Xiaomi dreame v9 and v9p differences

Xiaomi Dreame V9 (Global) reviews

Advantages: powerful, handy, easy to disassemble and wash, wireless charging from the base.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: best product I have bought in 10 years. I did not expect so much power from a cordless vacuum cleaner. I have a few dogs, lots of hair, it works great. Big brush perfectly collects hair from the carpet, small brush cleans in narrow places. One charge is enough to vacuum two floors in the house. Easy to disassemble, ideal for daily cleaning. After use I noticed that a lot less dust accumulates on the furniture. Consumables are cheap on aliexpress. The only downside. does not pick up immediately large debris, such as scattered grains, turbo brush can scatter it in the sides by spinning roller, you need to adapt. Overall I am very happy with it.

Advantages: It is light enough and powerful. On the second mode is enough to clean the whole house (2 room apartment).Recharges quickly.Useful set of nozzles. Also cleans dust on upholstered furniture great.Very easy to move, the nozzle rotates in all directions, very convenient.

Disadvantages: Cleaning after use. It is typical for all cyclones, you need to tap on the body to get most of the dust out of it. Plus you have to be careful not to spill all the dirt back onto the floor.Long hair gets caught in the filter in the chamber and sometimes you need to remove it with the hands.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: A great vacuum cleaner. It’s perfect for a small apartment. I recommend it.

The Pros: It is a very cool piece of equipment. Small, powerful enough, fits a lot of places, easy to clean, takes up little space, performs its task by 200%. Quality plastic!

Disadvantages: Sometimes it overheats and shuts down if you use it at full power for a long time.

Advantages: light, maneuverable, powerful (in some places)

Comment: I have been using it for six months, and I bought the same one for my parents.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Great vacuum cleaner, this is my second one

Advantages: very handy, quite lightweight, does what I bought it for. It works as an electric sweeper.

Disadvantages: Certainly not powerful enough (or light, or powerful)

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Stylish, fits discreetly enough behind the door. At any minute I can pick up and vacuum up hair, dust, crumbs.

Advantages: Inexpensive quality pen. Comfortable, non-slip. Lightweight.

Weaknesses: It blurs the stick. But this is inherent to all models. Complaints about the rod.

Weaknesses: battery died in less than a year. New one costs as much as half a vacuum cleaner

Advantages: light weight, stylish, moderately powerful. I have no pets at home, does a great job! I recommend it.

Advantages: Weight, build quality, price, convenience, all parts can be cleaned and washed

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: It’s a great vacuum cleaner. One-room apartment 37 square meters cleans great! It has enough battery power to dust the shelves and vacuum the sofa on the turbo

Advantages: battery life, powerHandsome appearanceEasy to store

Disadvantages: The design of the wheels on the main nozzleEasy to shake out the dust

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I bought this vacuum cleaner more than a year ago for 12 thousand.First of all, it is lightweight. Cleaning a 70 sqm apartment does not cause any problems at all. The battery is rechargeable. Cleaner run time has not changed in a year of active use.Its consumption depends on the nozzle and the speed, that is, the nature of the floor covering. It has great battery life if you use it for tiles, hardwood floors or laminate flooring and it can easily be vacuumed on speed one. If it has carpets, the power consumption will be higher.The vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner for daily household cleaning such as dust, scattered grit, pet hair, etc. No need to think that it can beat a professional vacuum cleaner if you decide to clean an abandoned shop.The main disadvantage for me. the design of the wheels of the main nozzle, which are constantly winded and gets stuck pet hair (in photo). After each cleaning it is necessary to carefully trim the clogged hair in the direction from the wheel to the outer edge of the nozzle, otherwise it is impossible to pull out these clumps.Also it is not very convenient to shake out the trash, because it gets stuck between the body of the filter and the walls of the bulb, and you can get it out by unscrewing the filter. You are bound to get dust on your hands.With all that, the vacuum cleaner has completely replaced the old vacuum cleaner with a cord, I will not go back to this format.

A comparison of handheld vacuum cleaners Xiaomi Dreame: V9, V9P, V10, V10P, XR

There is a lot of confusion about the designations, because European and Asian versions hit the market simultaneously. European design is more like a Dyson, while the Chinese are more minimalistic.The European version is more expensive, buyers want to save money. In this case it is absolutely unreasonable. The Asian version does not include a power adapter and charger in the wall mount system. You have to charge the Asian version separately. We strongly recommend choosing only the models in European format. for your convenience. (As a store we are ready to supply any version you choose, including the Asian one, if you insist and understand the difference) Versions V9, V9P, V10, V10P differ in connectivity. V9. Asian version without wall charger, V9P. European version with euro plug and wall charger. V10. Asian plug, V10P. European plug. Dreame XR comes in the European version.The European version includes an improved wall mount system with built-in power supply.

Common features of all Dreame vacuum cleaners

Vertical vacuum cleaner with motor base and gun handle. Weight of motor base about 1, 4 kg without additional attachments. Center of gravity shifted to the handle for comfort.

Attachments included:

Roller nozzle for floor cleaningMotorized brushFelt brush with extendable partSoft brush for appliances, shelves, car cleaningSpecial furniture brush that eliminates mites and allergensLong tubeThe Xiaomi Dreame XR version comes with an additional flexible hose. Flexible hose is extremely useful for cleaning in tight spaces and in the car.Also includes wall mount as standard. The total weight of the box with a vacuum cleaner, bases and attachments about 4.8 kg.

Engine and suction system

All models are equipped with a Space 3 brushless motor.0. Dreame V9/V9P version with 20,000 Pa, 100,000 rpm. The noise level at maximum speed is 68 dB. about the same as normal speech.Vacuum cleaners Dreame V10/V10P and XR got improved motor Space 3.0 with a suction power of 22,000 Pa. Noise levels are reduced through the use of “magnetic levitation” technology. Adds polymer shock absorber to reduce noise and vibration.Cools engine with SmartCool system. The result is a motor that doesn’t overheat, doesn’t burn your hands and lasts long enough. Battery is also cooled and protected against overheating.

Distributed power

Multiple cyclone splitting system to maximize airflow without risk of damaging flooring, upholstery fabrics, etc. Powerful, even, and deep suction for embedded dust, carpet and sofa cleaning.Say goodbye to nuts and bolts if you like to throw them around. Even thumbtack batteries are vacuumed at maximum power. Dust mites and other microflora also can not stand the power of vacuum cleaners Xiaomi Dreame. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics can get a good night’s sleep.

Five-level filtration

HEPA airflow filtration. dust is not returned with the outgoing airflow. The use of two cyclonic filters provides excellent cleaning power to eliminate all kinds of dirt and dust. Also includes a coarse filter and a special dust filter.

0.5 liter dust canister

Small capacity but high density. Dust and debris are compacted tightly and do not obstruct the free passage of airflow. All versions have a one touch container cleaning system without risk of getting your hands dirty. Pressed. the container opened, the debris falls directly into the bucket.All parts of the filter can be rinsed in plain water as needed.

Comparative table of characteristics of Dreame vacuum cleaner models

Dreame XRDreame V9/V9PDreame V10/10PWeight1.5 kg1.5 kg1.5 kgCompressor suction power22000 Pa20000 PaMotor modelSpace 3.0 Turbo Upgrade 140 AWSpace 3.0 120 AWSpace 3.0 Turbo 140 AW Motor speed100000 rpm100000 rpmBackup time. 60 minute routine. 40 min Turbo mode. 10 minsecontact mode. 60 minutes common mode. 28 min Turbo mode. 8 mins quiet mode. 60 minUntime mode. 30 min Turbo mode. 8 minutesCharge time3.5 hours3.5 hours3.

Xiaomi Dreame V9P (Global) reviews

The Strengths: I am very happy with my vacuum cleaner. Did not expect to be so powerful and maneuverable. It can even handle a long nap carpet.

Advantages: We chose fromP vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Dreame V9P vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Dreame V9P vacuum cleaner Dyson V7 Animal ExtraP vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roidmi F8EP vacuum cleaner Xiaomi SKV4060GLRead a lot of reviews, evaluated all the pros and cons, the choice fell on the vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Dreame V9P, Bought and do not regret it, every time I take it in hand a lot of fun, 3 modes of suction, mostly everywhere laminate, but there is a large 2m to 1.1) Mainly uses a wire vacuum cleaner, but it only sucks out the hair, sand, pet hair and other debris from the dog in two passes. At maximum mode works for 20 minutes, the first one is more than enough, fully covers 80 m2. 3 convenient nozzles.

Disadvantages: When cleaning, the lid opens downwards, the first time I scattered on the floor what I picked up in the process of cleaning. Then I got used to it. Sometimes it is hard to get the hair out, I have to use a wire. Everything else is great.Easy to use, good maneuverability.And the price is half as much as the Dyson V7 Animal Extra vacuum cleaner

Strengths: Good, fast and clean, too bad it is not plug and play

Advantages: Wireless vacuum cleaner for every day. I recommend.

Comment: It cleans well. Charge enough for the entire apartment (3 rooms). It comes with handy nozzles (although I rarely use them). Also has a base for attaching to the wall (very compact). See. photo)

Disadvantages: Quickly and in a timely manner execute the order.

Comment: Good operators, good messengers. Clear, streamlined operation. I am satisfied

Advantages: Very easy to operateLightweightColorfulRather quick to chargeCleaning is great!Handy charger base for charging, lots of nozzles, good price

Disadvantages:.The device has to hold down the button all the time to work, periodically cleaning the filter (because we have a large cleaning area of 200 square meters). м.), but it’s not a problem

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I have been dreaming about this vacuum cleaner for a long time, so far super! I will add a review after a while.

Advantages: The appearance, price, pretty good autonomy

Disadvantages: Very long charge (3 hours from 0 to 100 if not more). Did not have time to put anything away. Every time I pick it up I get 3 suction modes, lots of suction, most of the time it goes everywhere, but there is a big 2.1 minute suction mode. “Goodbye” in turbo mode works only 7 minutes (in medium mode is closer to 20 minutes) When I open the lid of the container all scattered, I have to use wit, so then do not clean up all again.

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Comment: I have no carpets so 80kv in 20 minutes on medium power is enough to clean everything from anywhere without panic. I use it with a robot iClebo. In my opinion, the perfect tandem. Robot rolls around every day, I walk around with Xiaomi once a week

Advantages: Lightweight, handy, maneuverable. Interesting design. Removing and installing the nozzle. Hangs on wall and charges at base.

Disadvantages: Of the drawbacks is the battery began to overheat and shut down. I think that at least the shelf life of this technique should work without problems, and not break down after 3 months. Not enough for a 52 square meter apartment at medium power. The cost of the battery on Ali about half of the vacuum cleaner. There are a lot of sales of these batteries and we can conclude that this is the weak point of the vacuum cleaner. The warranty on the battery is not covered as always.The lack of power makes it very hard to vacuum.The lid of the dust container opens abruptly and sometimes the trash flies out in different directions. You have to maintain it.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I like this vacuum cleaner in general and I would give it a 4. I think you can remove the low power from the vacuum cleaner t.к. It is completely useless. I would not recommend it to my friends and acquaintances.

Advantages: Good day. I decided to write a review for someone to decide for himself to start a vacuum cleaner of this type or not.- At hand. Vacuum cleaner hangs on the dock next to the kitchen, reach out and you can vacuum. Т.е. Literally you spill in the kitchen, for example, tea or sugar, or something else mucked (except water). You take a vacuum cleaner in your hand, instead of a rag, and eliminate. This is the biggest plus of this type of vacuum cleaner.- Autonomy. No wires. No need to plug anything, drag, pull. You can go somewhere with it. Going out to visit, for example, if there are dirty people living there. At work, to vacuum my desk chair.- Compact. You can take off the long nozzle and hang a short nozzle. Vacuuming the car, the couch, whatever you want.- active brush. I do not know if it affects anything, but it is there and rotates.- Docking station with charger. Pre-definitely easy to pick up and hang / remove the vacuum cleaner from the station.- MAXIMUM quick vacuum cleaner readiness to work. I have it hanging on the charging station in the hallway next to the kitchen.

Disadvantages: I have not found any major shortcomings in 4 months of operation. Of minor drawbacks:- too big dimensions of the charger with the adapter. You can try to find an analogue with a normal plug.- The main (big) tube with the nozzle in the body of the vacuum cleaner began to play. On the work of the vacuum cleaner is not affected, but a little annoying.

Comment: I am generally satisfied.

Advantages: easy in the hand, great cleans upholstered furniture turbo nozzle works wonders, very maneuverable and for laminate indispensable

Disadvantages: the trigger must be held, no indication of the remainder of the charge as on the Daisan display is convenient very, not removable battery

Advantages: Very quiet, lightweight and incredibly maneuverable! Great cat hair collection! Slotted fluffy nozzle is very convenient to clean dust from baseboards, doors!

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Ideal vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning! Great price, very cool appearance and same cool cleaning performance! We are happy with it!

Advantages: furniture and bedding nozzle. Top. Everything was covered in kitty hair. With a regular clothes roller, you could spend an hour to get rid of hair on the couch and bed. Now it takes five to ten minutes and it’s done. Turbo brush works great on linoleum. I have to run my hand over the floor after cleaning. Not a speck of dust and less frequent cleaning of the floors. The other two nozzles also come in handy for various tasks. High quality workmanship, all details are thought out, when you take it in your hands you realize you’re holding a quality product. Had no problems cleaning the container, just open it carefully over the trash can and help a little if something gets stuck. filter pulled out, washed, dried, nothing complicated. power and charge enough for my needs. 1k apartment with a long-haired cat, no carpets.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I hope to keep it for a long time

Advantages: it is cool! Vacuuming has become easy physically and mentally)) I am very happy!

Advantages: The vacuum cleaner is great, quiet and lightweight, a lot of nozzles, it has a wall mount, easy to clean. All in all just pluses.

Comment: I bought a vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Dreame V9P. The vacuum cleaner is great, quiet and lightweight, a lot of nozzles, the wall mount is, easy to clean. The filter can be cleaned under the tap, it is reusable. I advise you, take it.

Advantages:. Excellent maneuverability. easy control. manages to vacuum the entire apartment on medium mode at once (20 minutes). lightweight. well collects hair from the floor. stylish. easy emission system collected. well collects dust, including from upholstery

Disadvantages:. Still have to get my hands dirty when throwing out the trash as it accumulates mostly in one spot. The device has to be taken out with hands or with a stick. for an apartment with a lot of carpets (especially with a long pile), I think, you need a more powerful model. may not pick up dirt (even a small piece) at the first time, will have to drive over the right place several times

Comment: We only have a rug in one room (and that’s a short pile one) and a small rug in the hallway in front of the door. The rest of the flooring. Tile, laminate, linoleum. So cleaning goes very quickly with this vacuum cleaner and becomes a real pleasure. I am very happy with this unit and recommend it to all my friends

Advantages: It cleans well, has enough power, easy to use.

Weaknesses: It is better to clean the bin outdoors. Sometimes residual debris can fall out of the tube when you turn it off. Long to hold in one hand is still tense, and the button does not have a clip.

Comment: I compared it to a Dyson and of course it beats it in price-performance. Good alternative to the top of the line Dyson for the money.

Advantages: Very easy to use, all nozzles are easy to change and all of them have regular places, what is the difference from the migia model. Good suction power, a brush for mites. above all praise. Always enough battery. Easy to clean the trash can.

Disadvantages: The weight was still too much for my wife, my arm gets tired, but that’s not a disadvantage, my wife has weak hands) if you think that you do not have to clean the rollers on the main brush, and on the brush for mites. The rollers often wind up with hair and it’s not very easy to clean them out. Can not ignore this fact, because the brush stops to roll forward and backward. In general, the reason why I switched from a robot to an electric sweeper. It takes a little less time to clean, but it’s there.

Advantages: High power Quality of materialsNumber of nozzles Easy to handle Takes up little space

Disadvantages: Not very handy (weight)No ordinary nozzle without a turbo brush (how to vacuum in a corner?)It is not convenient to clean in hard to reach places

The commentary: on the whole a very good quality product. Works well, good suction power. But it is inconvenient because there is not usually a nozzle for cleaning: how to collect bullets from the corners? And it is very uncomfortable to clean in tight places.Bought for a complete replacement for a regular vacuum cleaner. So. Replacement, of course, can be, but also to adjust to the new realities will have to.П.С. Used Dyson V8. I can not see the difference between these two vacuum cleaners to justify the price difference

Advantages: Cheap, enough power, enough charge, lightweight.

Comment: The whole house is already in the things Xiaomi. If the terminator was filmed now, instead of skynet would be Xiaomi and I would have been killed by a teapot.

Advantages: Everything!Relatively lightweightCompact systemSnaps it right in)

Disadvantages: It is difficult to get under the bed in a narrow corridor.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I’ve been dreaming about it for about six months and it was worth it!I read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев about the store, but it was good! Came back the next day with a warranty.

Advantages: 1. Many useful attachments;2. Sufficient power even on the low setting;3. Durability, quality of plastic;4. Incredibly comfortable design;5. Good battery life;6. The light weight. 7. Quality of cleaning (8). Stylish design9. Very quiet on the 1st mode.

Disadvantages: It is a little noisy at the highest setting (3), but I don’t have to use it either.

The commentary: I have been using it for about a year, I am more than happy with the vacuum cleaner! The battery has not run out of power fast during the use, for good cleaning (without carpets) is enough to use the 1st, 2nd power mode out of 3 (using the 1st, enough for two full cleaning of the apartment of 60 m). Quality and sturdy plastic, no backlash, looks like the first day, although I often bump the brush against interior objects. No chips, no scuffs. After use, I shake out the dust canister and, like, everything. Filtration at the highest level, fine filter(4th stage out of 5) still does not need to be replaced or at least washed. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight on the motorized turbo brush it practically rides, after 30 minutes of cleaning you do not feel even the slightest fatigue. Never ceases to amaze me, how much dust it sucks out of the couch. In general it totally met our expectations and money spent, it really makes vacuuming much easier and more enjoyable.

Advantages: It is a good vacuum cleaner, at max power is super

Disadvantages: When you get small change of cm by cm, it gets stuck between the brush and the plastic and have to pull out, in the normal one, respectively, there is no such thing.

Comment:. But have not tried other brushes and turbo

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Advantages: The only competitor in the category is much more expensive.

Disadvantages: Surprised that the screws for attaching to the wall is not equipped with decorative stoppers, but that’s not a drawback

Comment: Surprisingly low noise level. Can have a conversation in peace.

Advantages: Easy to clean and use. Easy to use. It is quieter than a Dyson and much quieter than a corded one.

xiaomi, dreame

The commentary: cleans any dirt, the main thing is to choose the right nozzles and power. But do not expect miracles, the floor it will not otpaleryut and the carpet with the furniture will not become a new. On the 1 speed, it is convenient to clean the dust from the equipment and shelves, but the weight is very palpable as 2 kg with one hand to hold and still maneuver. At 2 speed clean the entire apartment except for carpets, it is convenient to quickly remove crumbs in the kitchen or dried up small pastels (if not stuck to the floor), works enough never once irritated to zero at 2 speed. On 3 speed cleans the carpet well with the right brush! It gets warm after a long use, but it is normal. My wife said it was heavy at first, but she leans on the cane with the brush and the weight is no longer felt. I use it for the second speed, it has the suction power of a cordless vacuum cleaner and it is a great value for money11300r. For that kind of money is great!

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Advantages: First vacuum cleaner of this format, so I liked everything:1. Battery2. Generally lightweight, but with prolonged use on the weight can begin to fatigue the hands.3. Despite the fact that it is a battery vacuum cleaner the suction power is sufficient. I use it on the second speed.4. Funny how you can see all the debris in the clear bin. I vacuumed my couch and was horrified.5. Hepa filter. I was very surprised that the air was not too dry and the little dust particles were left in the filter. I like it very much. Power nozzles. The main nozzle itself tends to vacuum and pulls forward). It’s great that you can now vacuum back and forth, that is, the forward motion of the brush doesn’t push the dirt forward, it picks up.7. I hang it on the wall and forget about it. Charger goes to sleep mode after 100% charge. No need to worry about constantly recharging the device.8. Good thing you have to press to vacuum otherwise it would have discharged even faster.Since this is my first experience I like everything and it seems well thought out)

Disadvantages: I would like more autonomy (but in my class it is on par)Build quality. I attach a photo of the damage.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Gave a 3 instead of a 5 because the vacuum cleaner was delivered in a sealed box and it was defective. Courier left and can’t prove anything now. I hope it will not crumble at once. Be careful when buying and check everything thoroughly.!

Advantages: Design, the ability to mount on the wall.Perfectly cleans.Futuristic design

Disadvantages: No storage box for extra brushes

Advantages: In its price range. Best!

Disadvantages: During the use did not reveal.

Comment: I now understand the woman who married the vacuum cleaner.

Advantages: The product fully meets the expectations

Weaknesses: May appear later. It’s still China.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: It’s not a vacuum cleaner, but it is very useful and easy to use. Small debris, sand brought by kids from the street, shallow cleaning, all done in minutes. The vacuum cleaner is always at hand in assembled form and the absence of wires greatly facilitate the daily use. A good vacuum cleaner for general cleaning it still will not replace.

Advantages: lightweight, handy, does not take up much space.

Disadvantages: The usual vacuum cleaner on the power certainly can not compare. There is still work to be done.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I liked the vacuum cleaner. It has wireless capability to get in and out of places that were problematic or inconvenient to get in with a regular vacuum cleaner. For a 2-room apartment is enough and the charge and power. It is convenient to take it off and put it on the charging bracket. My wife is happy.)

Advantages: It is light weight, easy to maneuver, very fast vacuum cleaner. Quality build, good nozzles. Cleaning of 70 m passed in 10 minutes.

Advantages: Compared to Dyson V8, which has been in use for six months.The power is not less, by the main parameters (including the weight, which is essential for an elderly person, who bought it) is not worse. Of the pluses, except for the difference in price by 2 times, more convenient attachment (more nozzles in convenient accessibility). well-designed charging. not constant plugging into a small socket, as in Dyson, but two surface contacts.

Disadvantages: First, the dusting. The Dyson’s “head” goes up and all the hair flies out at once. Xiaomi only opens the bottom lid, so you have to pick up the wool/hair to throw it away.Secondly, oddly enough, 0.3s to start the engine interfere in the mode “quickly pick up trash in a small area”.Thirdly, the main roller is soft, the sticky debris removes worse than the Dyson brush.And the fourth. All-white color for cleaning equipment. Too shiny.

Comment: overall impressions are very good, minor flaws are compensated by the difference in price.

Advantages:.Power;-Wall mount;-Compatibility;-Basic nozzle (perfect. A month of use. Not a single hair, photo of the nozzle without a single brush below)

Disadvantages:.Ergonomics;-Weight;-Wall mount (no, this is not a mistake, it is both convenient and not);

Comment: Just over a month of use, but given the quarantine, extremely intensive.The model is very well known, so I will not go into details, I will add a few comparative points.Input: a small three-bedroom of 60 m, 2 shaggy adults and 2 no less shaggy children. No other animals.At the moment in the use of 3 vacuum cleaners:1. Classic with bag (used for non-standard tasks such as balcony, door mat on the side of the stairwell, etc.);2. Robot vacuum cleaner (main daily use when no one is home, during quarantine we almost do not use, because long);3. Well, this unit, bought for the purpose of quick cleaning in quarantine when everyone is at home;Just about the main thing. Yes, it can definitely replace a regular corded vacuum cleaner. Without any buts or compromises.Once again, briefly about the pros: really very powerful, especially in turbo-mode, wall mount which conveniently snaps all the included nozzles megaveeshch (nozzles are constantly lost), well, like a 4 nozzles included also will cover all needs.And now about the cons: Ergonomics, most likely due to the type of filter (cyclone). We already had a similar vacuum cleaner a few years ago by another manufacturer. There was a regular filter elongated shape, it is much more convenient.The vacuum cleaner is heavy and that especially sad, the button all the time should hold (at all incomprehensible joint). And the wall mount. The attachments are cool, but the vacuum cleaner itself is extremely stupid fastened. It has to be brought at an angle of almost 45 degrees from the floor, i.e.е. It means in the direction of how the fixture hangs. Disadvantages: a disadvantage than a drawback, it can scatter dust and dust if the lid is not held tightly, there should not be any obstacles, and we have the mount hangs in the closet, at the end of the closet, and clothes hang there (the last vacuum cleaner was just taken up, and this one sideways), so you have to hang the vacuum cleaner separately from the bar with the main nozzle.In the end, a solid 4 with plus, but for the main nozzle which really does not collect hair you can forgive anything!

Pros: It cleans well, in most cases it has the second power.Battery life is good enough to go anywhere in an 80 sq. ft. apartment.Convenient charging station with storage of all brushes.Pretty quiet and lightweight, I think even a child of 7 years old can handle it Excellent price/quality ratio.

Weaknesses: of a nag than a flaw, it can scatter dust when cleaning if the lid is not held down.You have to get used to holding the button all the time (although many do)

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I have watched the reviews, comparisons and tests for a long time, and after the purchase I understand that they are quite honest!For me, not much different from a Dyson v8 but half the price, maybe those who have a lot of carpets or pets will decide differently.

Strengths: It is one of the best vacuum cleaners, especially for the money! Never fully discharged yet! This vacuum cleaner just to keep things clean and neat, not to impose it!

Advantages: Easy chargingChoice of nozzles is greatDock station cleans wellStyle designEasy to clean

Disadvantages: It cleans well, but not so well: medium debris sometimes gets stuck between the roller and the body.The roller tosses the trash up and forwardLong chargeLow battery life

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I use 2 speed because the first one is just very weak (almost nothing), so the vacuum cleaner lives 20-30 minutes.Very handy vacuum cleaner, the analogue of the Dyson in 2 times more expensive. My choice was either a used Dyson for 15k or this one. Decided to get a new one

Vertical vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Dreame V9. reviews

The motor starts a little slower than the Dyson. Also Dysons do not smell anything out of the box, but this is just unpleasant. The quality of cleaning is not affected, but it can be felt in the details.

The price is good, but don’t forget that Dysons are sold with a warranty and after taxes, and this one everyone buys for the minimum gray price. That’s why I would call the cost of vacuum cleaners comparable, not “much cheaper”.

Charge time! Here is the biggest disappointment. 10 minutes, that’s all. Not enough for 80 square meters, and someone has more because! Also, and the car for example to clean. What can be cleaned in 10 minutes I do not know.

Clean the container is not very convenient, I have to clean the hand cat hair, but in general, not critical and I do not panic.

First thought to buy a Dyson for about 50k, but at the last moment I got greedy and decided to take my chances with this one. For its price of 12k is just a great device.

There is still the question of reliability, but I have not had any problems in 2 months. If it breaks, then review will be added.

Important! We have no carpets, rugs, etc.д. Just tile and laminate. The result is super!

I’ve got a cordless vacuum cleaner on fire. Strangely enough, but in our family, I have long convinced my wife that we need such a vacuum cleaner, she said that a healthy mess is not stressful. But after much debate, a consensus was reached, I have long ago chose the model, opened an online store and ordered. Weissgauff V7 Stick!

I opted for a courier delivery the next day. At about 16:00 courier brought me the vacuum cleaner. We unpacked it, took a look, wrapped it in a box and I took it to the pickup point to send it back to the store! I’m not going to write too much about its shortcomings, the review is about Xiaomi! But in short, then: heavy, you can not put a hand vacuum cleaner normal nozzle, the docking station floor type (the best thing with a child 1), it is difficult to use a vacuum cleaner with a handheld.5 year old. ). In a word. think first, then buy.

Next was the torture of choosing between Weissgauff V9 and Xiaomi. But after reading reviews for Weissgauff on the market, I realized that somehow the Germans are something wise with the suction power, and there is no charging from the dock station, so the choice fell on the purebred Chinese! It also was delivered in one day and we tried everything with it. Even after our big vacuum cleaner (Philips FC9199 PerformerPro) vacuumed the doormat, Xiaomi still managed to pump out all sorts of nonsense.

It has more than enough charge! For an apartment of 90 sq.m.м. It took 2/3 of the charge, but it was a full cleaning, with vacuuming tables and shelves. Wall docking station with power off when fully charged. Lowest mode is enough for my parquet and tiles. The fine pile carpet can be cleaned with the medium speed, and if the pile is heavier. on the maximum power. The docking station accommodates all the nozzles, which was not the case with the Weissgauff V7, where I would have to keep brushes in the closet!

The only thing I was afraid of was how comfortable it would be to vacuum and keep the button pressed. But, in the question/answer the person wrote: “. so it’s harder NOT to push the button when you’re holding the vacuum cleaner,” and he’s damn right!

Vertical vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Dreame V9P: an independent review

Traditional vacuum cleaners have one, but very serious disadvantage. very low mobility. And okay, if you have to clean a big house with wide aisles. And what to do if you need to drag the machine around a small apartment, crammed with furniture?? One of the options is an upright vacuum cleaner. Perhaps the best device of this class many believe that the vertical vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Dreame V9P. Let me tell you why.

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Category up to 15 000

It can not be called an economic category, because there are cordless vacuum cleaners and for 5 000. but for eco system Xiaomi it is exactly that.

In this category there are models Jimmy JV51, Jimmy JV53, Jimmy JV53 Lite, Roidmi F8 Lite, Dreame V9 (V9P). It is worth right away to say that the vacuum cleaner Jimmy JV71. It is an upright cordless vacuum cleaner, t.е. It can “stand by itself” without leaning on the wall. Dreame V9 and V9P models differ only in appearance.

On the official resources and large online stores the cost of all these models ranges from 14 to 16 thousand dollars. . Here are their photos.

Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner Dreame V9P: a powerful Chinese equivalent of Dyson

The Dreame V9P cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is the review of the dream vacuum cleaner: it’s modern, powerful, and puts the vacuum cleaner to shame. Dreame V9P is one of the best stick vacuum cleaners on Aliexpress. This model stands out by its technical parameters, in particular the capabilities of autonomous work and suction power, as well as the cost. The price to quality ratio of this model is high.

Specifications: Brand: Dreame Model: V9P Type: Hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner Vacuum Pressure: 20000 Pa Suction Power: 120AW Type of filtering: multicyclone, Hepa (0.3 microns) Power: rechargeable battery 2500 mAh 25.2 V (cells Samsung) Motor: Voltage free electric motor to 100000 rpm Charging power source: 30V/0.8A (included) Base Charging: Yes Cleaning area per charge (sqm). М.):380㎡ Flooring types: Carpet, wood flooring, marble flooring, tile flooring, carpet, ceramic tile Capacity: 0.5L Noise (dB):≤78dB Power (W):400 W Weight :1,9 kg Package Weight with a set:4,8400 kg vacuum cleaner size (L x W x H): 60,00×22,00×23,00 cm Running time: 60 minutes (LOW), 28 minutes (Mid), 8 minutes (MAX)

Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner Dreame V9P brought by a courier IML, personally in his hands. A huge plus to the seller for sparing consumers the postal service. And couriers are fast and convenient.

The packaging is thoughtful, stylish. The box itself is white, with a handle and a picture of a vacuum cleaner. Inside in two levels carefully stacked disassembled vacuum cleaner and set.

The vacuum itself looks very technological. This is an upright multi-cyclone with a large trash tank and electrically driven brushes.

Each accessory in the kit is individually packed in a hydrophobic film.

  • vacuum cleaner;
  • aluminum tube;
  • Soft roller brush nozzle (wide);
  • brush head with a rubber roller (narrow);
  • dust nozzle;
  • a narrow nosepiece;
  • charger;
  • wall charging dock;
  • English manual;

Casing is one piece with cyclone basket, handle and battery.

Hepa-filter replacement hole at the top, the white cylinder at the top is a brushless high-speed motor.

Air outlets are located next to the motor. At the same time, they dissipate heat from the running engine.

At the bottom of the handle is a battery pack (not removable).

Battery charge level is indicated when switched on.

In the handle itself the manufacturer placed a DC5525 jack. a standard jack for constant power.

European standard power supply, with a long cord. Delivers up to 30 volts at 0.8A to charge battery.

You can charge both directly and through a wall mount.

There is a mechanical switch on the end for three modes, three “speeds”. Minimum (bottom), middle, and maximum (top) suction power. Switching the power on and off raises the vacuum cleaner’s motor speed and sucks up the dust more forcefully. No speed change on the motorized brush. The higher the speed, the faster the battery runs out. It is more reasonable to make cleaning on minimal or medium power (depends on the type of coverage and dirt), switching to maximum speed in difficult areas or on carpeting.

On the soleplate there is a nameplate with the model number, the operating voltage (25.2V) and the typical power (400W).

There are also sliding contacts for connection to a wall mount.

A few words about the filter and collection tank.

The figure shows the cyclone filtration scheme: there is a HEPA filter, a coarse filter (mesh), a special multi-cyclone separator (“chip” of this model). The trash stays in the tank and can be cleaned in one motion.

HEPA filter is replaceable, synthetic, which means it washes and dries perfectly without losing its properties.

Empties the garbage can from the bottom. Simply reach into the bin and push the button.

The lid is flip-open and the trash is dumped down. The cover is equipped with a silicone seal.

A few words about complete electric brushes.

These are combination nozzles with a soft brush or rubber turbo-brush, which are driven by an electric motor. Brushes deliver up to 3,000 rpm, so you can effectively shovel all debris and clean tough surfaces.

One of the main ones is the large electric brush head. It’s a universal nozzle, and is designed for both hard surface floors (laminate, tile, linoleum) and soft carpeting. Combined bristles perfectly copes with difficult dirt, with the hard part (the red band of bristles) working like a pet-brush, picking up hair and pet hair.

The nozzle tilts in different positions, allowing you to vacuum in hard-to-reach places. The brush itself is soft, with a combined pile.

It is possible to disassemble the nozzle and remove the brush for cleaning or replacement.

Another useful tool is the small electric brush. Its main purpose is anti-mite cleaning, cleaning furniture, carpets. Small size allows you to efficiently vacuum in the car. And vacuuming mattresses with this brush is a pleasure. Try it and you’ll be surprised how much dust you can get from your cushions and mattresses.

The nozzle is significantly more compact than the previous one, and has a special rubber brush.

The set includes two simple nozzles, non-motorized, narrow, for cleaning debris, corners, furniture, etc.

The simple nozzle has an adjustable brush (just unclip the lock). And a narrow nose nozzle. The latter is convenient for vacuuming in quite hard-to-reach places.

Made of aluminum alloy, lightweight, with plastic locks on both sides for attachment to the vacuum cleaner and nozzles.


Snaps into place. In order to disconnect the tube, all you have to do is press the button.

Equipped with a tube and nozzle it is very similar to its cousin. For example, on the Dyson.

If you vacuum your car, furniture, or hard-to-reach places, the short version makes sense.

Photo: Short version with large brush head.

Here is a shortened version with small brush head. This small nozzle is very handy for cleaning furniture. And for car seats, too. suction power, smaller surface area. cleaning efficiency increases many times over.

Here is the short version with the narrow nozzle. This option is ideal for cleaning carpets and furniture.

Shorter version with narrow brush head. And this is a convenient option to vacuum the corners, cabinets, mats and the like.

The guys have adopted Dyson’s idea. everything is stored in one wall mount-organizer. On the sides and in the center there are latches for nozzles. The vacuum cleaner is fixed in the center.

Spring-loaded contacts are provided for charging. That is enough to hang the vacuum cleaner on the mount, and it will start to charge independently.

Attachment for wall mount included, no need to rack your brains.

over, the charging block can be connected to the vacuum cleaner directly or to the holder. All-in-one solution.

Vacuum cleaner stands on “soleplate” but is best hung on designated stand.

over it is possible to charge the vacuum cleaner in this stand. Cradle grips at bottom and top, providing electrical contact to charge battery.

It is convenient to hold in your hand. the vacuum cleaner is light and well-balanced. Trigger sits comfortably under your finger. Second hand lets you switch “speeds” on the endplate.

That would be more or less understand the dimensions of Dreame V9P, I compared it to the Xiaomi Roidmi F8.

As you can see the vacuum cleaners differ in layout of the cyclone basket, as well as the tube of Dreame V9P is almost one and a half times longer.

Due to more complex construction of the nozzle, Roidmi F8 has a left-right turn of 60 degrees. And the slopes are like Dreame’s.

The Dreame has a much larger trash garbage can which means you don’t have to pause and empty the bin while cleaning. Definitely a plus.

The principle of powering brushes is the same. a power wire is laid in the tube. But the brushes are not compatible on seats and terminals.

My Roidmi comes with 2 brushes, one soft brush for hard surfaces and one pet-brush type brush with rubber inserts. And it’s possible to change the brush.

Dreame has only one brush in the kit. it’s possible to change it, but there’s nothing to change it for.

The Roidmi also has a light built into the nozzle itself. Lights up in hard-to-reach places when cleaning.

Сравнение самых популярных моделей пылесосов от Xiaomi. Dreame V9, Dreame V9P, Dreame V10, Dreame XR

And the light is bright enough. And Dreame has no such thing. A pity.

Overall, the Dreame looks bigger. And Roidmi F8. more like a vacuum cleaner for girls (small). Although Dreame is noticeably lighter, probably due to optimization of the design.

Of the other options, I would compare it to the cheap JIMMY JV51, thanks JIMMY updated the lineup and added an even older model JV83.

JIMMY JV51 is about the same size, but has a weird design (in my opinion this is a minus of this model) and a simplified cyclone garbage can.

After the vacuum cleaner test, the container is full of dust, and there is both fine dust, which was filtered out by the cyclone, and coarse dust on the mesh.

Dreame V9P vacuum cleaner is one of the best wireless vacuum cleaners. It is lightweight, removes dust with high quality, both large particles and fine dust (up to 0.3 microns). Large volume of the tank for the garbage can clean for a long time (about an hour). Operating time: 60 minutes at “1” speed, 28 minutes at “2” speed, 8 minutes at “3 maximum” speed. Very convenient for daily cleaning. Large number of attachments, including mosquito brush make it a universal vacuum cleaner for home and car. The universal power brush works great on all types of coverings, and the small power brush powerfully cleans cushions, mattresses, and furniture. If the vacuum cleaner is interesting, it makes sense to buy it with coupons and promo codes.

I recommend reading my top picks of gadgets in my profile.

How to choose and what to look for?

To choose the most suitable model, you need to pay attention to:

  • Power. The higher the value, the more efficiently and quickly the dust is sucked up. The optimal power from 120 W.
  • the volume of the dust bag. Large capacity containers with capacities from 0.5 to 1.5L. They hold more dust and debris without requiring regular maintenance.
  • Accessories. The manufacturer always gives customers a rich set of brushes, nozzles. But it is worth examining the package, so that then you do not have to buy the necessary attachments.
  • Type of cleaning. The company offers devices for dry, wet and 2 in 1. Here you should be guided by personal preferences, financial capabilities.