Xiaomi Mi band 4 how to set the time

How to adjust the brightness of the screen on the Mi Band 4

When scrolling through the menu on the touchscreen display of the fourth-generation Mi Band smart fitness tracker, you can find an icon in the form of a gear. If you tap on it, several settings will open, one of which is the screen brightness adjustment feature. If previous versions of the Mi Band supported two modes of brightness. automatic and night, in the updated device you can set the necessary brightness, choosing from the four proposed brightness options.

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If you’ve used previous Xiaomi Mi Band fitness trackers, setting up Band 4 is unlikely to cause you difficulty. But if you joined the ranks of bracelet owners for the first time, the instruction below will help you translate the gadget into the optimal language, connect it to the phone, will introduce the basic functionality and control mechanisms. If the menus and commands below do not match yours, look for similar ones. The settings may be different for different versions of Smart bracelets and applications.

You can configure calls on the Mi Band 5 immediately after going to the first tab. All you need to do here is activate the slider next to “Warn about incoming call”. Additionally, the user can set the ability to display contact data on the screen (phone number and name), as well as the delay and duration of vibration.

  • Charge the tracker and your smartphone.
  • Download and install the official app.
  • Specify all necessary data (age, height, weight and parameters).
  • Synchronize your devices via Bluetooth.

How to set the time and date on the fitness bracelet?

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You can adjust the time on the fitness bracelet either through a special app and smartphone, or in the settings of the device itself. Most trackers automatically recognize the time set in the phone when the gadget is connected for the first time. You can change it manually.

On the smartphone that is synchronized with the fitness bracelet, open the “Settings” item. There, look for the “Set Date and Time” section. Going into it, find the item “Automatic Daylight Saving Time”. Activate this function by moving the slider from one extreme position to another.

To connect your watch to your phone, go to the app profile and select “Add device”, click on the line “Band” and “Agree. After that, click on the line Mi Smart Band 4 and confirm the pairing on the watch by pressing its touch button on the screen.

How to set the time on the Xiaomi smartphone and on the Mi Band fitness bracelet

The time is still the most important parameter which the Xiaomi phone shows on the screen, but not many people know how to set it.

To make life easier for first-time users who bought their first ever Xiaomi smartphone, the time settings are made so that they are automatically set according to the cellular operator’s instructions. Yes, the mobile operator not only lets you make calls and transmit internet, it also gives you the exact time and date.

However, not everywhere cell towers transmit the correct data, for example, in my case, if you use their readings, they shift the time back one hour. So I have to adjust the time myself and I will show you how.

How to set time in MI band 4.

Go to the general settings, and then click on “Advanced Settings”. You will see the menu “Date and Time”. The first option “Date and network time”, if you turn it on, will take data from the nearest cell tower. If you are travelling far away from home that even the time zone changes, I suggest you leave it on, otherwise you risk forgetting to set the clock. But to set it manually, it must be turned off. Once we disabled this item, under it became possible to set the indicators yourself, just click on the corresponding value. You can also set the time zone to automatic, I advise you to be careful with this option, it sometimes leads to distorted time. Go back to

How you can change the date and time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

  • From the phone, swipe down from the top of the screen, then tap the settings gear icon.
  • Scroll down to the “System” category.
  • Press Date & Time.
  • Press ” Automatic date and time.
  • Press Set Date.
  • You can also tap Set Time.
  • Select the time zone if necessary.

How to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet: setting the clock

The continuation of Xiaomi’s beloved series of fitness bracelets, the Mi Band 4, which has basic functions to monitor health, rhythm, movement. Synchronization with your cell phone and the wrist-worn nature of the item define the use of the Band as a watch. Logical extension of the functionality of the phone is embodied in the bracelet.

How to Set Date And Time In M4 Fitness Band| Smart Bracelet Connect To Phone with lefun app in hindi

After purchase, users are faced with the need to configure the Bend and sometimes questions arise, including how to configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 watch. Controlling time stats is just as important in daily activities as rhythm values. Users should know that the main way to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet is to do so through the Mi Fit app, synchronized with the smartphone. There are more sophisticated options.

Setting the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band

Mi Band series fitness bracelets have quickly conquered the market. They are easy to use and have many useful features, allowing you to track activity, count calories spent and display notifications from your smartphone.

That said, the main function of the Mi Band is still informing about the current time. However, in order to adjust the time on Xiaomi fitness bracelets, you need to understand the nuances of these devices. To simplify your task, we have prepared detailed instructions on how to do it. The recommendations from the article are relevant for all the trackers of the series:

How to Sync or Set the time on Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Watch