Xiaomi does not connect to a computer via USB

Using Xiaomi smartphone as a USB drive

Most models of the smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer have a significant volume of internal memory, which allows you to use Xiaomi as a USB drive and thereby exchange files with other devices quickly.

  • It is necessary to reset various types of files from the mobile apparatus (photos, videos, audio files, text documents, etc.D.);
  • To organize work with system sections of a smartphone (the applies cache is most often installed).

The most common reason

So, you connected your Xiaomi smartphone to the computer, it charges, the computer even sees it, you, in turn, observe the following on the monitor:

However, if you open the device, the folder will be empty. Why? The fact is that the default Android operating system closes access to the device file system, access must be provided from a smartphone. Why this is done? Yes, then, so that no one else can access the files that are stored on your device. Of course, this rule works only if access to the smartphone is closed by password or, for example, using a fingerprint sensor. If this is your case, you need to allow access to the system, for which, first of all, call the notifications panel, running a finger from the upper part of the screen to the lower.

Here, click on the “file transfer (MTP)” item “.

Thus, you have given the computer access to the device, when you open the device, you will see a file system.

Xiaomi phone solution not connect to PC via USB

Note. When connecting via cable in the upper notification, an option of choice appears only for charging, transferring files or photos. You must select a file for transmission.

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After that, your Xiaomi phone will be discovered by your computer and you can access the internal memory.

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How to connect Xiaomi to a computer via USB cable: alternative method

The task can be completed in various ways. Now I will tell you what other development option for connecting Xiaomi to a computer.

As an alternative method, you can do the following:

This mode allows you to transfer any files. Therefore, it is called multimedia.

By the way, this approach can work not only on Xiaomi phones, but also on any apparatus under the control of Android.

Firming mode FASTBOOT

In order to connect the Xiaomi Android Smartphone to a computer via USB in firmware mode, you must take the following measures:

  • We completely turn off the phone and wait for about 20 seconds.
  • At the same time, clamp the volume and power reduction key. We wait for the appearance of the inclusion logo. After that, let the volume decrease button.
  • Когда на экране появится робот Android в китайской шапке это значит, что режим прошивки активирован и телефон ждет подключения.

How to connect Xiaomi to a USB computer?

Imagine that you needed to upload photos from phone to computer. How to do it? The easiest way is to connect a smartphone to a computer using a USB cable. But in modern smartphones based on Android this is not enough, you need to do some more actions. Which ones? But right now we will tell you about them.

You will need a USB cable. If you suddenly forgot how it looks, then the image of the cable is for you:

Connect your smartphone to one side, the other side cable. To the port of USB on a computer or laptop.

xiaomi, does, connect, computer

In the “My Computer” section, the smartphone was reflected as a portable device.

All? If: In modern versions of Android, you can not open a device with files, so far not to give access from the device. If you open the device in my computer, you will not see anything (not relevant for old Android versions). Therefore, pick up the phone and draw from the upper edge of the display to the bottom so that the notification panel appears.

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And now, when you open the device through the “my computer”, you will see its file system.

By the way, if you select the “PTP transmission”, then the device will affect the “My Computer” as a digital camera. Only images are available in it.

When connecting a computer with a smartphone, the latter will appear on the connection, which disappears after a few seconds. If you did not have time, we open the curtain and click.

The new window “Using USB” will open and here you need to select the file transfer mode.

Ways to solve the problem

We offer several effective methods of solving the problem. One of them will help to access the phone from the computer.

We connect correctly

Before moving on to more serious actions, you need to make sure that the smartphone is correctly connected to PC. Perhaps some users do not know that when connecting via USB, the phone offers several operating modes at once:

xiaomi, does, connect, computer

In order for the PC to successfully determine the smartphone and open access to its file system, you need to switch to the “file transfer” mode. To do this, just open the notifications curtain, click on the “Charging by USB” and in the proposed list select “Transfer of files by USB”.

If the problem was concluded only in the connection method, after changing the PC mode, he will notify the appearance of a new device and offer actions options. If the OS does not see the smartphone, go to the next point.

Turn on the debugging

Debugging mode. A special tool that issues an expanded set of rights to work with a connected smartphone to the computer. Sometimes activation of this function allows you to cope with the problem:

  • We go to “Settings”, click on “On the phone”.
  • We tap seven times in a row on the line “Miui version”. The developer mode is activated.
  • Return to the “Settings”, go down to the end of the page, open “Expanded settings”.
  • Click on “for developers”, activate the “Debugging by USB”.

If the developer is not activated, disconnect the antivirus installed in the smartphone. Perhaps it blocks the transition to an advanced mode.

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Install the drivers

When connecting any device, the computer automatically finds and sets the right drivers. If for some reason this process is interrupted, the phone will not be determined.

  • Click the right button for “start.Up”, go to the “Device Manager”.
  • Open the “portable devices” block, click on the smartphone in the list, click on “update the drivers”.
  • Choosing an automatic search option.

If the phone is not displayed in the list, then there are no drivers for it at all. I have to look for a specific driver for your smartphone, load it and manually install it.

We carry out the elimination of problems

If nothing helps, you can entrust the solution to the problem of the operating system itself:

USB options NOT showing in android when connected to PC but phone charges

  • We are looking for a “control panel” using a “search” next to the “start”.
  • Open the “Equipment and Sound” block, go to the “Devices and Printers” section.
  • We find the item “Android”, click on it with the right button, click on “Elimination of problems”.

If this does not help, you will have to resort to more complex methods. For example, to work with the terminal for Android. The method is quite complicated, beginners may not fit.

Turning on USB debugging

It is unlikely, but this option can also help. Turn on USB debugging. This is done through the developer mode, which first needs to be turned on. If it is included, proceed to the final part of the article.

Open the “settings”, then. “My device”.

Click 7 times on the line “Miui version” until you see a message about the activation of the developers mode.

Go back to the main settings menu and select the “Extended settings” item.