Xiaomi phone doesn’t turn on after reboot

There are many reasons for the failure of stable operation of the device. often the problems arise against the background of daily use. According to craftsmen and representatives of device manufacturers, power failures can be associated with the following events:

  • After updating the operating system, any system files were installed with errors;
  • The device has stopped booting due to viruses that got in with the applications installed not from Play Market;
  • After a fall on a hard surface, the display or battery cable is disconnected;
  • The USB connector is clogged or small but harmful rust spots appear on the contacts because of moisture.

Immediately worth noting: to cope with mechanical damage yourself. not easy. In the course of repair at home you can inadvertently break any connections, thereby making the smartphone unrepairable. If the following methods will not yield a positive result, it is recommended to apply to a certified service center for diagnostics and repair.

Forced restart Xiaomi Redmi 9T

To begin with let’s look at a few methods related to recovery through Recovery mode. It will be possible to enter it if the gadget is charged by more than 15%. At the same time by connecting the charger you can check the integrity of the screen and the USB connector.

xiaomi, phone, doesn, turn, reboot

So, if the phone responded to the charging connection, displayed the process of replenishing the battery, then after reaching a suitable level, you can proceed to such manipulations:

  • Press ON/OFF button and volume up button simultaneously. Hold them until the phone vibrates. When the splash screen appears and the phone vibrates, you can release the power button. Important: sometimes the combination with the volume down button works, rather than increasing.
  • Select “Reboot to system” (or “Reboot system now” in some versions) in the menu that appears.

The device must immediately go to restart, followed by a standard Android boot. By the way, if the gadget does not charge, it is recommended to try other USB-cables and chargers. It is possible that the problem lies in them, and the phone simply ran out of power.

After updating, Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on: causes and solutions

When after the update Xiaomi does not turn on or starts to reboot on its own, many people panic. Especially if the device does not give signs of life in the hands of an inexperienced user or someone who encounters such a problem for the first time. The first advice would be to stop panicking and realize that not everything is so bad and it is possible to “resuscitate” your smartphone. Just a few correct manipulations and you will be able to cope with the problem on your own. For completeness, we have collected real situations and feedback from readers of news about cell phones on the Andronews site.

Immediately stipulate that if the problems with Xiaomi smartphone occurred because of water in the device, in any case do not connect it to the mains and do not press the buttons. Dry the phone as soon as possible and perform the manipulations below only after that. But only if you are sure that the Xiaomi smartphone is really “dry”, otherwise. seek help from professionals.

Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on, does not respond to button presses. What to do?Even those who are careful with the Xiaomi smartphone, there are cases when it accidentally ends up on the floor. If it is in a case, there is a chance that there will be no visible damage, but the internal components may well suffer from an unplanned fall. The consequences of the impact can be very different: from the violation of the contact between the chip and the motherboard to a short circuit and failure of the power controller. The sign of a short circuit is a noticeable heating of the case. If there was damage to internal components, then a trip to the service center is inevitable.

But what to do if the smartphone Xiaomi did not fall and stopped giving signs of life for no reason?

The first two ways to reanimate the cell phone:

Restarting. It often happens that a simple reboot can bring your smartphone back to life. To perform it forcibly press and hold for 7-10 seconds the power button. The Xiaomi phone should give a short vibration response and start up.Alternatively. reboot from the service menu (Service Recovery), if the system hangs. To get to the service menu you need to simultaneously press the volume rocker and shutdown key. The next step is to disconnect the smartphone and try to restart it.

Reflashing if rebooting does not help. Not an easy way and the uninitiated should refuse to do it and ask the professionals. If you are going to do it yourself, you need to: From a personal computer visit the official website of Xiaomi and find the latest firmware for your model of device; fully charge the smartphone; connect the smartphone to the PC, select “File Transfer”; transfer the installation file to the system folder; install the firmware.

Xiaomi Won’t Turn On or Black Screen! Here’s How You Fix It

Technical problems occurred through no fault of the userIt happens that the smartphone Xiaomi is fully operational, but does not turn on, and all manipulations with the reset did not work. It is possible that the problem with the power button. The key should be resilient, not dented and responsive. There are cases when the power on the smartphone Xiaomi prevents non-original cover. Remove the device from its protective clothing and try to turn it on.

The problem may also be related to the battery. Nowadays the lion’s share of Xiaomi devices have non-removable batteries. This means that replacing or checking the power supply yourself will not work. The first thing you should do. try to charge your smartphone. It’s possible it is banal discharged or the battery level has dropped so that the connection charger does not allow to solve the problem.

Put the device on a charge for 1-2 hours. After this time, try to turn on the smartphone long press on the power key. The phone does not react? Start the phone in the fastboot or recovery mode. You can call the desired mode by pressing the power and volume keys simultaneously. If you enter the fastboot mode, switch off your device by long pressing. Now you need to connect your smartphone to the power source for “refueling”.

But don’t forget to check if the USB cable is working properly. The easiest way is to charge another device with it. If it works, the cable is fine and you can use it for charging.

Another problem is the lack of contact between the battery cable and the motherboard connector. This case is rare, but it still happens and you should not rule it out. Only the expert will be able to reveal this defect, by “opening” it. So it is necessary to apply to the service center, where they will give the verdict, whether there is this failure or not. It is worth seeking help from professionals and when the USB-connector itself is defective, which has not withstood the frequent and “vandalizing” connection of the cable for charging.

The device doesn‘t boot after firmware update or reflashingEnthousiasts often experiment and try to “install” custom firmware on their devices. But nobody can guarantee that the software is free of bugs and vulnerabilities. Also not very rare cases when a user by mistake installs the firmware on his gadget that was not intended for him. It is necessary to be careful and download the firmware specifically for your device. It is not unreasonable to download software from trusted third-party sources.

Before you start installing the firmware please make sure that the battery charge is over 50%. At lower charge levels, there is a risk that the Xiaomi smartphone will go to bootloop (endless reboot process) or will turn into a “brick” at all. In the case of stable official versions of the shell MIUI such a problem does not occur. The system will not allow to update, if the battery is insufficient, and will inform the user about it.

Smartphone froze at the start of bootingIf you’ve activated your smartphone, Mi logo appears on the screen and booting is going on, but the smartphone still does not turn on, then you’ve faced a bootlump. The device goes into a cyclic restart and can not come out of it independently. This is a system failure, which can be corrected by several manipulations:

press the power and volume keys; open the recovery, select English, go to Wipe. Wipe all data; confirm the selection, the reset will occur, and the smartphone will turn on.

If all the above steps did not give the desired result and the smartphone could not be “reanimated” then the only way out is reflashing. To do this you should follow the steps outlined in our article earlier.

After charging the smartphone does not turn onAs a rule, such a reaction of the smartphone signals that the battery life is coming to the end. And that’s where replacing the battery isn’t an option. Indirectly the wear and tear of the power supply and the fact that the level of charge does not increase, confirmed by the fact that the charging indicator is always lit the same color and does not change to yellow or green (depending on the model).

It is worth remembering that the manufacturer does not offer an infinite number of battery charging cycles. As a rule, they are limited to 500 cycles. In practice this figure can be even less. Much depends on how often you send your smartphone to “refill”. Make sure that the charge level does not drop below 15%. If your device with enviable regularity “falls” below this mark. the process of deterioration of the battery accelerates and its life is reduced.

Express method with microSD cardAs experience shows, the refusal of Xiaomi smartphone to turn on is due to the fact that the memory card is stuffed to the brim. To bring the device back to life you need to remove the microSD card and return it to its original place after a short period of time. If this method did not help, then check all the other causes of malfunction and ways to fix them, which were told in this material.

The smartphone was on charge all night, but the battery life is not replenishedIt happens that in the evening you plugged the device to the socket, but in the morning found that the battery is not replenished. Possible causes of malfunction: time to change the battery, it is worn out; faulty USB-connector; damage to the power controller or it does not work properly. You will have to turn to specialists for elimination of a breakage.

ConclusionAs you can see, in most cases you can bring your Xiaomi smartphone back to life without going to the service center. But prevention is everything. It is better to prevent than to fight the consequences. So it is strongly recommended not to update the smartphone when the battery is low, not to install the firmware from third-party developers and use the smartphone carefully, avoiding falls, bumps and rough handling of it or the charger.

Following our guide, you can identify the problem yourself and fix it. But if you are not confident in your abilities, and you are with technicians on “you”, then seek help from specialists who will do everything quickly and professionally.

Why does not Xiaomi turn on and what to do?

One day your Xiaomi smartphone can stop turning on. If you believe the users, it happens under different circumstances: after updating, after discharging, after charging, sometimes the device simply turns off for no apparent reason and does not turn on, hangs on the screen saver Also often the device signals about the problem with a white or red indicator. What is the reason for this, what to do in such cases? Let’s sort it out.

If the smartphone Xiaomi does not turn on, the first thing to think about what was happening with the gadget before, often the cause of the failure lies on the surface:

  • A drop on a hard floor or other mechanical damage could lead to a breakage of the motherboard or boot module, or maybe just a shock broke the battery contact.
  • Liquid penetration can disable even the water-protected phone. Condensation and oxidation of contacts do not occur immediately: you may have wet the device a few days ago, but the failure has manifested itself only today.
  • The battery or cable problems can be observed if the battery life is exhausted, the charger is damaged, or the device has been lying unloaded for a long time.
  • Inappropriate or improperly installed firmware. If Xiaomi phone does not turn on after you made changes in its operating system, in most cases this will be the cause of failure.
  • If there was nothing special going on with your gadget but it suddenly stops showing signs of life. the problem is most likely software malfunction or virus activity.

You should not store your Xiaomi Redmi smartphone with a fully drained battery. this could lead to a decrease in its capacity or failure.

A popular way to dry a device that fell into the water, just put it in the rice.

Older Xiaomi smartphones had LEDs on the body, the color of which could determine the status of the device if it stopped turning on:

xiaomi, phone, doesn, turn, reboot

Modern Xiaomi Redmi has no such indication system, so when diagnosing you will have to rely only on the signs described above.

Filled “up to the neck” the memory card can also be the reason why Xiaomi Redmi does not turn on. If there is no free space left on the external drive, try to remove it and load the smartphone again.

It turns off and does not turn on

For those who want to “quickly” to eliminate the unfortunate incident with the phone, you can recommend (I have not tested) a quick way to “repair”. Some argue, and with them we can partially agree, that the failure to turn on is associated with an overflow of memory card. Take it out and try to switch the smartphone on again. If that didn’t work, you need to go back to earth and start checking everything about the charging process and the battery itself. What to do with your Xiaomi in general already know.

Restore Xiaomi system

It’s worth trying a factory reset first.

Let’s try to bring the Xiaomi smartphone back to life

  • Turn off your phone for about a minute.
  • Press power and volume up button.
  • After the smartphone logo appears, release the volume button.
  • Select Wipe Data, then Wipe All Data using the physical buttons.
  • Then press Reboot.

After that, the smartphone will reboot and the operating system should come to life.

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If your gadget came into the hands of a small child, do not be surprised why the phone says Fastboot and does not turn on, and suspect a system failure or virus activity. The kid could have started this mode by pressing the buttons on the case in random order.

You should not neglect to use anti-virus software, and install firmware and applications from unverified sources. Viral activity can lead not only to the transition to Fastboot, but also to the fact that your Xiaomi phone stops turning on at all.