Xiaomi AirDots pro headphones do not charge

How to charge the Redmi AirDots headphones

Both earbuds have built-in 40 mAh batteries. In stereo mode, they hold up to 4 hours of charge at 50% volume. In mono mode, when audio is broadcast by 1 earpiece, the runtime increases to 5 hours, the reason is the lack of mandatory synchronization between the earbuds.

You can determine when to put the headphones on charge in 2 ways:

  • the charge level is displayed in the Bluetooth settings, next to the connected earpieces. Depending on the interface, the remaining power is shown next to the battery status of the smartphone/tablet;
  • You can find out about the low power reserve from the voice assistant, which sends a message to the earbuds when there is a minimum of charge left.

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The process of charging the plugs is identical for the “Xiaomi” and “Redmi AirDots” versions:

  • open the case;
  • place the earphone plugs in the recesses;
  • If the headphones are charging, the LEDs on the droplets will turn red;
  • When the headphones are charged, the color will change to white.

Battery recovery takes about 1 hour. It is impossible to charge the headphones without the case: there is no adapter to connect the pads. In idle mode and while in the case, the earplugs will last up to 150 hours. Fully refurbished case holds power for up to 4 months.

Remember! There are different grooves for the left and right earplug, so don’t make any effort if the earpiece refuses to fit into the recess. Try inserting it into the next recess.

How to know if the AirDots case is charged?

Wanting to make the basic features as good as possible, the manufacturer spared on the material of the case, fitting within the narrow limits of the super-budget segment. Tactically, the plastic resembles the plastic of a Chinese handicraft and although it looks respectable, without flaws, but something tells me that the resistance to scratches is not to be expected. The charge indicator is located on the front panel under the cover. It features illuminated dots indicating the amount of charge. How to know when the AirDots case is charged? Read our article below.

Unlike much higher-priced, USB Type C cases, this one has a microUSB connector on the back for charging via a power cord. “Ears” in the seats sit tightly enough. they are held by powerful magnets, preventing accidental loss during shaking. The lid stroke is quite tight and the closing closes with a confident click. This is also due to the built-in neodymium magnets that firmly lock the halves in the closed position.

It feels like a pebble in the hand, but when you try to squeeze it, you’ll feel the cost: you can feel the movement between the halves, sometimes accompanied by a slight squeaking. On top, depending on which plant the gadget comes from, there is a logo. In one version, it’s the Redmi, in the other it’s simply the Mi. The upside-down pebble reveals its Chinese belly, studded with hieroglyphs with technical information. On the plus side, there’s no charging cable, but that’s understandable: the port is standard, and you can find a cable for it in every home. and the final price will only benefit from this.

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How to know the charge of the Redmi AirDots case? it’s impossible, but keep in mind the case’s battery is able to fully charge the headphones from 0% to 100% twice. Thereby extending the total runtime to 12 hours (the runtime of the Redmi AirDots themselves is 4 hours). How to know when the AirDots are charged? Easy, the red lights on the headphones will stop lighting up.

Using the headphones during a call

With Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro, you can talk on either of the headphones or both at once. If your conversation drags on for hours, you can take turns using the headphones. Talk on one of them first, and after it’s discharged, put it away in its case and use the second earpiece. By the way, because of the fast charging function, in just ten minutes the put away earphone will replenish the power reserve for about an hour of conversation.

Xiaomi AirDots headphones do not charge: causes and consequences

Modern wireless headphones have a lot of advantages: they are comfortable, lightweight, reliable and provide sufficient sound quality. But like any other technology, Xiaomi AirDots are not without their main drawback. the battery.

The battery is the weak point of any wireless devices, including AirDots. Even if you follow all the recommendations for battery care, pretty soon it will begin to lose capacity, which in a year or two will lead to the fact that the headphones in standalone mode will work much less time.

Loss of capacity with each charging cycle is normal for lithium-ion batteries, that’s how the technology works, this shortcoming is trying to solve in scientific laboratories with varying success, but it has not yet been completely defeated.

And so, one day we put the Xiaomi AirDots in the charging case and we see that either both, or, which is more common, one of the headphones does not signal the start of charging, which means that it does not charge and will not be possible to use it in the future. Why is this happening and is it possible to fix,

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Not charging the right or left earphone TWS

There are 4 possibilities why the case or headset is not charging:

How to fix the problem of Xiaomi airdots not charging?!

  • The earbuds did not connect to the power connectors in the case.
  • Damaged the battery of the case (both earbuds do not charge) or the headset (one headset does not charge).
  • The cable is broken or the power adapter is defective.
  • The socket in the case has been damaged due to the use of a third-party cable or dirt has clogged the socket.

It is difficult to correctly diagnose a malfunction without experience. Let’s note the main rules that will help to preserve the batteries of Bluetooth headphones:

  • Allow the headset to remain plugged in for 30 minutes before using it for the first time.
  • Use branded USB cables, check the power capacity of the power adapters before plugging in the headset case.
  • The case should not be left plugged in after the battery has been recovered.
  • To prevent battery degradation, focus on an optimal ambient temperature of 5-35 degrees Celsius. Do not leave the ear pieces or the case in direct sunlight or near a heating device.
  • If you do not use the earpiece for a long time, charge it occasionally.
  • The battery capacity gauge may be malfunctioning if there is a problem with the battery controller.
  • Turn off extra features like noise reduction or sound enhancement to save battery life.
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Headphones won’t get ruined if you leave them in the case charged to 100%. When both headsets go into the case and connect to the power connectors, they automatically turn off Bluetooth to conserve battery.

Regardless of the model of HBQ headphones or wireless headset of another brand, such devices are connected to the charger in about the same way. And if you follow the rules laid out in the manual, it’s easier to maintain battery capacity even after 400 charging cycles.

The design of the charger is the same for Redmi and Mi Ardots, so the instructions and recommendations will fit both models:

  • USB-port of the case or cable is damaged. If the wire is broken and the jack is clogged with foreign objects, there will be no contact. The case won’t get a new amount of power, and with it the earpieces.
  • Unoriginal products. The functionality of knockoffs is highly questionable. Headphones can broadcast a tune, but you can’t charge them with a fake box. That’s why you should always check the devices for authenticity before buying them.
  • No contact in the container. The fixing magnets are often the problem. If the earmolds do not fit properly, there will be no power.
  • Mechanical damage. Worry if the container or headset has been dropped into water or onto a hard surface. After such a shaking, there are usually problems.
  • Factory defect. Before buying, you should immediately check the airdots. If there is a problem, contact the seller with a claim. Doing the repair yourself is not recommended, otherwise you will lose your warranty.

Why does one headphone Xiaomi Redmi AirDots work, can solve the problem

First you need to determine what is wrong. There are three possibilities here:

  • Redmi AirDots mismatch occurred for some reason. When searching for Bluetooth devices, the phone sees them both. And they are only connected one at a time.
  • One headphone Xiaomi AirDots does not work at all and does not respond to attempts to recharge it (after placing it in its slot in the case it does not flash with any colors and upon removal it does not have a white diode).
  • The headset devices work separately, but both show “signs of life” when placed in and removed from the charging case socket.

What to do if only one Xiaomi AirDots headphone works

Faced with such a problem as a broken headset? The headphones do not pair with each other or do not charge?

Following the step-by-step instructions below, you can easily figure out how to fix your device without any help!