Xiaomi Mi band 4 what functions

Getting started with the bracelet

As soon as you bought Mi Band 4, it is necessary to synchronize it with your smartphone. Pair First will appear on the tracker screen, requiring pairing with the Mi Fit. Download the program from Google Play, register and search for the device via Bluetooth. about the first connection we told you in the full instruction.

Then begins update the firmware, an average of 10-15 minutes, and automatically connect the Russian language, even in the Chinese version of the bracelet. After that, some of Bend’s features can be used without a smartphone.

Mi Smart Band 4 | Mi Smart Band 4 NFC

Waterproof to a depth of 50m. 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope.

Up to 20 days on a single charge

Get up to 20 days of use on a single charge.

Health Monitoring

Get nonstop heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.


xiaomi, band, functions

Brand new AMOLED color touch display. Even brighter at 39.9% more.

View notifications for incoming calls, messages, apps, and music playback controls. Keep your hands free from unnecessary things.


Your personal trainer who is always with you.

Track your heart rate in real time to see how well you’re doing, whether you’re walking up a steep hill or just hurtling through the city.

During rope exercise, Mi Smart Band 4 monitors heart rate and counts calories burned.

Tracking your pace and counting your steps.Safe jogging for both long and short distances.

Water resistant 5 atm in depths up to 50m.Recognizes up to 5 swimming styles.Recording 12 types of data, including stroke rate and number of strokes.

Recording 5 main types of data.Help you improve your workout performance.


Sleep quality monitoring can help you stay awake during the day.

Sleep Monitoring

Accurate analysis of sleep habits in fast and slow phases, as well as heart rate monitoring to help you analyze the quality of your sleep.

Alarm clocks

Gentle vibration to wake you up early in the morning.

Mi Fit app

Record your heart rate to help you keep track of your health.


Mastercard on your wrist. Just tap to pay.

Contactless payment feature only works with the official Russian version of Mi Smart Band 4 NFC. Please verify product ID MGW4059RU when purchasing.

The feature is only available after adding Mastercard to the Mi Smart Band 4 NFC via the Mi Fit app. When logging into the Mi Fit app, you need to select “Russia” as the region.

In order to avoid the risks of unlawful actions with the payment system, please study the accompanying information about the device

Mi Smart Band 4 NFC payments can be used by holders of Mastercard issued by Raiffeisenbank, VTB, Tinkoff Bank, Otkritie Bank, Post Bank, Yandex.Money, Rosselkhozbank, PSB, Alfa Bank, Russian Standard Bank, MKB, JSC Credit Europe Bank (Russia), Soyuz Bank, Gazprombank. The number of issuers whose customers will be able to pay with the Mi Smart Band 4 NFC smart bracelet will grow.

The frame is staged and does not describe the real scenario of use.

Transportation Card

Use the bracelet to pay in public places on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Instant payment

Quick and easy to pay at malls, supermarkets, gas stations and other locations.


Continuous heart rate monitoring allows you to monitor your health status.

Continuous heart rate monitoring

Health comes first. The bracelet will alert you if your heart rate is too high.

Warm-up reminders

Be more active. Warm-up reminders will never let you linger too long.


20 days of use on one full battery charge

Pay now and your order will ship within 1 week.

Make a pre-order to ensure you receive Mi merchandise.

Shop and Pay Now. Approximate shipping time will be 1 week.

To protect Mi Fans from speculation, delivery address cannot be changed

If product price changes before shipment, order price will not be changed

Features for Fitness and Health

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker has the ability to measure a number of characteristics that are important when exercising and keeping track of your health. Let’s start with the purely athletic features. It is the ability to conduct a workout while cycling, in the gym, on the treadmill, while running outside, walking or swimming. Since the bracelet safely tolerates interaction with water, you can not only swim with it, but also to work fully in the rain or in conditions of high humidity. During training, it collects statistics that are important to monitor your performance in sports. When exercising, not only the action itself is important, but also the measurement of various indicators. Therefore, Mi Band 4 has a number of functions to track your health: measuring heart rate, number of calories spent, distance traveled, as well as measuring the number of steps, sleep monitoring and activity tracking. At the same time, through behavior tags in the profile settings, the bracelet can be trained to recognize different activities (when you’re driving in transport, brushing your teeth or doing something else). This will improve the accuracy of the measurement. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features. The fitness bracelet can not only measure your heart rate, but also do it automatically with a set frequency. At the same time, the smart gadget independently detects when you started working out and starts measuring your heart rate more often to get a more reliable result. It will also be able to notify you if your heart rate is above the set rate if you enable such a feature in the mobile app. Sleep monitoring implies that the fitness bracelet will keep track of your sleep phases all night long, at the end of the process it will provide statistics on the quality of your sleep and give recommendations. For example, it will determine that you went to bed too late, that your sleep was too short. It will then tell you what it can lead to and give you specific recommendations on what to do next. Activity tracking is another great feature that will be especially useful when leading a sedentary lifestyle. While on your arm, the tracker will constantly monitor your movements and send notifications if you sit too long without moving. It will help to pause in time to do business and improve your health, because many of the problems with it are associated with a lack of mobility. Separately, let’s talk about such a feature as setting goals. Although it is not directly related to sports functions or health tracking functions, it is the goal setting that helps to achieve faster results in terms of working with your body.

Phone functions

The next group of features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Wristband helps partially replace the phone. First of all it is a possibility to receive notifications and reminders from the phone from the most different services and applications. A second useful feature is the ability to control the music player directly from the bracelet, which also saves you from having to reach for your phone every time you want to pause a track, add volume, or play a different tune. The bracelet will also help you quickly find your phone at the touch of a button and will automatically unlock your phone when you’re close to it. There are a couple of important features on being able to do without your phone. These are NFC. wireless transmission technology and voice assistant. But these features are only available in the fitness bracelet version with NFC (more about Xiaomi Mi Band 4 versions). If we talk about NFC, it will only be useful for residents of China (more about payment through a fitness bracelet).

Standard features of the Mi Band 4 watch

This group of features includes ones that are considered classic for many electronic devices. The Mi Band 4 fitness tracker has several alarms, a stopwatch, a timer, a clock with date and time display, and a weather module.

Features for wearing comfort and security

Since at night we are not very pleasant to look at the bright screen of the gadget, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has built a night mode feature. This means that when it gets dark, the screen of the watch becomes less bright. Another feature is related to the location of the bracelet on the right or left hand. The need for this is dictated by the fact that when worn on a less active hand, the gadget is less likely to err in measurement, as otherwise it can count frequent movements of the active hand as steps. Another useful feature is the activation of the screen when you raise your wrist. This feature helps both conserve bracelet power by keeping the screen off and eliminates the need to press the screen or button to view information on a smart bracelet. Many people will also be pleased with a feature such as support for third-party dials, which not every fitness bracelet can boast of. Dials can be selected either in the standard Mi Fit app, or you can install them through other apps or download them from different websites.
And the last feature we will mention relates to the security of using the bracelet. This locking feature where the wristband locks when you take it off your hand. If you want, you can also enter a password to lock it, then the other person can’t use your bracelet without entering the password.

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And why it doesn’t vibrate?

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 requires a few settings so that MIUI knows what to do with the Mi Band 4 and the associated Mi Fit app. If any of these settings are not activated, the bracelet may not vibrate or only vibrate in certain cases. To do so, the Mi Fit app must be running in the background at all times and have the startup enabled when the system is booted.

Autorun program

In the settings menu of the app, we must select My Fit to start with the system. This will save us from having to constantly open the app. This way, the vibration and notifications will reach us constantly and without interruption.

Setting the background

Similarly, we should check the option “Unlimited” in the application settings, in the background settings. This will prevent the system from closing the app to save energy when low. This is one of the main problems that Mi Band 4 stops vibrating. Once the option is checked, the bracelet will vibrate whenever you receive a notification or phone call.

Activate alerts

Also in the Mi Fit app we should activate notifications for incoming calls and messages or notifications. If the option is not checked, the bracelet does not vibrate when this type of information is not entered. Likewise, Bluetooth must be connected at all times, as this is the only way to exchange information between the Mi Band 4 and our cell phone.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

And now it has been a year since the release of the 3rd version of the people’s fitness bracelet. Xiaomi is not going to stop there and releases the Mi Smart Band 4. The bracelet has undergone significant improvements in both appearance and functionality.

I got to review the simplest version, without the NFC module. Let’s take it apart in more detail.

Appearance and delivery set

The box of the bracelet grew noticeably, its dimensions are 170 mm x 76 mm x 23 mm, and weighs 64 grams.

Judging by the trend, from minimalism Xiaomi decided to abandon, although in the box only the bracelet itself, the charger and instructions:

The package is quite standard, but in the box a lot of empty space (which can fit an additional strap). The design of the bracelet has undergone small changes compared to version 3:

On the front side there is a small edge that recesses the main screen a bit deeper. Most likely this was done to reduce the possibility of scratching the bracelet. The borders of the active part of the screen are clearly visible in strong light:

The screen is dirty, fingerprints remain from every touch. The front side is completely flat, with no recess under the button. Pay attention, the presence of NFC module can be determined by the designation on the button, the version without NFC it is round, and in the extended version. Semicircle.

In addition to measuring heart rate, the bracelet is able to automatically lock when removed from the hand. This feature comes in handy when using the bracelet to make payments, for us it is of little use.

On the side, as usual, is the product code XMSH07HM:

The strap is compatible with the third version of the watch, this is definitely a plus, providing interchangeability. No big changes here, the capsule sits firmly and feels comfortable on the hand.

But things are a little sadder with the charging. The thing is, its format has changed and is not compatible with previous versions. It’s now a full-length capsule:

Cable length of 12 centimeters. And I don’t understand, can’t they make charging with a magnetic connection so you don’t have to pull the bracelet out of the strap.

On the hand bracelet looks a little bulky, but it is not felt when wearing it.

Specifications bracelet Mi Smart Band 4

Since I have a Chinese version of the bracelet, the specifications on the box are also in Chinese:

Manufacturer Xiaomi Mi
Model HMSH07HM
Protection level 5 atm (immersion up to 50 meters)
Screen AMOLED 0.95 inch, 120 x 240 px
Power Lithium-ion battery of 135 mAh
Communication Modules Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Additional Features Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Pulseometer
Dimensions (case) 17.9 x 46.9 x 12.7 mm
Weight 22 gr. (with strap)

Some points you should pay more attention to.

Mi Band 4 screen

The first color screen in the line of Mi Band, and even more with AMOLED technology (it does not have a separate backlight, each pixel is illuminated separately).

The screen has a diagonal of 0.95 inches, with 120×240 pixels resolution. Color depth is 24 bits and brightness is 400 Nits. On top of all this is a capacitive touch screen and tempered 2.5D glass AF coating. The screen is off at rest, sometimes you have to twist your hand to turn it on. The screen fits about 100 characters in Cyrillic, so you can easily read an incoming message.

If you do not like these obscure parameters, then personal impressions: the screen is quite clearly visible. The brightness is enough, but in sunny weather you have to turn it up to maximum, here the bracelet is clearly losing to Amazfit Bip, with its transflective technology screen.

The sensor is sensitive, even the navigation buttons of the media player responds without question.

Mi Band 4 protection

And the protection has increased, 5 ATM level allows you to swim in the pool without worrying about the bracelet. But I would not use it to soak in the sauna, there is a chance to kill the battery.

The screen is protected by tempered glass, no scratches appeared in 2 weeks of wear, perhaps due to the changed shape of the screen. And then time will tell, but watching videos on YouTube, I can be sure that scratches will appear.

Data transfer protocol

Bluetooth has been upgraded to version 5.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). It is characterized by higher data transfer speeds (up to 1.4 Mbps), range and lower power consumption.

If your phone does not support this version of Bluetooth, do not be sad. The bracelet will still connect, but without the new features. My old Redmi Note 3 Pro only supports Bluetooth 4.1, but even on it I noticed a significant increase in range compared to the Amazfit Bip. If the Bip sometimes loses connection even within the apartment, for the Mi Band already need to go down a floor and a half.


The version without NFC consumes about 5% per day, which means on a single charge should last about 20 days. At a full charge takes from 1.5 to 2 hours. The figures are quite good for a color screen, the main role played by an increased battery of 135 mAh and AMOLED screen. would be a normal magnetic charging.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 menu

Let’s see what we can see on the bracelet itself:


It displays the number of steps and kilometers walked, the number of calories burned and the number of notifications.


This item displays your current heart rate status.


I have 6 workout modes to choose from: Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Bicycle, Walking, Exercise, and Swimming. During the workout itself, the display will show: Time, distance, speed, and heart rate:

All information does not fit on screen at one time, you have to scroll.


You can see the weather for today as well as for the next 5 days.


In this menu item you can see the most recent notifications you have received. Depending on the type, the subject of the message will be displayed, or its


In the advanced settings, you can activate Do Not Disturb mode, turn preset alarms on or off, or use a timer or stopwatch. You can activate the silent mode on your phone, or start the phone search. It is also possible to change the theme of the main display, or set the brightness in the settings. And the player control feature deserves a separate mention.


Finally, the bracelet added a music control function! This feature I really missed, now on the watch you can switch tracks, stop or start playback and change the volume. Despite the fact that the buttons are very small, there are no problems with the control. But there is one disadvantage, the playback control is not available in training mode, it turns out that you either train or listen to music.

But this is not all, the other functions can be found in the app Mi Fit, but first you need to connect the bracelet.

Connecting the Mi Band 4 in the Mi Fit app

Before using, Mi Band must be connected to the phone. To do this, use the Mi Fit app (which can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone). Download the application, authorize (or register an account). If there are problems with authorization, try to connect through a proxy, more details here. Go to the profile tab, click on “Add device” and select the “Bracelet” type. Your phone will search for available devices and will send a connection request to the Mi Band (you need to confirm the pairing on the bracelet itself).

Once connected, the bracelet will definitely want to update, in general, this operation took me about more than 12 minutes.

Since I have a Chinese version of the bracelet, at first the display was in hieroglyphs. But in the process of updating switched to English:

And starting with the Mi Fit 4 version.0.5, there is a fully russified bracelet firmware. So I do not see much point in taking the global version (the only difference will be in the box).

When the update passed, the bracelet should be displayed in the app:

Now let’s take a closer look at the functionality of the bracelet.

Functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet in the Mi Fit app

In the application we can fully customize the bracelet. For example, you can change the watch face. To do this, under the profile tab, go to the bracelet settings and there will be an item called “Dial Setup”:

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The number of dials is increasing every day, I think everyone can find something of their own. Now you can add some personality to your bracelet, and that’s nice.

Next feature, unlocking your phone via Bluetooth.

Once this feature is activated, you don’t have to enter a PIN or a pattern key on your phone when you unlock the screen. If you have a fingerprint scanner, the feature is of little use.

You can set up a notification of an incoming call.

You can even change the type of vibration by setting your own sequence. When called, it will look something like this on the bracelet screen:

And notifications from apps will look like this:

You can set up a list of apps to receive notifications from.

You can also set the alarm clock, or add an event. Set up a notification of the need to stretch or of the achievement of a goal. No smart alarm function in the bracelet.

Similar to a phone search from a bracelet, you can turn the bracelet search on by making it vibrate.

You can set the frequency of heart rate measurement:

From this setting very much depends on the rate of battery drain. In the morning, the bracelet will tell you the quality of your sleep last night:

But the bracelet never learned how to detect daytime sleep, a shame though.

All workouts are saved in the app and can be found under “My workouts”:

For each type of workout, different data is recorded. I will say right away that I simulated activity. It’s swimming:

Regarding step counting, I tried counting steps and compared it to the bracelet readings, for every thousand steps it loses from 80 to 120 steps. Hopefully, will calibrate in the next firmware.

Yes, the bracelet has no GPS, location data is taken from the phone.

Mi Band 4 buy

Taking into account the popularity of this device, it will be sold absolutely everywhere. For example in the Chinese Aliexpress, or Russian FoxPox. When buying pay attention to the version, a global with NFC supports payment from some cards, you can order it here.

There is also a special series Avengers Alliance, for fans of the movie Avengers. Distinguished by the box and a different coloration of the strap (black, blue or red with the Avengers logo on the clasp) and the ability to install unique dials.

Personal opinion about the bracelet

What’s the bottom line? The bracelet will clearly be a national bestseller. Not a bad price and really advanced functionality, I was willing to take it just for the ability to control the music player. Of course, there are still some inaccuracies in the measurements, which should be corrected in fresh updates.

I intentionally did not consider Alipay, because there is only talk about its coming to Russia. A payment by QR codes (as in China) we do not have and in the near future is not expected. Same story with the NFC version, it’s not designed as a means of payment, you can’t pay with a bracelet! In China they pay for the fare. But if you play around, the bracelet can replace your access card, or a discount card.

What upset me personally. No way to control the smart home Xiaomi through the bracelet. Yes, you can’t add it to the Mi Home app, and I doubt such a feature will appear.

If you want to give a gift, then Mi Band 4 is great for this role. As I did with it, my girlfriend was satisfied:

If you still have hesitations about which version of the bracelet to buy, then first look at the 5 version of the bracelet.

For what purposes is necessary and suitable fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi band 4 NFC?

For what purposes is necessary and suitable for a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi band 4 NFC??

Yes in these bracelets NFC is inconvenient. There are too many things to do to take advantage of it. On the phone is much more convenient.

Functions and features As a typical fitness bracelet, Mi Band 4 is primarily designed to measure the user’s activity, and only then. To display any notifications. In general, it copes with both, but because of the not very large screen the notification text is small, although personally I had no problems with reading the same messages.

There’s also vibration and the ability to customize the watch face, including downloading additional watch faces from the “Store” in the Mi Fit app.

Available types of workouts to track: running outside, treadmill, cycling, walking, swimming in the pool, free workout (including with exercise equipment and accessories). If you want to track your workouts more accurately, you have to select the mode manually.

MI Band 4. Full Features Walkthrough [Amazing]

There is also a sleep tracker. According to my tests, it’s not very accurate. For example, there were times when I was already up, but the bracelet kept counting sleep, and vice versa. Slow sleep is also tracked here, but does not count, in my opinion, the most important. Deep sleep, which is one of the phases of slow sleep, and the amount of which just determines how much sleep you got. Let’s say you slept for 9 hours. Is a lot, but woke up broke, how did this happen? The short duration of deep sleep was probably the reason for this, but alas. The Mi Band 4 won’t help you analyze this, as Slow Sleep Time weakly correlates with Deep Sleep Time. To be on the safe side, I will also note that the bracelet has no speaker and microphone, so Smart-functions are limited to the aforementioned measurements, the display of text notifications and weather forecasts.

Non-contact payment I’ll answer the main question right away. Does NFC payment work with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC? Yes, it works. But there are a couple of questions about the convenience of this process.

Review and test bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4: finally a color!

How does the Mi Band 4 bracelet differ from the Mi Band 3, and in general, what’s new with the fourth generation? We share our impressions.

The fourth generation of the popular Xiaomi Mi Band went on sale this summer. Of course, everyone was waiting for the NFC, but have not waited. In the description of the characteristics on the official Xiaomi website there is such a column, but it says “Optional”, which loosely translated from the Chinese means “Somewhere definitely is, but not with you”. Of course, it’s not about measuring blood pressure or getting an ECG. Well, we will survive. Let’s see what interesting was offered to us this time.

Review of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet and comparison with Mi Band 4

Xiaomi annually updates its Mi Band fitness bracelet, and this summer the fifth version of the gadget appeared on the Internet shelves. To tell the truth, so far only the version without NFC support is sold officially in Russia, but the version of Mi Band 5 with NFC is also available. We bought the device ourselves from China, without waiting for localization, and tested it in comparison with last year’s Mi Band 4.

Recall that starting with the fourth version Xiaomi bracelets have a color screen, so the third quickly lost relevance. But the choice between Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5 is not so easy: these devices have very similar characteristics, and even their appearance is very similar, as we will see below. In this case, the differ greatly: last year’s bracelet can be bought for 1500-2000, while the new one costs at least 2500, and more likely 3000-3500. How much difference in one and a half to two times is justified? And what is better to choose?


Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Xiaomi Mi Band 3 The screen

Water resistance



Microphone, speaker


Support third-party apps



OLED, touchscreen, color, 1.1″, 294×126 OLED, touchscreen, color, 0.95″, 240×120 OLED, touchscreen, monochrome, 0.78″, 128×80
is (5 atm) is (5 atm) there is (5 atm)
removable, silicone removable, silicone removable, silicone
accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, barometer accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor
no no no
Android 4 based devices.4 and newer / iOS 9.0 and newer Android 4 based devices.4 and newer / iOS 9.0 and newer Android 4 based devices.4 and newer / iOS 9.0 and newer
no no no
125mA·ч 125mA·h (NFC) / 135mA·ч 110mA·ч
23g (our measurement) 22 г 20 г

It is well seen that from year to year Xiaomi goes the way of improving the display. It is getting bigger (without much change in the size of the device), the resolution is growing. Otherwise, there is no significant hardware progress. But let’s see how things work in practice.

Package and package

The bracelets come in identical sized, elongated boxes. The one with the Mi Band 4 has the number 4 written in big letters, the other, respectively, 5. At the same time, the box with the Mi Band 5 is completely black, which looks more spectacular. However, the technical specifications in both cases are in Chinese.

Inside both boxes you can find the gadget itself, a silicone bracelet, a USB cable to recharge the device and a modest user manual, where everything is in Chinese (although drawings may be useful). The Mi Band 4 also came with an extra strap.

In general, the package is standard, but the lack of a manual at least in English and the additional strap in the package with Mi Band 5 is disappointing. However, the main difference all the same in another: the Mi Band 5 has changed the charging.

Now it is a small magnetic block, conveniently attached to the pins on the back of the device. Whereas Mi Band 4 uses a cradle into which the gadget has to be inserted with effort. The Mi Band 5’s charging cable is bigger, too. All in all, this is an important argument in favor of the new product.


The appearance of the device has hardly changed for several generations. precisely, in Mi Band 4 for the first time the surface is completely flat, without a recess indicating the touch button (although the button itself remained). And the Mi Band 5 retains this design.

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If you don’t include the Mi Band 4 and 5, it’s pretty hard to tell them apart, especially when they’re worn on your arm. The sizes are slightly different, as well as the recesses on the sides for the straps, so there is no backward compatibility in terms of straps. Mi Band 5 is wider. This is clearly visible if you look at the back of both gadgets.

However, these changes do not affect the overall impression of the design or comfort. Most likely, they are due solely to engineering considerations: apparently, the increased screen area required also to reconsider the arrangement of internal components.

By the way, it is claimed that the heart rate sensor now works more accurately. But how do you check it?? Here’s a question. Perhaps only put on three devices at the same time the old bracelet, the new one and a professional medical device (Holter). We, unfortunately, did not have such an opportunity.

It turns out that in terms of design we can talk about only two notable innovations: a new type of charger, which we wrote about above, and, most importantly, a larger screen.

The display has become more elongated, that is, it has increased the area at the bottom. This is very useful when it comes to messages. At the same time, we can not say that it has any radical effect on the feeling of the bracelet. Fortunately, the rest of the front surface is also black, so you just can’t see the borders of the screen without looking closely.

As for the strap, in fact, it has not changed. The same silicone with a metal pin buckle.

In general, we can not say that the design of the new product is radically better than its predecessor.


Since it is impossible to display a full screen white field or any arbitrary image on the bracelets’ screens, we were unable to conduct full-fledged testing and limited ourselves to a small number of tests.

The front surface of the screen (without specifying everything applies to the screens of both bracelets) is made in the form of a scratch-resistant glass plate with a mirror-smooth curved surface at the edges. No double reflection, indicating that there is no air gap between the screen layers. The external surface of the screen has a special oleophobic (grease-repellent) coating (effective, better than in Google Nexus 7 (2013)), so fingerprints are much easier to remove, and appear with less speed than in the case of conventional glass. Judging by the reflection of objects, the anti-reflection properties of the screen are no worse than those of Google Nexus 7 2013. For clarity, here is a photo, which reflects the white surface in the turned off screens (Mi Band 4 is located above the Mi Band 5):

Brightness reflection by photo: Mi Band 4 124, Mi Band 5 111, Nexus 7 110). Note, however, that when viewed perpendicularly, there is no difference in the reflectivity of the bracelets’ screens.

A microphotograph of the screen shows that the matrix is made up of red, green and blue subpixels in equal amounts:

Xiaomi Mi Band 4. detailed review. How to expand the basic features?

Overall, the quality of the screens is good: they are quite bright, have good anti-reflective properties and have high clarity.

In the sun the image will be clearly visible, but provided that you turn up the brightness in the settings to maximum.

Pairing with a smartphone and settings

The device requires the Mi Fit app to be installed. It’s available on both the Google Play Store and App Store.

Pairing with a smartphone (we used the iPhone XS Max) goes smoothly. After a successful connection, the app prompts you to create an account and do the initial setup: enter your height-weight-age, specify goals, allow or disallow data sharing with the health app (Apple Health). It has to be said that allowing this does make sense, since the display of sleep and heart rate results in Health is more convenient than in Xiaomi’s own app.

An important nuance: if you bought Mi Band 5 in the Chinese version rather than the international one (for example, by ordering it on AliExpress or other similar site), then be prepared for an unpleasant surprise. Already after the initial setup and downloading the latest update, the bracelet will display everything in Chinese, and you can’t find any settings that allow you to change the language in the menu, as well as in the Mi Fit app itself. There are two eternal questions: what to do and who is to blame?

The fault, apparently, is the greed of the manufacturer. The Chinese version is cheaper than the international version (again, one wonders why). The translation problem is solved with the help of third-party apps. We used the bracelet in conjunction with an iPhone, so we needed to buy the Mi Band Master from the App Store. And there in the settings you can quickly change everything.

Otherwise, this application is not particularly more functional than the original, so spending money on it is doubly offensive. But, apparently, this is the easiest way to solve the language problem. However, all the same, the Chinese trace in the device will remain.

It is different if you buy a bracelet from official resellers in Russia. Then you will see English in the language list when you turn on the device for the first time, and all the settings will be in English. And then through Mi Fit you can activate the setting Use smartphone language. Respectively, if you have a Russian-speaking smartphone, the necessary fonts will be loaded into the bracelet, and after reloading the menu will be in Russian.

About the bracelets Xiaomi work with proprietary application Mi Fit we told you, so nothing fundamentally new we will not add here. But let us note a few points that are related specifically to the fifth model.

First, there is the smartphone’s camera control. It is located in the menu Advanced / Camera and works in conjunction with both Android and iOS.

Secondly, there are fashionable breathing exercises.

Further, the bracelet now measures stress levels. It is not quite clear how exactly the algorithm, it is obvious, first of all by heartbeat at rest. However, it is obvious that the stress is a deeper thing is not so much physiological as psychological (except for very extreme manifestations).

Plus, new workout modes have been added. For example, the bracelet can now take into account the work on the exercise bike, exercises with jump ropes, activities on the rowing machine, etc. Well, the workouts that were there before, have not changed a bit. Although, perhaps, you don’t have to. The bracelet, when paired with the Mi Fit mobile app, provides quite detailed information.

We tested both devices while cycling, and they behaved exactly the same. In particular, it beeped at each kilometer, and then accurately showed not only the distance covered on the map, but also the average / maximum speed, heart rate, descents / ascents, etc.

Battery life

The manufacturer promises 14 days of operation of the bracelet Mi Band 5 without recharging. This is quite realistic, but provided that you will not have the heart rate measurement and notifications enabled (by default they are disabled). If you use the device to the maximum (but without training), then it will work for about 10 days. And the bracelet discharges evenly: about 10% per day. When only 10% remains, it will notify you with a vibration, the same thing is repeated at 5%, and just before it shuts down, it will complain about your forgetfulness with a long vibration.

If you use the training, the bracelet will run down, of course, much faster. But here it all depends on the duration of these exercises.

Fully charges the bracelet in about an hour and a half.

Full Xiaomi Mi Band 4 II Setup What are the features? 5 necessary programs

The Mi Band 4 seems to have a slightly longer runtime simply by virtue of its larger battery capacity and smaller screen. But not by much.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is not a radical, but rather a cosmetic update to an already decent gadget. The design is almost unchanged, but the screen is a little bigger, the charge now connects more conveniently, and the software has some optional, but pleasant innovations.

Is it worth overpaying by a factor of a half or two for this? The question is rhetorical. In terms of value for money, the Mi Band 4 certainly looks more attractive now, and we have no really strong arguments in favor of the five. On the other hand, as these devices are not expensive in principle and in absolute terms the difference is not so great (one thousand and a half), it is probably worth paying a little overpayment at least for small but pleasant innovations.

Either way, both devices are some of the most attractive options on the fitness bracelet market today. Even with all the problems with the localization.


Just in case, I would like to mention that not every version of Mi Band 4 has NFC. The presence of NFC must be necessarily indicated on the box.

Without this NFC designation there will be no payments

Otherwise, the version with and without NFC are no different in appearance.

Bracelet mount is the same as in previous models

Like other versions of the Mi Band, the bracelet consists of two parts. the main module with the display and all sensors, and the strap. To charge the gadget must be removed from the strap and placed on a special charging pad.

To charge Xiaomi Mi Band 4 you need to remove it from the strap

On the bottom of the main module are both charging contacts and sensors/backlight for heart rate measurement.

As before, under the display of the Mi Band is a touch button, but unlike, say, the Mi Band 3, it is not highlighted by a recess, only indicated by a faintly noticeable icon.