Xiaomi Mi bracelet does not connect to the phone

Connection error. Fulfill the bracelet and repeat the attempt. What to do?

Not so long ago, just a few years ago, fitness trackers came to our lives. And now they have become available to everyone, as they are sold at any electronics store at a low price. Such bracelets allow monitoring the state of a person. Pulse, activity time, rest time, statistics of energy spent and much more. Such data helps athletes better plan their training and rest. And even in everyday life, a fitness bracelet can give a lot of useful information.

Fitness bracelets are connected to a smartphone using a connection via Bluetooth module. This type of communication is often used in many devices. However, under some circumstances, it may arise problems of connecting. This happens with bracelet. In this article we will consider one of the problems that happens when connecting a smartphone to a bracelet. It is characterized by the appearance of the message “Connect error. Follow the bracelet and repeat the attempt “. Let’s find out what to do in such a situation.

Why does Mi Band 2 not connect to the phone

Let’s first analyze why the bracelet does not connect to the phone. There may be several such reasons:

  • The battery is discharged. Check the battery of your bracelet, perhaps it is discharged. Charge it 100% before proceeding with the connection;
  • Standard tips. Perhaps in your system something was bent or it works wrong. Disconnect and turn on Bluetooth, and also restart the application, you may need a reboot of the device;
  • Operating system. For the work of the bracelet, it is necessary that an OS from Android 4 is installed on your phone.4 and above. On Android 4.2 The Mi Fit application will simply not be established or the error is given when starting. Only the firmware update will help here. Fortunately, there are plenty of custom operations for most devices;
  • Bluetooth version. For communication Mi Band 2 with a smartphone, Bluetooth 4 technology needs support.0 Low Energy. You can check whether your device supports this technology using the Bluetooth Device Info application. It would be better to do this before buying. But the good news is that most devices released after 2011 already support it. Low Energy support is optional, but desirable.
  • Firmware Mi Band 2. If you have a new bracelet, only from the factory, then it will have a new firmware. But if it has been lying for more than a year in a warehouse, then most likely the firmware on it is outdated, because the company constantly produces updates. This is what can cause connection problems. Update is needed. But Xiaomi could not make a normal application, and it copes with the bracelet in such situations with a creak. How to eliminate this trouble, we will consider below.

Connection error

The phone gives an error here with the following inscription: “Follow the reset of the Mi Band 4 bracelet”? Then read the instructions to eliminate this problem in this article.

Now you know what to do if Mi Band 4 does not connect to the phone! Use these simple tips to synchronize your devices: bracelet and smartphone.

How to connect Mi Band 4 to the phone


In order to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to the phone, you will need the Mi Fit application. It is also worth making sure that your smartphone meets the following requirements:

OS requirement. Android 4 support.4 and above. For iOS. Version 9 and above.

Bluetooth requirement. Bluetooth support version 5.0.

Step.By.Step connection instructions:

Smart bracelet m4 подключение.Fitpro m4.

Download and install the Mi Fit application on Google Play or App Store.

Turn on Bluetooth ’on your smartphone.

We launch the Mi Fit application.If you have an Mi-account, Google account or, click “Enter”. If you do not have such accounts, click “Registration”, create an account and enter the application.

xiaomi, bracelet, does, connect, phone

Choose a way to enter through one of the accounts.

We allow the application access to photo, multimedia and files.

In the lower part of the screen you will see a message that there are no connected devices. Cling to it.

The device selection window opens. By itself indicate “Bracelet”.

We agree with the collection of data and confirm access to geolocation services.

The search for the device will begin. At this moment, bring Mi Band 4 as close to the phone as possible. When the device is found, you will need to confirm the connection on the bracelet.

It remains to wait until all updates are loaded. Over, if you bought a bracelet on AliExpress and you have an English language by default. It will be translated into Russian.

Ready. Mi Band 4 is synchronized with your smartphone.

We connect again

After updates, many users faced the following problem: Mi Band 4 is not synchronized with the phone. And it gives out such an inscription:

What to do? First you need to try to do this:

xiaomi, bracelet, does, connect, phone
  • Rebooting the phone;
  • Disconnecting the device from Bluetooth (the function “Forget this device”);
  • Removing and installing the Mi Fit application from the AppStore or Google Play;
  • Notification resolution and access to the telephone geopoli;
  • Disconnecting and turning on geolocation on the samrtphone.

Mi Band connection to a smartphone

Many people wonder how to connect a fitness bracelet Mi Band to your smartphone. We decided to write a small instruction that will help users easily connect and configure their fitness tracker.

To connect the bracelet to the smartphone, we will need the Mi Fit application, which can be downloaded in Play Market or App Store. When starting, we will see the starting screen, we must enter your account, if any, or pass short registration.

After registration, we will be transferred to the main screen of the application, then we go to the “Profile” tab. There, click “Add the device”.

Choosing “Bracelet”. We give permission for all pop.Up questions and the phone goes into the search mode for the device.

After that, on the screen, the mi band will be confirmed by confirmation of the conjugation of the devices. In the lower part there will be the ✓ ✓ “badge, by pressing which will be conjugated.

It remains to wait for the completion of the automatic renewal of the gadget, it occurs in three stages, in which the bracelet automatically “pulls up” the language of the phone.

The point remains small. The setting of the bracelet. We go to the “profile” and in the list of devices select a fitness bracelet. After that, we see all the settings of the mi band. Here we can download any dial that we liked. Turn on/off the screen unlock, configure the incoming call, SMS messages and notifications from instant messengers, set the alarm and enable reminders.


First, we will deal with the reasons why Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone. The main explanations of this situation include:

  • Complete discharge of the bracelet. Try to charge the device up to 100% before connecting.
  • Removing a smartphone from fitness device. If the device does not connect, perhaps the bracelet is at a distance of more than 10 m from the phone.
  • Temporary malfunctions in the operation of equipment. Most often eliminated after restart.
  • The inconsistency of the operating system. If the Mi Band 2 bracelet does not connect to the smartphone with Android, pay attention to the OS version. It should be from 4.4 and above. Otherwise, the MI FIT application will not be installed on the device and give an error.
  • An obsolete version of Bluetooth. For the normal operation of the Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet with the phone, technology 4 should be maintained on the latter.0. To check, you can use Bluetooth Device Info or study the characteristics of the smartphone. It is better to do this before the purchase to avoid surprises.
  • Outdated firmware. Another reason why Mi Band 2 does not connect via Bluetooth. Outdated firmware. To eliminate the problem, it is often enough to update.

Methods of solution

If the smartphone does not see the device or stops receiving a signal from it, you can solve the problem in several ways.

  • Install the Mi Band Master application smartphone.
  • Go to the program and at the “Settings” item select “Binding Mi Band”.
  • A list of devices that can be connected will appear. Most likely, only one gadget will be visible there. Mi Band 2 bracelet.
  • After choosing the item, the application will offer to undergo authorization. 2 options will be given: “own” and “through mi fit”.
  • Choose the second. You will need to install another program. Mi Fit. If it is already available, this is not required.

A notification of confirmation of authorization will come to the bracelet. It vibrates.

Restart Bluetooth

The problem may consist in the Bluetooth protocol. It will stop connecting the devices.

⌚ Mi Band 4 не подключается к телефону

Find the Bluetooth item and set its flag in the position “Turned off”. It should also check if visibility is included for other devices. If nothing happens, turn off the connection and reboot the device. We repeat the same operations.

Reload the smartphone

Standard reboot will help. In many phones, this function opens if you clamp the “Turning/Turning away” button. After 2 seconds, a menu will appear, where you can choose the actions of “shutdown”, “reboot”.

Stop the MIFIT application

The Mi Fit application can give errors. To stop or disable it, let’s go into the phone settings.

There we find the application block and go to the tab of the same name. There will be a list in which we click on the Mi Fit option. The menu opens in which you can stop, freeze or turn off the application.

We unscrew the device

For an anchor of a fitness tracker, it is worth using the Mi Fit application, in which there is a “profile” tab. Now the inscription Mi Band 2 will appear. It is necessary to activate it. After that, a panel occurs below, where we click “Disable”. The bracelet is no longer connected with the gadget.

Check for authenticity

There is a chance that the device will be a fake.

Analogs can also work as an original, but not all, since scammers make a clock to make a profit, are not tuned to long.Term cooperation and pay attention only to the appearance of products.

Many stores demonstrate the possibilities of the device. During these advertising shares, you can check the functionality and evaluate the appearance, make sure that the thing is not false (any manufacturer has your own site where you can find information about the product).

The risk of buying bad goods is reduced if you make a deal with an official seller or developer. With the second option, the order will be made on the Internet. Logos should match. On the product from Apple there can be no other symbol, except for the apple bitten on one side.

We charge fitness bracelet

For charging Mi Band 2 uses a special “Red Line” cable.

To charge the bracelet, you need to do the following:

  • Separate the watch case from the silicone belt.
  • Find the holes on the body and connect them to the wire.
  • Charge the device using a power supply from Xiaomi or Power Bank and USB 2.0.

The first charging should be 100%, then the bracelet must be discharged to zero.

What can be done

Когда утилита Mi Fit выдает ошибку синхронизации или пишет «не удалось обнаружить браслет» – надо в первую очередь определить, с чем это может быть связано, чтобы не тратить время попусту, перебирая все способы. Of course, the easiest way is to hand over the bracelet to the service, but why pay for simple repairs, if you can try to understand the problem yourself.

Disconnecting a bracelet from another device

The problem is often found when the tracker was taken away, and the last owner did not “untie” him from his smartphone. In this case, in this bracelet, information about the conjugation. The error is revealed simply: if the bracelet is not found in Mi Fit, but it is visible in the list of wireless connections. It is a matter of binding. And it is associated with the Mi account and, in order to connect to the new account, you will need to untie from the old.

  • Open the Mi Fit utility on the phone, log in, go to the “Profile”. “My Devices” section, and find the connected tracker there there.
  • Press on a cross to untie, and remove. Next, tie the new Mi Band.

If the tracker is used, this procedure must do the previous owner, and on his smartphone to which the binding was performed.

Network check

In order for the bracelet to work properly and connected without problems to the smartphone, the latter must activate Bluetooth, GPS and the Internet (Wi-Fi or mobile). To check Bluetooth, try to connect other devices, and GPS is connected directly to the Internet. If it is disconnected, the geolocation will not be determined.

The method is relevant in situations where the tracker worked normally and suddenly stopped connecting.

You need to understand that wireless networks have their own radius of action. For the tracker to work correctly, it must be near the smartphone to which it is connected. If the devices are far from each other, do not be surprised at the errors and compound failures.

Sometimes the installation of VPN Master helps with the subsequent connection to any country, or re.Authorization in Xiaomi accounting. It happens that the company’s servers go to prevention, and training data are not updated.

xiaomi, bracelet, does, connect, phone

Using an original bracelet

Когда «умные часы» не подключаются к смартфону, первое, что приходит в голову – это подделка. Now many copies are available, and outwardly they are no different from the original device.

In this case, nothing will help, therefore, it is recommended to check the bracelet for authenticity at the purchase stage. On the network you can find materials on how to buy the original Xiaomi device.

Using two tracks

In Xiaomi, they heard the requests of fans and added the ability to manage several fitness scraps through one application. And in order for the device to work correctly, the user needs to switch the active device.

The moment is that if Mi Band 3 is chosen in Mi Fit, with the fourth version of the Smart hours, it will not be possible to synchronize.

Server change

With the fourth version of Smart Watch, the following character is often the problem. On the screen of the smartphone pops up the message “Connect error. Follow the bracelet and repeat the attempt “. This means malfunctioning with the Chinese local server.

How to solve the problem. Change the server. To do this, open the official Mi Fit application and are registered again, only indicate the “left” e.Mail and other country. Thus you can register on a different server. So that everything goes smoothly, after authorization it is necessary to reset the settings on the tracker.

If we wait until the server begins to work normally, there is no desire, as well as re.Register, the VPN is installed.

Mi Band is a popular device that is used around the world. There are many reasons for his incorrect work, as well as ways to solve them. “Lack of connection” is not such a serious problem as, for example, hardware breakdown associated with the inoperability of the Wi-Fi module.