You can throw music from a computer on the iPhone

How to throw music from a computer on iPhone

Users who first bought iphone very often face problems when trying to throw something from a computer to their smartphone. Especially often problems arise when working with music. If you also get into a similar situation, then this article should help you. Here we will consider two ways at once how to throw music from a computer on the iPhone.

The first method is the main one, it involves the use of the ITUNES program and it is most iPhone owners use it. The second method is alternative. In order to use this method, you will need the ITOLS program created by Chinese developers.

We transfer music through iTunes

The presented version is considered the fastest way to transfer music to iPhone from a personal computer. If the iTunes utility has not yet been installed on your computer, you will need to install it from the official Apple website

After the submitted utility is installed, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

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  • Connect the mobile device to the computer, after which the inscription will appear on the screen: “Trust this computer”, answer in the affirmative;
  • Then open the utility. If the system requires its update, click on the corresponding button, and then restart the personal computer;
  • Now you need to click on the icon icon and choose its model. Then the system will automatically transfer you to the iPhone page;

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  • Click on the “File” button, which is located in the upper left corner of the page. A new menu should open, in which you need to click on the “Add to the library” button;
  • Select a folder with added music and click on the “Select the folder” button. After that, the process of importing new music files will begin the library of the mobile device;
  • At the end, you need to open the “Music” section and put a checkmark next to the point “Synchronize music”, as well as next to the point “The entire music library”. Then click on the “apply” button.

It is worth noting that the presented method has both disadvantages and advantages.

Using Google disk

It is necessary to follow the following algorithm of action:

  • Open Google Disk on your PC;
  • It will be necessary to press the “Create” key;
  • The menu opens in which you need to click on the “upload files” item and select audio files;
  • In the lower right corner of the page you need to click the “Open” button, after which the file download process starts;
  • When the data moved to the Google disk on a computer, you need to open a Google disk on the iPhone;
  • The required music files are selected, the “Make accessible offline” button is pressed.

After the actions performed, the user will be able to listen to tracks on the Google service even without connecting to the global network.

The advantages and disadvantages of this option for transferring audio files.

Advantages disadvantages
You can restore deleted files It is inconvenient to use Google from the phone
There is a story of a change in information Synchronize folders cannot be outside the service
The integration is translated into Russian There is a probability of a failure while downloading files
The user can share data with other subscribers

Despite some inconveniences when using, many people use this service on mobile devices and on tablets.

Simple MP3 transfer ways to iPhone without iTunes

Itunes. Not the only way to add mp3 music to the iPhone from your computer. This is a good way to manage your music library, but not the transfer of mp3. Fortunately, you have more opportunities for work.

Transfer Music from PC to iphone, iPad or iPod with iTunes. Easy way !!!

MP3 transfer to iPhone using Mobiesync

Aiseesoft Mobiesync is one of the best ITUNES substitutions. He overcomes the disadvantages of iTunes and simplifies the process of transmitting mp3 between the iPhone and a computer or other mobile device.

  • Music transmission in mp3 format between the iPhone and a computer in one click.
  • Pre.Viewing mp3 files on iPhone before and after transmission.
  • Coding audio files in accordance with your iOS device automatically.
  • Do not interrupt the existing music on your iPhone.

In short, this is the easiest way to add mp3 files to the iPhone from your hard drive.

How to transfer mp3 to iPhone using Mobiesync

If you plan to transfer MP3 to your iPhone, install on your computer software for transferring files. Then connect the iPhone to the computer using Lightning cable. After starting the software, your iPhone will be discovered and scanned. This software is available to all iPhone under the control of iOS 15/14/13/12/11 or earlier version.

Functions: for iOS 13/14 you need to enter your iPhone password to establish a connection.

Iphone audio files management

After scanning iPhone, files will be streamlined by type. Select music from the left side panel to display all audio files on your iPhone. If your phone has a limited space, you can choose unwanted music and press the basket icon on the upper tape to remove them.

When you are ready, find the desired folder or a list of playing for music tab. Expand the additional icon in the top line of the menu and select add files). Then find the MP3 files that you are going to copy on the iPhone and confirm this. Wait a few minutes. You will see that mp3 files will appear on your iPhone.

Transfer mp3 to iPhone using Fonetrans

Fonetrans is another popular file transfer software for iPhone. You can use it to control files, such as music in mp3 format, video, images and documents without iTunes.

  • Add mp3 to the iPhone from your computer just.
  • Keep the original sound quality when transmitting mp3.
  • Improve performance using a physical connection.
  • Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro / XR / XS / 8/7 or earlier.

How to transfer mp3 to iPhone using Fonetrans

After you installed the MP3 program for the iPhone to your PC, run it. There is another version for Mac. Then connect your iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. If you use iOS 13 or higher, enter access code.

Pre.Viewing of music files on iPhone

The program can scan all files on your iPhone after connecting. Then go to music tab from the left column. Now you can view all the music and playlists on your device.

Find the upper tape, press the additional and select add files). In the file opening dialog box, go to the MP3 files that you want to add to the iPhone, select them and confirm. When the MP3 transfer to the iPhone is completed, close the software and disconnect the iPhone. Now you can enjoy music on your phone.

How to copy files from a computer on iPhone using cloud storages

In the vast network, you can find a huge number of cloud services that are copying data, their further transfer. Some users manage to transfer the entire media, as they buy an additional place.

An example of such a storage is Google disc. In order to work with him, enough:

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  • Enter your account, which was previously registered. You can do this with a login and password;
  • Now we click on the item “Create”, which you find on the left above. The menu will open, in it we need to slip on the load;
  • We highlight those documents that first need to be transferred to the disk. For Windows, click Ctrl;
  • Now the “Open” button appears. To start transferring images or files, select files. We are waiting for the end;
  • On the smartphone it is worth starting the cloud storage, log in, select the necessary documents;
  • When the user tunes access to files, for example, sets offline offline, he adds new functions to him. At any moment he can download it. It can be music, photos and much more.

Why do you want to transmit music from a computer (PC) to iPhone?

Some people want to transfer music from their PC to the iPhone for various reasons.

To begin with, they can make a backup copy of their music so as not to lose it.

If you have music that you love and which you do not want to lose, it is better to make a backup on your iPhone than to leave it on a computer and risk losing it in the event of a computer breakdown.

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Secondly, you will want to add songs to your music collection. If there are songs that you like, which are not on your iPhone, you can go to your computer and transfer music to it, which will be added to your iTunes media.

In other words, the transfer of music from a computer on the iPhone is necessary to ensure the safety of your music. In addition, copying music on the iPhone saves you from the need to look for and download songs again.

Music of music via iTools

In addition to the above method, there are other alternative methods of transferring music from a computer to iPhone. For example, you can use the ITOLS program. This program is not official, it is being developed by Chinese programmers. This is followed by both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the ITOLS program is much simpler than iTunes, and on the other hand, it has compatibility problems, sometimes it just refuses to work.

You can download the ITOOLS program on the website Pro.Itools.CN or on the 4PDA forum. There you can also get more information about this program.

In order to transfer music from a computer to the iPhone using the ITOLS program, you need to connect the iPhone, start the ITOLS program and switch to the Music tab. Here you need to click on the Import button and select the desired music.

Download music from a computer on iPhone via iTools

You can also download music from the computer on the iPhone and other ways. For example, for this you can use the ITOLS program. This program was created by Chinese developers and it allows you to perform the same actions as iTunes, but much easier and faster. ITOOLS can download the program on the developer Pro.Itools.CN or on the 4PDA forum.

In order to download music from a computer on iPhone using the ITOLS program, you need to run this program, connect the iPhone using a cable, go to the Music tab and upload music using the Import button.

throw, music, computer, iphone

As you can see, this method of loading music is much easier, but there is one drawback. Itools is not an official program, so sometimes there are some problems with it.