evaluate the quality of connecting the plug in the router connector;
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of the plug (perhaps dust came on it).

If, after these manipulations, the lamp continues to blink, this indicates problems on the server or with the equipment of the operator.


Status button is responsible for system settings. If a red light bulb is burning on the router, we need to talk about problems with settings. Due to system failures, the router cannot connect to the Internet.

GPON high.speed Internet users sometimes face a situation when a red light bulb flashes on a router. The appearance of such a signal indicates such malfunctions:

  • Flashing with a small frequency. insufficient signal power. It is not enough for the normal work of the receiver.
  • Slow flashing a light bulb indicates the absence of a cord connection or interference with a switching of an optical connector.

Sometimes LOS LOS LED flashes after turning off and subsequent connection of the patch cord when the router position changes. For example, garbage can get into the connector, which leads to a deterioration in contacts.

What to do if a red bulb burns?

In each situation, you need to act taking into account the cause and type of emergency indication. So, if the Pon light lights on the router light on the dog’s sign or LOS, you need to check the correct connection and settings.

  • Make sure the integrity and correct connection of the optical wire. Perhaps it is transmitted by furniture or damaged by rodents.
  • Check the quality of the Ethernet cord connection in the router connector. Disconnect and turn on the device. Pay attention to the presence of pollution. If any, wipe the connection with a damp cloth.
  • Inspect the product on the fact of mechanical damage.
  • Reload the modem.
  • If the Internet icon burns red on the router, enter the settings and enter the correct data. If there are doubts, invite a specialist or contact the employees of the provider.
  • Pay attention to the fact of payment. Perhaps the money is not transferred, which is why the equipment malfunctions arose, and a light bulb on Rostelecom’s router is on red.

In extreme cases, try to return the settings of the router to factory, then enter the necessary data again.

Why is a red bulb on a Wi-Fi router?

Check the settings through the administrator section, if everything is in order, then you should call the provider. In 90% of cases, the call to the provider helps to solve this issue, since the router is quite reliable in terms of unforeseen breakdowns.

Some models of routers (for example, ADSL modems or GPON routers) may include this LED when there is a connection with the provider, but there is no Internet connection.

  • The firmware of the router is damaged. This happens if the device is able to update on its own. In this case, you need to try to go to the administrator section and drop the firmware to the original state. Also on any router there is a button for resetting all the settings that can help solve the problem. But it should be borne in mind that you will have to reconfigure the equipment, so prepare in advance the settings from the provider.

What to do?

As practice shows, in most cases a simple reboot of the device helps. just pull out the power supply from the outlet and connect again.

Your provider can also help in this matter. in most cases, technical support will be able to conduct remote diagnostics of the router and report the reasons for the problem. Also, an employee of the support service can help with the remote setting of the router if you do not have appropriate knowledge. Therefore, after reloading attempts, you can call your service provider.

These are the main reasons for the inclusion of the red LED on the device case. for more information, it is advisable to contact the router’s documentation.

Problems and their elimination

So, we figured out what the indication of the WAN bulb means. Now we will consider the possible problems that she indicates, and try to solve them on our own.

There is no indication

You turned on the router, connected the cable, a part of the indicators caught fire, but the WAN bulb does not show signs of life. If the Internet works, then the problem is with the indicator-it has failed, which is very, very rare. Or with firmware, which also does not happen often. In both cases, you can continue to calmly use the device, unless, of course, the presence of an indication of the Internet connection is not fundamentally for you.

We, first of all, are interested in the situation when the Internet light does not burn on the router, and there is no Internet at the same time. We need to check the connection of the cable and check the presence of the link to the provider equipment. Consider these points in detail.

The cable is not connected

The first possible reason is not a network cable or poor cable contact with a nest. Check the cable in place, disconnect it from the WAN port and insert it again. The plug should enter the click, stay tight, do not hang out. It happens that a latch breaks on a plug that fixes it in the nest. In this case, the cable is advisable to restore. Otherwise he can constantly fall out of the nest and you will have to correct it.

Finding a malfunction

If this did not help, the cable itself may be damaged, or the equipment from the provider does not work. Contact the technical support service and find out if there are currently any work on the line. If technical support claims that everything is fine, you need to check the cable.

To do this, disconnect the cable from the router and connect it to the network card of your computer or laptop directly. If nothing happens and your PC does not report about connecting to the network, then the cable is damaged. You cannot eliminate this problem yourself. Contact the technical support and ask that the provider specialists check the cable and eliminate the malfunction.

In the right corner of the computer’s right corner, in this case, the Internet access indicator is displayed. The cross on the red background informs that the cable is damaged or not connected. If there is a green LED on the network card, then it should not burn.

If the indicator on the network card begins to blink, and the computer will try to install the connection (in the tray near the clock in the lower right corner of the screen there will be a network connection icon), then bad news for you. Most likely you have failed WAN. Alas, this happens. For example, due to the closure on the line or during a thunderstorm.

Here in the first case, a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark is displayed on the Internet access icon. He reports that there is a cable connection, but the correct settings for Internet access are not made.

In the second case, everything works, Internet access is.

Checking the port of the router

For reliability, check the performance of the port. To do this, take a patch cord with which you connect your PC to the router, disconnect it from the LAN socket and connect it to the WAN port. If the WAN indicator lights up, then the port is still alive and the problem in combining the cable. If the globe on the router still does not burn, then the port is dead and your router requires intensive care units.

On some routers, you can reassign through the control panel ports. For example, make one of the LAN ports by the WAN port. Such an option is present on modern models of Routers ZYXEL. Other manufacturers most often do not have such an opportunity. The problem in this case allows you to solve the custom firmware of third.party developers, which includes additional opportunities. Including the reassignment of network ports.

If you yourself cannot solve this problem, contact the service center. This should also be done if a router is under warranty. you will lose it if you independently try to fix the device.

The indicator burns orange

In some models, variations are possible. red or yellow. This is the same. If a red or orange Internet light is on the router, then the Internet does not work.

First, remember if you paid for the Internet. If not, everything is logical, there is a signal, but you do not have access to the network. Replenish the account and continue to use.

note! Usually even if there is no access to the Internet, many providers provide the opportunity to go to their official site. There you can enter your personal account, check the balance and make payment or issue the promised payment.

It happens that a failure occurred and the router needs to be reloaded. Often it helps. Turn off the device, wait half a minute and turn it on again.

If there is money on the account, the router is reloaded many times, and the indicator did not green, connect the cable directly to the computer, set up the Internet connection directly and check if the Internet works.

If it doesn’t work, call the provider. Perhaps the problem of its equipment. You yourself can’t solve it anyway, so let specialists do this. You just have to wait.

But if the Internet works on the computer and in technical support says that there are no problems on their part, you have to deal with the settings of the router. Perhaps they got lost. Or you changed something. Enter the web-integer and check all the parameters-IP, MAC address, login, password, type of connection. Everything seems to be in order, but the Internet does not work? The radical option is to reset the settings of the router and configure everything again from the clean sheet. If the firmware glittered, this will help solve the problem. An even more radical path. before repeated setting, update the firmware until the latest version.

Well, if this did not help, call a specialist or bring a router to the service center.

Los and Pon indicators

If you are a user of high.speed Internet using GPON technology, then your router contains LOS and PON (depending on the device model can only be PON). They show the status of an Internet connection and signal the problems on the line. How to decipher the signals they give in this article.

First, we will briefly talk about what GPON is. This is a high.speed connection by means of a fiber.optic cable, except for the Internet, which allows you to use telephony and digital television services. The optical cable is started directly to the apartment or the user’s office, where a special ONT modem is installed, in fact, which is a Wi-Fi router connected to the fiber-optic line. By fiber, it is connected directly to the provider equipment (OLT).

wlan, router, flashes, indicator, internet

In addition to the main indicators, the same as on ordinary routers, the ONT modem has LOS and Pon indicators, displaying the connection status to OLT.

Description of the indication

During the usual work, the Pon indicator should burn continuously, and the LOS indicator should be turned off. LOS light bulb is responsible for the connection, while Pon for registration on the provider network.

Consider the possible indication options:

  • Los and PON indicators are turned off. there is no connection to OLT, the optical cable is not connected to the connector or there is no signal in the cable.
  • Pon flashes quickly, los is turned off. the router is trying to install the connection with the provider equipment.
  • Pon is on time, los is turned off. the connection with the provider has been installed.
  • Both indicators often blink. it was not possible to go to identify on OLT, incorrect rottler binding using GPON technology. To solve the problem, contact the provider.
  • Pon flashes quickly, los blinks slowly. insufficient signal power in the cable.
  • Both indicators are slowly flashing. hardware malfunction.

Problems and their solution

The red indicator color signals the problem with the connection. Los indicator is responsible for connecting with the provider. If a red light bulb is burning on the router or flashes red, then there are problems with the Internet. Internet and telephony do not work.

If Pon flashes in red light, this means the same thing. there is no connection to the Internet.

You can try to solve this problem as follows:

  • First you need to check the integrity of the optical cable leading from the router to the outlet. He can turn off if you unsuccessfully bent it or moved the furniture and crushed it. The cable can also be damaged by pets.
  • If everything is in order with the cable, check if the plug is sitting tightly in the router connector. He must hold on hard, do not hang out. Disconnect and attach the cable again.
  • If after these manipulations the problem did not disappear, perhaps dust came on the plug. This can happen if you transferred the device from place to place and the cable remained unconnected for some time. Pull the plug out of the router and wipe it first with a dry cloth. If it is not possible to remove pollution, then an alcohol cloth. After that, connect the cable again and check if the Internet works.

Laser radiation, even if it is not noticeable to the eye, can damage the retina of the eye! Therefore, all manipulations for cleaning the fiber.optic cable should be carried out with the sources of laser radiation on both sides and in special protective glasses.

If the indicator continues to blink red, then this is a problem on the line or on the equipment of the provider.

In this regard, when working with fiber.optic cables, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Avoid damage and fractures of cables. Do not crush it.
  • When they pulled out a plug, close it with a special protective cap. These caps should be stored in a sealed container, so that they would not get dust.

Thus, Los and Pon indicators allow the user to find out what is currently happening to the ONT Router and identify problems with the connection. The user can independently try to eliminate these problems if the connection failure occurred due to problems on his side. If the problem arises on the side of the provider, to solve it, you will need to contact the technical support service.

The orange signal on the router burns due to the binding at the MAC address

If this did not happen, but you are sure that you did everything right, then on the face is such an option that the provider ties the MAC address of the computer to your account. That is, you bought a new router, and now instead of a computer’s network card with the equipment of the service provider, another device has a different physical (Mac) address. responsible providers report this to users. for example, when I change the router, when trying to open any site there is a message that you need to restart it for a new binding.

The second option is preferable. About how to do this, I talk in detail in separate articles for each manufacturer. select your company from the menu of our site and read.

Program or breakdown of the WAN Port Router

If the orange indicator caught fire suddenly. yesterday the Internet worked, but today, and at the same time, the provider says that he has everything ok, then you need to think why this happened. The first thing that comes to mind was all the settings on the router because of the voltage surge in the mains. For the future, to avoid this, connect it only through the voltage stabilizer.

In order to return everything to its original state, it is easiest to make a full reset using the Reset button on the router case. Then go to the admin panel with the help of a login and password indicated on the label on the bottom of the router case, and adjust everything again.

Finally, no one excludes the breakdown inside the WAN connector or on the router chip. These are thoughts to correct the problem of a burning or flashing orange indicator on a router. it seems that I did not miss anything, if you have something to add, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will understand together.

Why is a router blinking green?

But if the router flashes green, this means that it is currently connected to the Internet. If this happens constantly. on the face of the problem with the connection, and you need to dig in the same direction as with a flashing orange signal. If the router burns green constantly, then the connection with the Internet is installed and everything is in order. If it does not work at the same time, then the problem can lie in the filters, the Wi-Fi schedule or some other access restriction for a specific computer, smartphone or a whole group of devices.

How to disable the flashing bulbs of the TP-Link router in night mode?

In modern TP-LINK models, a night mode is built into the firmware to turn off the bulbs. The fact is that flashing indicators can interfere with sleeping sensitive people. If you turn it off or configure the schedule when they burn, then this problem disappears.

In the control panel of the router, this function is in the section

You can turn off the flashing bulbs on the router through the mobile tp-Link Tether application from the smartphone. To do this, you need to go to the menu “Tools. control indicators”

We understand the purpose of the lightindicators

All manufacturers of such wireless devices have a unified system for designating LEDs. However, there are models whose indicators are distinguished by certain differences.

For example, a two-band router that supports the Wi-Fi 2 radio frequency.4 and 5 GHZ has two separate LEDs on the panel for each range. In addition, the indication that informs the user about the current state of the device may not be on his panels. In new models of routers, the glow of LEDs can be of various colors.

We will tell you below how the icons on the TL-WR740N router from TP-Link should burn. This model of the router is very popular with users, so it was chosen to describe lightindicators. Indicators of the device will be considered from left to right. The value of the LEDs of this router model from TP-Link:

  • Power indicator (“Power” or “PWR”). When the power is connected, glows green. With disconnected nutrition, it goes out.
  • System parameters indicator (“System” or “Sys”). Three possible activity modes. Flashes green in standard working condition. The continuous glow of the diode indicates whether the router is loaded or a system error detecting. Does not glow when the food is disconnected or due to the presence of some kind of system error.
  • Wireless network indicator (Wi-Fi or Wlan). If the lightindicator flashes, data is transferred via a wireless channel. Continuous glow-Wi-Fi point can be used to connect on client machines. No glow says that the Wi-Fi point was not created through the settings of the router or it was turned off using the button.
  • Indicators of network ports (“LAN”, numbering from 1 to 4). Ethernet ports used to connect various network devices using a patch cord. There are 4 network ports on the router. For each port on the panel of the device there is a separate light indifier. If the indicator lights up and shines continuously, then the network device is connected to it. Blinks when data is transferred to this port. No glow. the device is not connected to the port, the port does not work or is not configured, the wire is damaged.
  • Internet icon (“wan” or “Internet”). Indication is completely similar to the Lan network ports previously described. It can additionally burn with orange in the case when the router does not have access to the Internet network.
  • Simplified connection option indicator to Wi-Fi (QSS or WPS). Allows you to connect to the router without entering a password. Should light up after activating this option. Does not glow when the option is turned off.

New router models can have one USB connector and more. The indicator of this port is also not located the front panel of the device. In this case, for each port, a separate light index is released.

Consider below which indicators are on the TL-WR940N router from TP-Link. For convenience, they are all numbered from 1 to 6. The device has the following LEDs.

(4) network ports LAN (4 pcs.). Each port has its own indicator. Only 4 indicators.

(6) USB ports. This router has 2 ports, so its panels have two lightinders.

The routers that can work with fiber.optic networks (GPON technology) have 2 additional LEDs on the panel. For their designation, the inscriptions “PON” and “LOS” are used. These light bulbs on the router are added instead of the WAN indicator.

  • Pon is responsible for registering the device in the service of the service provider.
  • Los signals the user about the state of the current connection to the service provider network.

Such GPON ROODS ON THE RIGHT PARALLS can be placed 2 connectors that allow you to connect a telephone cable (RJ-11 connector). Digital telephony is implemented due to the presence of such connectors on the device panel.

What bulbs should burn on a router

Next, we will tell you what keys and LEDs should burn on a router. The glow of these elements of the front panel of the router depends on the current state of the device. The most likely situation will be used to simulate the diodes of the TP-Link apparatus. The router was connected to the power supply, but the network wires were not connected and the installation of the parameters was still done. In this case:

  • Food. shines continuously.
  • System parameters. blinks.
  • WAN and LAN network connection indicators do not glow.
  • Wi-Fi is not burning.

When connecting the router to the Internet and the absence of connecting other devices to it:

Client machines connected to the router by Wi-Fi, data transfer, including data transfer to the amplifier using WPS. Light.radical on the device will be as follows:

What indicators should burn

If you have included a router in the network, but did not connect the Internet cable and the patch cords of network devices, the Power indicator should burn on it, the SYS indicator (if any) and the wireless network indicator (it is usually turned on). If no indicator burns, it means that power is not supplied to the router. Check if there is a current in the outlet, the integrity of the power adapter wire and the reliable connection of the power plug with the nest on the router. If this is all right, then a power adapter or a router itself is possible.

If you have successfully connected the router to the network, you have to burn or blink an Internet connection indicator, WLAN indicator if the wireless network is also turned on the LAN indicator if your PC is connected to the router via cable. The remaining bulbs may not burn if nothing happens to the corresponding ports and connectors.

That is, if your router is serviceable and the Internet is connected, the Power indicator should burn, flash the SYS indicator, burn or blink in green, the Wan indicator, burn or flas the Wi-Fi and/or Lan indicators.

The main problems and their solution

The Internet lights do not burn (WAN)

This means that the cable coming from the provider is not connected or damaged. If the wire is in place, check if the plug is reliably fixed in the Wan Port Nest, are there any visible defects on the cable itself. If the cable is working and connected to the port, and the Internet icon on the router still does not burn, contact the provider technical support service.

The problem can be caused by the failure of the port of the WAN. You can check if the port works by connecting a patch cord to it from your PC, which you usually connect to one of the LAN ports. If the WAN indicator lights up, then the port is a worker.

The Wan indicator can also burn or blink orange, yellow or red color. The Internet does not work. This indicates problems with the connection either due to incorrect settings, either because of a system failure, or because of problems on the side of the provider. Try to restart the router, check the settings. If this did not help, try connecting the Internet cable directly to the network card of your PC. If the Internet does not work in this case, also contact the technical support. most likely, the provider’s equipment failed, and you independently not solve the problem.

Indication WAN, problems and ways to solve them are described in a separate article on our website.

wlan, router, flashes, indicator, internet

The Wi-Fi indicator does not burn and the wireless network does not work

If the WLAN indicator does not burn on the router, perhaps Wi-Fi is disabled in the settings. In order to check this, enter the web-integse of your router and find the “Wireless Network” section. If Wi-Fi is disconnected, turn it on. On some models of routers there is a button for turning/disables Wi-Fi. Usually it is located on the back panel. Perhaps she is in the Off position. Turn on the broadcast of the wireless network with a button. You can also try to restart the router. If these manipulations did not help, most likely, you have either a systemic failure in the firmware or hardware problems with a router. Try to drop the settings, update the firmware or take the router to the service center.

Only the power indicator is on

Such a situation may arise that after included on the network on the router, only the power indicator burns. At the same time, the rest of the indicators do not burn or blink everything at the same time. Maybe so that all indicators are burning at once.

This is definitely a software or hardware failure in the operation of the device. In this case, the Internet and a wireless network not only do not work, but there is also no access to the router web-integer.

Often this happens after updating the router software. The main reason. you downloaded the wrong version of the firmware. Before being updated, always check whether the firmware of the hardware version of your device downloaded you downloaded. The file can also be damaged if you have not pumped it due to a connection break. Or infected with viruses.

It is recommended to download software only from the official website of the manufacturer and check the integrity of the files before you start the update process.

Something happens in the process wrong-for example, they turned off the electricity for a while, the router hung or you accidentally disconnected a patch cord through which updates filled.

The failure could be caused by other reasons. voltage drops, hardware problems, etc. D.

First of all, try to reset the router settings to the factory using the Reset button. Squeeze it and hold it for a few seconds. Indicators on the router must extinguish, after which the device will boot in normal mode.

If the failure occurred after trying to update the software, try to restore the old firmware. Methods of emergency recovery of the micro.opram are described in a separate article.

In the case when neither the first nor the second helped, you have to carry a router to the service center.

Why the red light bulb on the router caught fire

On modern high.speed routers, a situation may happen when an indicator meaning “Los” is red in red. Such a circumstance is a common thing to connect GPON. The network is high.speed and requires control by the user.

In normal condition, the LED in principle does not burn and should not glow. If the router has a red bulb or flashes, then this indicates a problem with a reconnecting either at your home or from the provider. By the way, on some routers of the LOS indicator there is not in principle. Another indicator. “Pon” takes on its function. So the value of the type of inscription is not important. The main thing is that they do not burn. But this indicator will be discussed below, but for now here are your steps to eliminate the problem:

  • It is necessary to check the condition of the cable: are there visible tears, bends and destruction of isolation. If so, then the cable will have to be replaced and protect it from pets.
  • The wire is in order, but the red Los LOS LOS on the router is still blinking red. Carefully check all the connections and connectors from the cable entrance to the house to the router. The router itself be sure to fix it in a fixed position.
  • Remove the cable.
  • As an option, you can change the plug itself. The reason that the indicator has caught fire, can lie in it. Invite the master, he can change the nozzle to the cable.
  • The plug can just oxidize. It is sometimes necessary to clean it with an alcohol cloth.

The reasons for the appearance of the red bulb “Pon

Another common problem. the red bulb “Pon” burns on the modem.

It can be said that this is an understudy of the LOS indicator, it turns on when the GPON connection is activated. This happens when registering an Internet provider.

Basically, the reason why an error is displayed on the modem means the presence of problems with the network connection.

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If a red light bulb “Pon” is now burning on the router, then there are several explanations for this:

  • “Pon” on the router flashes and “los” is disabled. This suggests that the device is trying to restore communication with the provider.
  • If both indicators are disconnected at once and “pon” and “los”, then this means that the connection to OLT is gone. Most likely there is no qualitative connection of the optical cable itself with a router.
  • If Pon lights up red and blinking very quickly, and the Los indicator is slow, then the signal power is insufficient.
  • “Pon” on the router is constantly glowing, and “los” does not burn. there is a connection.
  • The orange bulb on both indicators flashes. From which it follows that the identification process has not been completed, and a fatal error occurred in the observation of the modem on GPON technology.
  • Slowly blinking LED on both indicators means a malfunction of the router.

All further movements must be taken taking into account what signals are given by indicators. If a red bulb burns on the modem, it will not hurt to check the integrity of the cable connection and the correctness of the connection.

The indicator shows an orange color

Some models can show red or yellow glow. This is the same sign. In such a situation, the light bulb lights up, but there is no Internet. The problem may arise in the absence of payment for the Internet. If the payment is not received, then the signal will be present, and the Internet, respectively, will not be. In such a situation, it is necessary to replenish the account and continue to use the global network.

Even if there is no Internet, many providers are given the opportunity to contact a proven portal. A person can go to the personal account department, make a check of balance status, make payment.

There are situations and the need to reboot the router. This often helps to solve the problem. You should turn off the device, wait a minute and start it again so that the light bulb caught fire, and the system works.

If the account is replenished, the router was reloaded many times, and the indicator did not show a green glow, then you should connect the WAN-cable directly to the laptop or computer, and then configure the Internet and check its performance.

If nothing happens, then you should call the provider and ask what to do if the WiFay sign does not burn on the router. Probably the case is a breakdown of equipment. It is worth giving the device for diagnostics. If after the inspection the provider says that there are no problems with the equipment, then you will have to find out the problem in the settings of the router. They were probably knocked down. In such a situation, you should make an entrance to the web-intake and check all the parameters: IP, MAC addresses, login, password, type of connection, and find out their “Status” parameter.

The dumping of router settings is a radical way. If the system “turned”, this action will resolve the issue. To find out that it does not work is very simple: only the lamp at the inclusion/off icon will burn on the router or modem. In addition to it, not a single indicator will burn, in particular, the Wan indicator in the form of a planet or globe. In this case, due to something, it does not work its internal software. Therefore, you should click on the “Reset” button. The following action will be even more radical: before the next setup, make the system update, putting the late version. If the action did not help, then you should call a specialist and carry a router to the service department.

What else are difficulties

If the Internet icon does not burn on the router, then it is rare when the case is in the burned Wan port. If the light does not light up and the port burned out, this is a verdict for the router. Often this is due to the closure of electric cables. The connector then can melt with the nest and cable. The fact that the place was burning may indicate the melted contacts. The solution may be to buy a new device or reconfigure a port.

In some advanced routers, you can reconfigure. To reconfigure the equipment, you must go to the Port and Vlan’i section on Keenetic. However, if there is no such function in the device, you will have to buy a new device.

Often there may be a shutdown on PC. If the Internet light does not burn on the modem or a red signal appears, then it is recommended to look at the settings of the network connection. The following actions should be done:

It is also the reason that the WAN port on the router does not work is an outdated driver of a network card or router. To check available updates, the following actions must be performed:

  • Find the “Device Manager”.
  • Among the list of sections to find “network adapters”.
  • Having launched the tab, you should go through the mouse for each subparagraph and check through the context menu the need for driver update.

This can help solve a problem in the absence of an Internet bulb.